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The Weiner Sanction

June 20, 2011

Many years ago when the family started going to the Gulf side of Florida, I spent many (too many) an hour basking in the sun, while reading the novels of Robert Ludlum.

After digesting about six to eight of the formulated plots, I can to the conclusion that the hero–usually Jason Bourne, who has become the frequent property of actor, Matt Damon, had kind of nihilistic personal code that took Hemingway’s code hero down a peg or two.

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Had a nihilistic code

While Hemingway’s heroes usually lived by their self-centered code of masculine honor that mirrored that of its creator, Ludlum’s protagonist seemed completely devoid of any plausible inner guide for his behavior.

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Had his code hero

Critics tell us that life is stranger than fiction.

What could be more bizarre than the twisted story of, now former New York Congressman,* Anthony Weiner?

His recent life reads like a very bad Ludlum novel, where the protagonist not only has no code but like the amnesic Jason Bourne, was searching for his true sexual identity.

Here was a man who once had the political world at his doorstep.

Here was a man who has exerted his influence within the Halls of Congress and what did he do—he squandered it–all because of some inner urge to prove himself on the social network.

His friends and enemies alike have been shaking their heads in relative disgust, embarrassment and disappointment.

His act of self-destruction raises the eternal question of Why?

Was this some kind of twisted fantasy that prompted the behavior of an adolescent that has had some resounding adult consequences and sanctions?

The National Enquirer reported that some conservative sites reported that he was frustrated because his wife, Huma Abedin and her boss, Hillary Clinton were carrying on an affair.

Even if there were a scintilla of truth in that accusation, I am certain he could have found some more traditional ways to satisfy his cravings than the Internet.

The Enquirer also offered its own interpretation by publishing a number of weird photos of Weiner from his college days.

Anthony Weiner doesn't look so hot in a bra and pantyhose.

Some weird photos from college

The photos included posed shots of him in something resembling a Speedo swim suit and a rather odd photo of him in a woman’s two piece swim costume.

The Enquirer seemed to think that it was all part of a three-day college skit during the Christmas season, something akin to a scavenger hunt for weird costumes.

The best explanation I heard came from Rush Limbaugh.

Rush discussed Weiner in a social/political context that put him in such a psychological box that this was the way his inner needs came to the surface.

During his entire social and political life Weiner has been smothered by a politically correct environment that emphasized the idea of the powerful woman.

NBC signs Wonder Woman TV Series

Not a cartoon fantasy in today

In American culture, women who aspired to be, not like their moms but their dads, had literally shed their aprons, turned their collective backs on the cradle as a form of feminine satisfaction and gone off to graduate schools in medicine, law, business, and even mathematics as much an iconoclastic statement as for economic necessity.

In their Marxist drive to rebirth traditional American life they have tried to neutralize the language to the extent that person has to replace any use of the word man even when a congressman is really a man.

In a word they fomented a virtual genocide against the cultural importance of man.

History now has been reformed to read Herstory.

Technology even made it possible to eliminate men in reproduction.

The petite actress with the irritating voice, Kristen Chenoweth has recently revealed that she wants a baby without a man’s help because so many of them are unkind to people.

kristin chenoweth baby adoption

Wants a baby without a man

They now have babies, when they want them, even without a man’s personal involvement.

When they do get married, many assume the breadwinning role in the marriage, which is probably doomed from the start.

This is a shot to the man’s ego.

With the decline in organized religion few men grow up with the traditional idea that a man should rule his own body spiritually and physically.

Now young boys are taught in their schools to give in to all their bodily urges.

Weiner has been surrounded by these powerful women in his private life, his professional life and of course his political life.  He has needed them to get nominated and ultimately elected.

These powerful women have help to feminize or as Rush calls, work for the chickification of the American male.

Millions of men have taken on the Metrosexual attractiveness of a Ryan Seacrest, or a Brad Pitt.

Now muscles are back in.

The whole thing is very confusing for men in today’s cultural morass.

Young men are so confused by all this that many become better identified with members of their own sex and turn to other men for their satisfaction.

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Very confusing

Gone is the Neanderthal look that at least had no trouble with sexual identification.

Huma, who is rumored to be pregnant, is busy traveling with Hillary in their attempt to save the world.

This has given Weiner too much free time to express his needs.

I think Weiner is the atavistic opposite of the Helen Reddy song I Am Woman, hear me roar.

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Men heard her loud and clear

Deafened by that primitive yell of the 1970s, Weiner felt compelled to express his manhood in the most available way and that was to beef up at the gym and then start exposing the fact that he was indeed a real man on the social network where he reasoned had women who were not hell-bent on power, careers and being on top.

The exposure of his manhood was a primitive cry, not just for help but for women to see his atavistic roar that he was A REAL MAN and like Howard Beale was sick and tired and was not going to hide the fact of his manhood any more.

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Weiner walked in his footsteps

In his own perverted way, Anthony Weiner speaks for millions of men who do not know how to be honorable any more.  They feel trapped and confined in a culture that has men in all walks of life quaking in their collective boots, afraid of the feminine hordes of castrati.

* On personal note, had I still lived in Forest Hills, Weiner wold have been my congressman!

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