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When Your Cotton Balls Get Rotten

March 9, 2010

Just what is happening to our culture?  I was in a bookstore line recently and I heard a rat-tat-tah from somewhere in the store.  My first thought was that it was a little boy “playing war” or something like that.

My first thought was that I hope the culture police did not arrest him.  Some little kid had recently been suspended from school for pointing his finger at another child.  I guess the teacher and principal thought that if his finger had been loaded they would have another Columbine on their hands.

Then there is a recent incident at the University of Missouri where a pair of adolescent students played a harmless prank on the Black Culture Center by scattering a number of cotton balls in front of the building.

The inhabitants were shocked that anyone would have the effrontery to do something so terrible given the country systemically racist past.

Cotton balls? Not bombs or chains or even a the perfunctory burning cross!  They were cotton balls, like the ones women use to clean off their make-up.

Of course I get the historical context but cotton balls?  That’s like scattering potato peels in front of the Irish Culture Center.  Oh, wait I don’t think any college has an Irish Culture Center?  Well if they did I wonder if the Irish would be as “offended.”

The two moronic students and I say that not because of their collective IQ but because they must have spent the last 30 years in a cave.

They are dumb because they did not realize how powerful that blacks, feminists and homosexuals have become in our society. I’ll bet they are “sophomores.”

These groups have virtually stopped any sort of criticism, satire or even serious questioning because of their seasoned ability to hide behind the shibboleth of racism, male chauvinism and homophobia.

The whole issue would be risible if that had been the end of it.  No, the administration had to suspend the students and the district attorney is considering bringing the full weight of hate crime legislation on their dumb heads.  The Germans have a great word for them—Dummkopf!

What did hate have to do with this incident?  Stupidity, childishness…boys being boys…but hate?  I seriously doubt that.

Why does this country tolerate the people who push for hate crime legislation?  All real crimes–not cotton balls on the sidewalk—are hate crimes.  Anyone that would steal, rape, murder has an indifference to other human beings that is very close to hate.

Why do we try to make some crimes worse than others?  That’s not justice–that’s politics trying to protect various constituencies in return for their contributions and their votes.

I think something is rotten in Missouri and it’s not our cotton.

This is just symptomatic of the battle to control the culture from within..changing it into something that would be a distortion of our Constitution, history and Western Civilization.

On a similar note, there is a truism that says that those who control the language control the culture.  It is no secret that I have been involved in the pro-life movement for a long time.

Last night at a meeting for the committee chairmen and women for the St. Louis Archdiocese, I noticed on a laptop presentation that their official website has changed the definition of our mission.

It used to say that we worked for the protection of human life from conception to natural death.  It now reads that the mission is from inception through natural death.

Now I thought that my eagle eye had caught a typo but after bringing to one of the officials’ attention I was informed that it was indeed what was intended.


What does that mean?  My dictionary says that it is an act, process or instance of being. There is no mention of reproduction, sex or anything to do with procreation.   Inception sounds more like an idea or even an organization like a fan or stamp club.

This morning I checked my latest Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, published in 2004.  It reads that conception is the process of getting pregnant, fertilization, OR implantation OR both. Tha’s interesting.

For a reputable dictionary this sounds like a very vague or inexact definition.   Which is it fertilization or implantation?  It can’t be both.

So I checked my “old” MW’s dictionary, published in 1994 that defined the same word as fertilization of a zygote when the sperm joins the egg. This sounds like an elementary scientific definition that concurs with my own understanding of the term.

The importance of the differences is more than verbal precision or semantics.  Many pro-abortionists want to emphaize the beginning of life at implantation instead of the historical and scientifically correct fertilization.

This would also turn most birth control pills, which are now a misnomer because they are actually abortifacients that prevent a fertilized ovum, a nascent human being, from implanting in the womb where he/she can naturally develop, into abortion pills.

Of course I doubt this would help Planned Parenthood where 100% of their victims have already been implanted by the times their mothers realize that the have a baby aboard.

While using the word inception does not change the mission itself, it does cloud the understanding a bit.

My first impulse would be to go back to the original definition of our mission and drop the word inception, which does more to cloud the waters than illustrate anything.  Don’t let the abortion crowd destroy another good word as they have done with choice!

A viable solution for this verbal confusion would be to re-write the mission statement (again) and have it read  to defend life from fertilization to natural death. Lets see them change the definition of this scientific term.

(Personally I would also add the word innocent in the beginning but nobody asked for my opinion.)

So this small change is another salvo in the culture war and the insidious attempt by the left and Planned Parenthood to rewrite science and history for their personal and ideological gain.

This raises the obvious questions of when did this happen and more importantly HOW did this happen?

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