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Catholic Stewardship in an Obama World

August 29, 2011

While Barack Obama is short on reasonable fiscal policies he is long on sinister political strategies.

I just wish someone in the media, other than the National Review‘s Stanley Kurtz, would delve into the Cloward-Piven Strategy for breaking down a capitalist society.

I have written about it before but I have seen very little about it, even in the conservative media.

This strategy was devised by Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, who were both Columbia University professors in the early 1980s when Obama attended.

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Does their strategy reign in Washington?

The essence of their strategy was simply over burden the financial resources of a capitalist country by forcing it to live up to the moral rhetoric in their political promises.

In his book, The Radical-in-Chief Kurtz ends the book by saying, Barack Obama is a Socialist.   You could save the price of the thick volume, just by reading its prescient last statement.

"Barack Obama is a Socialist!"

Kurtz spends the other 300+ pages developing his thesis.

Early in the book, after Frank Marshall Davis had instructed his son to go to Occidental University in California because of its radical climate, Kurtz points out how Obama, now at Columbia was fully exposed to the radical ideas of Cloward and Pivin.

Does the mere exposure to such a radical, anti-West, anti-capitalist thesis prove that the president was or is a socialist?

No, but given the fact that in three very long and controversial years in office, this president has added $5 trillion dollars to the national debt, certainly fits in well with the Cloward/Piven socialist methodology.

But when George W. Bush left office, the national debt was just $10 trillion.

To put this into better perspective, the nation’s first 43 presidents accumulated a grand total of just $10 trillion, while this president has raised it over 50%.

Can we and our grandchildren their grandchildren really afford another term with this budget-busting, bone-fide Social Democrat?

To any honest observer, this says that he is either a compulsive spender who can not control his desire to help poor and indigent people or intent on playing a break-the capitalist bank gambit.

Or Kurtz is absolutely correct and this is Obama’s dedicated attempt to destroy the wealth and prosperity of a nation, one can only assume he hates as did his mentor Frank Marshall Davis, an actual card-carrying Communist.

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His mentor gave Barry some leftist advice

This brings me to the Catholic Bishops who have been far more supportive of this administration than reason and morality would seem to dictate.

I believe that a recent op-ed for the St. Louis Catholic Review, written by an Archdiocesan consultant named Dan Conway is perfectly illustrative of the Catholic bishops views on what good Catholics must do with regard to the current fiscal crisis.

After the usual statements about the dignity of the human person, he proceeded to define Catholic stewardship, which I believe is term that most Catholics are not fully aware of.

According to Conway all that we have as individuals, families, communities and as a nation have been given to us to nurture, develop and share  generously with others out of gratitude to God and our sense of responsibility….

It is funny when Bill Clinton was president I believe he felt that all the money in this country belonged to the government and they were just letting us use it until they needed it.

That sounds like Secular Stewardship to me.

Then maybe it is not surprising that both the Church and government seem on the same page about health care, the poor, entitlements, draconian cuts and tax increases.

What Conway failed to include is the fact that Catholic stewardship has three parts–time, talent and treasure.

Is it just my imagination but why does it always seem like the Church can only ask me for the third one?

I think you get the point.

First of all, I do agree everything I have is part of God’s will for me.

But I do have temporal ownership of everything that I got from my parents, my work, smart business decisions and the like.

Barack Obama is working hard every day to try to relieve me of that awesome burden.

This would include my dwelling, automobiles, clothes  and furniture.

To offer some kind of ethereal community claim to my largesse is more Marx than Jesus.

While I do have an obligation to help those in real need, not the millions of people whose life decisions, such as dropping out of school, promiscuous drug and sexual behaviors and a general disregard for traditional social norms have brought them into poverty, I get to decide who is needy of my largesse…not the Church and certainly not Barack Obama, who would just use my money to foster his misanthropic agenda.

My first responsibility, given to me by God, is to care for the needs of my immediate family and all the truly needy people who God has put in my path.

This includes the domestic help, that I have employed over the years, many of them working poor and struggling single mothers, and more recently a woman with an unemployed spouse.

I did the responsible thing—the moral thing.

I gave them a job with a fair wage, despite the efforts of government to over-burden me with rules, regulations and bureaucratic red tape.

It my my equivalent of teaching them to fish, instead of handing them a fish, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

I think Conway implies that to live up to our God-given responsibility, we must support higher tax levies—only on the people who are probably the biggest supporters of Catholic programs and then double our donations to the Church.

I once asked a former pastor of mine when he talked about the tithe, if that was before or after I paid my tax bill.

He said before of course.

Conway also relegated the heroic efforts of the Tea Party Republicans to an ideological struggle.

I think this is a false sense of moral equivalency.

Any simpleton can see that the problem of government is that it spends too much.  Its revenues are about the same and would be improved if Obama took a long holiday and let business do what it does best—make money and create jobs.

The faucet of red ink has been freely flowing since the last four years of Bush.

It has only intensified to a stream, comparable to a Red Sea under Obama.

Drowning in a president's agenda of debt

To call legislators who want to stop the flow of money and chide them for callous, mean-spirited and insensitive cuts is to betray serious signs of optical delusion.

I really don’t believe that Conway wrote this paean to Obama’s policies.

It was probably speechwriter Jon Favreau, who was my Holy Cross’ valedictorian  a few years ago or maybe Jay Carney, who has trouble reading his talking points.

A Holy Cross enabler?

Some other liberal wag living in a fantasy world of his own making, recently opined that Obama is too good for America!

My question is just what did we do to  deserve this president?

                           BE CERTAIN TO LOOK FOR PART II

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