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The American Taliban

February 4, 2011

At first glance a reader might think I was writing about the so-called religious right, or maybe even the Muslim push to rule America by its repressive Sharia laws.

No, I am writing about liberalism’s 100 years war against the traditional culture of the United States that is as repressive and destructive to the American way of freedom as either of the other two other religious extremes.

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Not as destructive as liberalism

Firstly, I must point out that liberalism is not just the anti-religion but a religion unto itself.

The reason I say that is because the basic definition of religion is man and his relationship to a Superior being.

Even the pagan religions bowed to the natural gods of the sun, the moon, the forces of weather and sometimes natural rock formations.

Though primitive in form, they all recognized that they had to show respect for the power and the majesty of nature.

With the coming of Jesus Christ and the foundation of the Christian Church with its long history of schism, separation and fragmentation, by the 19th century the religious instinct had submerged itself in doubt, skepticism and virtual denial.

These organizational traumas gave rise to an atheistic way of thinking that not only denied God of the Jews and the Christians but sought to replace Him with a new religion of man.

For want of a better name, Marxism is that new religion of man, replete with its own orthodoxy, rules, regulations and superior attitude.

And what has been the cost to mankind?

It was Marxism, whose philosophy had emanated from the ashes of 18th century French society, that led to a century of human destruction, unparalleled in the history mankind.

Ever since the proponents of the universal idea of a progressive evolving state that will eventually fade away when the human and secular utopia finally becomes a reality.

The late Father John Hardon, S. J. was a self-taught expert on Marxism.

He first began reading Marx when he was 14 years old.

Members of his family have died under Communism in the profession of their Catholic faith.

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First read Marx at 14

He says that the best single source in understanding Communism is the Marx and Engels’ the Communist Manifesto.

When President Obama is attacking the rich, the wealthy and all those who earn more than $250,000 a years, people should be aware that it was Karl Marx speaking through the president.

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Their manifesto became a quasi religious document

The Manifesto helped to establish governmental policies that undermine and reduce the human freedom to acquire and retain private property, through the Estate Tax and the Progressive Income tax.

Father Hardon has reduced the collective effect that Marxist thinking to 15 different sections.

Since not all of them relate to the concept of a Marxist religion, I will limit my post to those that fit my Taliban theme.

The best single analysis of Marxism is the encyclical on Atheistic Communism by Pope Pius XI, in which he identifies Marxism as a Utopian Messianism.

According to Marx mankind should look forward to arrival of a Messianic society in this world, which they believe is the highest ideal that mankind can work toward.

In the wake of the election of Barack Obama in 2008, this idea seems to have materialized for commentators like Chris Matthews, and others, who spoke of Obama as being the Messiah who would carry them into their secular Utopia of universal equality and fair play.

But their Marxist Messiah had no connection to God or and after life.

This Messiah had the religious trimmings of a secular saint, who miraculously appeared to lead his Party to the Promised Land of eternal electoral power.

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Into the Promise Land of eternal power

Our time has come cried president-elect Obama.

The left’s messiah had arrived to complete the dismissal of organized religions from the public marketplace and replace them with an autocratic secular philosophy that has no need or want for a God above.

With religious superstitions out-of-the-way, the left was free to speed ahead with their utopian goal of insuring man’s perfectibility on earth.

In truth their thinking is based on the perversion of the religious principle that man’s desire for happiness will be fulfilled on earth in some future generation of history.

Whereas Christianity has taught individual salvation for nearly 2000 years, Marxism teaches the primacy of the group and a more collective idea of humanity than any sort of individualism, which mitigates against the true spirit of Marxist salvation.

With a community organizer in the White House the left has its catalyst for a Marxist praxis and collective unity.

It is no surprise that President Obama cut his bones with the Saul Alinsky machine in Chicago and has tried to apply that thinking to the United States government.

Instead of the pie in the sky, Obama’s Marxism is offering a cake on earth.

The final religious tenet for my purposes has to do with Father Hardon’s 11th principle, which is the Emancipation of Women.

Women have always been the target of any kind of Talibanic faith because they are often more closely identified with religion than men.

Religion supplication flows from their motherly instinct to nurture and serve others.

It was Antonio Gramsci who argued from his Italian jail cell that the most direct way to undermine Christianity and with it–Western Civilization— was through its women.

Strip them of their Catholic faith, mostly through early and promiscuous sex and the Marxists can bring down the entire edifice of Western society.

His ideas have been working their toxic magic for over 80 years.

A main result has been the Feminist Movement, which has risen out of the Marxist ashes of hearth and home to give us an angry and destructive way of thinking that has deprived millions of families of two parents, as well as giving rise to a multi-billion dollar abortion industry over the last 40 years.

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Heard Gramsci's call

Women has not only heeded the Marxist clarion cry to leap off their respective pedestals of dignity and maternal respect, they have outdone their male counterparts in their determined crusade to lower the moral standards of our culture.

Couple the ungodly rage of Feminism with its politically correct storm troopers and you get an English language, so deprived of a fair and honest right of self-expression that is as controlling and a betrayal of freedom as anything found in Afghanistan.

While the American people will never bend to any national dogmatic religion, such as the kind that ruled the Massachusetts Bay Company in the 17th century, it has been primed and readied to accept a secular religion based on a culture that does not just separate religion from state but subjugated it in such a way that its traditional morality has no mooring or anchor in the entire culture.

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No American Taliban

America’s new Taliban of the left proclaims that Americans should never impose their morality on others while doing the same with their moral prescription.

In rejecting America’s traditional morality its citizens must paradoxically embrace a morality that is even more imposing than anything proposed in this country since the 17th century.

This is the state we are fast approaching and the new liberal American Taliban with its dogmatic Marxism are the ones preparing the cultural chains that will bind us to Karl Marx than any Sharia law could ever do.

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