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10 Liberal Fallacies: Part II

August 4, 2010

6)Health Care is an entitlement.

Health Care–our own health care is a responsibility, not a right.

We all have a right to life but with that comes the responsibility of taking care of that life.  That includes sleeping, eating moderately and living a moral life that avoids all sorts of over-indulgences.

We should not drive too fast, nor take any unnecessary risks with that life.  As Sally Fields says, I have only that one life…

I am amazed at how many people take dangerous chances by racing cars, talking on a cell phone while driving, not paying attention to what they are doing, putting themselves in harm’s way and then and just throwing all kinds of caution to the wind.

And then these very same people have the temerity to expect someone else to pay for it.

It is a sad day when so many people are willing to trade their freedoms and responsibilities for the promise of government care and compassion.

This begs the question as to what has happened to America these past 50 years that its citizens are willing to trust their lives and futures to government bureaucrats?

There is never anything for free.  My father taught me that everything has its price…no matter how little out of pocket-money you may have to spend.

People whose life styles are less than healthy had better understand that what the government gives it can take away just as easily.

Personally I think, the Obama health care is not about making anybody’s life any better or any healthier–it is an unmitigated power grab that will make our individual lives smaller and less free.

7) Diversity is a good thing.

When I was in grade school, the idiom teachers used for immigration was the melting pot.

Most of the people who came here were looking for the freedom to exist without undue restriction, not for free handouts.

They were willing to work, learn the language and become real Americans.

While that may hold true for many of our new immigrants, the first rule of being an American is to obey its laws.

Can we expect this same from La Raza today?

Since LBJ it has been more like a fruit salad where people are encouraged to maintain their different cultures..especially their language.

Ever since we started with the hyphenation of blacks, Italians and others, the country has foundered with a sense of lost purpose and human discord.

How diversity helps us become a better country is beyond me.

People that come here and don’t speak the language just divide a country into ethnic and racial compounds.

Can anyone say Tower of Babel?

I believe that if your allegiance is to another country, stay or go back there.

If you don’t want to make English your primary form of speech, you will never become part of the greatest experiment in human freedom in world history.

According to a new book The Post-American Presidency, by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, American identity is not based on race or creed but on a common value system.

If immigrants refuse to adapt to the American way of life they will invariably lead to violence.

Maybe that has been the idea all along–destroy America from within–use its freedom and compassion to undermine its people.

8) The Bush Tax Cuts costs hundreds of billions of dollars:

This is another of the left’s mendacious talking points.

Everyone with any understanding of history and economics knows for a fact that when Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Bush cut marginal tax rates, their cuts actually brought billions more of dollars of tax revenues into the Treasury’s coffers.

When President Clinton raised taxes in 1993, the reverse happened.

The empirical data is there, for those with eyes to see.

The problem with Bush and Reagan’s cuts was the fact that government spending trebled during these times when the revenue only doubled.

That’s Congress’ fault, not the tax cuts.

George W. Bush Picture Gallery

Rightfully followed Kennedy and Reagan

9) Homosexuals have a right to marry.

Marriage is not an absolute right. Societies have been regulating marriage for millenia.

No freedom is absolute, not even in a civilized society.

In any civilized society, no one has the absolute right to do whatever he or she wants.

People do not have the right to marry someone of their own sex, nor does anyone have the right to marry a minor, or a member of another species.

It has been that way in virtually all civilized societies since the beginning of recorded history.

No one is protesting their living together or arranging for some sort of civil union.

Homosexuals have garnered all the protection, insurance rights and legacy bequests that they need to protect their partners.

There is widespread tolerance for their life style, no matter how unhealthy or immoral they may appear.

So why do they persist and wanting to marry?

It is my guess they want to destroy the traditional marriage.

Lincoln had it right when he asked his associates How many legs would a cow have if you counted his tail as a leg? Most people said five

The correct answer of course is four.  Calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.

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Lincoln was right

10) Hate Speech should be criminalized.

This might sound nice on its face value but the devil is in the details.

The shibboleth of hate speech has been used to shelter liberals’ protected species, like blacks, gays, Jews and now Muslims from any legitimate form of criticism and rational analysis.

Its draconian application in Canada and several European nations is to stifle and even criminalize free speech.

For example to even question any aspect of the Holocaust is construed as Holocaust Denial, and can be subject to criminal penalties, including jail time.

Just ask historian David Irving who spent three years in an Austrian prison for raising some questions of historical verification bout the gas chambers.

That offends my idea of free speech.  It can and will happen here.

The following is a quote from my August Mindszenty Report.  (

A perfect example is the case of Kenneth Howell, a former University of Illinois adjunct professor who was recently fired from the Department of Religion for teaching in a class Introduction to Catholicism that homosexual acts violated the natural law.

The decision came after an anonymous student complained in an e-mail written by a friend that his comments constituted hate speech.

Howell had been teaching this class without incident since 2001.

His protests fell on deaf ears as political correctness had trumped freedom of speech.

I have learned to count to 10 when I hear one of these liberal lies.

It  is a good way to deal with the frustrations of their violation of the 8th Commandment of bearing false witnesses.

I think liberals suffer from consistent Projection, another sign that they may be mentally ill.

BONUS FALLACY: The following might be the most dangerous of all of the fallacies considered:

11) All people are good–it is society that makes them do evil.

This idea emanated from the pen of Jean Jacques Rousseau and helped to foment the French Revolution in 1787.

By society it quickly became apparent that the left meant the Christian religion, private property and the traditional family.

Many of the above fallacies are directed against one or more of these American traditions.

According to French writer, Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, over the years this has morphed into:

a depraved taste for equality in the human heart that brings the weak to want to draw the strong to their level and that reduces men to preferring equality in servitude to equality in freedom.

This will inevitably lead us to OBAMATOPIA.

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