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Killer Angels

August 6, 2015
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I wanted to be English major in college until an adjunct History professor at Holy Cross enthralled me with his military exploits as a Marine tank commander in the Pacific Theater during World War II and Korea. His personal experiences within the broad context of Asian History, presented such a broad spectrum of heroes, philosophy, and human conflict that I spent the next nine years studying the discipline, collecting a pair of graduate degrees along the way.

Historical facts came easy in grad school. It was the different interpretations that made history difficult. Most historians were so awash in a sea of relativity that it made the past nearly unintelligible. Some stressed history as a study of heroic figures. Others saw it as materialistic determinism.

My personal definition focused on history as the story of man’s human nature in time. While its pages portrayed people in different milieus, there always was one essential constant. Man’s human nature never changed. It was likened to the philosopher Heraclitus’ flowing river, which was always changing while remaining the same river. Each historical era does things a bit differently but its people still maintain their inborn attraction to evil.

This explains why that in thousands of years of recorded history, only 22 years have been free of war, according to the late Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. Violence is and always will be an essential part of human nature. While no one is born rotten to the core, as the Calvinists would have us believe, man has never been the “angel” the French Philosophes, purported him to be.

The French reign of terror with its menacing guillotine disproves that idea during the last decade of the 18th century abrogated that idea. Men are more like what late historian Michael Shara called “killer angels,” capable of great love and charity but with a stark propensity for war and destruction.

Since the French Revolution, philosophers have attacked the Church’s teaching on man’s human nature with regard to sin. Its philosophical heirs, Marx, Darwin, and Freud denied the entire concept of original sin.   A behavioral license to act without consequence has become their universal standard by which belief, morality and personal conduct is to be judged. It is this inherent philosophical conflict of the “City of God” versus the “City of Man” that is at the epicenter of the “culture war.”

Pope Benedict’s statement on Limbo and the “hope for unbaptized babies” has clouded the debate even further. It prompted the late University of Notre Dame Theology professor, Fr. Richard McBrien to opine, “if there is no limbo…it has to follow that “everyone is born in the state of grace.”

This reasoning leads to only one logical conclusion that baptism does not wash away the “stain,” of original sin and Christ’s death and Resurrection were unnecessary. Father McBrien’s interpretation marches in lockstep with the progressive fallout from the French Revolution, which has assumed an Immaculate Conception, which they ironically deny for the Blessed Mother, for every other human being who ever lived.

Progressives explain away the lingering question of evil with the same twisted logic of comedian Flip Wilson’s female character “Geraldine,” whose illicit behavior always prompted the response, “the devil made me do it!” This thinking is akin that of an ex-professional basketball player when arrested for drug possession said: “drugs ruined my life,” making made him the unwitting victim of his own sins.

What the left fails to understand is that we are all tarnished angels who have an inner yearning to revolt against the moral integrity of our being. Catholic convert G. K. Chesterton once opined that original sin was the one Catholic doctrine that never needed any proof. All one had to do “was read a newspaper…”or he might have added… a history book.

The Woman Liberals Love to Hate

June 28, 2011

With the publication of her latest book, Demonic : How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, the liberal establishment just got another good reason to pile the hate on Ann Coulter’s tall, thin body.

For the uninformed or those living in Lost Nation, Iowa, Ann is the antithesis of the dumb blonde.

No dumb blonde

She is an incisive writer with an undergraduate degree from Cornell and a law degree from Michigan.

The best of Democratic women would be no match for her in a debate.

But what Ann does is write books and she writes them well with cogent arguments and a rapier wit that can send any liberal into the throes of death from a thousand cuts.

I had the pleasure of interviewing her five times on my old program at WGNU and once for Phyllis Schafly, the woman who inspired her to become the potent force that she is.

More importantly I had the honor of meeting her at a pro-life Vitae dinner a few years ago in St. Louis.

The first thing you notice about her is that she is very tall.

After shaking her blonde locks a few times because of a failure to immediately recognize my name until I mention radio, I told her she was much taller than her doll.

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Much taller than her doll

While most people problem probably think Sarah Palin is the most hated woman in American, the contest is not even close.

Palin is cute, bouncy, a live-wire exponent of conservative virtues but she fights back in feminine niceties and memorable metaphors and images.

She is more of a symbol for the kind of woman the liberals hate.

She is a pro-life mother of five children with a supportive husband, while she found time to run the state of Alaska and secure the vice presidential nomination in 2008.

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Why the left fears and hates her

And to make matters worse, Palin delivered a Downs Syndrome baby late in life when according to the liberal creed, the baby would have been better off being aborted so not as to have reminded liberals of the imperfectability of the human condition.

And down the road her child might have needed special care at the state’s expense.  This money would have been better spent buying votes in future elections.

If my prose seems a bit cutting for me, I just finished reading Ann’s book last night.  Her style wears off on you sometimes.

Palin’s grasp of hard-core intellectual attacks, laced with hyperbole, and sarcasm pales by comparison with that of Coulter.

Should there ever be such a contest it would be reminiscent of the boxing match years ago between Paula Jones and Tanya Harding.

Before the battle

Before two minutes had elapsed Harding had broken Jones’ already prominent nose into a  million pieces.

As for her aforementioned book, I have read virtually every one of her books and I can say that by far this is her best and one that I will keeping coming back to for reference.

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Her best by far

I advise every one and even liberals to read it and read it slowly because she will test your liberal faith to its very core and if you honestly and openly answer her objections about your credo you will understand better what it is you believe.

If you simply go into denial, that will only affirm her accusations.

When I had my own show I loved the challenges that my most astute liberal callers made to me–all three of them–Jim from Ferguson, the Roosevelt Man and Dave the cab driver.

A priest friend once told me that within the first two weeks after ordination, he had heard every sin in the book, except suicide in the confessional.

The same was true for me concerning my own beliefs.

Every thing I ever believed had been challenged and assaulted.  I either learned to counter their arguments or risked the disgrace of being in the wrong.

The caveat is that you have to be serious about finding the absolute truth of things and not just in winning political power by any means necessary, which I believe is the marching orders of most liberals.

If denial is your defense strategy then there should be no surprise why you never win any arguments without resorting to shouting, violence, innuendo and character assassination, which I think is Rule #11 from the Saul Alinsky playbook, Rules for Radicals.

The first thing Coulter suggests is that you check you history–the French Revolution in particular.

Of course as she points out if you attend an elite university like her Cornell or Michigan, you will not be able to take a course on that part of the liberal heritage.

It would be as if one could not find any suitable biography of our founding fathers.

As Ann recounts in bloody detail, during the Reign of Terror that followed the French Revolution 600,000 French citizens were butchered and mutilated while an other 145,000 fled the country in fear of their lives.

Icon on the French Revolution

An orgy of pornographic violence

It also equals the number of military fatalities during the American Civil War, some 70 years later.  And this was in a country of under 26 million people.

As Coulter points out it is hard to establish an accurate chronology of the revolution itself because it revolved around the mob.

This is the precise reason most of America’s founding fathers were frightened by the turmoil in France on the heels of their own rebellion against Great Britain.

They feared the lack of order and the mindless violence that characterized the mobocracy, as they called the Paris throngs.

In his Little Richard’s Almanac, Benjamin Franklin opined that a mob is a monster with many heads and no brain.

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The Paris monster

To understand this, just think back to 2008 when the Obama campaign mobilized its own brand of the sansculotte with their purple-shirted SIEU and the orange clad ACORN mobs to terrorize Tea Party goers and other Obama opponents.

The French Revolution gave liberals a legacy of death while its counterpart in America gave us a Republic of freedom.

The former gave liberals a heritage of the show trial, regicide, and the guillotine.

It gave them a Satanic orgy of pornographic violence and disfigurement that deaden the French soul.

Thousands of priests and nuns were slaughtered and the Catholic Church nationalized.

The French Revolution was the forerunner of the concentration camp, the crematoria, the gulag and the abortion clinic.

It wrote the playbook that gave us Stalin, Hitler, Pot Pol, Mao and Fidel.

The French Revolution helped us establish a the culture of death that Pope John Paul II warned against.

If you don’t believe me or Coulter, I suggest you read up on the liberal heritage or study it in school if you can find anyone who will teach it.

Like so many unfavorable things liberal colleges and professors have assigned that segment in history to the Orwellian memory hole.

But my faith in the future was reenforced last night when my eight-year old granddaughter was able to tell me who the Grant of our local attraction, Grant’s Farm was.

I quickly asked her then if Grant was the 18th president, who the 19th?

She knew it instantaneously and my jaw dropped.  She just finished the 2nd grade.

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Do you know?

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