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Shooting Some Hoops With LeBron and the President

July 14, 2010

One reason I believe politicians love about sports is the fact that they are a huge distraction from the government’s business at hand.

While our eyes and ears are not quite literally glued to out TV sets, the politicians are free to conspire to dream up more ways to loot our wallets and enslave our children.

This past week was a perfect example.

Probably a billion people watched as representatives of all the major countries around the world ran all all over huge soccer fields, fired errant shot after shot and then ran the other way.

It was a rare occasion when someone actually booted or headed (looks painful) the ball into the cavernous net, so conservative was the play.

Spain won its first World Cup by scoring eight goals–eight goals in SIX games.

Wow that’s too much scoiring for my heart!

A case in point, I saw exactly three minutes of the final with the Netherlands.  The winning goal at the 115 minute mark came just as I sat down.

In the United States an even bigger story was the signing of LeBron James, one of the best athletes in a long time to don an NBA uniform.

In the age of capitalist free trade– he was the best player in what the agents call free agency.   Ask any owner—-there is nothing free about it.

James choreographed a reality show that was befitting a Super Bowl half-time extravaganza and the academy awards combined.

There was so much pomp and circumstances that you expected a college graduation to break out with Bill Clinton at the podium.

When Queen Elizabeth showed up in New York about that time, I thought she was going to join LeBron at the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, Connecticut, in conjunction with ESPN to announce which lucky team was going to have his services for the next six years.

He had gotten the sports cable network to allot an entire hour of their prime time for his big announcement.

An hour to tell us where his next job was?  Rush Limbaugh asked what was he going to do for the next 59 minutes?

The pageantry and hoopla–pun intended–was seriously connected with the signing of two other premier players–DWayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Hours before LeBron’s Big Fat Contract Wedding, both had signed with Wade’s former team the Miami Heat.

The three had been involved in a collusive friendship that seemed to imply that even if one or two of them had to take less money, they would try to sign with the same team.

That seems to be the new look in the NBA.  Though there are five on the court at any one time, teams try to have a nucleus of at least three outstanding players.

That system had worked well in Boston and even LA.

Well when the big moment came–surprise, surprise—Miami came up the big winner.

I will wager that anyone who took the time to view this extravaganza was as satisfied as I was many years ago when invested three hours in watching Giraldo Rivera’s special on Al Capone’s Vault.

Three hours and all I got was peering into an empty vault.  Not even a tee-shirt!

Not even a tee-shirt for Cleveland

While there were gala celebrations in Miami before LaBron has even scored a point, there was no joy in Mudville, the current name for Cleveland.  It has been called worse.

I mean Cleveland has been the brunt of comedians jokes for years.  What really do they have?

Is that where Dennis Kucinich comes from?  See what I mean.

To lose the greatest player in recent memory is comparable to Brooklyn losing the Dodgers in 1957–no not quite that bad.  Maybe St. Louis losing the Browns four years before that.

At least they didn’t set fire to the city as some did AFTER LA’s championship.  I mean who would notice if they did?

But I do have a word of warning for the new semi-billionaires.

President Obama is lurking in the background and I do not think he is amused.

Now our current president is not the most athletic of our recent presidents.  Most Democrats cringe every time he gets on a baseball mound.

His near embarrassment in St. Louis last summer at the All-Star game–he was saved when Albert Pujos reached way in front of the plate to snag his 59′ drop ball.

At the season opener in DC, he nearly threw the ball over the catcher’s head.

He more dangerous than Gerry Ford was on a golf course.

But he can shoot hoops.  Though he plays an occasional round of golf–only during oil spills and other national emergencies, he knows how to play the game.

His wife’s sister even married an accomplished basketball player and coach.

Anyone catch his performance with Clark Kellogg between halves at the I think it was the NBA All-Star game?

I believe that he will do something to nullify this deal.

I wonder if ESPN will give him an hour?  They had better if he wants it!

After all he can sue one of our states, take over our auto companies, what is a few basketball players to him or a sports TV network to him?

One consideration I didn’t mention is that the president’s team–the Chicago Bulls had a horse in the LeBron sweepstakes.

Critics will say that LeBron has a contract.  Contracts?  They mean nothing to the former Constitutional Law professor.  Just ask the bond holders for Chrysler.

They were skipped in the president’s move to ave union jobs–this was a direct violation of Contract law, as protected under the Constitution.

All he has to do is sign an Executive Order or maybe just WILL it.

People should ask what kind of Constitutional Law did the president actually teach?

My guess is that he taught loopholes.

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Doing something he is good at!

Another consideration is that LeBron is a member of the president’s least favored minority in this country–he is very wealthy and stands to become more wealthy.

By moving to Florida, as the WSJ points out, he stands to “save” millions of dollars in just state income taxes.

That will not be fair to the state of Ohio, which has seen several hundred million dollars of earned income move to other states over the years.

While Ohio is a swing state, the president, given his Chicago Style, will have to go with the home team and void his deal, so that LeBron can sign with the Bulls.

What can he do this?  Because he can do this that’s why.  Just like he has done with the rest of us taxpayers.

If the president can redistribute our wealth through cap and trade, tax and spend and health care reform, it is only logical that he can redistribute a few rich basketball players.

So after the deal is done, maybe the president will invite him over for a White House Summit and they can shoot some hoops.

And that ain’t no bull!

Health Care,Trust and the Legacy of Johnny Carson

March 25, 2010
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Several years ago my wife and I took a trip to Las Vegas.  Fortunately our money was the only thing we left in Vegas…mostly for food and inexpensive lodging.  I lost less than $2 on the slots.

One of the most memorable moments was attending the performance of Johnny Carson at Caesar’s Palace on the strip.  I remember one routine about after three days of non-stop Vegas living of walking, drinking, gambling etc, the said tourist was last seen sucking a yucca plant in the desert.

I wonder how many people remember that before the Tonight Show, Carson was the host of the grammatically-challenged TV show, Who Do You Trust?

I used to watch him…I think Ed McMahon was even with him then, after school once or twice a week.  He had the comedic knack even then.

We could use a reality show like that today.  What constitutes human trust and just what kind of people do they trust?

In the old America, people used to trust their priests as a first resort.  In the last decade the priesthood has taken some very hard shots across its bow.

Now we look to Washington for all our needs and desires.

I recently heard a dynamic priest describe idolatry as what people placed their trust in.

If his definition is accurate, that would mean that millions of Americans idolize their government when it is God they should be putting their faith in.

I think that means millions have made government their lord and provider.

Businessmen have been demonized in the press and by the White House with great frequency…dating back to at least Teddy Roosevelt with his trust-busting.

His cousin Franklin even outdid him twenty years later as he blamed the nation’s ills on the so-called malefactors of wealth.

I wont go into all the usual arguments about cost, debt and long-range subservience of another 1/6 of the economy to the federal government.

Most thinking Americans are aware of the potential for disaster to the country that this abomination of ObamaCare can wreak on the country.

As for abortion, though I think the euthanasia aspects of this health care fraud are far superior, let me say how disappointing but not totally surprising the last-minute defection of Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak was a great disappointment.

Kathleen Gilbert in an article for said she was baffled by Stupak vote last Sunday.  Not only did he put ObamaCare over the 216 top, he had the temerity to oppose a last-ditch effort to insert his own abortion-funding ban in the reconciliation “fix” package for the Senate health care bill.

Thanks to the cowardly Michigan lion, the House subsequently struck down Rep. Dave Camp’s (R-Mich.) attempt to pass Stupak’s language 232-199.

In a statement that must stand as one of the greatest falsehoods in legislative history, Stupak uttered that This motion does not promote life, but It is the Democrats who have stood up for the principle of no public funding for abortions.

Stupak alleges that Obama’s promise of an executive order ensures that the sanctity of life will be protected.

With a delicious sense of Biblical imagery, one pro-life leaders calls the executive order a transparent fig leaf.

Representative Stupak is either a liar both to himself and the country or seriously delusional.

He is akin to the battered football player who breaks down the sidelines and within five yards of the goal line punts the ball into the stands and signals a touchdown for his team.  That’s the real question, which team was he really playing for?

An Executive order can not “repeal” or supercede a law and like it or not, once President Obama affixed his John Hancock with 20 pens, I might add, the bill was law.

This only proves that the term pro-life Democrat is an oxymoron.  It proves that this party is still the party of the culture of death.

It is the devilish engine that drives its left-wing agenda and now it has targeted the nursing home in addition to the womb for its victims.  Like Stupak the Party has shown ist true color and they are the black and white of the Jolly Obama

Now that universal health care is close to being a full-fledged reality, I am seriously tempted to ask the question: Why do so many people seem to place their faith in their politicians?

I cannot understand why so many people, even in my Catholic Church, still trust our current president, given his propensity for mendacity with his broken campaign promises on transparency, taxation, and job creation?

Have they not seen the Peanuts cartoon?  I am talking about the one where Lucy Van Pelt offers to hold the football so Charlie Brown can kick the ball.

Without fail every time he lets her she pulls the ball back and he falls flat on his face.

Like a good liberal Lucy promises to help Charlie but the devil inside her can’t resist each and every time.

And like the poor sad sack he is he continues to believe that this time she is telling him the truth.

Have we become a nation of Charlie Browns?  Why are we so trusting of our politicians?

Why do so many people who despise businessmen and priests and maybe even the medical professor, fall down in the prone position in front of so many politicians who promise to take care of them and satisfy their needs?

Is it because we have gradually replaced our faith in God with a faith in man…a faith in those who will promise us the most for the least amount of effort?

Have we all fallen for the con, as illustrated in David Mamet’s absorbing movie A House of Games?

Are we now a nation of adolescents who accept the gratuitous pleasures of 24/7 sports programing, American Idol and all the Romanesque trivialities that distract us from the flames around us?

Is America not burning while President Obama fiddles around?

The New York Times has already let the proverbial cat out of the bag.  Writer David Leonhardt opined that The bill President Obama signed on Tuesday is the biggest attack on economic inequality since inequality began rising more than three decades ago.

In other words Obama is brings us back to the days of Jimmy Carter with one of the largest redistribution scams since FDR.

As for myself, I plan never to get sick in the future because I don’t want to need what I wont be able to get.  That sounds more like Yogi than Aristotle.

I am a historian, not a prophet.

But I will say the last hope for stopping this health care canard, if that is even possible, will land on the doorstep of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the pivotal swing vote that might become the most important man in America in the next few years.  You can take that to the bank.

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