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He Hate Me!

December 31, 2010

I wonder how many sports fans remember the XFL, a fledgling league that had unsuccessfully tried to cash in on the sports mania of the last century.

The XFL, sometimes called the Awful League had its roots in the promotional skills of wrestling impresario, Vince McMahon.

The players were encouraged to have catchy nicknames.  Arguably the most memorable was that of Rod Smart, who simply called himself He hate me!

One of its star players, Smart began his professional career in the short-lived XFL league, where he played running back for the Las Vegas Outlaws.

They made up in tawdry pageantry for what they lacked in athletic skills.

The Outlaws’ cheerleaders’ uniforms, if you wanted to call them that, reminded me more of the Howard Hughes movie with Jane Russell of the same name many years ago.

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Cheerleader outfit?

I later saw Smart return kicks against the Rams when he was with the Carolina Panthers a few years ago.

By that time he was just plain Rod Smart.

A metaphor for the times

Smart explained the origin of the grammatically non-standard phrase in a January 30, 2004 article with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that evoked more Yogi Berra than it did Peyton Manning.

Basically, my brother’s my opponent.

After I win, he’s gonna hate me.

It is what it is.  It’s a saying I was saying when I’d feel something wasn’t going my way.

For example, (when) I was on the squad in Vegas and coach was putting other guys in, (if) I felt I’m better than them, you know, hey, ‘he hate me.’ See what I’m saying?

Give me a chance. That’s all I ask. It came from the heart.

I think there is a political application to Rod Smart’s memorable nickname.

It is a perfect example of the leftist class conflict, which thrives on ludicrous statement like the Bush tax cuts were taken from the poor!

After years of snide remarks about the rich, the successful, the movers and shakers of society, the truth is finally out in the open…making it one of the president’s first real acts of transparency.

At last the socialist genie has jumped right out of the Democratic bottle and it bears its ugly soul in complaints that the rich don’t pay their fair share.

Barack Obama has finally exposed his deep-seated animus toward the rich…on the right of course…not his many rich benefactors on the left.

So for all those who have felt the derisive stares and angry words of, not only the nation’s 44th president but its more than likely 1st socialist chancellor, all I can say is He hate me!

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Hate is his political weapon

That’s how people in the upper brackets must have felt these past two years under Obama Rule.

He hate me is a simple explanation for the attitude that lies beneath virtually everything that Obama has promised to do to the American economy and American society since the 2008 campaign.

Joe the Plumber? If you are reading this just remember:

He hate me!

It is a battle cry that should ring louder than any Tea Party rhetoric and it is aimed at the heart of the very people who drive our economy, provide the new ideas and innovations that produce millions of jobs and trillions in wealth that does more than trickle down.

And even if did just trickle down, government spending attempts to trickle up, which defies gravity and good sense.

Stimulus packages are usually wasteful and defy gravity like all their pipe dreams do.

However do not take this post as an apologia for wealthy people.

While I know many wealthy people, who are fine, church-going people who love their families and are faithful to their wives and generous to a fault, many are haughty, over-bearing, and pretentious.

I also know some poor people who are jealous, envious and very mean-spirited.

Many of these professional poor thrive on a culture that has fed them constant doses of self-entitlement and positive reinforcement without and concomitant sense of responsibility.

In a word they have learned to work the system, like the con artists many of them are.

In a materialistic society that has hocked its moral compass, those without are usually more prone to those desires than those who take their possessions for granted.

And why?

Because our government uses the wealthy as a target, a bread and circuses for the poor that will keep their focus directed at someone else than those in government who have limited their opportunities for self-improvement.

The Marxists in our government say religion is the opiate of the people while drugging America’s underclass with addictive government largesse that in the long run will deprive them of their humanity.

On a similar note, I do not  totally understand my Church’s deep concern for the poor.

The preferential option for the poor, which has never been explained to me throughout my 22 years of Catholic education, whether from the pulpit or in private conversation, continues to puzzle me.

As far as I know it is a new teaching that has evolved out of Latin American Marxism or what they call Liberation Theology, which the last pope condemned when he visited Central America during the last years of his papacy.

I think this option has come more from secular teachings and a preferential option for big government to do the social work of the church.

Unfortunately, too many of our bishops cut their bones during the Civil Rights era and have forgotten the true message of the Gospels about eternal salvation as opposed to earthly paradise.

Too many learned their politics from their grandfathers’ knee, who thought the sun rose and set on Franklin Delano Roosevelt each day and the Democratic Party was the savior of mankind.

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Wanted to soak the rich

With little regard for the Seventh Commandment, (Catholic) FDR was one of the first to have the wealthy producers in his punitive cross hairs.

He wanted to tax every nickel over the 1st $25,000 in 1940.  That’s probably the modern equivalent of Obama’s benchmark $250,000 for a couple for the wealthy.

Obama’s father also liked 100% tax over a certain minimal level.

Most people on the left believe that our money is the property of the central government.

The president’s crusade or jihad might be a preferable term against America’s financially successful raises several questions that no one seems to want to answer.

One is why the constant need for a tax code directed at the rich when all the empirical data show that raising taxes to a certain high level brings in less revenue, as was the case with the Clinton tax increases of 1993.

Of course I guess we would have to exempt the likes of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, two mega-billionaires that don’t think the rich pay enough in taxes.

Their thinking is very hard to fathom, given all the waste attributed to the allocation our trillions in tax dollars.

Could they be self-hating rich people or maybe all their wealth in tied up safely in trusts and foundations?

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Thinks the wealthy should pay more

What is a fair tax?

Progressive tax?  Is that fair?  Equal protection before the law?

What does Congress do with the money?

Remember LBJ’s War on Poverty, which did not go over big in the Italian community?

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Declared war on poor people

How many trillions have been collected in the name of reform, the poor or national excellence, only to experience the reality of a declining standard of living, chronic unemployment and an insurmountable mountain of present and future debt?

Five trillion and still counting!

Did it do any good or was it really a war on poor people?

And what does class warfare do to a society?

Where is Congress’ accountability?

Isn’t true that Congress spends, and spends…now trillions of dollars the country will not be able to borrow?

What happens when we run our of printer’s ink? Will this be our Weimar Republic?

Men and women with giant wheelbarrows loaded with $1000 bills?

In this country we do not allow, even the mildest form of discrimination against homosexuals, blacks or women— so why the wealthy?

The sad truth is–Marxism permeates our society.

And look what Marx has done to Russia, Eastern Europe and half of Asia.

Ask yourself who is driving Obama’s engine of state?

Saul Alinsky that’s who and he has been dead for almost 40 years.

Alinsky, who dedicated his landmark book, Rules for Radicals, to the world’s first radical-Lucifer.

He wanted to turn Machiavelli on his head and have a revolution, not of Princes, but of poor people, through community organization.

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Turned Machiavelli on his head

And when the people would not listen or started to question things, they called out their enforcers, whose shirt were not brown but  purple, orange and black and these thugs threw their weight around with virtual impunity.

Could this not be hate speech?

Isn’t criticism of the Holocaust, blacks, homosexuals and women supposed to encourage people to violence?


Kenneth Gladney after his beating in St. Louis by SEIU.

Will not all this rage against rich people not lead to an organized spontaneity toward all those whose drive German cars, live in gated communities or send their kids to expensive private schools?

Is this kind of violence acceptable just because the left hates the rich?

What did they ever do to America?  The wealthy already pay more than the rest of America in taxes.  Where would we be without them?

What will happen  to America when all our incomes are equal?

Of course that will never happen…in the Marxist world of Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama…all men are equal…except some are more equal.

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