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Freedom on the Gibbet

September 27, 2012

I have written about Mel Gibson a number of times.

His The Passion of the Christ was probably the finest rendition of the central tenet of the Christian faith, namely the Incarnation where Christ assumed the nature of a human being to open the gates of heaven, which had been closed by man’s fall from grace.

I have enjoyed many of his other movies, including his epic on the Revolutionary War, The Patriot, as well as his Conspiracy Theory, which really captured the aura of truth and paranoia that surrounds most such conspiracy ideas.

There is a constant theme in many of these movies and it is freedom–our innate desire to be unhindered by all unreasonable infringements on our mobility, time, ideas and livelihoods.

Came here to be free

From the early 17th century well through the early days of the 20th century, millions of immigrants  have emigrated to America in search of a nation that would enhance and permit this kind of personal liberty.

Mel Gibson captured this universal yearning to be free in his film, Braveheart.

This was the story of 13th century Scottish patriot William Wallace, who wound up being hanged on a gibbet, drawn and quartered on a hurdle for his fevered right to be free of English tyranny.

It was not only his genitalia, entrails and limbs that were exposed to public scorn on that steamy August day in 1305 but the notion of all mankind’s yearning to be free from tyranny and servitude.

Martyred for freedom

Along with Andrew Moray he defeated an English army at Stirling Bridge in 1297, and was the Guardian of  Scotland serving until his defeat at the Falkirk.

He was later captured and handed over to King Edward I who gruesomely executed him in the public square for high treason against the throne.

The best scene in the movie was when Gibson/Wallace rallied his kilt-clad troops with his heroic charge across their ranks, screaming at the top of his lungs, Freedom…Freedom…Freedom!

The freedom Wallace sought was essentially what Americans wrote in our Declaration of Independence in 1776.

They wanted what all people yearn for–life, liberty and what they called the pursuit of happiness, which was a catch-all for private property, financial success and the freedom to travel uninhabited across our vast continent.

These were their rights just by the fact of their humanity.

However since the dawning of the so-called Progressive Era in the United States that notion of freedom has been unconstitutionally assaulted.

Unlike the founding fathers, these new revolutionaries promised a different kind of right.

Another scene from Braveheart illustrates the innate difference between such natural rights and those rights created by government.

According to British law the royal governor of a principality had the right to have sex with a new bride on her wedding night before she lay with her lawful husband.

It was not a right in the natural sense but a privilege provided by a government that gave an unfair freedom of one human over the body and rights of another.

It was President Woodrow Wilson, the country’s first transformative progressive, and his New Freedom that sought to change the old freedom of the founding fathers and substitute government-granted rights.

File:Woodrow and Edith Wilson2.jpg

Liberal’s freedom started with him

Along with abortion rights, the progressives have been tirelessly promoting  gay rights, affirmative action, the right to have a job, medical care and so on.

These are all are new rights promised by the Leviathan state that is long on promise and very short of delivery.

But people who benefit from these rights should realize that what the government grants it can just as easily cancel.

Only natural rights cannot be cancelled.

Of course they can be violated as is Obama’s government with regard to his mandates to the Catholic Church that its institutions must provide free birth control insurance.

Liberals detest freedom and man’s free will.

It is the one fly in the basic ointment of the paradise they wise to create here on earth.

Their animus toward other people’s freedom is at the root of their anger and hostility toward conservatives in this country.

Rational individual freedom is the bane of their existence.

It also fuels the paranoia that fuels their mental illness–their fantastic dream that they can make this world into a paradise.

Most people will not shed their freedom for the chains of slavery in a world that cannot exist.

They have to be  forced, coerced and dragged to the plantations, gulags, and crematoria that will by nature be the only solution for their failure to heed the progressive will.

A liberal version of freedom

But they say we are the ones that are for freedom!

The only kind of freedom they advocate is freedom of behaviors that enslave, not liberate human beings.

This is the fallacy of liberalism!

This is their big lie!

They want people to be free to have sex with anyone or anything they choose.

They want mind-numbing drugs available.

They want pornography on all street corners and for free in the public libraries.

They lobby to make teens free to engage in all the sexual activities their bodies can withstand.

All these have been universal distractions that have clouded the people’s minds, deadened their souls and made them a class of addictive zombies who cannot think, reason or see the noses on their twisted faces.

A freedom that enslaves

These people make the best slaves for this kind of New World Order.

Liberals also promise to take care of all their children who must remain dependent on them from cradle to grave.

If anyone should dare try to exercise religious or moral freedom, they will be punished.

The ObamaCare mandates were necessary because no one in his or her right mind would ever freely choose something like universal health care.

It has failed dismally wherever and whenever it has been tried.

That is the insanity of liberalism.

Our freedom is the price of their forced beneficence.

Freedom, the kind William Wallace died for, is what makes America what it is.

Progressives and liberals are heirs of the French Revolution School of dictatorship, oppression and slavery.

They despise this kind of freedom because it is the main obstacle to their tyranny.

Why do they believe in birth control, gun control and in New York City soda and fat control?

New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg is the personification of the Nanny State and a threat to the American political genius.

For some reason liberals like him resent the American essence that had made us the  most industrial productive country in the world and the most generous and the most profoundly energetic nation.

Freedom’s enemy

Freedom is his enemy.

Freedom is also what makes us distinctively human.

A big government that wants to care for us as if we were all adolescent children is a threat to the freedom to build our lives as we would like them.

Government does not build our lives!

We do!

Government is for the lazy, the selfish and those who like to command others what to do.

Other than the Incarnation, the Church’s teachings on freedom and free will are at the heart of its theology and its history.

For without a free will, man could not have sinned and be tossed out of his original paradise.

Without a free will, there would have been no need for an Incarnation or a history of salvation.

A school of atheists, led by Sam Harris have tried to dispute and eliminate any idea of a human free will that can choose good over evil.

No free will

They believe we are all Darwinian animals…mere robots who need a powerful elite to tell us what to do, think and how to live.

It is not society that makes some of us good and others bad.

Government seldom motivates us in a positive way.

Freedom has been the engine that has driven our prosperity.

Freedom, not government, has been the fuel that has propelled us since 1776.

But in 2012 we are in serious danger of losing the greatest gift that the Almighty could have bestowed on us.

A recent poll showed that still 43% of the American people believe that freedom has what has made us great.

Still our first choice

No other choice was even close.

But we need more people to reflect on our history and our culture and see if it is still freedom that drives us.

Otherwise our freedom will wind up on the gibbet as did William Wallace 800 years ago.

Lip Reading 101

July 5, 2012

Harry Hopkins was probably Franklin Roosevelt’s closest advisor.

Some historians have even called him FDR’s Deputy President.

Hopkins had a great love affair with the Soviet Union.

He was largely responsibly for the president’s deep affection for their way of government and political control.

The Venona Dispatches, which exposed the secret dealings of the collapsed Soviet Union after 1991, revealed that Hopkins, while not a full-fledged spy was much closer to the Soviet Union than a mere fellow traveler.

My father used to quote him at length.

He advised all Democrats to tax and tax, spend and spend and elect and elect.

Has worked for 70 years

This formula has been the hidden mantra of the Democratic Party ever since.

And it has worked…unlike most of their wasteful policies for over 70 years.

As Ronald Reagan said to Jimmy Carter, there you go again.

President Obama, in the true discipleship of his legendary mentor, has done it again and plans to do it again and again and again.

When will the American people finally tire of this political deception that has for the first time written our national demise and economic collapse on the walls for everyone to see?

But do we have the eyes to see?

While Justice John Roberts nuanced decision has not set well with many conservatives, I think it might eventually work out to be very beneficial, not only for Republicans across the board, but more importantly for the nation’s future.

In his own cautious and perhaps self-contradictory way, the Chief Justice may have opened the door for a Republican victory in November.

Former Clinton advisor, Dick Morris said on Fox News the other night that Obama won the battle but will lose the war thanks to the National Federation of Independent Business vs. Sebelius.

Kathleen Sebelius - Sebelius Testifies Before Senate Appropriations Committee On FY2013 Budget

Will oversee largest tax increase

I think and hope he is right.

Now Obama has to defend his odious, unpopular, forced and bribed legislation before the electorate this coming summer and fall.

Right now he doesn’t even mention it…supposedly his biggest political accomplishment, next to fooling the American voters.

His scripted factota dance around the subject of new taxes, like Baryshnikov and Nureyev on speed.

Dances with Democrats

Now that ObmaCare is the sanctioned law of the land, not under the expansive Commerce Clause but under its power to tax and tax…spend and spend…Obama has effectively raised the taxes on millions of middle class Americans.

But this tax increase will not be felt by the top 1% of Americans but by the young, the middle class, the poor because those are the people who can’t afford insurance or don’t think they need it.

And they will be joined by millions more when businesses realize–many already have–that it will be cheaper to pay the tax than pay for employee health care.

Then these employees will have to buy their own insurance.

Of course Obama can still give his notorious exemptions–over a 1000 to everyone but the Catholic Church.

He can also subsidize them as he is wont to do with billions from the empty treasury.

His legacy for future generations will be his big fat I.O.U. for several trillions more in government debt.

Like most of our lives, this president continues to make a mess of things.

And by the way, I took a leaf from the pages of George Stephanopoulos and looked up the basic definition of a tax, which reads—a compulsory levy on a person, business or property.

Armed with his Webster’s

Under that definition the ObamaCare’s fines can easily be construed as new taxes.  

Why wise has Obama already hired 18,000 new IRS agents to implement this huge tax?

And why will all taxpayers have to submit detailed information about how much each member of a household earns, how much insurance the household has?

Why does the government want to know what the premiums are, the availability of employer health plans and several more items that will create a new nightmare for the ordinary taxpayer?

However this levy on people for not buying insurance is admittedly strange and unique.

Admittedly, the Chief Justice had to nearly fold, staple, and mutilate the Constitution’s language and procedure to call it a tax.

Maybe one could call it a negative excise tax.

But nonetheless it walks like a tax…quacks like a tax…so it must be a…tax!

In fact ObamaCare can now be called the ObamaCare Tax Bill since it includes 21 addition hidden taxes that include visits to tanning spas, over-the-counter medications, a new withholding tax from paychecks, and a surtax on investment income that when coupled with the virtual repeal of the Busch tax cuts will raise investment income to 43% from its current 15%.

We read them loud and clear

Just think what all these new taxes will do to our already weakened economy, job creation and not to mention thousands of pension funds that are already underfunded.

Taxes have been inimical to the American people since the days of Benjamin Franklin and James Madison.

Didn’t Obama say that he would not raise taxes one dime on anyone, making less than $200,000?

Is that not the Democratic equivalent to George H. W.’s Read my lips, no more new taxes, a pledge he broke?

Didn’t that violation of the public trust hand the election to Bill Clinton in 1992?

It was another more famous Supreme Court Justice who wrote in McCulloch v. Maryland in 1819, the power to tax involves the power to destroy.

Knew the consequences of taxation

Failure to believe this is an invitation for destitution and maybe even prison.

Franklin said in 1789 after the ratification of the U. S. Constitution that Yes we have a Republic.

Let’s see if we can keep it!

The most prophetic words from Justice Roberts’ majority opinion was that in effect it was not within the Court’s pay scale to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.

So the ball is in the electorate’s court and it is our job to eliminate one of the most atrocious bills ever forced on the American people…one marred by legislative bribery and presidential deception.

This election, the most important in American history since 1860 is our chance to throw the rascals out and restore a semblance of good, fair and decent government.

The choice is our–taxes or prosperity–tyranny or freedom!

Was he influenced by bad press?

And when the people finally speak loudly and clearly…hopefully they will repeal 70 years of New Deal falsehood, along with ObamaCare and with it the Nanny State that has gradually cooked the American frog.

The New Three R’s

November 18, 2010

It was in grade school that I first learned of the expression about schools teaching the three R’s, which were then reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.

I wasn’t witty enough to realize that perhaps these educators should have spent more time on spelling.

View Image

Should have focused more on spelling

Today I think the three R’s that should concern, not just school children but all Americans.

My new three R’s are rights, responsibilities and religion.

Of the three only the first one seems to get any mention in any sort of public venue.

We hear so much about a person’s right to do just about anything under the sun.

I am talking about the right to choose, which is a code phrase for the legal authority to kill one’s own flesh and blood.

Then there are the new rights to a job, health care and so on.

The rights business has been great for the legal profession.

It seems that our political, social and even religious leaders are always finding a new right for the government to underwrite and protect from its abusers.

There seems to even be a right not to be offended.

Some individuals and even groups find any mention of God or patriotic symbols, such as an American flag are an affront to their sensibilities.

I believe there must be an Orwellian Ministry of Rights, buried somewhere within the bowels of the federal government that spends all its time, money and energy in conjuring new limitations on human freedom.


A Ministry of Rights?

I say limitations because these are not really rights per se but government privileges that begin with their power over their subjects and end there as well.

I say that anytime that a new right is born, in the zero sum game of life, it impinges the freedom of another.

This is true of the basic rights in our constitution, such as the freedom of press, religion and speech, everyone knows that these rights are not absolute.

As any high school history textbook will teach, my right to freedom stops at where your nose begins.

View Image

Stops at someone else's nose

No one has the right to shout fire in a crowded theater.

Religions that involve human sacrifice, the degradation of women and the abuse of self or child are overruled by not only man’s law, but also more importantly, God’s divine law.

Unfortunately millions of Americans have become addicted to the largesse of their neighbor’s goods, as a form of entitlement.

This is a form of lower case greed that you never hear the churches preaching against.

I guess the new mantra that trumps Gordon Gekko is that Greed is only good if someone else has more than you do.

The unwritten word in these examples is the second R, that is responsibility.

Responsibility is like the flip side of a hit record.

When I was a teen, recording companies produced a hit on one side with an often obscure recording by the same artist on the backside.

With the exception of Elvis records, no one would ever play the backside and it was virtually relegated to oblivion.

Every real right has a concomitant responsibility with it.

We all have the right to life…except our unborn, the most endangered species in our society.

But even that right is not absolute.

My college ethics book listed three exceptions to the commandment Thou Shalt Not Kill.

Self-defense is perfectly acceptable when one’s life is endangered.

This self-defense principle is behind the logic of capital punishment and a just war.

Now the latter two are debatable and not written in stone.

The one kind of life that is totally protected by the First Amendment is the innocent’s right to life.

Innocent life represents the pure image and likeness of God and must be respected as such.

With regard to the right to food, shelter, a job and health care, the responsibility for all these relies primarily on each individual.

Parents and those with dependents also have the primary responsibility of those in their care.

These so-called rights while all subset of the right to life should never be the responsibility of the federal government–the so-called Nanny State.

View Image

Mother I'd rather do it myself

If individuals are unable, through no fault of their own to provide these basic necessities of life, than they are subjects for charitable institutions.

If someone is destitute or just down on his luck because of accidental occurrences, his welfare can be incumbent on private groups or citizens to tend to his needs.

But for the federal government to assume this as part of its mission in life is wrong.

I say this because all government handouts have strings…long strings that can tether a person to them for the rest of his life.

This is a certain forward step toward a life of tyranny.

The third R is religion.

Now most people say that religion doesn’t belong in anything to do with rights…unless it is civil rights and priests and ministers are solicited to march in the forefront of civil rights protests all over the country.

But when it comes to abortion, euthanasia of embryonic stem cell research, they are reminded of the extra-constitution threat of the separation of church and state which effectively moves many to the sidelines for fear of losing their tax-exempt status.

Many religious groups erroneously believe health care is a right, and expensive right that someone else should pay for.

Now religious leaders have every right, even a sacred duty to urge us from their pulpits to help the poor, give to the needy and the like.

But they have no right to support a government confiscation of personal wealth and redistribute to others without any form of accountability.

This is breach of the 7th Commandment —Thou Shalt Not Steal (For Catholics) and an abuse of their preaching powers.

What about the president’s continual use of the class envy card that has contributed a virtual class war betwen the various segments of the population?

View Image

The Church has forgotten #VII

It is this very participation with big government that has caused these religious leaders to lose sight of their real mission on earth and become nothing more than loud carnival barkers for a secular government that would just as likely relegate all religious fervor to the ash heap of history.

Just as teachers today seem to have ignored the original three R’s, our religious and political leaders have virtually ignored or confused the true meaning of the new three R’s.

It is time that their proper relationship be restored so America can stay on its proper course.

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