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A World on Fire

October 12, 2015
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Every Latin student had to read Caesar’s Gallic Wars in sophomore year of high school.  In English the translation succinctly began: all Gaul is divided into three parts—Gallia Celtica, Belgica and Aquitania.

Today the United States has become divided into just two different sets of diametrically opposed camps of revolutionary ideas.  The first began in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago and the other arguably goes  back to a fruit tree in the first Garden.

Virtually all ideas of revolutionary change have sprung from their wellspring.    We use mainly easy terms, such as left and right or possibly liberal and conservative.  Even they have their own derivatives, such as Marxism, Communism, Progressivism, traditionalism and so on.

Like, dramas they are all just variations on a theme

Since the Biblical Fall of Man the world has been caught in a maelstrom of revolutionary fervor that has bifurcated the pages of history into a brace of conflicting ideas that have set the world on fire.

These intellectual wars have assumed many new skins, pigmentation and hues over the centuries. The early Christians found their nascent faith under attack from the religion’s first notable heresy, Gnosticism, an elitist faith that assigned special privilege to the chosen few whose intuitive knowledge would rule the world.

This early conflict evolved into a formidable conflict that St. Augustine called the City of God versus the City of Man.   In today’s parlance this plays as traditionalism vs. relativity.

In the 18th century the French Revolution attempted to remake the world and with it change the moral nature of mankind. This was the most revolutionary idea to come down the path since Jesus Christ instituted a new religion that promised, not an earthly paradise but a future life with the Triune God in a kingdom with many mansions.

This pie in the sky was repulsive to the intellectuals of the French coffeehouses and the soirées that proclaimed a new world of Liberty, Fraternity and Equality. The French Revolution gave life and sustenance to a squad of imitation revolutions in Russia, Asia and Africa.

The heirs to this thinking later conceptualized their dogma into Marxism, Socialism, Liberalism and Progressivism all of which attempted to create a utopian paradise that promised more a new Eden, a veritable garden of earthly delights. As quickly as inchoate utopias cropped up, they were dashed on the rocks of reality.

In the United States it was the brilliant socialist, Robert Croly, whose book, The Promise of American Life, published in 1907, created a reliable paradigm that has propelled progressives in this country into the driver’s seat amid a declining Christendom.

His new thought turned American thinking on its head and led to the breakdown of a 1000 years of Western Civilization.

To effect this Croly melded the Big Government philosophy of Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, designed specifically to establish American capitalism with the agrarian philosophy of Thomas Jefferson that despised government of any kind and sought to sustain the farming class.

By turning this part of the American giveness on its head, Croly succeeded in establishing a historic paradigm where a political elite used the power of big government to help and entitle millions of the poor and indigent.

In the 20th century these ideas assumed the shape and form a full-fledged war of two distinct cultures. On the one side was the traditional thinking of Western Civilization with its profound respect for law, marriage, sexual morality, the family and private property.

The left countered with a relativistic morass of moral relativism that produced a moral and spiritual chaos of spirit that will impact the United States for generations to come.

Barack Obama was the first Democratic president to push the envelope of checks and balances off the table of reality to accelerate this transformation.

As president Obama has played his part as a country disorganizer like a virtuoso. He has religiously followed the primary rules of his posthumous mentor, Saul Alinsky’s in giving power, not to the Princes but to the poor.

In seven very dangerous years he has stabilized the abortion industry as a veritable American institution. He has promoted gay culture to the extent that homosexuals have a veto power over the free practice of property rights and religious freedom.

He has brought more social democracy to America and with it, higher taxes, draconian relegations, a decline in the private economy and investment, the transfer of millions of jobs to public unions and billions to crony supporters.

Law enforcement has declined to the extent that policemen are afraid to do their jobs for fear of Justice Department prosecutions.  Public safety has mirrored this with a huge increase of murders in all major metropolitan areas as gangs, many composed of illegal immigrants, roam with impunity.

Under Obama the left way of thinking has won several battles on several cultural fronts. As hard as valiant traditionalists have fought the battle, the left has too many willing accomplices in academia, the mainstream media and every level of government that it feels a kinship in as George Armstrong Custer was in South Dakota.

Pope Francis’ recent visit to the United States has also underscored how vast the transformation of American culture has come. His attacks on capitalism and free trade, as well as his calls for economic equality in an unequal world, not only world betrays a vast ignorance of how prosperity is created but smacks more of Karl than it does Jesus.

Despite his bromides about taking care of the planet, his acceptance of the unsubstantiated and an agenda-driven theory of made-man climate change.

In doing so the pope has put his papal power and moral authority in league with a legion of population control fanatics, abortionists, euthanasia promoters and death panel advocates, putting the pope’s beloved poor at greater risk.

Noted economist, Thomas Sowell points out how little the pope understands the root causes and solutions for poverty.  In the 1980s the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, published a document, entitled Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy.  This document has worked at cross-purposes with the traditional teachings of the Church and the prosperity and culture of the United States.

The specifics of the Pastoral Letter reflect far more of the secular Enlightenment of the 18th century than they do Catholic traditions. Archbishop Weakland admitted that such an Enlightenment figure as Thomas Paine is now coming back through a strange channel.

Perhaps some of the Cardinals and bishops are unaware that Paine rejected the teachings of any church that I know of, including the Church of Rome. To base social or moral principles on the philosophy of the 18th-century Enlightenment and then call the result Catholic teachings is disingenuous and unworthy of any Catholic prelate.

This set of secular ideas does nothing to predispose the traditional faithful to the sermons, admonitions and teachings of Pope Francis. It anything it further divided the Catholic Church.

The  Ideological left in the Vatican blithely throw around the phrase the poor, blaming poverty on what other people are doing to or for the poor. According to Dr. Sowell it is not poverty, but prosperity, that needs explaining.

Consider which has a better track record of helping the less fortunate — fighting for a bigger slice of the economic pie, or producing a bigger pie?    In 1900, only 3 percent of American homes had electric lights but more than 99 percent had them before the end of the century.

Infant mortality rates were 165 per thousand in 1900 and 7 per thousand by 1997.  A scholar specializing in the study of Latin America said that the official poverty level in the United States is the upper middle class in Mexico.

The much maligned market economy of the United States has done far more for the poor than the ideology of the left.

Poverty is a natural given but prosperity requires many things — none of which is equally distributed around the world or even within a given society.

Geographic settings are radically different, both among nations and within nations—especially climate factors. So are demographic differences, with some nations and groups having a median age over 40 and others having a median age under 20.

Pope Francis’ own native Argentina was once among the leading economies of the world, before it was ruined by the kind of ideological notions of social democracy he is now promoting around the world.

This means that some groups have several times as much adult work experience as others. Cultures are also radically different in many ways, especially in the way they approach work, development, education and personal responsibility.

As economic historian David S. Landes said, The world has never been a level playing field.

No one can make that a reality.  But they can do is turn the world into an armed camp or a one world dictatorship that will splintered apart before the ink on any agreement has dried.

This is all the result of the loss of the Garden–or what David Hume called the twisted timber of mankind.

In Defense of Stupidity

November 17, 2014
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Most people have heard the name Jonathan Gruber, an Economics Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the first time, even though he has spent the last few years touting his expertise in health care as one of the architects of ObamaCare and several state plans in New England.

Well that has all changed!

Lately he has been the subject of several news stories because of his casual remarks about his superlative work on ObamaCare and the administration’s lack of transparency about the Affordable Health Care Act.  Gruber’s main point was that transparency in elections, especially for the Democrats was a sure ticket to defeat.

With regard to the ACA Gruber intimated, no voter in his right mind would have ever voted for a bill where the young and healthy had to pay for the poor’s health care while simultaneously losing their own health care plans.

To avoid this conundrum the government was compelled to lie to the public in good conscience and because of the abject stupidity of the American people.

In retrospect, it would seem that the stupidity comment would only apply to the millions who voted for President Obama’s re-elections. The millions who clearly saw through the fraud of ObamaCare have nothing to be ashamed of and should not take offense at the Democratic game plan.

Gruber’s new recognition has been entirely negative. It has resulted in his being nearly ostracized from the political milieu as well as having much of his financial pipeline cut off. Most Democratic politicians from Nancy Pelosi, who praised his brilliance in 2009 to President Obama, have not only denied him but jettisoned him under the WH bus while others have rewritten him completely out of political history.

For all practical matters, Jonathan Gruber is a non-person who never worked for the Obama camp.

It has been estimated that Gruber has collected well into six figures in fees from the state and federal governments since 2011.

Given this unexpected fallout, one may question the intelligence and common sense of Dr. Gruber himself.

Or perhaps he has just fallen on the sharp short of his personal arrogance…his hubris in trying to con the body politic.

His comments also tell us a lot about the liberal opinion of the people they pretend to serve and honor.

The term useful idiot comes to mind. In political jargon, it is a term, often attributed to Vladimir Lenin, for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

The Democratic Mind even has a greater disdain for the intelligence of Republican voters. According to Chris Mooney book, The Republican Brain, and other scientific ideologues, they are convinced that conservatives suffer from a genetic cognitive impairment that causes them to favor small government. So all this is in the DNA. This is an observation that only a left-wing ideologue could fathom!

Stupidity has always been part and parcel of the American character.  Democracy could not live without it!  Starting with Christopher Columbus who “discovered” America while he was looking for India, which happened to be 1000s of miles in the other direction. And then there was the fatal stupidity of George Armstrong Custer who led the 7th Cavalry into a trap of several thousand Indians at the Little Big Horn. I need only mention the names of a few of our presidents, such as Nixon, Carter and Obama to show how stupidity has reigned in the White House.

Stupidity is also at the core of our comedy entertainment. Let’s face it: stupidity is funny…very funny. In the best comedy teams in history from Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis, Laurel and Hardy and Burns and Allen, the one who always got the laughs was the stupid one, not the serious straight man.

The lovable stupid character, Forrest Gump captivated the hearts but maybe not the minds with esoteric statements like stupid is as stupid does.

Many people may think old Yankee catcher Yogi Berra is stupid for saying things like when you come to a fork in the road…take it or I observed a lot by watching.  The man has an innate brilliance that someone like Dr. Gruber could appreciate and Berra has written far many more best-selling books than Gruber.

Stand-up comedian Ronald Dee “Ron” White is best known for his show, You Can’t Fix Stupid.

Of course when Obama leaves office, we hope to fix some of his stupid mistakes.

Serious actor Jeff Daniels is reprising his role as Harry Dunne in Dumb and Dummer.

Why is this actor, renown for his roles in Gettysburg or his award-winning HBO show, The Newsroom doing it?  Ostensibly to demonstrate his great range as an actor. This sequel led all films its first weekend, having grossed $38.1 million in revenues.

Stupidity is as American as apple pie!

But for those that may still think that being stupid or laughing at stupid jokes is somehow un-American, I refer to a couple of scientific studies that have conclude that stupidity is just another viral disease.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Nebraska have discovered a virus that makes you just a little bit dumber. The scientists stumbled upon the previously unknown “stupidity virus” in the throat cultures of healthy subjects during a completely unrelated experiment.

The 44 % of people who tested positive for the virus performed seven to nine points lower on IQ tests that measured attention span and how fast and accurately people process visual information.

When the Nebraska researchers injected the virus into the digestive systems of mice, they got the same result. The rodents blundered around mazes, appeared flummoxed by new toys and seemed oblivious to new entryways in and out of their cages.

Of course as is true in all science except studies on global warming, opposing views are always expected. In Forbes Magazine, Purdue University virologist David Sanders said he would need to see this replicated before he’d believe the claim. The claim went viral in a manner of hours.

As Wired put it Researchers at the John Hopkins Medical School and the University of Nebraska have discovered a virus that infects our brains and makes us more stupid.

What’s misleading here is the story never reveals who is being quoted saying “makes us more stupid.” The implication is that it’s the scientists or someone in authority. But there’s no such phrase in the paper or the press release from Johns Hopkins University, nor does the story seem to include an interview. The source may have been Newsweek with its story, “American Researchers Discover Stupidity Virus.”

They really don’t speculate as to how this is transmitted and whether we should be quarantined after watching reruns of the Three Stooges or PeeWee’s Playhouse.   But we should be prohibited from laughing in someone’s face.

All things considered Jonathan Gruber’s blatant arrogance adds yet another chapter to the growing saga of the Obama Administration and its distrust and contempt for the American people.

In exposing his own ignorance and abject stupidity by jeopardizing a multi-million dollar gig with the federal government as one of their most brilliant health care expert, Gruber openly revealed the liberal contempt for the American people.

His words demonstrate clearly that doctrinaire liberals condescend to the American voter. They secure their own lucrative livelihoods through mendacity, deception, false promises and character assassination. It is a formula that they have employed in some manner since the days of FDR and Harry Hopkins.

Their overt elitism is a standard characteristic of liberals, not only in government and academia but also in its allies in the mainstream media as ell as their capitalistic cronies.

They all dine from the same trove of arrogance, greed and lust for power.

This is not a new idea. Liberalism as it is practiced today traces its roots back to an early Christian heresy.

Gnosticism dates back just after the beginning of the Christian Church.  Gnosticism has affected the culture and church of the time and has evolved over the centuries into the Marxism and liberalism of today.

The word “Gnosticism” comes from the Greek word “gnosis” which means “knowledge.” Liberals under its influence are often blinded by their own elite confidence in what they deem to be their intellectual superiority to people who work for a living. They erroneously believe that their command of enlightened ideas unfathomed by the masses privileges them to sit in rule of their subjects.

Obama keeps reminding the American people that he is not a king or a prince.  Left unsaid is that he wishes he were!  With unrestricted use of the Executive Order, he still may get his wish.   I would not be surprised to find a dog-eared copy of The Prince by his bedside.

As for Professor Gruber it appears as the joke immanent in American stupidity falls squarely on his slumping shoulders.  It has been nice knowing you Johnnie!

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