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The Happy Face of Slavery

June 14, 2011

There has been no greater tragedy to befall the American people than the Civil War.

Two months ago we celebrated the sesquicentennial anniversary of the opening shots directed at Fort Sumter in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina.  It would be a bloody fratricide that gave complete lie to the word civil.

It was literally brother against brother.

Dozens of new books are currently on the selves depicting the war in all of its bloody gore.

The common assumption is that over 360,000 Union soldiers gave their lives to eliminate slavery from the American continent.

While I might dispute that as the absolute accuracy of that statement, the important thing to realize after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation on New Years Day of 1863, the rhetoric and the drive of the war took on a decidedly anti-slavery coloration.

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Slavery gave new meaning to the war

With the untimely assassination of President Lincoln, the Radical Reconstruction Republicans extracted their retribution on the survivors of the Confederacy, which had lost approximately 24% of its young men to the war.

The United States was the first nation to violently rid its boundaries of the dreaded institution.  It eventually became clear that many vowed to ensure that this would never happen again.

In playwright, David Mamet’s provocative new book,The Secret Knowledge, he quotes Moses as asking the Jewish people if they wanted to be slaves.

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Mugged by reality

Surprisingly the tragic answer he received was a resounding yes.

But that never can be true in the United States, or can it?

Is was Sinclair Lewis who thought so in his 1935 book, It Can’t Happen Here.

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Can it happen here?

It is my belief that Americans are passively choosing a new form of slavery.

19th century philosopher, J. S. Mill wrote that Socialism is the happy face of slavery.

Recognized slavery's disguise

Just look around and see what is happening before our very eyes.

The Obama regime is the most anti-business administration that we have ever endured…with FDR running a very close second.

He has created an atmosphere of economic uncertainty with implicit threats of higher taxes on all levels, more stringent and oppressive business regulation and an abject failure to allow America to use its vast supply of natural resources to fuel the return of a vibrant economy.

This president has done everything in his power to condition the American people to a continuing life of lower expectations.

A 9-10% unemployment rate is being sold as the new normal.

Just as when you raise the debt ceiling, the new normal will lead to much higher rates of people out of work.

Rush Limbaugh was savaged when he said he hoped Obama failed.  Did Rush get his wish?

I think the numbers prove that much of Obama’s plan for America’s economic decline are working and Rush’s fears have been vindicated.

Obama’s ideas and plans as Frederick Hayek warned in the forties are leading us down the road to serfdom.

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Warned us not to take that road

And just what is serfdom?

It will be the new form of American slavery where everyone will be dependent on the federal government for our every need from our cradle to our collective graves.

But the real catch is the government will never be able to provide those needs without a healthy, vibrant free market system of capitalism that can produce the wealth necessary.

The only flaw in this equation is that it can and will never work.

The slavery of socialism–just ask any American who has escaped from anyone of the Soviet states and they will tell you what modern slavery is like–hates individual choice.

It is a collective madness that kills any incentive businessmen and citizens have to improve their lives.  That’s how we are wired.

In a socialist state people have to be forced to do what the state thinks is good for them.

And millions of people are saluting everything that Obama says and does.

Mamet, a Jewish leftist, who was mugged by the reality of the declining country around him, referenced the Nazi salute in his book several times.

He says most people eventually looked at it as a innocuous accommodation to Hitler’s radical ideas.

But what they missed was the fact that they were slowly being conditioned to think of Hitler as acceptable and the new normal of German life, whether or not they supported his Nazi ideas.

A form of social conditioning

Accommodations, like this are being made, day after day, with the Obama ideology.

The result is a mind-numbed apathy that would much rather watch the horror stories out of Joplin, Missouri or followed the sordid journey of the naked Congressman.

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Not to be confused with NYC's Naked Cowboy

What people miss is the fact that these public distractions are reminiscent of Rome, just before the fall.

The greatest empire in the world and that in Rome was teetering and tottering.

It had too many costly wars in foreign lands and the people were restive.  So the emperors provided the entertainment of bread can circuses.  We get Charlie Sheen and Mad Anthony Weiner.

And the country goes to hell because of this national apathy and our blindness to our incremental loss of our freedoms.

The Obama regime is doing that with our food, automobiles, our lightbulbs and any aspect of our quotidian existence that they think needs changing.

And with their interference goes our hope for a better tomorrow.

We are being slowly conditioned to accept this new form of slavery by the government media on CBS, NBC and ABC, as well as all the major newspapers and especially the university system, which is vast reservoir of Marxist prolix.

Am I optimistic about our future?  No, but I am neither pessimistic.  Anything can happen.

But one sobering fact is that the average democracy has historically lasted, just over 200 years according to Mamet’s book.

Of course we started as a Republic and did not start our dismantling of the Constitution until the Progressives in 1900.  So maybe there is time and we can always hope that a new change is blowing in the wind.

Hopefully we will wake up and recognize Obama’s policies for what they are.

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This is what they look like


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