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The Marriage Wars

April 30, 2013

I have done a lot of research on cultural Marxism.

It was Antonio Gramsci who recognized in the 1920s that the best way to undermine the West was to start a long march through its culture.

He also recognized that Italian women were exceptionally tied to their families, homes, children and their Catholic faith.

It fell to the survivors of the Frankfurt school, a number of expatriate Jewish scholars who escaped to the United States and taught in several of this country’s universities to put Gramsci’s ideas into practice.

I am talking foremost about Herbert Marcuse who exhorted his students in the 1960s to make love and not war.

Herbert Marcuse in Newton, Massachusetts 1955.jpeg

Undermined marriage

His protegé was Betty Friedan whose book The Feminine Mystique did more harm to marriage and the American family than could be imagined.

I compare her book to Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

I say this…not because I think women were slaves but because as Lincoln has been quoted as saying when he met Mrs. Stowe…Oh, you are the little lady who started the Civil War.

As a virtual marriage abolitionist…at least in effect…Friedan’s book did help ignite the culture war.

Perhaps Friedan can be regarded as the little woman who started the marriage wars!

Betty Friedan 1960.jpg

Marriage was her battleground

The Roe v. Wade decision and the feminist movement, which followed her book, have greatly hurt traditional marriage.

Now on its heels is the Rainbow Movement of homosexuals who march under the banner of marriage equality.

They have made it a matter of individual autonomy and equality of choice, similar arguments as used by the radical feminists.

No one is free to marry anyone or anything they want.

License over tradition

I once argued with a young friend several years ago about this subject.

He was all in favor of same-sex marriage.

I asked him what if one of the spouses was 14-15?

Oh no he said.  That would be wrong.

Why would it be wrong, I countered.

It just is, he said.

By whose standard?

Because one would be too young, he said!

But what if they  both loved each other and had consented to this sexual union?

He had no answer.

This smart young man could not accept the fact that by letting the nose of SSM into our national tent, he had inadvertently had his logic turned on him to allow its less than social parts into our tent.

That’s why liberals lose most arguments on facts and logic and have to resort to ad hominem attacks and emotional pleas.

In ancient Greece and Rome the left usually dispatched reasonable and logical people because they threatened their aggressive agendas.

Death for the logical

Personally I think the age of consent is the main reason that this is an issue.

I believe there are many in the homosexual community that don’t want any age limitations on their sexual activity.

And age is a relative number isn’t it?

I read a headline in a gay newspaper in San Fransisco many years ago that lamented...if no sex by eight…it’s too late.

If they get their way on this aspect of marriage, I’ll bet there are a few former priests in prison who would be muttering…if I had only waited!

If one can change the original and essential terms of the definition then everything is possible.

Russian writer Dostoevsky noticed that in the 19th century.

Vasily Perov - Портрет Ф.М.Достоевского - Google Art Project.jpg

Knew what would happen

A man then can marry several women.

Or a woman–several men.

I am certain there are pockets of this going on in Utah and other places.

Did they not make a series about that on HBO?

Big Love I think it was called.

I have noticed some people seem to have what may be delicately described as an intense relationship with their pets.

Many people leave their wealth to their pets, such was their affection for their animals.

So why not a bestial union with one’s loving companion?

A new tradition

PETA doesn’t like the word Pet.

So in essence there can be no such thing as a gay marriage.

The marriage wars have also caused a deeper rift within the Republican party.

Many of the Party’s so-called stalwarts have already abandoned ship.

Many of the moderates, who date back to the Republican Roosevelt sense that this will be a losing issue that it is also wiser to choose political expediency over moral principles.

Think Karl Rove and his spineless moderate approach to winning elections!

President Theodore Roosevelt, 1904.jpg

Gave us Karl Rove

It has also been interesting to read the many different opinions on how gay marriage is natural.

There was one bit of cotton candy for the soul that appeared in the New York Times, pointing out a handful of different animal and insect species which on occasion had crossed the line of sexual difference.

Canadian conservative David Frum, though probably not the best one to defend the sanctity of marriage or any other conservative principle for that matter, gave the most obvious argument that same-sex marriage severed the institution’s connection to the two inter-related realities of gender difference and procreation.

In doing so they would replace the traditional building block of society that was more family oriented  with a broader, thinner, more adult-centric view, which would ultimately be less likely to bind parents to children, husbands and wives.

Andrew Sullivan, a long-time homosexual activist countered that heterosexuals had already severed marriage from procreation.

Andrew Sullivan cropped.jpg

Pushing the agenda

This is not exactly true!

While millions of couples have sought to limit the number of children in their families through a combination of natural or artificial birth control, as well as abstinence, the vast majority still bring any where from one to three or four children into their families.

There is not a complete severance.

He also gave what has become the party line in his circles of trying to prove that homosexual unions would bring a new stability to marriage, sending a firm message about matrimonial responsibility and mutual caring to gays and straights alike.

That would be risible if he had not been so serious.

The forces at the Times are trying to advance the capstone notion, held by the gnostic liberals of our day that marriage is not about families any more.

Now they see marriage as a celebration of adult achievement, which they think this seems to work out better for Americans in the long run.

I guess this micro-management of traditional marriage is just another example of Barack Obama’s idea of the new normal.

The man said he was going to change things, didn’t he?


Sexual Smoke: Part I

July 18, 2010

In the immediate wake of Vatican II, Pope Paul VI warned the Catholic Church that the Smoke of Satan had infiltrated the church.

I find that his use of smoke is a perfect metaphor for what has befallen my church.

Smoke blinds and irritates the eyes so that one becomes susceptible to all sorts of dangers.

However this smoke has a carnal nature.

Because of its addictive properties it far more dangerous to an organization than an arsonist who owns a gas station.

I am talking about the sex abuse scandal that continues to rock the Church.

I wonder how many Catholics and clergy realize just how threatening this scandal has been to, not only the reputation but more importantly the future of the Church.

He smelled the sexual smoke

Pope Paul smelled the smoke!

Personally, I never did see the gravity of the selling indulgences nearly five centuries ago.

Yet the Catholics of that era did and watched in horror as the Church fractured into one big remnant and thousands of smaller ones since then.

Historians tell us that it was the Church’s teachings on Purgatory that caused the Protestant Reformation.

The move to piece the Church back together continues well into our own times.

This modern scandal runs even deeper.

It is a double-edged sword that has cut across the bow of the Church by imperiling the priesthood and alienating many of  its members.

And the liberal left is loving every minute of it!  They see it as a prime opportunity to rid themselves of the chief thorn in their sides.

Finally, under Obama’s relentlessness, they can finish the sacred work of the French Revolution.

While the percentage of victimizing priests is relatively small, compared to the raw numbers of clergy serving in the past 100 years, the stain of their guilt has unfairly tainted the entire priesthood, as a ruptured oil line might pollute pure waterways.

It has also demoralized the faithful in the pews, nearly bankrupted several dioceses and giving viable ammunition to the Church’s enemies.

One thing naive Catholics fail to understand is that as part of the indelible sign of grace, bestowed at their Baptisms, they have received a big birthmark that identifies them as Catholics.

This invisible birth mark is in the shape of a bull’s-eye and has signaled them, especially if they actually practice their religion as a Jesus target.

Christ never promised his followers earthly peace and love.  That’s another liberal myth.

He promised a Cross and this scandal has been a heavy cross to bear.

It’s a part of man’s new religion, where god is created in their image and likeness, not the other way around.

Several years ago when I was relatively new to WGNU radio, I used to have this strange black caller.  His handle was the Prisoner of Love.

The POL was more aware

Without fail he always urged me to talk about them priests and all those little boys.

His kind of needling irritated me to the extent that the best defense I could muster was that’s why they went to the altar girls.

He was a lot closer to the truth that I dared to admit in those days, proving the maxim that even a broken clock can be right twice a day.

I guess another story should have tipped me off.

A former pastor, the late Monsignor Robert Krawinkel and I once had a brief encounter.  I think it was 1987.

He had just come to our parish and I had a document that as pro-life chairman I needed to show him.

He stopped me from about 20-30 feet as I approached him near the Church vestibule.

He said that he always got nervous when someone approached him with a file folder.  He asked me what it was.

For some inexplicable reason, I said it was a paternity suit.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he said that would be an improvement!

His quick and nearly profound wit was far more prescient than my understanding could go in those days before the tidal wave hit in Boston.

To further complicate the issue, I think both the Church and secular society have publicly been living a lie since the Boston Globe first broke the story in the early 1990’s.

They have been hiding behind the shibboleth of pedophilia, which is a word that most people have had to learn since then.

Pedophilia means an unnatural attraction toward prepubescent children of either sex.

This scandal has been nothing like that.  The predominant victims have been teenage boys.

The secularists are all in favor of all levels of homosexuality and the Church does not want to admit they opened their clerical doors to people whose behavior they have consistently condemned for two millenia.

This is their unwritten collusive lie.

A writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch all but admitted that to me after I called him about a six-part series he wrote promoting this myth.

More on this later.

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