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The Bishops and Catholic America’s Tipping Point

September 2, 2011

The Republicans have tried to work on a bipartisan basis, only to be stymied by a president intent on taxing the rich so he would have even more money to pour down the sinkhole.

Obama has added $5,000,000,000,000 to the national debt since January of ’09.

Has any of that benefited the poor? Or just made more people poor?

Since LBJ’s War on Poverty, which I think was a war on poor people, especially black families, the nation has spent many billions or trillions of dollars on poverty eradication and things have only gotten much worse for poor people.

Photo C293-1-WH64, President Johnson visits with the Fletcher family

Billions wasted and the poor are worse off.

The Party of Slavery and Abortion:

It seems that the more we give, the more the Democrats and the churches want.

My Catholic Church’s cozy relationship with the party of slavery and abortion, not only irritates me but makes me wonder about the clarity of thought of many of our bishops.

In all honesty, do  the bishops really think that the poor have been well-served by the Democrats?

And that the Republicans hate the poor?

That’s how they act.

Do the bishops really think that Democratic motivation for taking other people’s money and redistributing to those who don’t have anything is altruism?

Can they truly look us in the eye and say that votes and re-elections are not the main reason for the Democrats lip service to the poor?

When did charity become a public occupation?

Historically the poor are better served by the churches, private charities and philanthropists who take God’s mandate seriously.

Get the government out of education, and charity and the nation will be better off.

People like Kevin Conway of the St. Louis Review (see previous post) had better make application for re-entry into the real world.

His misguided advice could be the worst possible way to heed the dictates of helping those who cannot help themselves, not the abstract poor that Church people preach about.

And while I am writing about stewardship, how about a little honesty and attention about the Catholic Church and the Federal government’s roles as stewards!

With newly appointed bishops standing behind him, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, front-row center, of New York, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, speaks Wednesday, June 15, 2011, in Bellevue, Wash. At front-row left is Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, of Louisville, KY, vice president of the USCCB, and at front-row right is Monsignor David Malloy, the general secretary of the USCCB. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Have they been good stewards?

 Is there anyone out there who thinks these two big organizations have been good stewards of our money?

The Catholic Church has spent billions of dollars over the last decade in paying off the victims and families of the sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the very pillars of my church.

It is my opinion that the clergy has not done a good job in stewarding over the funds we have given them.

In fact they have failed dismally and without a scant word of apology.

I hate to remind some of our leaders, many of the faithful in the pews are scandalized by the abuse issue and the denial of its root cause–homosexual priests.

The release of the Jay Report seems to have done nothing more than whitewash the major homosexual contribution to the problem.

While Pope Benedict has provided some inspiration and hope that the Church does get it, I feel that too many in America have taken the scandal too lightly.

Only when the lawyer class, many of whom were good Catholics, got seriously involved that they started to take notice.

Bishop Sheen used to say that when we sinned it was like driving a nail into the cross of Jesus.

When the sin was forgiven and the nail was removed, it still left a hole in the wood and the hand that had to be filled up with sorrow and penance.

Image Detail

Sin leaves a hole that must be filled.

How has the Church filled up that hole in the wood of the community?

I have seen nothing tangible.

Protesters gather outside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, demanding the resignation of C

Pale still hangs over the Church

I think every priest, nun and brother, including the thousands of innocent clerics, should have spent a year at least doing penance and denying themselves the pleasures of the good life that many of them now enjoy at the expense of their donors.

If that ever happens I will feel much better about my church.

I would not rule out sack cloth and ashes.

NOAC News in sackcloth and ashes (Mon., Sept. 7)

Would not rule this out.

I think something like this would have reassured the faithful that they had gotten the message and have repented from the error of their ways.

But the Church does not seem to lead or inspire that way any more.

It gives us platitudes about the poor and our need to support big government and ObamaCare as it further destroys our lives, one foot at a time.

I seriously want to be a good Catholic.

Being a good Catholic is the lion’s share of my self-identity.

But I want to be an American Catholic, not a Catholic American.

I don’t think I should have to turn into a European Social Democrat like the bishops seem to be asking to be a good Catholic.

Just look what’s happening there.

Could that be our future?  Bankruptcies, riots, burning cars in the middle of the night!

Socialist thinking is an affront to working people, educated people, property owners and the like.

The bishops never offer any accountability.

Do they ever question government and how it manages the largesse of its 320 million citizens?

Do they ever cite the 7th Commandment—Thou Shalt Not Steal when it comes to confiscating the hard-earned money of millions of taxpayers–a dwindling breed?

We now have an entitlement class.  This is a denial of free will and personal responsibility.

How can the church encourage or justify that?

How can one man be entitled to the wealth or earnings of another man?

Church leaders may pay lip service to responsibility but their actions speaks otherwise.

Are they aware that our tax system was based on the thinking of Karl Marx, an atheist, who also promoted the public school system, which has chased God from its classrooms?

Do they think anything good can come from a man, like Barack Obama who is so bent against Western Civilization?

Image Detail

A kinship beyond the grave

Have they sacrificed common sense and good judgment on the altar of an abstract quality–the poor, who Jesus said would always be with us?

That kind of attitude reminds me of a former pastor of my Church, who once prayed to end poverty!

Poverty is a relative term.  Someone is always going to have more than someone else.

It is human nature and all the Obamas in the universe (please let there only be one) cannot change that fact of life.

This priest was living in an unreal world in his mind–what blogger Henry Makow, calls solipsism, which means a self-created reality that has little or no connection with the Truth.

The Kingdom of God will never happen in this world! 

The poor as a class are over-rated and have become the unwitting tools of politicians whose unmitigated greed prompts them to want everything someone else has.

I know poor people who spend what little they have on cell phones, pagers, and tons of fatty snacks.

I know a family who worked the government system like a family of con artists.  They bilked and defrauded the tax payers out of who knows how much money that the government had taken from others.

As a moral agent of God and representative of His Word on earth, these are the issues that the bishops should address.

Stop making the poor the number one issue in their flock’s lives.

Step away from the trees and see the whole forest.

Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) truncs. Sequoia National Park, California, USA.

Need to back away

There is no way that American citizens can meet the needs and demands of the millions upon millions of needy people.

To sink the country financially as the bishops are enabling their Democrats is to default on the promise of American life and the Church, which says that God ONLY helps those who help themselves.

And that includes the class of dependents Democratic policies have created since Roosevelt and Johnson.

American Catholics have reached their tipping point.

The 2012 election is an American crucible.

If the bishops continued with what looks like an unqualified support of this incompetent president, and his unconstitutional Health Care plan, they will find themselves, standing alone.

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The New Three R’s

November 18, 2010

It was in grade school that I first learned of the expression about schools teaching the three R’s, which were then reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.

I wasn’t witty enough to realize that perhaps these educators should have spent more time on spelling.

View Image

Should have focused more on spelling

Today I think the three R’s that should concern, not just school children but all Americans.

My new three R’s are rights, responsibilities and religion.

Of the three only the first one seems to get any mention in any sort of public venue.

We hear so much about a person’s right to do just about anything under the sun.

I am talking about the right to choose, which is a code phrase for the legal authority to kill one’s own flesh and blood.

Then there are the new rights to a job, health care and so on.

The rights business has been great for the legal profession.

It seems that our political, social and even religious leaders are always finding a new right for the government to underwrite and protect from its abusers.

There seems to even be a right not to be offended.

Some individuals and even groups find any mention of God or patriotic symbols, such as an American flag are an affront to their sensibilities.

I believe there must be an Orwellian Ministry of Rights, buried somewhere within the bowels of the federal government that spends all its time, money and energy in conjuring new limitations on human freedom.


A Ministry of Rights?

I say limitations because these are not really rights per se but government privileges that begin with their power over their subjects and end there as well.

I say that anytime that a new right is born, in the zero sum game of life, it impinges the freedom of another.

This is true of the basic rights in our constitution, such as the freedom of press, religion and speech, everyone knows that these rights are not absolute.

As any high school history textbook will teach, my right to freedom stops at where your nose begins.

View Image

Stops at someone else's nose

No one has the right to shout fire in a crowded theater.

Religions that involve human sacrifice, the degradation of women and the abuse of self or child are overruled by not only man’s law, but also more importantly, God’s divine law.

Unfortunately millions of Americans have become addicted to the largesse of their neighbor’s goods, as a form of entitlement.

This is a form of lower case greed that you never hear the churches preaching against.

I guess the new mantra that trumps Gordon Gekko is that Greed is only good if someone else has more than you do.

The unwritten word in these examples is the second R, that is responsibility.

Responsibility is like the flip side of a hit record.

When I was a teen, recording companies produced a hit on one side with an often obscure recording by the same artist on the backside.

With the exception of Elvis records, no one would ever play the backside and it was virtually relegated to oblivion.

Every real right has a concomitant responsibility with it.

We all have the right to life…except our unborn, the most endangered species in our society.

But even that right is not absolute.

My college ethics book listed three exceptions to the commandment Thou Shalt Not Kill.

Self-defense is perfectly acceptable when one’s life is endangered.

This self-defense principle is behind the logic of capital punishment and a just war.

Now the latter two are debatable and not written in stone.

The one kind of life that is totally protected by the First Amendment is the innocent’s right to life.

Innocent life represents the pure image and likeness of God and must be respected as such.

With regard to the right to food, shelter, a job and health care, the responsibility for all these relies primarily on each individual.

Parents and those with dependents also have the primary responsibility of those in their care.

These so-called rights while all subset of the right to life should never be the responsibility of the federal government–the so-called Nanny State.

View Image

Mother I'd rather do it myself

If individuals are unable, through no fault of their own to provide these basic necessities of life, than they are subjects for charitable institutions.

If someone is destitute or just down on his luck because of accidental occurrences, his welfare can be incumbent on private groups or citizens to tend to his needs.

But for the federal government to assume this as part of its mission in life is wrong.

I say this because all government handouts have strings…long strings that can tether a person to them for the rest of his life.

This is a certain forward step toward a life of tyranny.

The third R is religion.

Now most people say that religion doesn’t belong in anything to do with rights…unless it is civil rights and priests and ministers are solicited to march in the forefront of civil rights protests all over the country.

But when it comes to abortion, euthanasia of embryonic stem cell research, they are reminded of the extra-constitution threat of the separation of church and state which effectively moves many to the sidelines for fear of losing their tax-exempt status.

Many religious groups erroneously believe health care is a right, and expensive right that someone else should pay for.

Now religious leaders have every right, even a sacred duty to urge us from their pulpits to help the poor, give to the needy and the like.

But they have no right to support a government confiscation of personal wealth and redistribute to others without any form of accountability.

This is breach of the 7th Commandment —Thou Shalt Not Steal (For Catholics) and an abuse of their preaching powers.

What about the president’s continual use of the class envy card that has contributed a virtual class war betwen the various segments of the population?

View Image

The Church has forgotten #VII

It is this very participation with big government that has caused these religious leaders to lose sight of their real mission on earth and become nothing more than loud carnival barkers for a secular government that would just as likely relegate all religious fervor to the ash heap of history.

Just as teachers today seem to have ignored the original three R’s, our religious and political leaders have virtually ignored or confused the true meaning of the new three R’s.

It is time that their proper relationship be restored so America can stay on its proper course.

Social Justice and the Repeal of the 7th Commandment

March 18, 2010


Our current president is playing by FDR’s rulebook.  He goes from pillar to post to demonize the insurance companies, bankers, Wall Street—anyone who has the money that he lusts after as a means to further aggrandize his power.

In all honesty, not all wealth is legitimate.  Just look at many of our political leaders–the very one who promote the confiscation of the wealth of prominent and successful Americans–they are the same ones who have grown fat off the American landscape.

This raises the question: is all this hate speech and demagoguery against the very people who drive the American economy and whose success represents the largesse on which millions of Americans feed a good thing?

Does it not create in the lower classes, the poor of this country–many of whom look as if they have not missed a meal, many of whom have cell phones and seem to have enough money for entertainment–a sense of entitlement that they think the private property of the wealthy somehow belongs to them?

Isn’t that what a socialist agenda breeds?

Does their poverty thanks to government’s prompting and encouragement create feelings of hate, envy and sloth? Are not these still capital sins in the Catholic Church?

What does all this government pandering do to their ability to see the face of God?  Or is that now unimportant?

Could one not make the argument that pushing for a preferential option for the poor, as well as calling health care, food, water, transportation, employment a right–does much more harm than good for the downtrodden?

What happens to their incentive to better themselves…to rise from their meager circumstances into something better?

Is that what social justice really means?  Is this what the deacon meant?  Do the poor deserve jobs because they are poor?  Do they deserve food because they don’t have any?  Do they deserve health care because they can’t afford it?

I think our government has deliberately confused rights with our needs.  Sure millions of people need lots of things.  Does that mean government has to provide these things to them with someone’s else’s money?

Government is also confusing rights with responsibility.  People, even the poor, have a responsibility to provide for themselves.  They need to stay in school—we still have free schools.

Government has made forced charity a right that gives little benefit to the recipient and absolutely no benefit to the giver.

If you stay in school, you would have the marketable skills where someone would want to pay good money to employ you.

The poor need to work, even at menial jobs as young people, so they can get a start.  They need to confine their sexual activity to the marriage bed.  And then they need to stay married.

Government needs to stop its punitive taxation which drives millions of Americans jobs to India, the Far East and anywhere taxation is more favorable.  Government literally bites the hands that feeds us.

The poor need to monitor their sexual habits better.  They need practice chastity or celibacy to avoid pre-marital pregnancy, which forces girls to drop out of school or young couples to rush into an early wedding.

Yet don’t fall for the canard that abortion will prevent this.  No it will not alleviate poverty as some writers contend.

It will only lead to promiscuity and more pregnancies and maybe even serious health consequences that will further deepen  the confines of poverty.

Promiscuity equals pregnancy!  That’s how Planned Parenthood stays in business by repeat victims.

And maybe the most important proposal is to stay away from your government.  The United States government loves poor people so much that they want everyone to become poor.

I remember hearing Alan Keyes during one of his religious/political addresses bemoan what government has done to his people.

If only more people had listened to him, he might have beaten Barack Obama during the 2004 Senatorial campaign that landed us in much of this mess.

Keyes made the point that the black family had been better off during slavery.

He said that the black family had been better off during the Great Depression?   (I doubt that the black family will do well in our next Depression if the president has his way.)

What happened?

Lyndon Johnson declared his infamous War of Poverty, which I submit was more a war on poor people.

The late comedian Rodney Dangerfield told a joke that captured the sense of Johnson’s WOPP.   Saying that he ran into a beggar on the street…so I threw a hand grenade at him!

Johnson basically destroyed the black family as an identifiable social unit.

Welfare checks replaced the man of the family because to collect the woman could not be living her husband.

That was 1965 and not too long after the black illegitimacy rate climbed to around 25%.  Now I think it is about 75%. That’s what I guess the progressives would call progress.

The white community has not been far behind, now at over 25%, as our school engineers have done everything they can to destroy the traditional family.

And what does illegitimacy have to do with poverty?  It’s just one of its causes–the more illegitimacy, the more poor people we will have.

Americans used to hate the dole, the old word for welfare, because it slapped at their dignity and their pride. It came with a stigma, saying that a man had failed to support his wife and children. No responsible husband and father wanted to accept something for nothing.

Now it is a badge of honor, a right of entitlement.

What happened?  FDR prolonged the Depression by his wasteful economic policies so that the acceptance of government assistance was the only way to survive.

Liberal historians perpetuated his myth for generations until people finally realized that he had done nothing for 10 years but tread the same stagnant water.

Thank goodness for Pearl Harbor or it would still be going on!

Now the dole is institutionalized to the tune that even our largest companies, apparently too big to fail, get in line so that government can bail them out and save their bonuses.

I advise everyone to read Peter Schweizer’s new book, Architects of Ruin: How Big Government Liberals Wrecked the Global Economy–and How They Will Do It Again if No One Stops Them

So maybe I am not too far off base when I say that social justice as it is practiced today by some of our religions and most importantly our federal government is not justice at all.  It is as 19th century economist, Frederic Bastiat called organized plunder.

As such it is a grievous violation of the 7th Commandment of the Catholic Church, which says Thou Shall Not Steal.  If you or I took something from someone else we would justly go to jail.  But when government does it, it is someone else’s right to our largesse.

To confiscate the earnings, investments and wealth of successful Americans and give it to a class of entitled people whose government-induced lack of incentive has made them perpetual wards of the state is a crime against the universal freedom that our Constitution guarantees, as well as a dehumanization of the very people government and the churches pretend to serve.

Look for my Sunday letter in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Catholic annulments.

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