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Sexual Confusion | September 7, 2015

When I first came to St. Louis years ago, KMOX radio had a series of zany commercials with the late baseball broadcaster Jack Buck and a local appliance dealer, Steve Mizerany that was one of the most clever I had ever encountered.

Mizerany was totally unscripted but with Buck as his Virgil, he always wandered into the bizarre recesses of his ephemeral mind and would say the funniest things in a serious tone.

Mizerany’s ending tagline was always the oxymoron, Don’t be confused!

Confusion is a word that rules the sexual mores of American society today!  The Sexual Revolution that took its lurid form in the early sixties has morphed into something even more unrecognizable!

To paraphrase Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky in his Brothers Kamerozov, when no one believes in God, anything goes.

Life was so much simpler for young people when I was a prepubescent boy. There were girls and there were boys. No one suffered from the Mizerany conundrum.

It has taken nearly 200 years but the Philosophes of the French Revolution have landed on the beaches of sexual identity politics.

Then came Simone de Beauvoir and her introspective book, The Second Sex and all of a sudden women were wondering what it meant to be a woman.

Serious doubts waded ashore and with the slow decline of religious faith, one of the trident pillars of Western Civilization the Jacobins had targeted after the Bastille, resistance weakened and then collapsed.

With the breakup of millions two-parent households, boys were raised mostly by women who feminized two generations of boys, just increasing their doubts about their sexuality.

Homosexuals could not wait to get ahold of them.  A headline in one of their newspapers in the seventies read if no sex by eight, too late!

In effect men had been deconstructed and had their sexuality reduced to feelings and inner uncertainty.

Deconstruction is a philosophical movement, inspired by the homosexual Michel Foucault and Marxist Jacques Derrida.  This modern movement is  joined at the hip of conspiracy.

Deconstruction is the theory of literary criticism that questions traditional assumptions about certainty, identity, and truth.  It asserts that words can only refer to other words; and attempts to demonstrate how statements about any text subvert their own meanings.

In early August the New York Times published an article by Jessica Bennett, entitled Man Deconstructed. She could have easily left out the “con.” It focused on an upstate SUNY college professor, Michael Kimmel who contrasted the difference between real men and good men.

Why does there have to be a difference?

Professor Kimmel wanted his male students to question what made them a man. He specializes in a new study, called Masculinities.

It seems to be the polar opposite of Gloria Steinem’s idea of Women Studies, which had emphasized that a woman needed a man like a fish needed a bicycle.

The real culprit in this miasma of sexual confusion and philosophical musings predates Freud, Marx and even Rousseau.

Sexual confusion traces its intellectual lineage back to the Nominalism of Franciscan scholar, William of Ockham. He is more recognizable as the progenitor of the eponymous Ockham’s Razor, which held that the simplest solution was usually the correct one.

Ockham also had flirtation with literary notoriety, appearing as the clerical sleuth in Umberto Ecco’s 1983 novel, The Name of the Rose.

Ockham also was a pioneer of Nominalism. He argued that only individuals exist, rather than any universals, essences, or forms, which are nothing more than the abstract creations of the human mind and have no place in reality.

Abraham Lincoln provides the perfect illustration of the fallacy inherent in both Nominalism and Deconstruction. He liked to ask his visitors a riddle. If one counted a cow’s tail as a leg, how many legs would it have?

The correct answer was “four!” Just because one calls something, something else does not make it so!

The hidden truth beneath the riddle is that man does not have the Edenic power to rename or change the essence of things just because he thinks or wills it.

Nearly 2000 years of cultural history was under assault, not on the beaches but in the beds and classrooms of America. As the feminist tobacco icon Virginia Slims used to bellow, you’ve come a long way baby!   Downhill!

A pregnant woman can’t say it’s a baby if she wants it and a glob of tissue if  she doesn’t!   Similarly homosexuals cannot arbitrarily change the nature of traditional marriage without making it something else

To illustrate just how far sexual confusion has come, the eleven-year old daughter of a domestic employee was one of the 150 students who skipped classes at the Hillsboro schools,  a community 40 miles south of St. Louis, to protest a transgendered senior, Lila Perry’s desire to use the girl’s restrooms and locker facilities.

Perry was living as a gay teen until this past February, when he came out as transgendered. He started wearing dresses and a wig but to date has not had undergone gender reassignment surgery nor has he undergone hormone therapy.

The fact that her new name Lila literally means popular just might have something to do with “her” prominence in the public eye.

To further confuse the issue of his sex, the media accounts state that Perry was designated a boy at birth as if it had been done pure by a random selection. On another day he might have been designated a female chimpanzee to carry this irrational account to its absurd conclusion.

Parents have brought the issue before the local school board and have called for a new policy. They should have the ability to do whatever they need to do in the privacy of the bathroom without having a male in there.

Another parent stated that the girls have rights, and they shouldn’t have to share a bathroom with a boy, adding that it’s unfair for Perry to get special accommodations while the girls just have to suck it up.

All we have to rely on is his statement that he feels like a girl. When I was Perry’s age, if a boy woke up one morning and thought he was Mona Lisa or the Queen of Sheba he would have been taken for mental health evaluation.

In fact I knew many a lad who if he thought he could get a peak at a room full of naked girls he would have used a similar approach!

It is not surprising that the government has intervened to protect the false right of Mr. Perry.  The Office of Civil Rights has issued an official opinion that says, if you do this, (stop Perry) you have engaged in gender discrimination!

Perry’s personal battle with traditional morality will go on but in the interim the innocence and modesty of young girls today is threatened and confused by sexual outliers like this troubled adolescent.

While people like Perry should be treated with compassion, just because he thinks he is something other than what nature made him, it does not mean that the majority’s natural rights should be trampled as they were with abortion and homosexual unions.

This is another battle of the culture wars because feminists have believed for generations that men and women are perfectly equal, sexually, morally and occupational.

In a word they are fungible…that is perfectly interchangeable.

This is one of the great lies of the culture war.

Men and women are not equal.  They are different and will always be different! Communist China in the sixties had everyone man and woman wear identical clothing, which is the drab look of an enslaved people. That did not make them the same. It only covered up their sexual distinctions in a standard progressive attempt to coerce uniformity and change our basic nature.

This argument goes back to the French revolution and Jean Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Paine who wanted to make the world anew.

That was a misnomer. What they wanted to do was transform the way people were and how they lived their lives. Barack Obama is as much a Rousseau disciple as he was Saul Alinsky’s.

Now thousands of poor souls march to the beat of this Marxist drummer. They challenge the traditional gender binary of American life with a coercive force that they hope will silence the voices of reason one at a time.

As they weave their Satanic web, the disciples of Foucault and Derrida are  changing the language with dozens of confusing definition of politically incorrect speech on the innate difference between men and women.

Neologisms such an Gender Niji and genderflux pollute deconstruct the language we need for communication.

The result is a leaderless nation where men have forfeited their traditional role as leaders, providers and home defenders. A country without Real Good Men can not survive indefinitely.


  1. They can spin it anyway they want. When you have the plumbing of a man, your a Man.

    Comment by Mike Ellington — September 7, 2015 @ 5:16 pm

  2. Confusion is a nice way of putting it. However, I’d say
    deception and mind manipulation. Common Sense
    seems to have died. Let’s resurrect it.

    Satan is the Prince of Lies and apparently working over
    time in multiple areas in recent years.

    M. Fritz

    Comment by M Fritz — September 8, 2015 @ 6:20 pm

  3. Look. Certainly you must admit that at times in our history one thing has been mistaken for another and then the error corrected.

    There probably are people who have all the behavioral characteristics of a woman but some of the “plumbing” ( or even all! ) of a man. If we could mistake an isolated insignificant mote less than a mote of dust in our home for the center of a vast universe of such motes then we could make other mistakes and to attempt to correct such mistakes is not “wrong” it’s just an attempt at progress.

    That’s not the same as redefining a word with it’s own distinct meaning as only another way of saying some other word so as to attempt to subtract a whole concept from our public discourse on “the common folly”.

    For a considerable span of human history it was considered “proof” of divine creation of creatures as they are to put some food in a rag and leave it in a dark room overnight. Sometimes one would find a rodent in the rag and this was considered to prove that a divine supernatural power had converted the requisite raw materials ( formerly living flesh in the form of some meat ) into a whole new living creature complete. We now know this was specious horse-hockey designed to propagate a “common folly” which was quite convenient to a church whose main product was selling a comforting set of an artificially created problem and it’s fairly-easy solution to masses of malleable minds and thereby to control their mass behavior.

    The truth is no more “fungible” than the gender identification or behavioral characteristics which distinguish the genders and it will eventually “out” no matter how hard whoever finds it inconvenient struggles against it. “It’s hard for thee to kick against the pricks”.

    The whirlwind truly is in the thorn tree and what you kick against is happening but not necessarily just in the way or instance you’re selecting as an example.

    Back when we had more modest standards of dress as the rule perhaps many people with gender dysphoria issues could dress as the gender they preferred to feel they were and the massive layers of modest clothing covered what we now chuse to rub in everyone’s face now. There’s an old “saw”–what you don’t know won’t hurt you. To an extent it’s often true.

    The problem, I think, is that you have suspicions of the motives of these people being encouraged to publicly make these claims based on the juvenile motivations you would have imagined at the time your gender identification was solidifying–no pun intended. But that’s what and who you were when you were “becoming” and so that’s where you turn when examining these other people becoming something which confronts you and which makes you suspicious of an intentional deconstruction of a gender as one element of the undoubted intentional destruction of a national culture which is indeed occurring.

    I’m sorry but I don’t ‘think people who go through this gender dysphoria issue are trying to get a peek in the girl’s locker room. You don’t need to go to those lengths these days for that—some wag has already secreted a web-cam in there and is streaming it online. Go look if you don’t believe me.

    I’m more worried about the fungibility of words which have distinct meanings to effect the truncation of certain discussions our society needs to be having after more than half a century of human Lysenkoism has failed utterly. This interchangeability and malleability of definitions of words was, at one time acceptable and more accidental/natural than intentional/scripted. But now almost everyone is literate and those who are not have ready access to many who are and everyone is within easy reach of dictionary type resources so there has been no valid excuse for “philological drift” But the academics continue to consider it valid just because at one time in a far different situation it was natural so now that it’s so useful to them they insist that it must continue on as if we were all still a ravening mass of ignorant illiterates.

    But one thing will never change. The eagerness with which the average man, disappointed by the fact that life isn’t exactly the picnic we’d all like it to be, will accept the presentation of a dead fish sewn to the torso of a monkey as “proof” of mermaids. Nobody ever went broke offering up such “proofs”.

    I think we could introduce you to some people who were born in bodies which don’t match the innate proclivities towards certain behaviors with which they were probably born. You could talk to them and they could argue convincingly with anecdotal recounting of many experiences as they grew up which occurred before they and possibly before anyone ever heard the term “gender dysphoria”. Meanwhile produce an angel…

    But if you insist on believing in them and don’t do anything too destructive in that belief you have your right to.

    Yes it’s true that a society which marches in lockstep to a certain drummer is more “coherent” and less troublesome. Isn’t this the basis of fascism?

    Japan’s national culture existed in more-or-less complete isolation for centuries with the belief that the nail which sticks up should be hammered down. And even since they’ve come into the world community and their nation has been completely reordered along with their national agenda ( got to keep the kiddies young and immature so that old age and deviousness can triumph over youth and vigor every time! ) they still cling to that conformist cultural element.

    So who won WW II, the everything-jap-is-great-everything-non-jap-stinks cultural coherence of the imperialist cultural LASER death-ray or the randomness of our culture which could readily take up a disparate non-conformist cultural element ( Dine language used as a code by Dine Marines so that the japs couldn’t tell what they were talking about when intercepting field radios ) or readily take up as a weapon of war a technology the cultural-conformist Nazi LASER death-ray rejected as non-aryan and thus unfit for use in the glorious holy activity of war? Hitler thought nuclear reactions were fit only for the generation of power so…

    Because they were based on an concept first noticed and argued convincingly by the jew, Einstein.

    I’m not the one to claim that diversity is our greatest strength. But that’s mainly because those exceptions that prove a rule have been applied to simply everything that is different than commonly accepted principles which have stood most cultures and nations in good stead since “dirt” and the worse the concept or cultural element—or poor behavior claimed as a cultural element in many cases—-the more it’s shoved down our throats.

    In your example the big sin isn’t so-much that we’re learning that there are men born in women’s bodies an women born in men’s bodies. It’s that we violate the “since dirt” cultural elements which allow us all to coexist peacefully together of not running around with a chip on our shoulder about our differences.

    There’s nothing to have been gained by firing a sever in a local eatery for writing “black couple” on the register ticket because she couldn’t remember the table numbers yet. Nothing useful to the greater good that is. I’m sure the couple who disingenuously complained about it thought there was something to be gained for a cause they considered to be near to their hearts—afriCAN’T bigotry. I’m sure they knew that after they kicked up their fuss not only would the nominate-melanated server be fired but almost certainly in their zeal to be seen as full of respect for “diversity” the management would hire an obgligate -melanated replacement server.

    But there’s nothing good, decent or useful about that.

    They can believe what they want and welcome to it but when their belief trumps some struggling worker acting in good faith and doing nothing wrong in their right to continue having gainful employment then something is very very wrong.

    It’s wrong for a health club chain to deny the membership rights someone paid for when they complain that they feel uncomfortable in a women’s dressing room with a man in there who just claims to be a woman in a man’s body. Yes it happens. No it doesn’t mean the world we know must be turned upside-down to accommodate what happens. People are also born with no ability to feel the hurt of others and become what we call “sociopaths”. Just because that’s a way some people are we don’t invoke Holy Diversity and accommodate them and excoriate anyone who complains they’re uncomfortable with being victimized by sociopaths.

    Not yet anyway but the way things are going don’t be surprised when it starts happening to more commly than the odd/occasional Christine Smetzer.

    It’s not what we have but what we do with it. We’re constantly discovering more about what we have. For many years after the discovery of pheremones and the vomeronasal organ in animals all the “scientists” refused to admit man had one or if he did that it was anything other than vestigial and had no influence on us as sexual beings. After all—didn’t we mate with no regard to whether the female was in estrus?

    But I can assure you from personal experience of an extreme pheremone exposure event which happened once to me that the vomeronasal organ can, under at least certain circumstances, have a profound effect on our central nervous system and particularly those parts of it involved in pair bonding. And science has now admitted it is there and does have some influence though admittedly not as reliably as with animals which mate only on the basis of the female being in estrus.

    It doesn’t mean we have to reorder our whole society around this newly discovered old fact.

    Every man has a heart and muscles and a greater tendency toward aggression and math. That doesn’t make every man a fighter pilot.

    Every woman has motherly instincts but it doesn’t mean her mother didn’t take stilbestrol and she didn’t have those parts which would confer the office of Mother upon her cored out surgically shortly after undergoing puberty. So her motherly instincts may not mean she’s suited for motherhood in the biological sense.

    Some people could drive down a street with a posted 35mph limit every day in their porsche at 90mph and never have or cause a wreck. But the rest of us who don’t have the instincts and reaction-times of a road-racer can’t so we have the 35mph speed limit we’re all expected to observe.

    That’s how a society works and why ours is falling apart.

    The problem is the people craftily picking up any such brickbat in their crusade to destroy the last bastion of great amounts of liberty conferred on individuals and that’s what’s going on all around us right now. The responsibilities which go along with great liberty are ignored and license is promoted exclusively and particularly to those with the most destructive innate behaviors. Once you apprehend we are truly under attack in a cultural war it’s easy enough to take Steve’s good advice.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Comment by James Stenzel — September 9, 2015 @ 11:03 pm

    • James, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. Thank you.

      Comment by Mike Ellington — September 10, 2015 @ 1:51 pm

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