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The Yellow Ball of Revenge | December 3, 2014

The Tennis Court Oath was a pivotal event during the first days of the French Revolution. The Oath signified for the first time that French citizens formerly stood in opposition to Louis XVI, and the National Assembly’s refusal to back down forced the king to make concessions. It eventually led to the virtual destruction of the old but decaying edifices of Western Civilization. The gods of science would eventually usurp the power and influence of the Triune God of Christianity.

Amid the uproar and chaos of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, what has been virtually unheard and unrecognized has been the soft voice of science…that is Forensic Pathology.

It loomed largely as the deciding and irrefutable force in Officer Wilson’s No True Bill decision that to date has failed to satisfy the blood lust of the angry mobs that would burn down half of St. Louis County were it not for the serious demonstration of para-military forces in the area.

The world witnessed what was likely to have happened without that a belated demonstration show of force when Governor Jay Nixon reneged on his “promise” to protect life and property in St. Louis.   Several small businesses were incinerated or looted.

There was a time when science was literally a god in the academic and intellectual community.  It was purported to be the one discipline that Americans could rely on a 100% of the time. Science was devoid of the alleged superstitions of religious faith and the undying prejudices of a flawed humanity.

Thanks to Darwin and Big Government money honest science has surrendered its lofty status to political Faddism, masquerading as valid science.  The seductive charm of millions in research grants has prostituted a goodly portion of Science, giving us such chimera as Man-made Global warming and Climate Change.

This has served to corrupt and remove Science forever I suspect from the Panthenon of our secular gods.

In the Brown case valid science proved that a man who had the full leverage of his 290 pounds attacked Officer Darren Wilson within the entrapment of his own vehicle. About the same height and maybe 60-70 lighter than his assailant Wilson was struck in the face a few times.

When he threatened to shoot Brown if he did not back off, Brown went for his gun.

I think most reasonable people can assume Brown was not merely going to admire its handiwork but pump a full load into the officer’s body.

Wilson could have waited for the back up, which had never gotten his message due to the interior struggle.

Or he could have given pursuit to “protect” society at large from this behemoth of a young man who had already been the subject of a strong-arm robbery at a local convenience store just moments before their deadly encounter.

Just as they do on TV the officer yelled for Brown to Freeze! He turned and apparently embolden by the marijuana in his system (Toxicology) he challenged the cop to shoot him and then started charging. Wilson fired several times…hitting Brown a few times, mostly in his arms, which were never up in the standard surrender pose. Now about 10-15 feet apart, he stopped and then perhaps enraged by the officer’s audacity to have shot him, lowered his head and bull charged to the officer.

As his police training had taught him, Wilson fired until Brown stopped literally dead in his tracks having suffered a fatal shot to the top of his head.

Despite the cold and clear explanation of the scientific evidence, protesters still keep shouting that they want Justice for Michael Brown, ignoring that officer Wilson is also deserving of justice for his life and future hang in the balance.

County Prosecutor Bob McCullough, a Democrat had just been elected for the fourth time this past November. While he was highly respected many protestors used him as a target to extend their political agenda while loudly ignoring the truth of the violent incident.

They have raised Michael Brown to an iconic status that he does not deserve. He is dead now, not because of Officer Wilson’s right to self-defense but because of social and historical forces much greater than his short existence.

When I started doing talk radio in the early 1980s on WGNU, a unique station with about 30 different hosts from all walks of life with a diversity of personal opinions, I learned the root of all the racial strife that has permeated this country since its founding in 1787.

Many of my callers were black and at that time I was seriously sympathetic to their history of racial strife.

But after a year or two of arguing that we had to find a common ground somewhere, I learned that the more militant callers did not want equality or even justice. They wanted payback—-a simple revenge–they would do to whitey…what his forbears had done to them 200 years ago.

Revenge is endemic to the human soul. It is a poison that mocks the very meat upon which it feeds to paraphrase the Avonian Bard.

After the murder of President Lincoln by Southern sympathizers–the worst thing they could have ever done—the Radical Republican Congress replaced their slain leader’s magnanimous plan of reconstruction with a draconian agenda of retribution that devastated the South for generations to come.

They forced a proud and once elite Southern society to accept as social and political equals a largely unsocialized and uneducated (through no fault of their own) body of human beings whom the Supreme Court had recently defined as “personal property” or “chattel,” not human beings. (Dred Scott v. Sanders)

Anyone who understands the fallen nature of all men and women knows that this was a recipe for violence and years of hatred.

Saner heads knew that immediate political, social, and economic equality became a political daydream that had no chance of surviving without a large military presence…which existed until the vagaries of American politics raised its ugly head and removed the safety net of the black freedmen, putting them at the bloody dispatch of the KKK and other vigilante groups.

The ball was now in the South’s Court and all of its “black citizens”were relegated to an even harsher more deadly form of slavery several generations after Lincoln until the Civil Rights Movement tried to establish a modicum and civility between the races.

That quickly devolved into the Black Power Movement and its blatant attempt to seek revenge on white people…

Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poor People replaced the millions of proud black husbands with a welfare check. In effect this effectively destroyed the sociological building blocks of the black community. It quickly led to a socially unsustainable illegitimacy rate that has undercut the infrastructure of a free and orderly civilization.

Barack Obama’s historic election in 2008 election was purported to show how much progress we had made. Unfortunately this president and his departing Attorney General are both products of the arena of racial politics.  Their policies seemed designed on an opaque agenda of high-priced payback to a white-dominated imperial society that in their minds has oppressed billions of people throughout its 227 year history.

Obama seems inner-directed to repeal of all of American history from its original sin of the 3/5 Compromise to the imperial wars of the Bush administration.

Despite the black community fratricide on the flower of its youth with thousands of black-on-black violent crimes, the Obama administration is determined to effect the unilateral disarmament of the American society country, transforming it into a divided nation with the relevancy of Belgium on the world stage.

Just think about what the DOJ has concentrated on. It will not enforce our existing Immigration and Border Security laws, while trying to open our borders to millions of immigrants who will lower the standard of living of all Americans, black and white.

Attorney-General Holder has vowed to “reform” all the police forces in the country. In real language he wants to undermine the power and effectiveness of the local constabulary.

Ferguson, Missouri is a prime example. New Orleans and Cleveland have already had run-ins with the AG to their detriment.   To understand the future we are facing, I suggest everyone read former LA policeman Joseph Wambaugh 1971 book, The New Centurions to get a full understanding of why the left is doing this to the police departments in American.

Obama has shrunken the army to pre-WWII levels and he has attempted to legislate a ban on all guns for law-abiding people. If he gets his way our #1 right that is “the right to life” is in serious jeopardy.

Therefore the historic forces that put Michael Brown in his grave are far greater than the community relations in Ferguson.  With serious French visions of 1787 this country has been entangled in the gummy nets of a horrific tennis match—the yellow ball of revenge–throughout its history.

Ferguson has undeservedly become the new background for a Revolution that has been brewing for several generations.

Brown is not an icon to freedom and justice but a reminder of the sordid legacy of a nation that was once a bright and shinning light to all the oppressed people of the earth but has now allowed its historical promise to be caught in a dangerous game of revenge and payback that will eventually double fault its doors of freedom.


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  1. *** The painfully slow process of uncovering the child abuse that happened within the Catholic Church continues. The members of the church continue to try and protect the wrong people, at the expense of victims, their families and the American public. ***

    The Archdiocese of Chicago has voluntarily released documents related to 36 Archdiocesan priests who have at least one substantiated allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor. These documents are in addition to those released in January on 30 other priests. This release, together with the January release, covers priests who have substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct with minors identified on the Archdiocese’s website as of November 2014. Documents pertaining to two priests, former Rev. Daniel J. McCormack and Rev. Edward J. Maloney, are not included, due to ongoing processes that do not permit release.

    Inquiries may be directed to the Office of the Protection of Children and Youth, Archdiocese of Chicago, PO Box 1979, Chicago, IL 60690. Let’s give them an avalanche of feedback!!

    Comment by K. R. — December 15, 2014 @ 5:28 pm

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