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The Cookie Girl | August 21, 2014

I was in my favorite restaurant the other day, reading my newspaper when all of a sudden, I heard this plop on my table.

When I looked up some woman I had never seen before said in a barely audible voice, I have a cookie for you!

Then she quietly moved on to another table and did the same. She was akin to a modern-day Johnny Appleseed as she spread her affections and concerns to the world around her with a cookie.

I really shouldn’t be eating that kind of sweets but out of gratitude or maybe human courtesy I ate some of the cookie.

After a few moments my curiosity had been piqued. I chased her down and asked her why she was doing this.

She looked at me with sad eyes and softly said the world is in such a messI thought this would help us with it.

I asked her if she meant Ferguson…Iraq…Gaza and so on.

She said all of itthe world is such a mess.

Her fear and consternation were visibly palpable.

Then it occurred to me that she had personified what Rush Limbaugh had said on his program earlier that day.

She had perfectly articulated the liberal mindset of the world being so sad that we were just helpless pawns in a maelstrom of unfathomable times.

The conclusion then is that we can’t do anything about the situation and must simply defer to our leaders to save us from these terrible times. I told her that it has always been like this. The world has always seemed to have  been a mixture of confusion, chaos and overt evil. Some times were far worse than what the world is experiencing now.

The pages of history are riven with such violent and deadly tales of plagues that killed millions, earthquakes, tornadoes, world wars, famines, pestilence and the Holocaust to name but a few.

She just shook her sad head and walked away.

I guess she had never studied any history in school.

Since I got my doctorate in history 42 years ago, my favorite subject has been virtually eliminated from college and secondary campuses. I know they say they teach it but it’s not history anymore…just left-wing agitprop.

To me history is neutral.  It is not liberal nor is it conservative.  It is what really happened.

In a word it is reality–the ultimate reality show.

While times change…leaders come and fade from view.   The one constant that has been with us since the very beginning has been our immutable human nature.

This is just one of the many ideas that the left has gotten wrong.

They see history as the unending quest to deify man and set it on an altar of Progress.

Philosopher Emmanuel Kant recignized the existence of a fallen man when he wrote out of the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing was ever made.  

Evil, sin, despair and violence are all in the human DNA.

G. K. Chesterton seconded this idea when he wrote of original sin in the last century as the one teaching of the Catholic Church that did not have to be taught. Just pick up a newspaper!

People who think they can help the world by giving cookies don’t understand the dynamic of the human soul and its battle with the world, the flesh and the devil. These concepts have virtually vanished from education, society and the public square and are foreign to a generation of Americans.  Nothing will ever change unless people realize that the fault is within our souls and not our stars.

For a poignant, literary rendition on the phenomenon of human nature, one need only consult the writings of South Carolinian author Pat Conroy. His quintessential book is The Great Santini where the abject cruelties and insensitivities of his father, Col. Donald Conroy vividly come to life.

I haven’t read the book yet but it hit a nerve with the Conroy family. Son Pat quickly became the pariah of his highly dysfunctional family.

I have seen the movie, starring Robert Duvall and Blythe Danner several times. Though tame by comparison, it did succeed in capturing the pain and suffering the senior Conroy caused his family.

The marital union of the real Conroys produced seven children, three more sons than depicted in the film for a total of seven roughly hewn and deeply disturbed children.

While at Logan Airport after a trip through New England some weeks ago, I happened upon a bookstore. My browsing brought me to a hardback edition of Conroy’s only non-fiction work about his family’s serious difficulties. Since it was published in 2013, I thought I might not be able to get it when I returned home.

So even though my carry-ons were bristling and graoning and almost impossible for me to lug around, I stuffed it in there and prayed for the best.

The book’s title is The Death of Santini: The Story of a Father and his Son. The book, which sometimes reads like a novel is the most bittersweet book I have ever read. One minute I was laughing out loud and the next I was wiping tears from my face.

Even though the focal point of the book is the aforementioned Great Santini, Conroy also explored the demise and eventual death of both his parents with such warm affection and grace that I literary felt his pain bleed from his deftly crafted work.

Col. Conroy’s legalistic Catholicism stands tall and fragile throughout.

Though its presence did not seem to stick on any of the kids, the rich spirit of the Catholic Imagination permeates the subtext of the book with an inherent spiritual beauty that cannot be ignored.

The Church’s teachings are arguably responsible for the warm aura of family life, amid the ruins of a twisted timber of humanity that tortured every member of the family.

At the funeral for their youngest brother, Tom who had fallen into the absolute abyss of despair, they had mistakenly put Tim as the decedent. His brothers went on how they were glad that it was him who had died and not Tom who would be really missed.

This gallows humor, laced with a primordial sacrasm digs to the soul of their inability to free themselves from the Conroy demons.

This is reminiscent of St. Paul when he lamented in Romans for the good which I will, I do not; but the evil which I will not, that I do.

A 1000 cookie girls will never be any match for our human nature—only God’s mercy, love and grace.





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  1. Interesting. Your article contains the world maelstrom which I just recently used in a personal email. I’m fascinated with such coincidence.

    Bill I agree that the world of the past would probably have so shocked Cookie Girl with it’s brutality and horror that she’d have been lugging around cakes and distributing them in the past rather than cookies—if not 4-course feasts. Heck, I can remember in my own portion of past history when what’s now called bullying and renounced from every corner was once “socialization” and a listed “benefit” of canting laws and standards pertinent to child-rearing so that it would be the “path of least resistance” to subject one’s children to such “socialization”. Now it’s like the 100th Deadly Sin in the revised Life-scouts manual or something…

    So extrapolate. Or since we’re reflecting; etalopartxe.

    The thing is… ( there’s always a “thing” with me )

    there’s something called progress and it’s supposed to make life better as time marches on. Actually it does but there are those who insist on maintaining anti-progress and continuing evils-of-the-past unnecessarily for reasons of promoting their own agendas–usually not openly stated. Here’s an example. Way back in the mists of time there used to be this linguistic “drift” phenomenon because large numbers of people were illiterate and groups moved around driven by *actual* institutionalized racial/cultural/religious/whatever bigotry or intolerance-for-profit-and-power. Sometimes just because of natural catastrophes. Nobody had a dictionary and wouldn’t have known what to do with one if they’d had it. It probably would have been consigned to the privy but not for reading purposes since nobody would have been able to use it for that. So meanings of words changed.

    Now huge numbers of people are literate and everyone has access to print or online dictionaries. There’s no good excuse for meanings of words to change anymore—none. There’s a word in the English language for almost any concept you can imagine—unless someone wishes to induce no-longer-having-an-excuse linguistic drift to eliminate some pesky concept which vexes the pursuit of their agenda.

    All too often the agendas being pursued are things like the induction of general chaos to cover up other things which don’t stand the light of day or else simply to be able to manipulate certain voting blocks which are susceptible to emotional appeals and don’t demand a rational basis for much of anything—mainly because they’re not very capable or rationality.

    One time I accessed a painfully-awkward debate from an old Tony Brown Journal episode where some totally-insane reverse-bigot named Frances Wellsing was pitted against one of the sanest individuals I’ve ever seen, William B. Shockley. I don’t know what Wellsing was believed to be famous for by this Brown individual but I think we all know why Shockley was famous—leading the Bell Laboratories team responsible for giving us the first *practical* solid-state amplifier/switch, the unijunction transistor. That opened up a whole new world of electronics based upon their work up-to and including our ability to have these computers such as the one upon which I’m banging this out right now and it’s arguable that almost every socially important bit of progress since then is somehow derivative of what Shockley, Brattain and Bardeen wrested from the tight grip of “reality”.

    The poor man was struggling to elucidate a concept he was promoting. You see, the word which described that concept, when it first came into use, had been morphed or changed by people to mean something entirely different. The word is racism. When that word originally began to be used it simply meant the concept that race plays an important ( if not essential ) role in the outcome of any individual’s life. Now agree or disagree, the concept is there and much of our human experience would tend to argue for it’s validity.

    I have several dictionaries. One is so old it doesn’t even contain the word. The other is more modern and contains the word as it was originally meant. The third “dictionary” I have is any online dictionary or any dictionary one will typically find in print form from recent decades in a library or bookstore where the original concept has been riven and stripped away from the word and it’s been turned into a mere synonym for the already-extant word associated with a different/distinct concept, bigotry. This is done with the permission that there is this thing called linguistic drift because that existed “guilty-with-an-excuse” back when the world was largely filled with illiterates and dictionaries were hand-written and nobody had one. So since this “drift” can be seen through history that fact is used to excuse continuing it when no excuse for it exists any longer. But there’s also another reason it’s used, to edit-out whole concepts from public discourse.

    The evil of linguistic drift is continued but not because there’s any reason for it any more, but rather because it’s useful now to those who want to be able to erase pesky inconvenient-truth type concepts. And so it is with many of the other historical evils which continue on into a modern world where they really don’t need to continue to exist.

    So by the time Shockley was debating Wellsing racism had already been changed from a word with a unique meaning for a concept which was not a pejorative into having a pejorative stain and verging on a synonym for another pejorative term.

    Poor old Shockley was left without a word to use to describe his concept, an old and valid concept which is not mean or vile, just something to be examined and reexamined as we continue doing the same things expecting a different result so we can go back to the crossroads signs and look at them and decide if maybe a different road is worth a try. But how can you do that when someone essentially goes back down the road and changes one road-sign in the road of intellectual progress to, say, the German word for the same road which already has a sign in French? You’d think both roads led to the same destination and you wouldn’t seem to have any option at that intersection.

    There’s a fancy word for this phenomenon; catachresis. That word is so un-used these days that the inline spell checker I’m using doesn’t recognize it. But it’s a valid word and does exist and it has a peculiar nuance of meaning all it’s own. I learned it on a certain radio station which was very unusual and upon which You, Bill, had a program–WGNU. There was a caller to those shows and he annoyed the rest of the callers/listeners mightily by looking up unusual words in the dictionary and using them in each of his calls so that people’s vocabularies might be improved. What a horrible thing to do! I think he was the most hated/reviled/complained-about caller on that station.

    This catachresis process is used shamelessly by those who wish to go back in time and change the road signs so that nobody dare even consider getting off the road we’re on, no matter how horrible or awful the places to which it seems to be leading our society. It’s excused because there’s a historical precedent for it which once had an excuse which no longer exists. It’s like using “guilty with an excuse” for breaking in to someone’s private home because you’re allowed to do so when you might die of exposure—but in a world where the weather has so-changed that it’s always 70 degrees.

    So poor old Shockley in trying to debate Wellsing was having to try to coin and promote a whole new word to mean what racism had formerly meant and meant when it was originally coming into use. That’s because he was going back down the road of sociology and trying to find a junction where we diverged from what had been progress from worse to better and trying to get back on a fork which would seem to be leading us once-again forward and finding that someone had tampered with the road signs.

    I live in Ferguson, or as I like to call it ferguscum. The reason I like to call it that has little to do with any culture of racism as is now supposed to exist in it’s leadership and in particular in it’s police department. There are other valid reasons. Considering what has been going on in “ferguscum” now for weeks and considering it in light of actual facts instead of emotional appeals designed to influence mass behavior on more of a glandular than intellectual level I think it’s pretty evident that we have not been making progress in allowing the negro and caucasian races to live together with one-another in any sort of condition which could be described as harmonious, or even safe.

    One of the illuminating principles in the preamble to our basic laws informs us that a prime purpose to having those laws is to promote domestic tranquility. Nothing of the sort has been being promoted by *any* of the major players in “ferguscum” in recent weeks. We have a Governor trying to use various powerful powerful tools at his disposal *not* to improve the situation but rather simply to inject himself profitably ( to his political career ) into the situation. The mayor is coming off looking pretty silly and trying to salvage a municipal character which never existed. If any player has done anything to make things better it would be the county stepping in with it’s broad shoulders of a relatively huge police force to spread the burden of this mess widely enough to keep that which bears the load from failing. And at this point considering how our ability to possibly go back in time and find t he point at which we diverged from the path into the future taking us to a *better* place has been systematically destroyed that’s about all that’s to be done.

    You see we have a non-assimilating foreign national presence within our own nation which works at cross purposes continuously to those purposes for having a national law which are expressed in the Preamble to our Constitution. Of late this non-assimilating foreign national presence likes to call itself “African Americans”.

    To listen to them you’d think they’re the only minority in our nation to whom anything bad has ever happened.

    I can think of many other identifiable minority groups in our national milieu. One such would be cops.
    In 2005 Sgt. William McEntee, 43, was murdered in a bigotry-related assassination of as a member of *his* minority—police—by one Kevin “Rock-head” Johnson, a known recidivist criminal, a thug ( just like Thugvon Martin and Michael “Strong-arm-robber” Brown ). The police minority did *not* begin immediately firing shots at the community for which Kevin Johnson committed this assassination. They did not riot. They did not disrupt a whole community in a fit of pique for which they’d have had *far* more justification than did the riot-tards in east ferguscum whose riotous violent and divisive negative behaviors commenced almost immediately. There were random shots fired in the presence of police that very afternoon giving lie to the oft-told fallacy that the disruptive elements in the recent AA riots in ferguscum are the work of “outsiders”.

    Hell, Brown was an “outsider” for that matter. He didn’t graduate from a Ferguson/Florissant HS and was only visiting some relative at Canfield Green when he strong-armed robbed a local market and then later got shot down like a dog because his mother and father never taught him what I was carefully taught when *I* was younger than he—if you run away from police they’ll shoot you and get away with it. Yes liars-on-TV-and-radio, “white” parents do *too* have to have “the conversation” with their children. You are just nignorant of that fact because you think everything bad that happens to you pertains only to your race, not your species.

    So the police didn’t have a riot in Meacham Park when Sgt. William McEntee, was assassinated in a race-related murder by Kevin “Rock-head” Johnson. I can assure you that had the officers who came and interviewed Kevin’s family looking for his fugitive-from-justice criminal ass had all been AAs and if his brother had an asthma attack induced by the stress and if an all-negro police force had failed to act quickly-enough to save the asthmatic younger sibling there would have been *no* such assassination of a police officer. This was a race-based assassination pure and simple.

    For decades now it would have been possible for those who insist on continuing to call themselves African American to have assumed the role of American Citizen and considered anything bad which happened to them to be part of what happens to everyone else in their nation but they have willfully refused to give up the filthy security blanket of their self-identity-for-undeserved-benefit-and-sympathy-group-identity and it’s not contributing to anything anyone with an i.q. score above 80 could ever reasonably call “justice”. It’s got to stop.

    Just as catachresis which once existed with an excuse is now continued for other more sinister reasons so are many other evils which existed throughout history. They needn’t continue Bill, but they are continued on with the excuse “it’s always been that way” made by those who keep those old wounds torn open while in reality they’re “that way” now because it’s useful to someone to keep them occurring.

    There would be plenty of bad things to depress your cookie-wielding new friend without the groundless continuation of many of these old familiar evils. Almost 200 years ago a visitor from ( of all places! ) France managed to predict where we’d be with this racial nonsense if we didn’t stop doing the same old thing over and over expecting a different result. Frankly the same old thing I see us continuing to do is trying to admix two races whose innate behavioral profiles are so different and incompatible and expecting harmony to break out any minute. I would think by now it would be pretty clear that it’s not and we need to go back and find the point at which we “took the wrong step years ago” ( a lyric from an old rock-and-roll band—Hawkwind—tune from back in the days of my misspent youth; my apologies for an obscure quote ) and possibly look into trying a different fork in the road. Heck, if a frenchman could figure this out almost 200 years ago… And he only spent 9 months here observing too. His name was Alexis de Tocqueville.

    The arguably-brilliant Shockley, who did so much to improve all our lives, had some ideas. First he coined a term Racialism to try to replace the catechrecicized-out-of-existence original concept of racism. He tried to get the educated people of that time to actually delve into a few cogent facts and admit that there is a difference between races and that it’s an important difference and something needs to be done. His solution was simply to pay people whose i.q. score was below a certain level to refrain from breeding. This would be the rising tide which would float all boats higher but would particularly have impacted the negroes. Contrary to eliminating them from our society it would have instead made of them what they claim they already are ( but are not), functional equals whose equal abilities could command social and economic parity with their national peers ( they already enjoy a far better existence here than that of any of their international racial peers ).

    His solution would have been entirely voluntary and predicated upon the degree to which people might place their own economic gain above the lofty principle of watering and fertilizing your national “garden” before weeding it.

    There are other solutions “out there”. The 14th and 15th amendments essentially gave negroes full rights of citizens by amendment. I think it’s easily demonstrable this has worsened, not improved the securing of the blessings of liberty to “ourselves and our posterity”, the domestic tranquility, the general welfare and any other laudable end sought by enumeration of the Self Evident Rights of Man in our basic national law and system of self-governance. We once tried to include an imagined right to be free of influence of the drinking of alcoholic beverages as one of those supposed rights. The results were so disastrous for the nation that “prohibition” had to be repealed. I think the attempt to include negroes into “our posterity” can easily be demonstrated to have had an even more disastrous effect on the nation. If a horrible bloody war could be fought to preserve the Union and if the 18th Amendment could be repealed to preserve the Union then I think it’s certainly worthy of consideration that the 14th and 15th Amendments could also be repealed for the same reason.

    Just remember that the Preamble to the Constitution is there as a light to illuminate the rest of the document and make it more clear to us why anything to be found within it is there. And remember as well that those who wrote “ourselves and our posterity” never *ever* intended that phrase to mean negroes, “Africans” or whatever they’re calling themselves this week.

    I would think some of their self-appointed leaders like that one who calls himself “reverend” but is a known philandering adulterer and raised a criminal who abused campaign finances to buy fur coats and “bling” might like to bear that in gland.

    James Stenzel

    Comment by James Stenzel — August 26, 2014 @ 2:24 pm

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