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The Left Side of History | August 5, 2014

It is not everyone who can claim to have enacted two laws or truisms but I have.

The latest one is that bad ideas invariably drive out good ideas in a society.

I am referring to the idea that people who have fundamental religious, moral and ethical beliefs have been victimized by the secular idea that the new liberal Taliban is in town and they will not tolerate any idea that differs from their new orthodoxy.

I am not talking about Islam but cultural atheism or what president Obama identified as the new national religion in his speech at the Catholic university Notre Dame in 2009.

Pope emeritus Benedict often remarked that he thought it was not so much atheists who damage the Christian faith, as it is the practical atheists who do the real damage. The practical atheists are those who profess themselves Christians but who then live as if God does not exist.

At the heart of this practical atheism, which is very present in our day and also very easy to fall into, is a false relationship with God.  We say one thing yet we do another and we convince ourselves that no one is the wiser. And that includes God.

Racism, multiculturalism and diversity have been adroitly employed to chase religious and moral people from the public square.

This all may have begun with the virtual elimination of the Bible from the public school system in the 1940s and 1950s.

As C.S. Lewis noted, the modern world insists that religion be a purely private affair, then shrinks the area of privacy to the vanishing point.

Total elimination  has always been high on the left-wing agenda throughout history.

I need only cite the French Revolution to dramatize my point.

Racial prejudice and bigotry has become the driving wedge to open up new venues of religious elimination for years now.

The Civil Rights was essentially necessary but it lost its credibility after affirmative action was defended many years after it had become obsolete.

Good grief!  Affirmative action or reverse discrimination has been the law of the land for 40 years. Enough is enough!

It is so deeply embedded in the national psyche, thanks to the Democrat Party, that to mock or criticize any black person even in private is a mortal sin that demands a symbolic public execution. Just witness the plight of Daniel Sterling.

Apply that fear to presidential elections and you see what we get!

By not recognizing the excesses of this racial intransigence traditional society has indirectly delegated or surrendered too much power and moral authority to these real purveyors of intolerance and hatred.

If they would only stop the hatin’!

I am talking about the self-empowered racialists who abuse the moral authority bestowed upon them.

While the civil right movement was legitimate in its early days, its justification now serves as an ersatz proxy moral card to auxiliary groups such as homosexuals, and even many feminists. They have used the accidents of birth to demand acceptance of a life style that had been condemned for millennia.

This is not to say that the Christian virtues of our once moral society should not temper the grave and inhumane excesses of past history but this does not translate into any legitimacy granted to their sexual practices.

The newest phrase to capture all this has been On the Wrong Side of History.

As if the liberal caliphate has a clue just what is moral and immoral! For a collective group that has rejected traditional religion and virtually all of its moral values, they are woefully unqualified to create any replacement set of values that would have universal appeal, such as the Golden and Silver Rules.

They self-righteously think they represent the right side of history.

In a recent screed in her USA Today column, sports writer, Christine Brennan  pontificated about Tony Dungy’s alleged intolerance of homosexuality in the NFL.

She was directing HER intolerance to his honest and heart-felt beliefs that he made about the last man drafted in the NFL’s college draft, Michael Sam, who wantonly disturbed the relative tranquility of NFL locker-room politics with his self-admission that he was gay and proud of it.

Millions of football fans were subjective to the kiss on national TV without warning.  Where is all the concern about our sensitivities?

With regard to Sam’s admission, Dungy noted I wouldn’t have taken him. It’s not going to be totally smooth…Things will happen. In other word he did not want his new football team, the Tampa Bay Bucs turned into a media circus.

The Rams were more willing to take that chance, since he was a Missourian, and that was their choice. There is only a 50-50 chance he will make the team unless the media forces the Rams to deny a better player an opportunity to play for the Rams.

Everything Dungy said is reasonable and honest. So why should we even listen to people like Ms. Brennan sound off about subjects they really don’t even understand?

And how come sports fans must be subjected to her liberal drivel?   Give her an opinion page and leave the sports to someone who really cares about what goes on between the lines or on the court.

In paraphrase of Thomas Paine, these movements have made the world anew.  This is all part of the hope and change that candidate Obama promised us, a hope founded on the illusions, lies and myths of a history gone bad.

Theirs is not the right side of history or even the wrong side of history.  History is neither. The moral judgments its makes are wholly subjective.  Only God really knows which is right or wrong.  What the liberals have today is only the left side of history.




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  1. Reading a book called DEFENDING A HIGHER LAW by the TFP Committee on American Issues (homosexuality). Read one years ago by a priest whose last name was Rueda on the homosexual agenda. We are facing a rough ride ahead . Heard that the anti Christ was born in 1998 and will manifest himself as our savior at age 30 in imitation of Jesus Christ. Things will get increasingly worse and worse and worse until the one who “saves” will appear , be well loved and perform miracles. Hold on to your scapular, miraculous medal and rosary as we coast into total chaos. The Muslims have tried to conquer the world for centuries. They may succeed. Pax

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — August 6, 2014 @ 6:17 pm

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