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Lefty Obama and the Liberal Fix

July 16, 2014

I was going to call this Honey, I Shrunk the Country, a veiled reference to the 1989 Rick Moranis movie about an inventor who accidentally shrinks his children.

I think it is a fitting metaphor for what President Obama has done to this once proud and powerful country.

He has shrunk the nation’s economy…its military and its standing on the world stage.

Way to go Mr. President!

Many military and political people have started calling him the worst president in history.

I don’t understand what took them so long. I saw that in him eight months after his first election.

I have already written about my astute granddaughter who asked me six years ago who I thought was the worst president. She was six at the time.

I made a case for Obama and she said that I was saying that only because I had voted for McCain.

Oh, if we only had college students who knew as much.

The good news is that since then she has gone from being a liberal Democrat to telling me recently that she was a neutral. By that I think she meant an independent. To me that is a great deal of progress.

When she is in college maybe she will be president of the Conservative Club if there still is such a thing.

The only thing wrong with my thesis is that it is based on my objective standards of what I think is good for the country.

My standards are precisely that–standard.

For a country to thrive it must maintain a delicate balance between personal freedoms and government power. These two entities have been in conflict since the First American Revolution.

To be successful the citizens of a nation must feel secure in their beds at night.

The level of national security has fallen greatly in the 21st century. After 9/11 our world changed. It was harder to travel and there seemed to be threats to Americans abroad.

Rightfully or wrongly President George W. Bush fought two wars so that our battles against terrorism would not come to our shores again.

While he was doing that, little was done to address our Southern borders. Millions of illegal immigrants have flooded to this country with the blessings of both parties. Republicans see them as cheap labor while Democrats see them as gullible voters in search of free stuff. To a degree maybe 35-65, both parties deserve to be held accountable.

The litany of Obama scandals from the IRS to Benghazi outperform any list from the collective administrations of the alcoholic Ulysses S. Grant, the libidinous Warren G. Harding, the shifty Richard M. Nixon and the clueless Jimmy Carter—all of whom have been labeled at one time the worst president in American history.

But what confuses the issue for most good-hearted Americans on the right and the left, is the abject fact that President Obama and I do not have the same standards. His beliefs are diametrically opposed to virtually anyone of my standards.  What I see as bad and even evil are good and wholesome in our president’s mind.

I see abortion, illegal immigration, homosexual marriage, embryonic stem cell research, an increase in the minimum wage, national health care and subsidies for healthy Americans as all as attacks on the American character and deleterious to the integrity of our national institutions.

I believe in a strong national defense, secure borders, capitalism, fiscal conservativism, a strong foreign policy, not an ignorant democracy where an odious agenda is deliberately rammed down the American people’s throat.

I believe true freedom. not moral license is necessary for our prosperity and for that of the world.

Obama thinks that America is evil to the core. He believes that we are largely responsible for all the unrest and violence in the world and quite frankly the world would be better off without us.

If you want o see what that would like see author Dinesh D’Souza’s new film America

Obama promised that he would transform the nation and in doing just that he has been undermining everything the vast majority of the American people hold dear to them.

President Obama has threatened to make a mockery of the laws of the land, especially our Constitution.

He obeys only those laws that he wants and ignores those that don’t fit his agenda.

He has a vision for America that he believes will make the world a better place–especially as long as it can benefit from his deep-seated intellectual ideals.

If one wants a vision of Obama’s world look back to its progenitor the French Revolution which gave us first the guillotine, the reign of terror and later the concentration camp, the death camps and the gulags.

His megalomania is only surpassed by his inattention to detail, unconcern for the consequences of his policies and for the harm and the abject evil they engender in a world that is bordering, not on Nirvana but on the chaos of Hell.

While he mocks Christians for believing in a heavenly future in the next life, Obama promises that we can have Heaven on earth if we just listen to him.

The graveyards are riven with petty dictators and ersatz intellectuals who have made the same disingenuous promises.

Too many conservatives and patriots from Mike Huckabee to Bill O’Reilly naively see him as someone who wants the same things as they do but is just going at it in a different way. They could not be any more wrong about his sinister agenda.

Obama reminds me of Claude Lefty Williams one of the infamous Black Sox who threw the 1919 World Series to the Cincinnati Reds to spite their owner, Charlie Comisky and pick up some easy money. The scandal rocked baseball for years and was ultimately responsible for Pete Rose’s banishment from the game he played harder than most.

Williams was the most egregious of the eight-man cabal and wound up losing three of the five games necessary to win in 1919.

Fast forward to the 1981 World Series when pitcher George Frazier of the New York Yankees became only the second man to suffer three losses in a series.

When reminded of Williams’ chicanery, Frazier quipped Yeah but I wasn’t trying to lose them!

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