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The Love People | November 20, 2013

A few years ago I was talking to a little girl who whimsically referred to her mom and dad as the love people.

The fact that both of them looked to the port side of every political issue has prompted me to think of the 1970  movie, based on Erich Segal’s book of the same name, Love Story.

Love story.jpg

Never sorry

In the movie the lead actress, played by Ali MacGraw became terminally ill.

Her lover, played by Ryan O’Neal fumbles around and beats his breast in sorry and apology, leading to her classic line, Love means never having to say you are sorry.

Just look back to the so-called McCarthy era when a politician seized on an issue of government disloyalty and infiltration of Communists into the very heart of the Democratically lead executive department.

In 1953 playwright Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible opened on Broadway.

The McCarthy period inspired him to write his play about the notorious Salem witch trials  of 1696.

The term witch hunt emanated from this era.


Added to the political lexicon

This play gave birth to the term witch-hunt which has become a permanent fixture in the modern political lexicon.

For 70 years writers, politicians and pundits have lambasted any talk of disloyalty as a throwback to McCarthyism.

They even blame McCarthy for the blacklist and censorship of 10 writers and producers who would not admit their communist connections during, not of one of McCarthy’s Senate hearings, but before the House on Un-American Activities Committee, a totally separate investigation.

In truth it was one of the biggest canards and falsehoods ever inflicted on American history and still stands as the gospel truth for schools on all levels of education.

No  one dare set the record straight despite the irrefutable evidence that there was hundreds of communist agents and sympathizers who had made it even into the Oval Office.

Had Henry Wallace not been removed from the vice-presidency for FDR’s fourth presidential campaign a Soviet sympathizer would have become president of the United States.

Head and shoulders of man about fifty with upswept hair, wearing a gray suit and dark tie

Almost was president

One need only consult the Venona Dispatches which appeared after the fall of Soviet Communism in 1991 when they opened the KGB and other archives.

The left’s protests against Republicans like McCarthy was disengenuous, deceptive and blatantly false.

The bold truth was that many communists had found a niche in the Democratic presidency of first FDR and later Truman.

Their Democratic defenders, like Obama on ObamaCare are either ignorant or bold-face liars.

Like today Democrats consistently violated the truth to protect their own petty political legacies.

To this day no liberal has ever admitted his wrong doing and in fact they still perpetuate the myth of McCarthyism.

Liberals never say they are sorry.  And I mean never!

Got no apologies from liberals

Like the parents described above liberals are America’s Love People.

Like Peanuts’ Lucy van Pelt, they love humanity.

It just is individual people that mean little or nothing to them.

File:Lucy van Pelt.png

Loved humanity

The poor are mere cogs in the wheels of state that sometimes must be propelled under the bus in order for the power aggrandizement to progress forward.

Liberals have all been conditioned by the same-thinking marriage of Nico Machiavelli and Saul Alinsky who taught them how to get their own power and expand it when they were in control.

This is the motivation for the ACA and every other policy coming out of this White House.

There are no absolutes for liberals, except this self-serving dictum.

Truth and fact are only words that are to be nuanced, distorted or obliterated as each situation  dictates.

While President Obama has offered the first two in what might become a weekly reality show of apologies for mishandling and even fumbling the ball with regard to his signal calling as the nation’s starting quarterback, he never has said he was sorry for all the lies, deception and prevarications that he put out publicly that has already negatively impacted millions of lives.

Obama on ACA problems: "I will see this through"

Has made health care unaffordable

Were he a Roman Catholic and he told these sins in the confessional in the old church his penance would have been sack cloth and ashes.

In today’s kinder and gentler church I think his resignation would be required for atonement.

Of course he would have to promise to amend his ways to get absolution.

His resignation would be the only honorable thing.

Given the lack of character president in the Democratic Senate impeachment will never happen.

Nixon paid for his lack of trust in the American system with resignation only because of the character and leadership of several Republican leaders.

File:Nixon edited transcripts.jpg

Resigned with dignity . Will Obama?

There are no such profiles of courage existent in the Democratic Party today…none whatsoever.

The last chapter in Obama Agonistes has not been written yet.

We will have to wait see if the events unfolding will eventually cause  liberals to fully understand the meaning of sorrow for their political sins.



  1. Obama will not step down and may even create a crisis so he can stay president for a third term like Roosevelt did. What a hell of a mess. Purposely created.

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — November 22, 2013 @ 12:36 am

    • There is a famous quote reputedly by the 1st communist President, FDR.

      “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

      Evidently this quote may be a hoax:

      Perhaps the 1st commie President really did *not* utter those exact words.

      To that I’ll paraphrase what Henry Ford said when publicly pilloried for promoting the reading of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which were claimed by critics to be a hoax concocted by Czarist secret police. Ford said that you could look around at what was going on in light of what was to be found in the Protocols and see that what was being delineated in that pamphlet was, in fact, what one would see going on all around one. Actually I’ve heard *his* precise quote was something to do with his wishing it *were* a big hoax, or something to that effect.

      And that’s what I say to you—-this mess was *planned*—you are correct.

      This nation was financed by a certain group in it’s beginnings—a group whose henchmen went on to print a great deal of argument for the formation of a strong federal government ( so they’d get their investment paid back in $ worth something rather than some worthless scrip hardly worth the paper some state or another printed it up on).

      This same group was found to have been inordinately involved in the shipping of AfriCAN’T slaves here. some of their descendants calling themselves the Fruit of Islam researched that in public records. Even so long ago as when Alexis de Tocqueville visited us he was able to notice easily that the results of that salting of the national flesh with the seeds of it’s own destruction would be a or *the* central problem plaguing this nation for the foreseeable future.

      With the advent of the post “Jim Crow” civil rights movement those seeds-of-our-own-national-destruction were germinated. Ever since they’ve been being watered and fertilized—right along with the desirable cultivated crops in our national garden. Now they’ve grown to maturity and are dropping their foetid fruit, poisoning the very earth upon which this nation was founded. Even though those fruits are inordinately the benefactors of Florida’s “castle doctrine” law their self-appointed mouthpiece, performer Stevie Wonder, called a fatwah on Florida until that law is rescinded.

      This is the type of intellectual chicanery which, when tolerated too greatly by it’s target victims ( the majority population), will scuttle our Ship of State.

      And this was all planned hundreds of years ago.

      There is an eastern euro-peon folk tale about a monster composed of clay and animated via a scroll containing magical incantations placed beneath it’s tongue. The name of this monster is Golem. There was even a horror film made around this theme starring Roddy McDowell. It’s my belief the idea for Frankenstein’s Monster was probably inspired by this folk tale.

      But it’s not really about an actual physical monster made of kaolin. No, it’s about a metaphorical monster—a political entity of some sort containing great power if it’s creator knows just how to tweak it. The use of the term “clay” in it’s composition relates to how those who create such monsters to serve their own purposes view the humans who are the citizens in these political entities. Our respected Professor has referred to how such people view individuals–while claiming to love them collectively. To such people those citizens are like something you step in on the street—only of importance if you forget to scrape it off before entering your house. Actually the originator of that particular quote meant something smellier and messier than clay, but clay will suffice. I’ve tracked clay into the house before after a long day of dirt-bike riding and believe me mere clay was not appreciated…

      The United States of America is one of these created golems. An important moral of the golem folk tale is where the golem finally becomes self-aware and turns on it’s creator whose needs it had formerly been serving. There are two possible morals to be transmitted by this part of the folk tale. For the outsiders to the group using this tale to warn one-another the moral is “don’t make golems—they turn on their creators so they’re too dangerous to mess with”. The *nuanced* internal moral is that if one makes golems one uses them for a single-use and then destroys them before they become self-aware and begin to pursue their own self-interested agendas.

      And that’s why, even though the ultimate disposition/use of Golem USA was not even known at the time it was inaugurated/capitalized the seeds of it’s own destruction had been liberally sowed in the midst of it’s very flesh. And now those seeds—one individual of my acquaintance calls them “serpent seeds”; no doubt in reference to dragon’s teeth which by legend can be cast upon the earth to rise up as warriors who cannot be killed to serve their master—-have grown, matured and are bearing their fruit. That fruit is the deactivation of Golem USA.

      Only the carefully orchestrated suspension of the disbelief that all this is “right” and “good” for us through profligate use of such hackneyed phrases as “diversity is our strength” has enabled this end to be effected. As Walt Kelley’s little swamp creature—I forget if it was the ‘gator or ‘possum—said, “we have met the enemy and he is us”. Vice has been magically transformed into virtue by the wave of the magic editorial red-pen. And whether their paladin actually ever said it or not, none of this “just happened”.

      You can put that in the Federal Reserve Bank the next time you’re paying way more for something than it’s really worth/making a deposit. Just don’t register a web domain based upon the above related idea and let your boss learn about it or you’re liable to be summarily fired.

      And so it goes—circling slowly the drain of theirstory.

      James Stenzel
      Golem USA

      Comment by James Stenzel — November 22, 2013 @ 3:26 pm

      • Dear Jim:

        You write longer comments than my post. Here’s another one of my “fan letters” from this post. I think she got me booted from the Net. BB

        nope. most of the time we find the cranky old men who are pestering us and put a foot in their mouth. if you got a political belief go out and shout it from the hill tops, just stay out of my electronic mail box.

        there is one thing I can do, tho, and that is conjure up a little filter to auto dump you in the trash. bye sweetie.


        Comment by Bill Borst — November 22, 2013 @ 3:30 pm

  2. JS thanksfor the refeance of me and MY lost job.the true evil worked right along the professor at the old Wgnu 920am being she was and is a public person i,m not fearful of naming her. Liz Brown.she embodied the true term Africa,nt. Thanks for your isight.

    Comment by mike Ellington — November 22, 2013 @ 9:14 pm

  3. Be careful what you wish for. Mr. Obama is becoming, finally, a known entity. He is having more trouble all the time, pushing his sludge forward. Many of his former supporters don’t believe him anymore. Some of those who are politicians are seeing the trends and running away from him. This is good, although not all of what we need. But if Obama was impeached, who would we get? Joe Biden.

    Comment by John Kelly — November 25, 2013 @ 9:25 pm

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