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A Washington Close-up | November 8, 2013

Recently I did something that I had not done since eating a rotten apple in 1962 at an orphanage where I was a weekly big brother.

I lost my lunch after I had eaten it.

Without going into any gross detail I was trying to avoid getting sick in my car.  I got out without parking it but didn’t make it to the garage.

Losing one’s cookies as they sometimes call it is one of the most unpleasant things  any human being can suffer through.

Never eat anything off the ground

That’s why I vowed 51 years ago never to do it again.  I guess never was too long a time.

I had an interesting vision during the grotesque episode.

A woman who assists my wife with Christmas decorations grabbed me from behind and positioned her knees to brace me as I leaned forward.

She is a very strong and athletic-looking beauty whose strength helped me find a small realm of security in the midst of my digestive distress.

I have repeatedly stated how much I enjoy movies.

I had this vision of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio on the deck of the Titanic in an enchanting scene from the movie of the same name.

He is holding her from behind as she leans forward over the rail and feels the power of the wind and the warmth of the setting sun on her face and upper body.

The only trouble with my vision was I was Kate and Tiffany was Leonardo.

Tiffany and me

That brings me in a circuitous route to ObamaCare.

I had really thought about calling this essay the USS Obamanic...a real disaster movie.

Obama would have the Captain Smith role as the valiant ship’s captain that went down with his ship of state while taking millions of us with him.

There is no way that will ever happen.

Our ship may sink but there is no way this leader will even be on board.

The American taxpayer

Many films have memorable lines that I often use to illustrate a point or enhance one of my stories.

In Sunset Boulevard with Gloria Swanson and William Holden, the deranged aging actress makes her final appearance near the end of the movie after having shot Holden’s real character to death and says:

All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.

I think William Shakespeare anticipated Washington D. C. when he wrote the world is a stage and we all must play a part.

A Hollywood close-up

I say this because I am convinced that Cecil DeObama has been directing everything that has happened to the American people with regard to its complicated health care system.

Of course at this juncture he seems a disengaged director who would rather be on the golf links than stuck in the oval director’s chair.

But that is part of his genius.

He is also the lead actor in this disaster movie.

Like Robert Redford, Obama has made the smooth transition from an actor impersonating a United States Senator to playing  the most important role of his life and ours as well from behind the scenes.

A presidential model

The president’s highly touted health care system, aka ObamaCare has been a colossal failure from the start.

Obama looks the part of a buffoon…an ignorant fool whose right hand does not have any idea what his left-hand has been up to.

But that is all part of his script.

Despite his lack of any real academic achievement the man is a genius in manipulating people to perform just the way he wants…even if it is by misdirection.

This goes doubly for the Republicans.

It has not been  his ignorance or disinterest that have created an untenable situation fraught with uncertainty, fear and broken lives.

These exchanges are doing just what they were designed to do—FAIL! 

Obama has surrounded himself with political hacks, pettifogging lawyers, imbeciles–think Pelosi–and zombie-like thugs from the central casting division of the Democratic Party.

Nancy Pelosi 113th Congress 2013.jpg

Has she read the ACA yet?

There is no way these disparate unprofessionals could construct or lead their way out of a paper bag, let alone absorb 16% of the US economy and make it a workable system.

A single payer system like Medicaid has always been his goal.

As the Wall Street Journal said on October 30th, Americans are losing their coverage by political design.

This could be the biggest act of overt political fraud in the history of the country.

Are Americans to blame for this public film?

Too many believed his calculated and repeated lies about keeping their insurance plans and their doctors but hopefully they will awaken from their slumber and realize this is what he wanted all along.

And they sadly bought his message, not once but twice.

None of this has been by accident but the coming home to roost of the liberals longtime goal that everyone has essentially the same health coverage and that government is the only institution that can ensure that it is done equally…except for them and their friends of course.

Such political and economic control is the driving force of the Affordable Care Act not the health and well-being of the American people.

Unless this monstrosity is pulled from the screens across America we can expect the worst to happen.

In two years when the deed has been done to us and we no longer have any viable health insurance and less actual care, he will be able to add an Oscar to his mantle right next to his Nobel Peace Prize.

ACMI 14.jpg

Coming soon for our president

Had Obama put as much effort into governing as he has done in playing politics with 300 million American lives he could have gone down as one of the great presidents of all times.

Sadly true historians will see him as an abject failure who had an epitaph penned for him by John Greenleaf Whiter centuries ago…

John Greenleaf Whittier BPL ambrotype, c1840-60-crop.jpg

An Obama epitaph

The saddest words of tongue and pen are what might have been.


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  1. Unfortunately, I agree with you. I do not see the ACA debacle unrailed. There are too many uneducated people who only see the handouts they are receiving and not what is happening to the country. We have yet to see all of the taxes in the ACA. Thsi is only one part of Obama ‘s end run—take the U.S. to their knees- economy and world power!

    Comment by Barb — November 9, 2013 @ 5:31 pm

  2. The whole crappy business of the so- called prez and his henchmen and his secret army is a set up to cause our country to go bankrupt and godless and taken over. I am at the end of the line and may leave planet earth before the shit hits the fan. If God so wills. Pax

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — November 9, 2013 @ 11:25 pm

  3. I agree that the ACA was designed to be an interim stepping-stone to outright pure socialism. Of course we all know * that* was designed to fail at it’s inception since it depends upon every individual being ( functionally ) an “angel” for it to function. I think I can probably speak for everyone here when I say we are *all * far from the ideal of the proverbial angel…

    What I disagree about is when all this really started in a major way. I hear people continually complaining “we’re going to lose our insurance”.

    I’ve recently gone through the process of watching a close relative die of AD dementia and being highly involved in trying to manage their affairs during that debacle. I can assure you that the having of health insurance made the miserable even more-so, not less.

    I’m just old enough to remember when a person of even modest means could expect to pay their normal medical bills and possibly to amass enough equity in a major investment by the time they might be reasonably expected to come down with some unenviable end-of-life type condition to liquidate that asset to pay their fare to the Boatman on their way across the River Styx.

    Look close during the next horror movie you see depicting that boatman—on the top of the pole he uses to push the boat across the river you’ll see a caduceus.

    But now people can hardly afford routine medical expenses—unless they have the (now ubiquitous ) health insurance.

    The same Big Lie about Big Government being the only entity which can handle the complexities and expense of “our little aches and pains” ( apologies to the clever advertising campaign one sees constantly on TV regarding insurance ) was pre-choed in the run-up to this mess when we were all conditioned to believe that only *some* other entity than ourselves and our families could handle what life was likely to dish-out to us.

    It was the Big Lie about what Big Business could do for us that we couldn’t. My father * assured* me that “economies of scale” in the large defense contract industry for which he worked could work miracles with their corporate buying power that an individual couldn’t hope to match in self-insured situations…

    And then the wonderful deal for which he’d worked and slaved at much less pay than he could have gotten as a “temp” working for job shops doing the same work at the same company fell through after he’d worked all his life for it. Oh yeah, there was a lawsuit and his surviving spouse was allowed to pick one from column A or one from column B—-but it was all hugely expensive compared to what he’d dealt for in good faith when he worked for that company for much less $$ because of the “benefits” package…

    I recently took part in a research project designed to “test the waters” about how to promote the various insurance plans which would be referred by these government clearing-houses which don’t seem to be functioning as promised under the ACA. At the end of the little question/answer session I was allowed to make a comment. My comment was that insurance companies are pirates and I don’t “roll that way”. What I meant by that is I’m not buying health insurance from those pirates no matter what penalties the IRS is encouraged to punish me with after NO fair-and-speedy trial. I’d frankly rather pay a little more into the salaries of soldiers and food inspectors ( not get my refund, if any is due ) than pay healthcare insurance companies, their employees and their investors.

    In fact I was quite surprised to qualify for the study as my message to them was “if someone made a film-noir production of health-insurance-company executives, employees and their investors hung on butcher wire I’d buy that DVD”.

    I remember decades and decades ago as a somewhat-linguistically-precocious child who socialized way too much with adults and too little with children his own age ( we just didn’t have any in my family and their circles-of-friends ) constantly hearing the phrase “cradle-to-grave security” bandied about by what passed then for conservatives.

    They weren’t only talking about government. They were talking about the whole package—everyone deathly afraid of ever getting “caught holding the bag” for their own destiny when they lost the life-lottery—as everyone ultimately does.

    You can only smear the temporal lines, you can’t decrease the amount of suffering in the human condition either by Big Government or Big Corporate Bureaucracy. Big Health Insurance attempts to make the argument that various programs achieved through them “throwing their weight around” have increased the health of the populace but when I look around when I’m out in public or look in the mirror when I’m getting ready to bathe I know that the biggest problem with the public health is NOT being addressed meaningfully. We’d all be better-off in the long run if Big Government would tell us all to get off our fat asses and out of our automobiles and start using bicycles more for transportation than anything that’s been done either by big business or big government along these lines.

    But never fear—-Big Business is never going to allow Big Government to do anything that wholesome.

    Because the Big Fat People wouldn’t like it and would start letter-writing campaigns to Big Business if they did.

    So just look around you at the Big Fat Populace who haven’t the self-control to stop shoveling Too Much Food in their low-information-voter faces and look at what currently infests the Oval Office and begin to see the Big Connection. We all want to believe we can eat our potato-chip-and-soda diet and someday “someone else” is going to come up with a pill we can take that’s going to make us into the lean/fit desirable people we all wish we were so “don’t worry about it”—–that ought to be the national motto for the 21st century. Phone it in.

    Now, I know that not * everyone * is a big fat pig whose main health problem is their superfluous adipose tissue. Perhaps most reading/posting here don’t have that problem. But it’s a national health tragedy and there’s no denying it. We’re not facing the spectre of government overstepping it’s bounds and demanding that food producers stop including certain delicious fats in processed foods because of Big Government. We’re facing it because Big Government is trying to solve a very real problem the only way Big Government can. But that doesn’t negate the responsibility of those giving Big Government one more golden opportunity to “shine” it’s baleful hellish lamp unto our walking-down-the-wrong-path-already feet…

    We’ve given Big Government and it’s tyrannical proponents so much “body language” through the last 7 decades that we’re “chumps” who are “ripe for the picking” that it’s a wonder they haven’t mugged us more.

    In the end it’s we ourselves who need to suck it up, toughen up and start living a more austere and wholesome lifestyle. Just us doing that would do far more than all the various “parties” and wannabe “parties” and organizations and foundations and so-on and so forth could ever accomplish.

    We’ve become ( or been encouraged to become ) a nation full of wishful thinkers—-daydream believers as one popular song from the days of my misspent youth hypnotically encouraged us even then to become. The sharpies see us coming a mile away. That’s why all that consumer electronics crap that’s dumped in our market by our former(?!) dire enemies—-you know, the ones who gave William Jefferson Blythe and Al “The Whore” Gore those suitcases full of small bills “individual campaign contributions”?—-almost never function fully as the various claims and names on the packaging suggests. Because they know instead of doing something about the fraud we’re going to try to sit around wishing that the junk really did work fully as advertised and that will be the end of it–and wish that the next time we made the stupid mistake of buying from them instead of the “capitalist stooges” ( apologies to Terry Southern and Stanley Kubric ) in South Korea things would turn out differently.

    Albert Einstein once quipped that one useful definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. Einstein never could quite stretch his mind around the concepts of non-locality and the so-called uncertainty principle but he had a pretty good handle on reference frames and insanity. What weapons WW IV is fought with remains to be seen.

    Walt Kelley, bless him, used to have one of his little swamp-critter characters say this phrase over and over again but apparently not enough people were reading: “we have met the enemy and he is us”. I forget if it was the alligator or the ‘possum. It may as well have been a talking moose and a flying squirrel. Boris and Natasha plotted their sticky-end and as it turns out, they’re the superior plotters.

    My Witness: Traitor-in-Chief, Comrade Obama.

    James Stenzel

    Comment by James Stenzel — November 12, 2013 @ 6:22 pm

  4. Dear Jim:

    You make a number of interesting points. The one thing that disturbs me about this whole issue and all the excess commentary about the failings of ObamaCare is the fact that the proponents of the dreaded “single payer” health insurance where the government “insures” everyone are now coming out in the open.

    Does this mean that once the current new system collapses under its own weight that we immediately jump into that failure of a system without any hopoe of returning to the world of private insurance?

    Or has the ACA failed too swiftly allowing conservatives to recapture the private market system? We are all in some sort of limboland with our l9ves in the balance. My only caution to you and my other friends is to stay healthy dude—that is the only way to beat them.

    Comment by Bill Borst — November 13, 2013 @ 3:33 pm

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