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The Bolshevik and the Hapa

September 10, 2013

My massage therapist is from Ukraine.

As a courtesy to her I save all the articles that appear in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal that have anything to do with her native homeland, Russia and anything remotely close to the old Soviet Union.

It is the least I can do for her after all she has done for me the past few years.

She and her husband subscribe to six Russian cable stations and know a lot about what is happening there but they seldom read the American papers for our country’s perspective about their native land.

Her sister and nephew work in the office of Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, so I always clip any article about him and what’s going on in his government.

Viktor Yanukovych 27 April 2010-1.jpeg

Ukrainian President

Before I leave a short stack of articles on her table that she leaves with us now that we are upstairs in my office, I generally read with intent or peruse what I give her twice a week.

As a result I have become very interested in her part of the world, especially Russia’s president Vladimir Putin.

Lena does not like Putin at all.  She is also not fond of Ukraine’s previous prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, who wound up in jail after losing the election for president in 2010..

Despite what she thinks I have developed a small fondness for Russia’s reigning autocrat.

I know he is former KGB and I guess that is like being a Mason–once a Mason–always a Mason.

Obama was a Hapa in his native Hawaii.  That is someone of mixed ethnic descent.

Of course to look at Hawaiians born in the mating place of the world, I would hazard a guess that virtually all Hawaiians are a mixed bag of races and nationalities.

Obama’s  most generous and comprehensive biographer, David Maraniss says that his Hapa status seems to have grated on the moody young man as he tried to find himself on the mainland.

I think Obama has had a hard time fitting in wherever he has gone since then.

He is not a very personal man and appears uncomfortable, even among the people who support him and will not tolerate anyone criticising or rebuking him or his policies.

With a separated father and for all practical purposes–an absentee mother, I am not surprised that he has felt alienated from his family surroundings.

This might explain why he feels at home in no specific place but proclaims himself a citizen of the world as were Woodrow Wilson and Bill Clinton, his progressive forebears.

I think Putin wins any competition with Obama  hands down!

I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!

For one thing he loves his Mother Russia.

Can we honestly say that our president has put his country first?

Is Putin trying to kill capitalism, level the playing field in the name of something vague and amorphous like equality?

The world respects and fears Putin which is not necessarily a bad thing.

No one outside of his racialist circle and few Democratic stalwarts–think Harry and Nancy–really respects Obama and no one quakes in their boots about his power over them…so far at least.

When Putin speaks—like the old E. F. Hutton commercial–people turn around and listen.

That was also true of Ronald Reagan because he said meaningful things that inspired millions of American–not just the chosen cronies and friends, purchased with trillions of taxpayer dollars.

Official Portrait of President Reagan 1981.jpg

Knew how to be sincere and inspiring

People listened to Reagan because his speeches were from the heart and he was not lost without his teleprompter.

There was never any controversy about Putin’s birth certificate.

And surprisingly for a KGB Russian Putin is a practicing Christian.

This is thanks to his mother.

OK maybe he is a born-again with a Bolshevik past.

What is Obama?  He’s never practiced anything remotely resembling true selfless Christianity.

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is no Christian.

He has taken the black liberation of rogue priests and the like and attacked America with a hateful vengeance.

It is always payback for him and Obama.  They will never turn the other check nor love thy neighbor.

I doubt if these principles would emanate from Putin much as well and he is a little weak on the Sixth Commandment–adultery in Catholic ordination.

I have already written about the sweet young rhythmic gymnast, Alina Kabaeva who won medals in the 2004 (gold) and 2000 (bronze) Olympics for whom he has finally left his wife of over 30 years.

All Christians are sinners but they are still Christians.

Former gymnast Alina Kabaeva is Vladimir Putins potential new bride photo

All Christians are sinners!

Obama has repeatedly pushed the gay thing down our national throats.

I don’t know what Putin thinks of them personally though I might have a good guess.

He is a very virile man and the type of affected feminine characteristics that seem to characterize many young gay men would repel him but on a higher level I think he fears their affect on Russian society as a whole.

Many Russians fear that the gay adoptions of young boys  will create a colony of new gay men. Recent statistics show a disproportionate number of adopted boys becoming homosexuals.

Most children who are adopted adopt the religions of their new parents, so why not the sexual behaviors?

My Catholic Church’s collective head will be on the chopping block very soon and if its bishops and priests are true to the faith they will be imprisoned and maybe driven from the country.

Coming after the Catholic Church

I believe that most civil rights groups that have any history of prejudice and abuse that once they are accepted they want, not equality but retribution and the enactment of more severe penalties than had been applied to them.

Is America far away from that?

With Obama at the helm and using his Affordable Care Act to bully the Catholic Church on abortion and birth control, can the rainbow curtain be far behind?

In Russia Putin wants the gays to stifle themselves and not make a mockery of the Winter Olympics, scheduled to start in Sochi next year.

I admire him for this stand as well as stopping the poorly named Pussy Riot from defaming the Russian Orthodox Church.

File:Pussy Riot at Lobnoye Mesto on Red Square in Moscow - Denis Bochkarev.jpg

Part of the Russian Culture War

Obama is more of a practical atheist, which is the religion of politics today, according to Russell Shaw’s new book, American Church: The Remarkable Rise, Meteoric Fall, and Uncertain Future of Catholicism in America.

Putin has also had to deal with a Ukrainian-based women’s group, called Femen, who have protested his power all over Russia.

Their simple means of protest is similar to America’s PETA, except they usually keep their pants on.

Personally I do not see how women bearing their breasts in public are going to change anyone’s thinking but…

They certainly change my thinking!

I will admit that their women are against prostitution and trafficking, which is all praiseworthy but this is not going to help their situation.

What I like most about Putin is  that he is all man.

He is quick to prove it by ripping off his shirt whenever he can and flexing his pecks.

Loves photo opportunities

Maybe he thinks he is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator.   Bad choice of words!

Obama on the other hand has never impressed me with his manliness.

He tries to show what a great athlete he was in high school but little has been made of the fact that  David Maraniss said that he was the only player on a very good high school team who could not dunk a basketball.

Didn’t he miss 22 shots in a row a few years ago?

That makes him racially atypical.

Another miss!

Obama’s feckless and spineless attitude toward foreign policy has disgusted me since he led from behind in Libya.

If he didn’t want that responsibility as the WSJ suggests then why did he want to be our the president of the UNited States?

He reminds me of C. S. Lewis’ book, Men Without Chests.  Perhaps a more vulgar title would aptly describe President Obama’s leadership inability.

No one can say that about Putin.

I know the tundra is probably greener on the Russian side of the fence but one can only dream.

Now it seems that Putin has pulled Obama’s bacon out of the fire he started in Syria.

Of course Obama’s incurable vanity will compel him to take full credit for saving the world again!  Another Peace Prize?

Putin doesn’t care what bonfire Obama’s vanities burn in–he owns him…and with our presdent…this country.

Now that is a scary thought!

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