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In Lucy’s Hands | June 25, 2013

The media tells us we are on the brink of a historic point in our immigration policies.

Dozens of Republicans are working feverishly to concoct a bill, replete with many amendments that will reform a policy that is nearly as cumbersome and as ineffective as our tax code.

Don’t you just love it when bromides, such as change and reform are tossed around like the food in Animal House?

Political training

These words ar to e often used interchangeable, which to me is just another open conspiracy, designed to pull more wool over the eyes of the average American citizen, who cares little for the fine print of politics.

What they really mean is that things are going to change drastically or in the case of immigration reform they are going to remain exactly the same.

Nothing is ever reformed to any real degree in politics.

Nothing will change

Rush Limbaugh opened millions of eyes in a recent program when he pulled the covers off another lie our government has told us.

Most Republicans want our immigration policies the way they are.

They don’t want reform.

Most American businessmen want cheap labor, even though it makes a mockery of American law.

The unions have been perplexed by this because cheap foreign labor is no good for their high wages.

But now they are on board because Obama and his cronies because they have been told  that 70-80% of these illegals will vote Democrat and that will be oh so good for them.

Since they don’t want to upset their federal meal ticket, those union workers, who still have jobs throw their support behind something called amnesty.

In real English amnesty means that whatever immigration laws someone has broken, they can jump to the head of the line–ahead of those who have followed the rules and obeyed the country’s laws.

What does that tell you about our equal protection laws?

But why am I not surprised?

This administration has made it a rule to enforce ONLY those laws that help the Democratic agenda and reward those who have bellied up to the campaign donation bar so that the Democrats can maintain their power and control over the rest of us.

No administration has been more flagrant in its abuse of power than the Obama administration.

It is the Chicago school of corruption that now rules America.

Republicans like the charismatic Marco Rubio, the chameleon Lindsey Graham, who chastises the isolationists in his own party and even the dutiful Paul Ryan reflect not the tradition of our American heritage but the progressivism of the Republican Roosevelt.

Lindsey Graham, Official Portrait 2006.jpg

Erstwhile conservative

As I have written before, it was Teddy Roosevelt and his patrician-oriented liberalism that had infiltrated the Republican Party around the turn of the century with its chimerical sense of reform, entitlement and duty.

These erstwhile conservatives are selling out to the political demands of the party.  No matter how many amendments they attach and no matter how many promises the Obama administration and the Democrats make, there never will be any enforcement of their concerns for borders control

According to Limbaugh enough border security laws are already on the books.

They just never get enforced.

So do not be surprised when after all the Republican cheering, back-slapping and high-fiving is over that nothing will have changed.

In 1986 when there were just three million illegals, not the 11-15 million on the table now, Senator Teddy Kennedy promised that if the Republicans granted amnesty to them, the problem would be solved forever.

I never can understand why these Republican Charlie Browns continue to believe their Democratic Lucys and attempt to kick the ball.

Republican standard-bearer

The Democrats pull the ball away each and every time.

There will be no cause for celebration.

So cork the champagne bottle, the borders will not be any more secure than they are today.

There still will be violent assaults on the citizens of Arizona, New Mexico and California.

And while I am on immigration, how about the Catholic Church’s role in this?

According to Donald Kerwin in the Catholic Legal Immigration Network Cardinal Roger Mahony electrified the US immigration reform debate by announcing on March 1, 2006 (Ash Wednesday), that he would instruct archdiocesan priests and lay Catholics to ignore provisions in a House-passed ‘enforcement only’ bill (H.R. 4437) — were they to pass — that would make it a crime to assist unauthorized immigrants.

Country needs real reform

Since  then, the Catholic Church has played a central role in the immigrant-led protests that have swept the country.

In many localities the church has encouraged parishioners to participate in the protests, offered bishops and priests as speakers, and served as an interlocutor for its newcomer members before Congress and in other public forums.

It has only been Amnesty Internal’s support of abortion rights that has had the church cancel its support for this extremist organization.

But according to Kerwin, the Catholic Church in the United States does not support open borders, illegal immigration, or an ‘amnesty’ that would grant legal status to all unauthorized immigrants. It believes nations have a legitimate responsibility to promote the common good by denying admission to certain migrants and by regulating the flow of all those who are seeking to enter.

Democratic footballs

I am not certain that is what the majority of Catholic priests are preaching.

Sure I agree that their has to be reform of a broken and ineffective system but that will happen when everyone is on the same page.

For some internal reason i can only speculate about, the Democratic Party does not seem to want to change things for the public benefit.

And lets face it, there never will be any moral reform of immigration unless the Mexican government complies.

I doubt if that will ever happen.

They are always looking for the political wedge that they can drive through the heart of all opposition to their never-ending quest for power.

Unfortunately the millions of suffering illegals are mere footballs in the hands of their Lucys.



  1. I am reading a book I will send to you when I finish. It is called ATHANASIUS by Dr. Rudolf Graber. Our country and our church are both undergoing “change” and it ill behooves you to read and report on this book.

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — June 25, 2013 @ 10:31 pm

    • I would enjoy that. Bad Vertigo spell last night after three really good days. BB

      PS Just 13 days until I see the doctor. BB


      Comment by nymets69 — June 26, 2013 @ 2:19 pm

  2. From a HS friend:

    To me the answer is simple. First we are all immigrants. Therefore our leanings should in moral spirit be with them.
    The only ones who can honestly complain are the native American Indians and we have already taken care of them.

    Now the problem at hand. We have allowed these folks to come and stay here. In addition, we have rewarded them with minimum or below minimum wages. True they may have made use of our social programs and born in US equals citizen. Again hundreds do this every year. Stay for 4 months then go home with new baby ( a US citizen even though mom and dad aren’t) to China, Japan wherever.

    Declare a date i.e. 6 months prior to the announcement that all residents without any criminal activity or record are “legal new arrivals” (pick a term).
    Hopefully the 6 months back dating will stop a border swarm. Prepare a process for citizenship for those who desire it. But they are behind those legally in line. Those who don’t desire citizenship have 2 years to leave or be deported. Any criminal folks are deported.

    We also need to change our critical skills visa rules, Right now we educate hundreds and then they go “home”

    Just some random thoughts.

    Now I am going back to something more constructive – lining up a home in Naples for next winter.

    Comment by nymets69 — June 26, 2013 @ 2:23 pm

  3. “we are all immigrants so we should be with them in spirit”… I am not an immigrant. I was born in the United States of America. Both my parents were born here ( more than the President can say ) and I never was listed a citizen of any other nation and never renounced that citizenship (more than the President can say ) so I don’t need to feel in sympathy with a bunch of criminals who have proved by the manner in which they entered this nation that they have 0 respect for rule-of-law.

    I have a little sympathy for poor old Ian Demjanjuk. He was said to have falsified his application for citizenship because he did not properly emphasize that while a Red Army POW of the nazis he was offered the opportunity to get out of prison-camp if he would serve as a guard at a transit camp for people who, in many cases, were of the same tribe as invented the communism which conscripted him into the army of the nation which intentionally starved up to 10^7 people like him to death, and in some cases were actual communists. I’m not going to ask that eternal burning question which seems to be on so many minds ( what would your savior do ) but I will ask “what would you do in his place?”. So he knew admitting to serving as a guard for the nazis might prejudice his case for citizenship—BUT AT LEAST HE MADE APPLICATION AND SUCCESSFULLY PASSED THE TEST TO BE A CITIZEN!

    The only person in the U.S. government I know of who stood up for him when our “ally” attempted to lynch him for being someone they KNEW had been killed by shovel-wielding concentration -camp inmates DURING WW II was his Democrat Congrefsman James Traficant. None of these illegal mexican-lovers were there for Demjanjuk. Later Traficant was convicted for something which, had his name been Rangle ( and he not helped embarrass our rope-happy “ally”) would have undoubtedly gotten him no more than censure.

    Perhaps if we could only find a way to make people in the former Third Reich feel guilt towards U.S. we could have our illegal alien population sent to them to have them kangaroo-court “tried” for the violations they committed entering our nation illegally…

    After all, they railroaded him there when his supposed “crimes” had occurred in Poland, so why couldn’t they “try” them for us even though their misdeeds were done here?

    Anyway, I feel a lot more sympathy for that poor old guy ( he’s dead now and didn’t get to die comfortably in his own bed like the guy who engineered the holodomor

    or the husband-wife CCCP spy-team who were responsible for the worst loss of nuclear-weapons-technology hegemony the U.S. suffered during the Cold War, Morris and Llona Cohen.

    So maybe whenever it’s found out one of the millions of illegals in our nation are nearing the end of their lives they can be duck-marched off to the former Third Reich and forced to end their days in some socialist-provided old-folks concentration facility awaiting, during or after a trial for violating our national sovereignty.

    I guess Demjanjuk’s big crime was really that he was an autoworker instead of an on-the-cheap tree trimmer for Nelson to send around trimming tree limbs overhanging the Damneren utility rights of ways after one of their many neglect-spawned power out[r]ages…

    I think I’ve finally solved the problem with “our” hell-bent-for-amnesty elected representatives. Illegals can stay—only if they’re employed as highly-paid union autoworkers or electrician’s union linemen… It would be so much fun watching the demon-rats try to sell that to the labor-thug element of their political “base”—-or should I say their political qaida?

    Okay–problem solved. Let the repugnicans go forth and demand this condition. But how is that going to “sit” with El Rushbo’s labor-thug broadcast production-worker staff?

    Comment by James Stenzel — July 5, 2013 @ 8:15 pm

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