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The Stain of Clinton | June 13, 2013

The longer I watch and listen to all the debates, explanations and volumes of information that have been tossed around on the radio and TV new shows about the Obama scandals, I am convinced that the United States has become ungovernable.

By that I mean that our system of democracy has run into irrepressible forces that have derailed it from its governing framework.

The evolution of this power shift goes back to the Roosevelt Republican, who initiated the  shift to the left within his Republican Party.

It was accelerated during the eight years the Clinton administration when virtually all due respect for the Constitution evaporated.

During the low-minded days when President Bill was caught, not just with his zipper down but spilling his seed on Monica’s blue dress, the country, protected by a defensive mainstream press, basically looked the other way.

Hillary at White House on 'Stained Blue Dress' Day - ABC News

The infamous dress

As a result Clinton survived the turmoil to lead the country farther astray for the final years of his reign.

He was a power-clinger, unlike any other president in history–until now!

The only political figures their league, were the country’s second vice-president, Aaron Burr, who would have sold the country out to save his political power and Edmund Stanton whose relationship with President Andrew Johnson led to the latter’s impeachment and almost removal from office.

Only the courage of a Kansas senator, Edmund Ross, who cast the decive vote against impeachment whom John Kennedy included in his award-winning book, Profiles in Courage, saved the first Johnson from being removed from office.

Edmund G. Ross - Brady-Handy.jpg

A courageous profile

Like Burr and Stanton, who had to be literally removed from his office as the Secretary of War, Clinton, in an act of sheer unrepentant bravado refused to take the honorable road Richard Nixon had taken in 1974 and resign.

No, Clinton made the country suffer through two Congressional trials, where he was impeached like Johnson but not convicted.

The main difference was that Johnson had been guilty of no wrong and Clinton had lied under oath.

Maintaining his power is the only mantra that rang true for Clinton then and in today’s circus atmosphere in D. C.,…especially if one is a Democrat.

President Obama seems to have inherited the stain of Clinton.

He is facing revelations of at least three full-blown abuses of executive power that threaten our democratic form of government.

By all systems of ethics and morality his Attorney-General Eric Holder should be past history.

Or even in jai!

During his four and half years at the helm of the Justice Department Holder has made a mockery of the rule of  law and the equal protection clause.

I merely need to mention the Black Panthers and Fast and Furious to give two reasons why he should have already resigned.

Eric Holder

Another Democratic perjurer?

The wiretapping of the AP offices, and the persecution of an entire News network, the Fox News Channel is beyond the pale of the Democrats’ dirty tricks.

His verbal gymnastics, with regard to James Rosen, by all standards constituted at worst –perjury and at best a misleading of the court system and the United States Congress.

If we were still a nation of laws, criminal charges would now be pending against this man who has repeatedly smeared his office, the Obama presidency  (as if that were possible) and the United States government.

But he won’t leave!

If the Republicans can force his resignation, you can count on his reappearance in some other sensitive government like Susan Rice.

Ms. Rice was forced out of her United Nations position and was recently named as the head of Obama’s National Security team.

Susan Rice

To serve and protect—whom?

This was the woman who misdirected the world for well over two weeks after our Libyan embassy was attacked on 9/11 of last year and our ambassador and three cohorts assassinated.

Rice was a key player in the cover-up that played out thousands of miles away in Benghazi.

She not only protected her president but also the presidential  future of Hilary Clinton, whose cowardly and imperious avoidance of any responsibility for the attack defiantly ripped the scab off five years of Obama malfeasance and corrupt practices.

What does it matter she screamed rhetorically at her Republican inquisitors!

Secretary Hilary Clinton during the Benghazi hearings

It does matter!!!!

To millions of true Americans and the families of the four dead American government workers, including two military men, it matters a great deal.

To liberals who use human beings like so much tissue paper, apparently not much at all.

Benghazi is comparable to Watergate…except that nobody died in Watergate.

People went to jail over a third-rate burglary.

Someone should be fired or maybe even in jail for this!

Barry Goldwater photo1962.jpg

One of a number of Republican statesmen

And why did the Watergate perpetrators, like Chuck Colson, serve time ?

Because they put personal power over country.

The Republican leadership, like Senator Barry Goldwater got Nixon to put the country first.

With the Obama administration, the maintenance of power is supreme.

And lastly there is there is I.R.S., which has been politicized like never before.

And this is the same organization that will enforce ObamaCare!

They used their considerable power to harass, threaten and dissaude several conservative and pro-life groups from being active in the last election.

These three scandals have, despite all the political media caterwauling, one thing in common.

And that was to give President Obama a second term.

All of these crimes and scandals were intimately related to the 2012 election.

Holder’s silencing of the opposing media sent a message to journalists—support us or run the risk of feeling our federal bite.

The I.R.S. scandal was designed to take out the Tea Party organizations, just as a linebacker might try to cripple the other team’s quarterback, so as to help his team win the game.

Lois Lerner: innocent but hides behind the 5th

Many conservatives had wondered during the election where were those patriotic guys who had turned the tides in 2010?

The Tea Party was conspicuous in the last election by their lack of visibility.

Now we know why–they were fighting the I.R.S. for their political lives.

The battle effectively neutralized their participation in the presidential election.

And Benghazi–how was that politicized?

The late night attacks on the American embassy gave bloody lie that Osama was dead and Al Ouida is on the run!

The attack unraveled Obama’s entire Middle Eastern policy.

To buy time to salvage the election they contrived the false story of some rouge video, entitled The Innocence of Muslims had incited the attacks.

The Obama administration used the video seen and heard around the White House but nowhere else to cover their tracks until after the election.

As for the 14-minute video, produced by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a Coptic Christian, who admits to his role.

 Filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (a.k.a. Sam Bacile) on the set of ‘Innocence of Muslims’ with actress Anna Gurji.

Only person serving time

The supposed mastermind is quite possibly a fictitious person, named Sam Bacile.

Nakoula has wound up in jail without bail, not because of his role in the video but because of some prior charges of bank fraud.

The Obama  administration lied for two weeks about the video’s importance.

People have blamed her on this Benghazi controversy when like a good nazi she was just following her orders.

There you have it–the attacks on the media, Benghazi defense and the I.R.S. assault.

A new mentality at the White House?

These were well-organized criminal assaults that all conspired to fix an election in the  worst sense of the word.

And the American people will pay for it for generations.

And now that she is bunkered down in the White House, there is little chance that she will tell us just who ordered her to lie to the world.

How come many are not surprised by the antics of the #1 Community Organizer in history..and from Chicago to boot, the early capital of America’s organized crime.

One need just read Michelle Malkin’s 2009 book, A Culture of Corruption to fathom this idea.

Michelle Malkin 2008 2.jpg

A new book on Obama and corruption?

By now the adorable petite woman with the excitable personality should have enough material for its sequel…the Chicago Mob in the White House.

As for Obama, forget about blaming this on anyone named Bush.

It would be wiser to blame it all on Bill Clinton and Monica’s stained blue dress.



  1. What was that Coors ad doing at the end of your blog?
    BB What I cannot fathom is how Obama keeps going and going like a steam roller destroying us and he is not stopped. Must have made a pact with the devil?

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — June 13, 2013 @ 9:17 pm

  2. MBL. Let me answer that question. To quote Rush Limbaugh “Low Information Voters and white guilt.” Plus a press that has for all intent and purpose forgot why it has constitutional protection.

    Comment by Mike Ellington — June 13, 2013 @ 9:36 pm

  3. Mike: You answered Mary with the truth – in very few words. Couldn’t agree more. And thanks to bb, too!

    Comment by S. Ducey — June 13, 2013 @ 10:29 pm

  4. Paragraph 2 – Our system of democracy??? We were
    founded a Constitutional Republic.

    At Mass WHY pray to end racism? That just
    sends the message that those in the pews are racist/
    hate people of another color!!! That is not so & puts a
    guilt trip on white people.

    Obama has played the race card and unfortunatley
    many good folks of faith have perpetrated it, including
    the American Bishops who promote socialism under
    the guise of social justice.

    How about the Bishops support for amnesty which
    will only defeat the GOP – the Party of Life forever???

    What is the REAL reason that the Bishops support
    amnesty? They cite the Bible: Welcome the stranger-
    in the days that was written it was meant to welcome
    someone traveling in a foreign land – NOT someone
    who illegally entered a country to stay forever and
    get benefits that were earned by legal citizens.

    Could the real reason as opposed to the “given
    reason” be that the USCCB wants the USA to be
    forever a socialist country?

    Time to pray for a miracle!!! Ask your Bishop
    to launch a Rosary Crusade to rescue our country
    from tyranny.


    Comment by MFritz — June 14, 2013 @ 1:39 am

  5. “At Mass WHY pray to end racism? That just
    sends the message that those in the pews are racist/
    hate people of another color!!! That is not so & puts a
    guilt trip on white people.”….. You can only be sent on a guilt trip if you CHOOSE TO……”Time to pray for a miracle!!! Ask your Bishop
    to launch a Rosary Crusade to rescue our country
    from tyranny.” The Blessed Mother is not going to intervene to save our country, since She and Her son has not intervene in the deaths of 50,000,000 vie Abortion, don’t hold your breath our country matters to Her and her Son and His Father.

    Comment by Mike Ellington — June 14, 2013 @ 5:44 pm

  6. At the inception of this nation a hard bargain was struck. Some refused to “sign on the dotted line” to endorse a strong central government. One of the key inducements was the 2nd Amendment. This basically says “and if what we want to create tyrannizes you kill it”.

    We can all hope it would never come to that. Since the end-run around the 2nd Amendment—the institution of the on-the-cheap part-time “regulars”–the National Guard—the idea of armed revolt against our own government ( how this nation came to be in the first place ) has become far more daunting… Things like the Davey Crockett

    don’t help either.

    Just like Starship Troopers only real. Years ago.

    But the 2nd Amendment had other more practical advantages. It stood as the perfect litmus test. Even the least sophisticated voter could understand “the candidate who will not trust you with a Main Battle Rifle is not worthy of your trust”.

    Then the guy down in Texas who had been talking about how someone could “climb up that tower and snipe a lot of people ” to everyone with whom he spoke for years and who had been under the care of a mental healthcare professional finally did just what he’d been talking about. The whole nation was so shocked that something which seemed unthinkable–restrictions on the acquisition and possession of common small arms—suddenly seemed “reasonable”. How many times have we heard that phrase “reasonable gun control” repeated ad nauseum since Aurora and Sandy Hook?

    The mossassinations of JFK and RFK were also factors strongly militating for acceptance of the serious undermining of this perfect litmus test. Suddenly leaders talking about making it more difficult to obtain and possess firearms were not instantly suspect any longer.

    It’s not strictly just “about the guns”. It’s about the psychology and a shift in the national sociological paradigm. If you’re going to have a nation with unfettered individual access to small arms your model must be as idiot-free a society as is possible to achieve under our other liberties. And that was the model up until the late ’50s and then the ’60s.

    Now the model has successfully been converted from the idiot-free society ( where everyone not in some sort of cage or other confinement is considered to be safe to have around potentially dangerous items like cars, fire and yes fireARMs ) we have instead tried to create the idiot-proof society.

    How’s that working out for you?

    We’ve gone from rightfully striking down laws that make voters take a test designed to exclude certain groups to one where the most lame-brained idiots are dutifully assisted in voting up to and just-shy of including telling them which choices to make.

    Now the model is to prohibit from society anything which could not be left in a room with a typical 5 yr-old, or to the extent those still interested in trying to cling to and resurrect the former model will allow.

    But the bottom line really is still “the guns” in this sense: you have to have them to tell who doesnt’ trust you with them. Stating academic hypotheticals about “well, if we still had private gun ownership I’d be all for continuing it ( wink wink )” are not good enough. Talk is cheap. Liberty is not. Sometimes it requires the blood of patriots to water the tree of liberty and sometimes it even requires the blood of some innocents. In a war they’re called “collateral damage”.

    We can go back to our former standards when the likes of a John Hinkley were likely either to have been long-ago consigned to an institution by a wealthy family or locked in the attic by those of lower wealth and keep that one bellwether which so easily allows even the least sophisticated voter ascertain the basic trustworthiness of any potential officeholder or we can sacrifice an essential human right—that is to say something pertaining to the allowable quality of life which defines whether or not we are truly humans or just pawns—on the altar of “reasonableness” and continue getting leaders like we’ve had—Clinton and Obama in particular. Both of them had 0 respect for the 2nd Amendment and if the electorate had, neither would have ever been elected so much as dog-catcher.

    The long slippery slope of government hatred of the 2nd Amendment didn’t start with these two men. Restrictions—almost certainly unconstitutional–were insinuated into our legal precedents long before. After the War Between the States many states outlawed having on or about one’s person any weapon readily capable of lethal force. This was slipped in on the basis that many caucasians feared recently-freed negroes would conceal weapons on themselves and walk up to random caucasians and kill them as “revenge for slavery”. People taken in by that scam never should have believed either that proposition nor that anyone who would behave in that manner would be deterred by a law of which they were probably not even aware.

    Gangsterism took it’s toll and weapons which are absolutely 100% what the 2nd Amendment did protect were made into a taxable vice–or worse. This was done on the basis only that gangsters used them. Well, they also used Fords…

    But there is no powerful litmus test for an electorate expected to govern itself without a decline into totalitarian/authoritarian tyranny “does the prospective officeholder trust us with a carriage-and-6?” That is because ( and I’m sure our resident historian and host will correct me if I’m wrong here ) not too many tyrants have been assassinated with any form of conveyance. Their personal guard doesn’t go to sleep at night to have nightmares about someone running their modern-day Caesar down with a Hummer. No Pope ( to my knowledge ) ever declared any form of transportation to b e an abomination because it would allow the peasant to overcome the rich-man’s armor ( crossbow ).

    But we now live in a world where the most efficient tool of liberation ( they didn’t call our revolution the Pamphlet Read Round the World ) and test of the trustworthiness of the candidate is demonized for the crimes committed by madmen.

    There’s a reason for that. Bill has pointed it out—the having and keeping of personal power to these people is more important than the maintenance or securing/security of a free state–either the political entity or the protection of that state-of-being whose sole purpose said political entity can be said to rightfully serve.

    It’s no surprise to me that we find the two most recent single-handed threats to our 2nd Amendment civil liberty to be the same two individuals who will leave no lie untold, not illegal case-of-cash campaign contribution un-taken and un-spread-around as media bribes or who will always resort to dividing us against one-another on the basis of supposed victimization of one group by another.

    Just like our teach-by-example instructor the scorpion—it’s what they do.

    Comment by James Stenzel — June 20, 2013 @ 3:35 am

    • I am afraid the nation has shifted in more ways than one. Thanks for the comment. BB


      Comment by nymets69 — June 20, 2013 @ 4:41 pm

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