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An Era of Hard Feelings | March 7, 2013

One of the lesser known periods in American history was the time that historians call the Era of Good Feeling.

It was delineated by the two-term presidency of the fifth president of the United States, James Monroe, who served from 1817-1825.

Monroe was the third straight Virginia Democrat to hold the highest office in the land, having succeeded Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Both his predecessors had also served two full terms of office.

Long for the good old days

It was called the Era of Good Feeling because at least on the surface there was little of the party bickering that has come to characterized American politics today.

Monroe’s Electoral College score was almost unanimous.

In fact it should have been unanimous since he won all the states, having presided over the virtual extinction of the only other viable political party, the Federalist Party of Alexander Hamilton and John Adams.

Monroe would have been ranked forever with another Virginian, George Washington, had not one elector voted for someone else out of deference for the country’s first president.

By default Monroe had become the leader of a one-party government.

He had only the Constitution to prevent him from effecting his will on America.

Fortunately Monroe was a Jeffersonian or small government type of Democrat.

I wish we had a few or even one of those today!

I sometimes wonder if we are at a similar juncture in our nation’s history.

Monroe enjoyed many of the benefits of the youthful exuberance that drove the nation’s spirit in the early 19th century.

Territorial expansion was rampant.

Technology was booming and the raw individualism of a free people was pushing the nation toward generations of unimagined prosperity.

Monroe’s party was beholden to the slave interests of course but for the most part they were not interested in accumulating great personal power and advancing an agenda that would not only limit individual freedom but dampen the American spirit as well.

Are we not entering a period of hard feelings in which our president will rule the American people, not in freedom and individualism but in a collectivist philosophy garnered from the pages of Marx, Gramsci and Alinsky?

A founding father

Since taking office in January, 2009, this president has not governed in any real sense of the word.

In fact in a brilliant piece of political analysis, Rush Limbaugh recently explained how a president like Obama with the worst economy in generations, worst recovery ever, high unemployment, stagnant job growth and a declining popularity abroad could have won re-election.

Rush believes that throughout his presidency, Obama has been the perennial outlier.

He has given the impression that he is not governing, so how can he be responsible for any of the ill effects of his policies.

Gets it right most of the time

All the bad things that have happened are the fault of the Republicans, who despite their inadequacies are the only adults left in Washington.

Obama and his partners in crime have run away from virtually all the hard choices.

The infamous sequester, which according to a once-revered liberal, Bob Woodward, he of Watergate fame, was his idea.

Some on the left even want him to die

He even refused a game-saving gift from the Republican House for flexibility in making the cuts.

It is as if Obama has worn gloves throughout his presidency.

His mark is on virtually nothing of any serious consequence.

Hard choices are for the losers!

The country is rudderless and heading for the iceberg.

And to make matters worse, Mr. Obama will have to make certain that the worst effects of the sequester do cause a great deal of pain on the American people.

To do otherwise would make him look bad after all his apocalyptic posturing.

If there are long line at the airports and we have to wait for any kind of government service or program, you can bet your next social security check that it has happened under the instructions of the White House.

E-mails are surfacing that gives instructions for department heads not to diminish the impact of the sequester cuts in any way, so as to make the president’s predictions look false.

On the energy front, he still equivocates on the Keystone pipeline, while trying to extract a carbon tax on every ounce of energy the American people use.

Boehner: No reason to block Keystone XL pipeline

Can’t offend his Greens

His selection of Gina McCarthy, the author of many onerous regulations as a deputy in the EPA should be seen as a warning shot across the middle class bow.

But he is also not a true democrat with respect for our supreme law and anyone who dare oppose him.

So he will try another end run by hamstringing the middle class and our economic system with more debilitating rules and regulations that will just pile more debt onto the American burden.

Nominee for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy in Washington

The end of coal?

Obama was a perpetual campaign that really has not halted since 2009.

Obama II seems to have as its agenda…if one can believe Rush Limbaugh and I do…the solitary goal of literally destroying the Republican Party as a viable political entity.

Think what would happen if the Democrats regain the House of Representatives in 2015.

The Washington Post all but confirmed this Rushian Theorem the other day.

What will those final two years bring?

More false hope or just plain despair?

And if they fail to accomplish his grand plan of changing virtually everything good about America does not come into fruition will he actually leave and hand over the reins to another Democrat…presumably Hilary Clinton?

How many times have we heard him say that the Constitution was a great obstacle for his change…for his reforms?

He has circumvented it several times using executive orders, and by intimidation as with the bond holders for GM.

Remember his corps of impudent czars?

The people who elected him might demand his return in 2017.

I am talking about blacks, homosexuals, Greens, the unions and all his bought-and-paid-for cronies on Wall Street.

He will still be vital.

Does anyone think that Hilary will be up to it in 2017?

Hilary before the job got to her

She looks ill now…even worse than her husband.

And just who would oppose him?

I fear blood would run in the streets.

He has voiced his regret that he is not a dictator –I would add a king but I think he would like to be either.

But from his extra-constitutional actions, policies and attitude, it is no more than a distinction without a difference.

In a past blog post I explored the reality that to be a liberal is to be mentally ill.

With Mr. Obama I see the visions of grandeur in his arrogant strut to the bloody pulpit.

He’s got the sickness of power.

I see it in his facial expressions, and his shortness with any form of question of opposition.

I see it in his inability to govern…compromise or ..or go off message.

More articles are appearing that make him sound like the ultimate invader…from another planet whose sense of self-importance has alienated him from the rest of us.

Oh to be so smart, handsome…a leader without peer…I can hardly stand the emotion.

Obamamania makes me  pine for the days of good feeling because we are deeply mired in the Obama Era of Hard Feelings.



  1. You’ve said a “mouth-full” here Professor. I’ll take minor issue with this surmise:

    “the solitary goal of literally destroying the Republican Party as a viable political entity.”

    I think it far more likely his goal is the destruction of the Republic, not only just the political opposition, the Republican Party.

    We’ve seen all the resentment at instances of confederate battle flags being flown over official state government institutions through the years. I used to be of the ilk which objected to this myself. The objection is that flag was flown by those who fought for ( among other things ) the retention of the institution of human slavery. well, just remember that the earlier versions of our current national banner flew over the homes of slave owners ( in a collective sense as being within the nation; it’s my understanding that it was quite unusual through most of the nation’s history to see the national flag flown anywhere but on federal institutions ). The same hatred for a part of the nation’s past which cannot be expunged or run away from , if it’s to be consistent, must pour equally on the national flag as on the confederate battle flag. I think many ( if not most ) who voted for the current sitting President hate our nation and want to see it if not destroyed, somehow magically transformed into something else. They’ve elected to perform a black-magic ritual in order to accomplish this transformation. I am not eagerly awaiting it’s culmination but I will be prepared.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

    Comment by James Stenzel — March 7, 2013 @ 9:43 pm

  2. BB, His (Obama’s) goal which was given to him by those unseen, is to destroy the America we have known, and he is successful beyond his dreams. I am prepared for our country to be brought to its knees and merged together into a one world gov’t. I did not vote for him. Hail to the new Hugo. Pax

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — March 8, 2013 @ 1:25 am

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