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Obama Claws is Coming to Your Town! | December 13, 2012

I know many of you out there voted for the president….maybe more than once.

Now all you have to do is sit back and watch him go after those rich folks who have oppressed you and made your lives so miserable.

Somehow they caused you to lose your job, pay higher gas and energy prices and maybe even lose your homes.

Yet no one has ever explained how the Bush tax cuts caused these mysterious afflictions

You just love to watch the fat cats squirm.

FatCats Rexburg - Rexburg, ID

Fat years are over.

You love to see them get theirs.

It is about time they paid their fair share…which has to be everything they have since no one has ever told me just how much is fair.

The good old Germans, who were unsuccessful at war but smart when it came to psychology even have a word for it.

It’s Schadenfreude, which means taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune.

It sounds much better, almost medical than does the old used-up class envy.

When this president is finished there won’t be any classes.

That’s one of his principles, isn’t it–a classless society?

Personally I think the Obama family is a prime example since they have little if any class–I will excuse the daughters who seem isolated from the worst features of their parents.

Americans will all be equal.

That’s the goal, right?

That’s why you voted for him–so that gravy train from Washington would never stop its deliveries to you.

One woman was ecstatic that Santa Claws had brought home the bacon for her.

Americans now seem obsessed with getting their fair share of the goodies from Washington.

Ayn Rand wins and JFK losses.

(Think: Ask not what your country can do for you….

Half-length monochrome portrait photo of Ayn Rand, seated, holding a cigarette

JFK loses to Ayn

Charity is for fools.

Take from the rich and give me mine seems to be the standard mantra coming from all the urban centers and union hangouts.

That’s what it is all about.  Right?

Free food, education, medical care–all at  someone else’s expense…right?

That’s the new American

I wonder what the middle class voters and their families think about this idea.

The more cowardly feel relieved that Obama Claws hasn’t come for them…yet!

They are just happy that they have not been targeted…yet!

Even old Warren Buffett, that twisted sage of financial accumulation, says that while the tax increase on his class won’t help the  budget deficit much–it won’t help it all because they will spend it right away–he thinks it promises to increase the morale of the middle.

He’s coming to your town

Oh really just how will that happen?

In effect Obama Claws wants to construct an iron ceiling on the middle class by making it impossible for them to ever ascend any higher.

And if that happens why would they want to kill themselves by working harder?

So they can give more to  Obama Claws and his Marxist regime?

That’s not how human nature works.

And to boot the president is still out campaigning among you.

He’s telling you how the nasty Republicans are willing to sacrifice you for their few rich constituents whose standard-bearer, old Mitt call me Bain Capital Romney went down in flames along with his Five Point Plan.

Dark-haired man with graying hair at the temples, dressed in dark suit, at a nighttime indoor event

Couldn’t stop Obama Claws

Hillary has already been anointed as the next president-elect in 2016.

And meanwhile, the current president re-elect, who failed to lead, heal or inspire, is still campaigning.

It is the only thing he has ever been good at.

He is trying to literally destroy the loyal opposition in a partisan way that may spell the end of the Republican Party if he ever gets his way.

He wants America to be a one-party state so that he can ram his levelling agenda down everyone’s throat.

Well Bunky I have news for you.

Obama Claws isn’t going to stop with rich folks.

christmas tree

He’s coming to your town!

The way he spends the 82,000,000,000 their new taxes will bring in from the top 1%—that’s if they decide to earn as much as they did this year— will not feed his spending habit for more than for a week or two.

Like the master thief Willie Sutton allegedly said when asked why he robbed banks?

That’s where the money is!

Where is the real money in this country?

Knew who had the money

Why with you the middle class that holds this country together.

Just look around you, the subtle brainwashing is already beginning.

In the NYT edition for November 28th, in the  business section, one of their soothsayers predicted that taxing or even soaking the rich may do a little to help things now, the middle class will have to be taxed more to make things work again.

Just do  the math.

The rich don’t have all the money in the well.

When we were not under-employed and our economy was healthy, the middle class thrived.

Now under Obama’s zero tolerance for profit and growth trillions of dollars of wealth have disappeared.

Better not be profit in there

If you are in the middle class or know anyone who is I have just a really lame poem for you:

While this may be  perfectly within the Christmas spirit from President Obama’s perspective, I am not even sure this qualifies as doggerel, so be forewarned.

You better watch out;

You better not shout;

You better not pout!

I am telling you why;

And it will make you cry;

 Obama Claws is coming to your town. 

He’s going to make Bush the clown.

He doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice;

You’ll be dining on water and rice;

He wants what’s in your purse;

So things can only get worse;

He won’t want much from you;

A few bucks will do;

Obama Claws is coming to your town. 

 He’s going to make Bush the clown;

So don’t you fret;

He’s going to pick your pockets just the same;

And he’ll take everything he can get;

That’s the name of his game.

Why complain it’s only wealth;

 He says you will still his plan for Health;

Obama Claws is coming to your town. 

 He’s going to make Bush the clown;

My sincere apologies to anyone who really knows how to write poetry of any kind.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

If you live in a union city you are going to need it.

Obama Claws is coming to get you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



  1. In the Rock opera “Jesus Christ Super Star” The song Everything is alright, there’s line in the song and It goes like this:
    Jesus speaking
    “Surely you’re not saying
    We have the resources
    To save the poor from their lot?
    There will be poor always
    Pathetically struggling Look at the good things you’ve got!”
    I get the feeling that those 535 men and women + one president who are our elected representatives, think, yes! we will always have the poor among us, but let’s punish those in our society that are successful because we have poor people.

    Comment by Mike Ellington — December 13, 2012 @ 10:07 pm

  2. I think I will get an old coffee can, put my money in it and bury it in a spot I can remember and tell the kids so they can dig it up when I diei. I know what is coming but am a failure when it comes to preparing for it. pax

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — December 14, 2012 @ 12:43 am

  3. Then of course there is the Ombama CLAUSE–added to our Constitution in magical pseudo-liberal infrared ink. “You may be punished without due process so long as an organ of the federal government which was originally formed to collect tax administers the punishment”. This opens up all manner of interesting possibilities. Perhaps a good investment move would be to invest in companies which build penal institutions—I’m sure the BATF and IRS will be contracting for some penal institutions soon—possibly even some execution chambers. I’ve got to wrap this up now—I’m off to visit all the Government Motors dealerships to see if they’re taking applications for seasonal work to portray Father Frost so that those shopping for the various Government Motors car marques can have their children sit on Father Frost’s lap and recite all the sacrifices they’re willing to make on behalf of the “common good”.

    Comment by James Stenzel — December 14, 2012 @ 2:31 pm

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