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The Last Campaign | November 13, 2012

I know a lot of people figure they can endure another four years of this president and then  breathe a sigh of relief when he will finally vacates the Oval Office.

After all didn’t he say, even before the voting, that this would be his final campaign?

However he didn’t say  it would be his last election, just his last campaign.

PHOTO: President Barack Obama appears on stage at the election night event at McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill., Nov. 7, 2012.

The last round-up?

In actuality Obama has never served as a real president.

While he may have been present for four years,but that’s not what being a president means.

He is supposed to lead us…from the front not from a safe haven in Chicago or Martha’s Vineyard.

He was too busy with his nine-year campaign for the White House.

Now that he has finished his last campaign, will he actually lead us?

Will he compromise with the House of Representatives and save us all from the financial cliff?

Since conservatives have already been over an electoral cliff, I can only imagine what the other one will feel like.

I certainly hope he can compromise but as Al Gore once said, can a Zebra change its spots?

Knew all about spotted Zebras

He looks down on all achievement and despises the human spirit that wants to be free to pursue their own happiness.

This man is such a narcissist that he feeds off the rush of the power, and the pomp and circumstance of being our president.

I don’t see his giving it up easily.

But you say that can’t happen.

We have the 20th amendment which limited a president to a maximum of fewer than 10 years.

He can have just under two additional years if he had become president after the death or resignation of the president

Obama is on record as saying that Constitution puts too many limitations on his ability to perform the duties of his office.

He told us that four years was not long enough to undo the mistakes of the Bush years.

He needed a second term.

Like Obama needed more time

Does anyone really think he can turn things around with the same policies that acerbated a bad situation in 2009?

He will need years after that but the Constitution will get in his way.

If it does will he announce a gridlock and have himself elected by mandate from the people, supported by federal troops if necessary?

In others words, things may be so bad and violent that he may declare marshal law.

That just can’t happen here!

Really think again.

I harken back to the election of 1860 when President Lincoln had to take all kinds of extra-constitution actions, such as the suspension of habeus corpus and the like to preserve national order.

I fear this election will have a similar impact as the one in 1860.

I say that because it exposed the fatal flaw in what used to be a representative democracy, but has now crossed the line and become a full-fledged democracy.

The inherent weakness in that is when its politicians have no scruples they will buy their repeated elections by giving people what Bill O’Reilly simplistically called giving lots of free stuff.

Rush Limbaugh said the free stuff came from Santa Claus.

santa claus,picture,

Hard to beat Santa

We have already crossed that line when candidate Romney warned inadvertently about the 47 % of the American people who depend on the government largesse for their survival.

That percentage is higher and more than 50% find themselves dependent on the federal government.

When more than half of a country’s population lives at the expense of the taxpayers and producers, it is a sign that the country is in danger of following the Greek model.

Athens Riots: Athens Riots

The Greek model for America

Now these entitled citizens will continually vote the same people in each election, because they have been to quote a lady friend of mine, babyified, that is, treated as if they were children.

This is true because Obama has never inspired them to be all they can be, because he has no faith in people’s ability to help themselves.

And if they could or even tried, he would be out of a job.

Democracy then can ironically quickly become a nail in the coffin of self-government.

This could also be the last campaign because Obama won this one handily because of his background as a community organizer.

Obama internalized Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to the letter.

Romney never rebounded from the thorough demonization Obama laid on him in April.

Sarah Palin should apologize to Obama for demeaning his abilities for setting up and maintaining a viable organization that was responsible for producing an amazing ground game.

His people’s superb use of technology in identifying and herding out the vote was pure 21st century.

Owes the president an apology

When coupled with early voting in 30 states, it was a one-two punch that connected on the Romney camp’s chin.

I nearly got into an argument with a guy in line on election day.

He said that Missouri needed early voting.

I said that it was fraught with danger.

I thought the fraud possibilities were just too great.

But my real concern should have been for giving many more days to muster and transport the troops from their homes, dorms, street corners, factories, and drunk tanks to the polls en masse.

When limited to a single day, there is only so much your boots on the ground can do.

Stretch that over several days and the results increase exponentially.

Just ask yourself, who won the early voting?

Obama did by a very large margin that Romney never could overcome in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

But the deciding factor and this is true of most democratic mobs, err voters, was their ignorance factor.

The exit polls showed that a strong plurality thought economic issues were paramount.

This should have translated into an easy Republican victory.

Then how did Obama win on the economy?

You guessed it!


A portrait shot of a smiling older male looking straight ahead. He has short gray hair, and is wearing a dark navy blazer with a blue styled tie over a white collared shirt. In the background is an American flag hanging from a flagpole.

Just what did he do

That makes two elections that he has cost Republicans and he wasn’t even on the ticket.

But how could Bush have done this?

Tax cuts?  They have never caused a recession.

In fact they often have avoided severe economic down-swings.

Two wars?

Granted a lot of money, not to mention lives, were sacrificed in the name of freedom and democracy but that’s not it.

The best answer for the stock market crash and the ensuing recession was a housing crisis.

And who was accountable for that?

Christopher Dobbs, the former Senator from Connecticut and Barney Frank, the homosexual representative from Massachusetts, were the main architects of the Great Recession.

One of the co-culprits

Through Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, they forced millions of improvident loans to poor people, who did not have enough income to pay their mortgages on the American taxpayers.

Banks and brokerage houses, who investment income was plagued by low interests created a series of creative investments by bundling all kinds of home loans and selling them as investment.

When the value of many of these homes declined to a value less than what the owner owed to the banks and houses.

This caused people to default on their loans and left the banks holding a diverse portfolio of good assets mixed in with some bad assets.

According to the existent regulations in such cases—mark to market they call it–all the investments had to be regarded as worthless.

This caused a downward spiral where banks could not keep up with their reserve payments and the markets collapsed.

It was not George W. Bush but a pair of unscrupulous Democrats who mandated that banks comply with their nefarious philosophy.

No Republican has ever defended George Bush and in not doing so they sowed the real seeds for Romney’s disappointing loss.

This was simple Econ 101 and the Americans don’t understand a thing about  business, commerce and market forces.

They think government creates jobs–work maybe but real jobs come from the private sector.

They don’t understand that taxing capital hurts investment and prevents or discourages risk-takers from a real investment in America.

Again no Republican sufficiently taught this to the American voter.

Steve Forbes is already predicting a Recession for 2013.

Sees a recession coming

When ObamaCare kicks in full force in 2014 there probably will be another one.

The American economy will probably stagnate under these Obama negatives until the next decade.

A permanent president?

Maybe that will be good news.

Without any more campaigns we will be spared the interminable flurry of robo-calls that have disturbed us for 18 months.

That has to be some kind of silver lining.

It is something to think about.



  1. FOX News and other sources have been reporting
    100 +++ % of registered voters voted – deceased
    people voted!!! If this info continues to come out
    and the economy gets worse maybe some Dems will
    wake up and decide it is time to try to impeach BO.

    I fear that those who supported BO may become very
    angry as the economy continues to decline and they
    may revolt which could triger martial law.

    Pray the Rosary for the restoration of all our
    God-Given Freedoms and that we rescue our
    Constitutional Republic from tyranny.


    Comment by MFritz — November 14, 2012 @ 3:37 pm

  2. Forget impeachment. There is no honor left in the Democratic Party. They have absolutely been corrupted by their lust for power and BO is the perfect leader for them.

    Comment by Bill Borst — November 14, 2012 @ 7:57 pm

  3. An old classmate friend wrote: Apparently, you weren’t watching the same Sunday morning “punditry” telecasts as I was. (Just before I left for Mass and offered a homily in Spanish at St. Mary’s Church in central Seattle, with its majority Latino congregation, among other faithful [not only in God, but very truly in the good ol’ USA] ethnic/national representations – Vietnamese, Filipino, Cambodian, and probably some hard-working “illegals” looking for a better life than at home, as my Irish forebears were looking 100+ years ago. As usual, the readings were about love, community/communion, etc., and St. Paul promising “castigo” for those preaching division or bad treatment of the poor.

    The last panel on whatever talk show it was included that flaming liberal Greta Van Sunsteren, who, after some exculpatory analysis of the election results on the part of someone from the other side of the aisle, smiled briefly and perhaps a little righteously, and said, “Don’t you folks get it…you lost.”

    After umpteen zillions of dollars from the Koch brothers and ilk, Karl Rove’s incessant machinations, John Boehner’s intransigence, and the absolutely widest campaign efforts that all the money in the world could buy…YOU LOST! The American people, at all levels but the richest, knew that the Republican candidate, platforms and policies were not worthy of the majority and, especially for the middle classes and those not so fortunate, there was the sense that something was rotten in the state of RomneyMitt and followers, and they would eventually pay the price. (The popular vote, as a result, close at the start, kept growing through the evening to a decisive but certainly not landslide margin, the electoral college was pretty much a slam-dunk, and the race was over by, what?, about 9:00 p.m.).

    Instead of sour grapes, hermano, take it like a man. Blog on, but “In Hoc Signo Vinceremos.” Eventually, even Republicans will come around to that platform…yikes, might I go so far as to include Tea Partiers who will finally understand the true meaning of “the Cup”.

    Fraternally, with no spite, but an irresisible tweak your way, and personal outrageous delight in the results,


    Comment by Bill Borst — November 14, 2012 @ 8:47 pm

    • I think as a whole the country lost. And the losses will stack up as he continues to level, not the playing field. Get real Pat his first administration was an abject failure. There has been no job growth, record deficits that belong to him and not some imaginary fault of GWB. His policies are unproductive, backward—a throwback to Woodrow Wison, FDR and LBJ. It is a dangerous fallacy to think that government creates jobs—work maybe but not lasting jobs. Only private enterprise can do this and we will not have to pay the tab.
      Answer me this?

      How are we going to pay off this deficit and the future deficits that he will invariably run up?
      Borrow it? From whom?
      Print it? Ah yes the old left-wing policy of inflation that will be a hidden tax on anyone who has to buy something. Think middle class.
      How does soaking the rich address any of our problems?

      His intransigence—your word– on raising taxes on the higher tax payers, who already bear 40-50% of the burden—is that fair? will bring in a measly 82 billion a year…and I guarantee that figure will decline as they adjust their economic and earning behavior

      You can site every unsavory or even controversial supporter of Romney—the communists supported FDR (with good reason) in the 40s.

      No Pat this was not simply a matter of winning and losing. This man despises everything I believe in and have from my religion, to my economic interests and so on To cynically grin that he won won’t cut it with people who know what will more than likely happen to us if he gets his way.

      Three million votes is no mandate. The HOR has as great a mandate to stop him. His idea of “compromise” is nothing more than a Republican surrender.

      There should be no joy in Mudville tonight because the country has struck out.

      Comment by Bill Borst — November 14, 2012 @ 9:03 pm

  4. Just who! is running the Government?? Dufus do’sent have a clue as to what to screw up next, he keeps trying…What we don’t need is more Democrats….now their is a band of morons who support the Dufus…

    Comment by Jim — November 14, 2012 @ 9:10 pm

  5. BB, BO won by fraud. He plans a third term. Our country needs to repent, turn back to God, live moral lives. Then , and maybe then, our people will elect a moral, Christian, leader but as we wait for that, we will probably have a bankrupt nation. I guess you know the investors are dumping their stock. Maybe even a revolution. I am hunkering down and trying to prepare. A rosary a day keeps the devil away.

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — November 15, 2012 @ 3:32 am

    • Good idea. I hope it will not be as bad as it can be but short of divine intervention, I fear only the worst because this man is who he is and what he is. After over four years I think I finally got him figured out. P_;lan to write soon, Dreams from My Real Father. B


      Comment by bbprof — November 15, 2012 @ 1:48 pm

  6. Something to ponder. God gave us free wills to exercise for the good…or for bad. Perhaps the lesson of the next four years is to demonstrate the folly of those in the latter group.

    Comment by T Brosnan — November 15, 2012 @ 6:18 pm

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