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The Kryptonite President? | November 6, 2012

I asked a rhetorical question to introduce my Sally Field post.

Today as I try to control my nerves some hours before the games begin tonight, I have another relevent question.

Why has the media protected this president so much more than it has Democrats in the past?

I know the man loves basketball but his idea of a full court press is just over the top for me.

They used to call Ronald Reagan the teflon president because the barrage of assaults on his every move failed to stick to his reputation…no matter how hard they attacked, prevaricated or distorted.

No Democratic mud ever stuck to him

Where are all the clever names for this president?

How about the kryptonite president?

I mean this president was said to have had special human powers—-he was the best and the brightest of all past presidents…bar none.

He could leap mountains of left-wing legislation in a single bound.

He could stop a speeding Republican agenda with an executive order.

The only thing missing was his phone booth and colorful tights.

So just why has the mainstream media given him a virtual free ride.

Will the voters summon kryptonite this week to end the Obama Presidency?

Will the president ever be defeated?

Has it been because of his innate goodness?

Didn’t he come to save us from ourselves and those rascally Republicans who want to starve and maybe eat our babies, poison our water, bury the middle class and balance our budgets?

Look at his accomplishments!

He had not been president for more than a  few hours and he won the Nobel Peace Prize, lowered the ocean waters and raised millions of Democrats from the ranks of the dead so they could vote again and again…

This man…bar none except Lincoln and he had to die to warrant a hagiography–was draped in regal and even messianic imagery.

All that is missing is a Walt Whitman epic poem to lionize him.

Would have lionized Obama as well

I can hear it now—Oh my emperor…oh my emperor!.

But back to my original question…why do they protect him so blindly?

Just look at the Libya cover-up!

Can anyone imagine Woodward and Bernstein looking the other way for two months?

Are there no real journalists alive…only political hacks?

Do you think it is because Barack Obama is…I dare say it…a black man?

Has presidential politics descended into the nether land of affirmative action?

And if so doesn’t Obama’s four years underscore the abject immorality of such an idea where accomplished people are discriminated against just so unqualified people can have a chance to ruin things for the majority?

And they do this all in the name of equality!

This of course makes politics something akin to participatory democracy.

I remember my only trophy as an adolescent was for baseball.

It was a participation trophy.

Fast Ship Trophies

In the name of equality

They gave it to me because like the other members of my team, I showed up with spikes and a glove…or should I say a MITT?

I think I still hold the school record for errors in a game at third base–five.

The only difference is that once the minorities assume the power they don’t want to give others a chance.

Obama doesn’t realize his participation is no longer desired.

And why do they call it a race card?

Does it have the same amount of moral authority as say a get out of jail free card from Monopoly?

We all need one

I still carry one around with me because you never know when you will need one since we have so many laws and regulations to obey in Obama’s America it might come in handy some day.

Why are so many Americans so afraid of this card that apparently belongs to no real game?

Unless it is the game of Life in Obama’s America?

Could it be that all liberals are by definition negrophobic?

By my definition, a negrophobe is someone who fears that all other Americans especially conservative white ones are racist and want to bring back slavery.

But in truth just which political party has done the most harm to black people?

I have already mentioned several times in this space what Lyndon Johnson and his War on Poor People did to the black family.

Wasn’t it the Democratic Party that gave us slavery and over a 100 years of racial strife and violence?

I might add that it is not surprising to me that the Democratic Party also is the party of abortion.

I suggest every one read, no matter what the outcome of the election was– Ann Coulter’s latest book, Mugged, which is a history of the Democratic Party racial demagoguery from LBJ to Obama.

She recounts hundreds of incidents and long-standing attitudes that illustrate just which Party has been fairer in its treatment of black people.

Read her Mugged

Abortion is just another of their fun and games with human life.

What do abortion and slavery have in common?

Well both were considered a right.

(Remember in today’s understanding of rights, they come, not from a Deity or human nature but from the state.)

Sleeping Positions of Slaves, The Last Slave Ships, Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Soceity

A 19th century property right

In the antebellum South there were states rights.

One of which was the right to own property.

Ironically if it had not been for the common man drive of Founding Father, and slave owner Thomas Jefferson, the basic trinity of Americans’ constitutional rights would have been life, liberty and the right to own property.

But this raises the question as to what can and cannot be considered as property?

Jefferson optimistically substituted the more generic pursuit of happiness for property.

I look at abortion as a property right akin to slavery.

The unborn baby is still attached to her mother’s body.

Many mothers interpret that baby as my baby, which implies a special kind of proprietary suzerainty of life and death over that child.

Even born children seem to fall under the general heading of property.

A 21st century property right?

This is certainly consistent with the creeping socialism that has until recently quietly pervaded the most basic institution of our culture.

And what is the relationship between a social democracy and its people?

In a Republic the state exists for the good of its people.

But contrary to that in a Social Democracy–what Obama supports— the people exist for the good of the state.

In their mind people are fungible and only important in numbers, whether votes, demonstrators or taxpayers.

It is the state that decides who is needed or valuable and who is a drain on the government largesse.

This is so much easier on the leaders now that science has infallibly discovered that man has no soul and is not much more than a bodily machine.

If you have value or merit or maybe just know the right people, there will always be a place for you in a social democracy.

Become unproductive or even just old and it is off to the gulags or the eternal sleep chambers for you.

By the time most of you will read this, we should all know if we are going to get to enjoy four more years of Democratic fun and games or work hard at digging us out of the Democratic hole.

I can hardly wait!!



  1. Pray, No more years of Democrat moral and ethical treason

    Comment by jjvondras — November 7, 2012 @ 12:04 am

  2. Election night. I am too tense to watch the returns. Will wait until the morning to see what we have in store for our country, our church and outselves. Pax

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — November 7, 2012 @ 3:10 am

    • Mary:

      God bless all of us. Somewhere in His sometimes unfathomable will He allowed us to do this to ourselves. I hope he forgives them because most do not know what they did. We will all have to grin and bear it and refuse anger and even hatred to rule our lives for the next four years. Pride goes before a fall and if he continues with his victory strut of the last four years, he will trip on his pride and fall like Nixon did. Perhaps in the next four years the truth will come out and we all know the truth about Obama. Till then pray and keep our heads up and our powder dry. BB


      Comment by bbprof — November 7, 2012 @ 2:53 pm

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