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The New Normalcy | October 25, 2012

Common sense intellectual Yogi Berra once said that when you come to a fork in the road, take it!

This country is at one of those critical junctures in its history.

As I have written many times, the choice is clear and it will determine our history for the next 50 years or more.

I see that choice as one between dependency–read neo-slavery or serfdom and freedom–the  responsibility to provide for one’s self and family.

Yogi told us what to do

The other sees dependency as a way of life–a profession so to speak at someone else’s expense.

In the recent debate Romney missed more than the Benghazi cover-up.

Obama coined a phrase months ago that high unemployment, a declining economy, increasing inflation, a reduced role for America abroad–would all be a new normal for the American people.

In other words, we are to eat our peas, like good children and listen to the wisdom of our Great Half-white Father who knows more than anyone else in this country…if not the world.

We can all learn to endure long lines at the doctor’s office, months of pain while waiting for elective surgeries, lower pay checks, a plunging stock market, real terrorism abroad and maybe at home.

That’s what Canadians and the British have to do.

We can add this new phrase to the litany of Obama’s predecessors that have led us to this mess.

The term evokes memories of Woodrow Wilson’s New Freedom.

Then there was Harry S Truman’s Fair Deal, followed by LBJ’s Great Society.

I once called that the Big Deal.

Photo of Lyndon B. Johnson

Face on Mt. Costmore

Now we have the New Normalcy.

It was Wilson’s short-lived successor, Warren G. Harding who won the 1920 election with his pithy slogan of  a return to normalcy.

Wilson’s foreign escapades that included America’s first military expedition to Europe, as well as his domestic polices–read the Federal Reserve Act, the Graduated Income and Estate taxes, had so disrupted American life that they wanted to return to the good old days of William Howard Taft, Wilson’s predecessor.

What the American people did not understand then, this was Marxism’s first beachhead on American soil.

Since then creeping socialism of all the faces that will go on Mt. Costmore–namely TWW, FDR, LBJ and BHO.

However this is all the reality of American socialism and all the other socialistic systems around the world.

They take a relative prosperity where some do well and in our case–millions prosper and they level, not only the playing field but prosperity itself.

The key is to lower expectations, personal and individual freedoms, life expectancy and the will to live.

This is just like Europe today or Soviet Russia, the Peoples’ Republic of China and even Nazi Germany.

An Obama re-election is an invitation for a Weimar-type government that will have to print trillions of dollars to pay for its exorbitant projects and programs.

This result is endemic to every socially manipulated society that has ever existed.

To apply this to our country and expect a different result is a form of psychological delusion.

In other words people who promote such a system are devoid of reason, and have no understanding of history, politics or religion.

In other words they are severely mentally ill.

File:Gautier - Salpetriere.JPG

A liberal conference

What else will happen under the new normalcy?

We will have to get used to having 15-20 % of our population unemployed.

If ObamaCare stays as the law of the land, we all will be at their mercy.

Their bureaucratic czars will have life and death control over all of us.

What really frightens me–with the push for palliative care, assisted suicide and limited screening for breast and prostate cancer–try getting a mammogram from Planned Parenthood–is the president’s fondness for the Green Movement.

Are already being discoraged

There is far much more to being green than wind, solar and other alternate energy sources.

The true greens believe that mankind–all of us—are responsible for endangering the planet with our squandering of our “limited” resources.

Our deadly carbon footprints herald the need for the elimination of about 5,000,000,000 of the world’s population.

They want gas to be $6-10 dollars a gallon–much less pollution.

They think we will stop using our cars.

The New Normalcy will stress less is better and if don’t comply, they will ration it as they did during WW II and punish us to boot.

That’s why the mandate is the linchpin of ObamaCare.

Greens don’t like people.

But they like controls–birth, population, gun, food water and maybe even air control.

That way they get to decide who is allowed to live.

Health care will be the perfect vehicle to accomplish this goal.

Sound familiar?

Hitler was obsessed with Blut und Land.

Euthanasia was the first step in his culture of death.

Obama and his gang are obsessed with earth and wind.

You just watch as I have said before—euthanasia–first passive and then active will be the rule of the day.

And they will keep the sinister statistics.

It won’t be Paul Ryan throwing Granny over the cliff.

It will be Donald Berwick or some such other glorified bureaucrat signing the refusal for your life-saving or extending care.

It is already taking place in the Netherlands.

Doctors are unilaterally making these decisions.

Nazi Health Care

Old people are afraid to go to the hospital.

Those that have money now will either bribe the government for exemptions or they will try to pay out-of-pocket for their medical treatment.

One thing is certain Obama has his special interests and there is a hefty price tag to be a friend of Barack’s.

But many will pay it.

That’s how things work in what’s left of the Soviet Union.

This escape hatch was nailed shut in Hillary/Care in 1993 by stiff jail sentences for any doctor who would dare to accept cash directly for medical treatment.

The Work of Foreign Policy

Would have sent doctors to jail

Once they control one’s ability to see a doctor, they have us forever.

And my Catholic Church, blinded by social justice, can only fathom the attack on its religious liberty.

Obama has shown such a disrespect for Congress and the Supreme Court that he has circumvented it on over a 1000 occasions, with executive orders, his system of czars, executive privilege and maybe even a fiat or two.

When people finally wake up from their five-year slumber, what’s next?

Marshall Law?

Forget Posse Comitatus!

This is the choice that awaits us.

All of the above is the worst case scenario.

America still has a lot of good people who understand the nature of our internal threat.

I just hope and pray that the president will not pull some trick in his Chicago thuggery handbook to overthrow the validity of a Romney victory.

Both Rush and Bill recognized thuggery

Al Gore tried it in 2000 when the left-wing Florida Supreme Court tried in vain to usurp the constitutional power of the Secretary of State to certify the elections totals.

We will know the answer on January 8th.

I will holding my breath until then.



  1. Bill:

    It is indeed discouraging that the ONLY objection we hear from the USCCB is in regard to the HHS Mandate.
    Kind of makes we seniors feel as though our Bishops
    don’t care about us.

    I wonder how many of them willl vote for BO.

    I pray for a miracle – that the Sunday before the
    election a letter will be read from the pulpit urging
    Catholics to vote for the GOP because it is the
    Party of Life and because of the other threats by this administration that you have pointed out. I guess I
    am the impossible dreamer.

    (By ONLY focusing on the HHS Mandate
    people are misled to think that is the ONLY problem
    with ACA)

    We hear a lot from the USCCB about social justice.
    Must wonder how many of our Bishops are actually
    supportive of socialism – I would guess that the
    majority are and that those in high places are. No
    doubt they are intelligent men but apparently have
    little understanding of economics or history. I say
    intelligent because many have advanced degrees.
    However intelligence does not = wisdom.

    At our parish church we are having an evening Mass
    offered for the election the night before. I wonder
    how many pastors will do the same.

    If BO is re-elected it will be because of “what our
    Bishops have failed to do.” AND it will be the end
    of the Catholic Church in America. No doubt gay-
    marriage will be mandated next and if Catholic
    Priest refuse to perform such marriages the doors
    of our Churches will be closed – we won’t even have
    freedom to worship. Perhaps some of the good men
    will say home Masses.

    Let’s hope and pray!!!


    Comment by MFritz — October 25, 2012 @ 1:32 pm

    • Capitalism and Catholic Church Social Justice has been an interest of mine. The Church does not support Socialism because it takes away the freedom of individuals to better themselves. Pure Capitalism is also a problem as there is no regard for the poor, but Capitalism with reasonable regulation for social justice is preferred. See the Catechism para 2425 on this subject.
      This is the US system. The trick is how to take care of the poor without making them dependent on the Gov, but empowering them to do better while getting assistance. This is not so easy. I think the line is to far drawn towards dependency. We’ve got to think smarter in this area.

      Comment by Dennis Tyberend — October 25, 2012 @ 8:00 pm

      • Dennis:

        Thanks for the viewpoint. I think you and the bishops would have to admit that our government has stepped way over the line with helping the poor and at what cost. It was Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty that really was a war on the poor themselves. It ruined the black family which was actually better off during slavery and the Depression. And they keep telling us it is not enough. If only we could give more. It never will end or when it does it will be with the collapse of a government that has spent 17,000,000, 000,000 more than we have. By the way how much have we spent for the poor since 1965? 17 trillion. The money did buy a lot of democratic votes and maybe cost countless souls along the way. BB

        Comment by bbprof — October 25, 2012 @ 8:11 pm

  2. I totally agre with MFritz. My God have mercy on our country. Hopefully people will repent and turn from their evil ways and then God will answer our prayer. Pax

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — October 25, 2012 @ 5:56 pm

  3. An interesting and well-written post, Pop.

    Comment by Matt — October 26, 2012 @ 2:24 am

  4. A great written article BB…..May God Bless our Country, its the only way we will survive the Socialists.

    Comment by Jim — October 28, 2012 @ 11:05 pm

  5. Go Bill!!!!

    Comment by shirley e, ducey — October 29, 2012 @ 2:33 pm

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