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The Face of America | September 20, 2012

For the obvious reasons, I am glad that the conventions are both over.

I found Tampa to be uplifting but not quite inspiring enough.

What I saw of Charlotte, North Carolina, a city I grew fond of when my son was a student at Belmont-Abbey, which ironically has been fighting the birth-control mandates of  ObamaCare for a couple of years already, made me nearly sick to my stomach.

I have never seen a more disreputable collection of people in my life.

That Debbie Wasserman Schultz is absolutely repulsive..another angry woman with an irrational grudge against all the virtues and values that have made this country great.

The face of America?

And Sandra Fluke…what a joke she has become.

She parades her sex life around for all voyeurs to see and then expects us to pay for it while millions look for work and millions give up looking.

Then there was Michelle Obama, who loves her husband for promoting abortion among other things.

They have the nerve to call Todd Akin an extremist!

All he wants to do is save human lives.

The Democrats want to sacrifice the unborn on a false pagan altar of choice.

They are all extremists, especially their elected leader.

The only abortion he met that he didn’t like–was a failed abortion.

And he voted in the Illinois Senate to solve that little problem–with an ex post facto infanticide.

The scary part is that these people think they are the face of America!

There was a silver lining in her speech of saccharine bromides about the inner Barack and that was the Democratic Party has finally pulled off the veil of “pro-choice.”

The quintessential hypocrite

This party has NEVER been for any choice unless if was to kill an unborn child.

All this talk from its Catholic leaders about being personally opposed, has been another blatant example of the party’s moral bankruptcy and its penchant for mendacity.

This party does nothing and has done nothing to promote a real choice.

Sonograms, waiting periods and anything that would allow the pregnant mother to think clearly and not act out of desperation and fear is thwarted, opposed and stonewalled.

They want dead babies as the only choice in an unwanted pregnancy.

This makes me wonder what the future will like since few if any of the Democrats have condemned or even criticized the Peoples’ Republic of China’s forced abortion requirement is.

Environmentalists are already on record to the extent hat there are too many people in this world and stresses how we need to get rid of four or five billion of them.

Forced abortions are not inconsistent with Green philosophy, which fits in nicely with our “culture of death.”

The ultimate child abuse.

Democrats also tell us that they have a different vision of the way we should be.

That is true and that is the case.

Abortion is just one factor of this bifurcation.

The Constitution is at the forefront of the rift that separates the two parties.

It goes much more deeply than the idea of a living constitution that a society must change with the times

It was during his tenure at Harvard Law School that Barack Obama encountered the Brazilian socialist Roberto Mangabeira Unger, the author of over two dozen books on social theory, legal thought, economic thought, political alternatives, and philosophy.

One course Obama took from Unger was Reinventing Democracy.

Unger taught Obama not to take the words of the Constitution too seriously.

The cult of the Constitution is the supreme example of American institution worship, he told him.

Unger also urged Obama to be flexible so that he could circumvent the law of the land when it got in his way.

In other words the constitution’s elastic clause has been so stretched that it means what we want it to mean.

In a recent column, George Will called emancipating government from the Founders’ constraining premises.

He quoted at length from Charles Kesler’s new book, I Am the Change: Barack Obama and the CRis of Liberalism.

Understands what Obama has done to our Constitution

Obama has never liked the constricting anachronisms of America’s supreme law and guiding principles.

This vision of an activist government, at war with its own laws dates back to the New Freedom of Woodrow Wilson who did not like America’s structure of government.

He vastly preferred the British model where the legislative and executive departments were blended into a single part of government, the House of Commons.

Since Wilson and his most successful heirs, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and now Barack Obama, the United States has virtually ignored or rewritten the Constitution so that it can do everything it wants without restriction or limitation.

People screaming about the original intent of the founding fathers have been relegated to the sidelines of history as if they were fossil s left over from a dying and regrettable age.

The differences are significant and with consequence.

The Founding Fathers wanted to preserve man’s natural rights.

Disciples of Wilson want to replace them with a government that gives new rights to its people.

Using the word “rights” is a mere contrivance–a form of verbal legerdemain, a kind of cultural semantics

These rights are not absolute and can be taken away, making them more like privileges than real human rights.

It changes the meaning of words to mean whatever they want.

Lewis Carroll recognized this nearly 200 years ago in his Alice’s Looking Glass.

Carroll knew the importance of words

The Constitution according to progressives is an impediment to progress.

FDR wanted to erase the dividing line between the practical and the idea…and make government an instrument of imagined power… for social improvement.

FDR and his followers wanted a sort of Faustian deal with the American people.

A deal with the devil?

The more power the government can usurp from its people, the more “rights” it could give them.

In exchange millions of Americans have sold their souls to the federal government.

They accept welfare, aid, health care, and so on for their votes.

Their dependence and fear of losing their hand-outs is their greatest incentive to vote for the status quo—no matter what it does to the rest of us.

Their freedom is cheap and their ability to think weak and even non-existent.

Was this why Karl Marx was in favor of public school education in his Communist Manifesto?

They have little trouble being wards of the state because they reason that since their rights, like abortion are dependent on the state why shouldn’t they be.

That’s why their Great Half-White Father warns them that they should be terrified for being on their own.

The most important idea to emanate from Charlotte two weeks ago was their almost prophetic words of warning was what all Americans had in common.

With apologies to Holy Cross alum, Joe McGinniss, these minions of a blind and fatal vision boasted as how they thought that the answer to this question was, not religious faith, culture, education, a love of sports or music, entertainment or any of the millions of real choices in this country…but GOVERNMENT.

Knows all about deadly visions

They meant that as a positive.

People with a brain that still is functioning should have recognized this as a warning—a threat to their present and their future as they have known it.

That’s why one of the most frightening sentences in the English language is the declaration…I am here from the government and I am here to help us!


* I had to refrain from using photos that were far more graphic than what I used.  Abortion is a crime against humanity that cries out from the heavens.

 Check out this exercise in political satire.  I remember the original song well. 


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