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Say it Ain’t So Joe? | September 13, 2012

Does anyone really understand Barack Obama and his policies?

Why does he do the things he does?

What makes him tick?

Is there a Rosetta Stone that can decipher his policies that seem to work against the best interests of our nation.

Is the man stupid…ignorant…dense…?

"A large dark grey-coloured slab of stone with text that uses Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, demotic and Greek script in three separate horizontal registers"

Is there a similar explanation for Obama?

I hardly think so.

Is he just an amateur as Edward Klein writes…a man whose woeful lack of experience has just been too great for his being able to lead this nation?

Or for something more sinister, is he the Manchurian Candidate, a robotic figure who has been crafted by the powers that be–think George Soros?

Was this president literally designed like a cup of coffee to thwart America’s democratic heritage and knock it from the lofty perches it has enjoyed for nearly 100 years?

Is he a socialist as Stanley Kurtz tells us without equivocation,  in the closing words in 2011 book, Radical-in-Chief?

David Maraniss, in his epic biography of the president, spends nearly 600 pages telling us of all the social, demographic, genealogical and historical forces that have conspired to give us Barack Obama.

Family left him cold and distant

The Obama he paints in his volume, which just takes us to be his law school days, describes a young man, abandoned by both parents, who just doesn’t seem to fit in wherever he may be.

His father left when he was two weeks old–actually his mother took him to Seattle right after his birth and Barack Sr. decided to go to Harvard for a Ph.D he never finished.

He was of mixed parentage–the Hawaiians see a lot of that and they call these children—Hapa.

Maraniss also details the principle of the Jadek, in Kenya where his forbears were all on the outside of the mainstream.

Maraniss is a well-respected biographer who does 100s of interviews for his subjects.

He filled many of the gaps I had about this president.

I now know what he liked to do on a Sunday afternoon.

I know some of  his telephone numbers, his roommates and several other pieces of interesting minutiae.

Obama and Siddiqi

All sorts of minutiae

This sympathetic tale is also significant for what it doesn’t tell us.

But what Maraniss seems to conveniently leave out is the fact that Obama’s first male role model was Frank Marshall Davis, who happened to be a former card-carrying, self-admitted member of the Communist Party of the United States. (CPUSA)

I do not believe this is a small detail.

It is a failure like this that implies cover-up.

Just what are his supporters really hiding?

Omitted “small” details

The public has every right and even a duty to doubt the honesty of the reports and information coming from the left on this president.

Any conspiracy theory that erupts is their own doing and maybe that is even their intention.

Conspiracy theories are easier to dismiss.

But all this still does not answer the question at hand.

By now you are probably wondering what my title means.

It has nothing to do with Sarah Palin or Joe Biden.

To my baseball-oriented mind, it should evoke memories of the sordid side of the game’s history.

There is a legendary story that after having appeared in federal court, a little boy went up to Chicago White Sox outfielder, Shoeless Joe Jackson, who had been accused of being one of eight members of his team who threw the World Series to Cleveland. in 1919.

The little boy with tears in his eyes, is purportedly supposed to have asked him the question above.

One of Jackson’s fellow conspirators, baptized as the Black Sox,  was Lefty Claude Williams, who was on the losing end of three of the five Black Sox losses.

In 1919, the series was the best of nine games, not the traditional current seven games.

Could a president “throw” a country?

While the case against the players was ultimately thrown out of court because someone had mysteriously lost their confessions, all eight players were summarily tossed out of baseball for life by baseball first commissioner, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

Only one other pitcher ever lost three games in one series and that was hapless George Frazier of the 1981 New York Yankees.

When informed of his connection to the Black Sox Williams, he retorted, Yeah but I wasn’t trying to lose them!

Why would anyone try to lose a world series game?

The simple answer was for money–a lot of money–more than many of them made in the regular season.

Would anyone try to throw a country, that is drag it down to the depths of a third world nation?

Certainly not for money?

For power than–quite possibly but that person might get swept down with the whirlwind that followed, leaving a void that would lead to chaos and violence?

For revenge?

Could someone hate this country so much that he would conspire to destroy its economy, toss millions into the unemployment lines, relegate America to a weak, wobbly legged country that had no place at the table of nations?

Would a president destroy America’s global hegemony and allow its Russian, Chinese and other undemocratic nations to control the destiny of its people?

File:Dinesh DSouza speaking at CPAC 2012 cropped.jpg

Did he get it right?

I suggest everyone see the documentary Obama’s America…2016, produced by author, Dinesh D’Souza.

D’Souza just might have identified Obama’s Rosebud Moment, the one thing that explains what has been the driving motivation behind this president’s policies that have been single-mindedly driving down the nation’s economic health.

One should also read his second book on this theme—Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream.

It is his theory that Obama is deliberately trying to undermine capitalist America’s way of life and radically change the course of its future.

He appears as some avenging angel to fulfill the dreams he says he inherited from his father–the father he never really knew except by word-of-mouth.

And all to get revenge for his father who hated all the colonial nations from England, the United States and all their allies, including Israel.

A small example of this might illustrate his thesis.

As one of his first official acts as president,  Obama returned the bust of former British Prime Minister, the legendary Winston Churchill that had been publicly displayed in the White House for years.

This act was an insult to the British people.

Churchill had been an aggressive imperialist whose domination of Kenya offended the Obamas in Kenya during the Mau-Mau uprising in the 1950s..

D’Souza’s theme may be far-fetched but in my opinion it is far more creditable and plausible than some of the other explanations in the public square.

Human nature and revenge are mysterious to behold and respect.

Obama has not been known for his honesty during his reign but he was right on target with his promise that he would seek to change America.

And that he has done and my fear is that after another four years of his rule we will not be able to recognize the country that once was.

Just what is Obama’s Rosebud moment?

A phrase like the land of the free will be writ large on our nation’s tombstone.

I wish it weren’t so but the more I learn about this man, the more I believe his election was a historical aberration designed to teach us a very painful lesson about ourselves.

And that it has.



  1. Bill,
    It is really quite simple. He isn’t a bad person by nature. He just does know what he is doing. Being a Senator prepares you for nothing but being catered to. He really has never made a decision other than proposing to Michelle. All other decisions were going along with the 80% for and 20% against issue. As for his actions.appointments – You can take the politician out of Chicago but you can’t take the Chicago out of the politician. He was been seriously unprepared for the job he has. And the 4 years of training he has been through isn’t enough for him to warrant a second term.
    Sameo, sameo just won’t be enough

    Comment by Ed — September 13, 2012 @ 4:42 pm

  2. Bill:

    I hope that the BO Administration has taught the
    American people not to go on what people say but
    rather on what they do/have done. To know a persons
    background/past is to know the person.

    I hope that many of our US Citizens will realize that
    often there are two reasons for a persons behavior:
    the given reason AND the REAL REASON.

    I hope that Americans NOW realize that the Democratic
    Party is not the Party their parents and Grandparents
    supported. It unfortunately has become the Party
    that supports Abortion, Gay-Marriage and is ANTI-
    GOD!!! Rather it is the Party of Secular Humanism.

    I hope the Americans will make it their business to
    know AS MUCH about our political candidates as
    they do about our ball players. You are an expert
    at both but most choose to only focus on that which
    they find relaxing and entertaining.

    I hope that our fellow Americans will get on their
    knees and pray for the election of honest politicians
    who love God and will govern (not rule) in accordance
    to His Holy Will.


    Comment by MFritz — September 13, 2012 @ 5:03 pm

  3. Great piece, Bill. Ditto on the movie 2016. A MUST SEE. Also, a ditto on the book The Communist, which is a must have reference to the history and development of the Communist Party in the USA, and how it has continued to evolve and persist from one geneartion of misfits and evil minded deviants to the next.

    I refuse to cut the same slack of the previous reviewer. Obama IS a bad person by nature. And bad is putting it mildly. Adolph Hitler could be endearing when he wanted to be. That didn’t make him any less bad by nature. A monster is still a monster even when he’s smiling at you.

    And I disagree that he was “seriously unprepared for the job” I think this is Bill’s point. We have to ask ourselves, WHAT JOB WAS HE PREPARED FOR by the IAF and all his “mentors” before them?
    This apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree that produced him. We have to hope the shine will wear off that apple and that people in this country come to their senses and elect a freedom loving capitalist, Mitt Romney.

    Comment by maryr47 — September 13, 2012 @ 6:41 pm

  4. I just finished watching a video called Dreams from my REAL Father . I agree with maryr47. Obama has sold his soul to gain power and acts like a dictator. Joel Gilbert spent two years of intense study to make this documentary and clains that Frank Marshall Davis is the real father of Obama. Pax

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — September 15, 2012 @ 2:13 am

    • I’ve seen that video also, Mary. I don’t think it honestly matters who the real father was. The important thing is who was actually there when he was growing up and who filled his mind with communistic ideas? And whether he was the biological father or not, Frank Marshall Davis and his associates in Chicago over a long period of time are responsible for elevating Barack Obama to the position he’s in. They all have the same aim: communist driven world government

      Comment by maryr47 — September 15, 2012 @ 11:17 am

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