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Todd Akin and the War on Women? | August 30, 2012

By now everyone in the Western world is familiar with the name Todd Akin.

He’s the Senate-hopeful from Missouri, running against one of the most unpopular Senators in Congress, Claire McCaskill.

Akin was leading in the polls until he made an uncalculated statement about abortion and rape on a TV interview with Charles Jaco, one of the most ardent supporters of unfettered abortion rights in a newsroom.

One must wonder why Akin would even risk agreeing to an interview with someone like Jaco.

Charles Jaco

No friend to the unborn

When asked about a woman’s right to choose an abortion after she had been raped, Akin started swinging on a trapeze without a net.

He made some statements that seemed to conflict with the popular understanding.

In the pro-life movement arguing against abortion for a woman who has been raped is tantamount to trying to discuss the Holocaust from an objective historical perspective.

Should have never touched the subject

It just can’t be done!

It is just not good for one’s career or well-being.

Akin first used the word legitimate.

I misunderstood this to mean that he said some women would lie about having their most private are violated.

Would a woman actually do that?

Of course one need only consult the Old Testament for the story of Joseph and the wife of Potiphar, who was sexually attracted to Joseph.

She lied about being raped

When he refused her advances, she accused him of rape and he was imprisoned.

What he meant to say was forcible, to distinguish it from the legal definition of statuary rape with a minor.

He compounded it with his layman’s understanding of  feminine stress biology–a definite lose/lose situation.

Many doctors deny that a woman’s body will produce stress hormones that will effectively prevent a conception from a forced act of sexual intercourse.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which has had a field day savaging Akin, did publish an article that listed several sources that tended to support Akin.

One was that of Dr. John Wilkie who wrote in 1999 that there is no greater emotional trauma than can be experienced by a woman than an assault rape. It can radically upset her possibility of ovulation, fertilization and implantation. 

chapter12_1.jpg (5704 bytes)

Wanted to save them both

Is it much of a stretch to reason that nature or as Darwin would have said, natural selection, had endowed the female members of the species with such a self-protective mechanism?

This to me is reasonable and definitely plausible…though as the late singer, Sam Cooke sang many years ago…Don’t know much about biology.

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to the Post-Dispatch, the morning after this hit the fan.


I have followed Representative Akin’s career for many years.

I have always thought him to be an intelligent and reasonable man.

That’s why I was surprised by his comments in answer to Charles Jaco’s loaded question on abortion and rape.

But after reading your incisive article about the origins of his statement, I find that his statements were all within the realm of reality.

They may be controversial and debatable but isn’t that what elections are all about?

The surrounding whirlwind has taken on a life of its own.

I am disappointed in the cowardly lions of the Republican Party for throwing him under the bus during this crucial election.

This controversy also loses sight of the real issue at hand.

While Akins’ gynecological acumen might not be in the medical mainstream, his understanding of what has been used as a wedge issue by the left is highly significant.

A woman’s body is sacred.

For a man to physically and morally violate her is an unspeakable crime.

If a pregnancy results, that only compounds her trauma.

But nothing is to be gained in justice or retribution by aborting that unwanted pregnancy.

The rapist needs to be punished not the unborn child.

The unborn child is an innocent life and has done nothing to warrant its termination.

It’s the old adage: we don’t get to pick our parents.

For her to go to an abortionist would result in her body being violated for a second time.

No one says she has to raise the baby.

There are millions of couples, now paying several thousands of dollars to go Russia, Central America and China to have a baby to love.

The best way to combat evil is to do something good.

Her act of selfless heroism can transcend the evil of her violation.

To abort the child will not relieve her of the trauma of her rape but will only add to her pain and misery. And that’s the fact lost in Jaco’s question.

Akin has quickly become a pariah…an albatross around all Republicans necks.

He has become a threat to the Republican establishment because they don’t want to hear anything about abortion.

It is the economy–not social issues that float their boats.

But their position surrenders the moral high ground, not to mention logic itself.

Take George W. Bush for example.

Let me first offer the caveat that I think he is a fine, moral man, who overcame a lot of personal problems in his life.

A portrait shot of a smiling older male looking straight ahead. He has short gray hair, and is wearing a dark navy blazer with a blue styled tie over a white collared shirt. In the background is an American flag hanging from a flagpole.

Failed abortion logic

I admire him for this but when it comes to abortion–that’s another story.

If I am not mistaken, he considers himself ardently pro-life but he would allow for abortions for incest, rape and the life of the mother.

The Democrats have cleverly but obvious to those who know, amended life to health of the mother.

This is of course is a misnomer.

I say that because experience has shown that health can mean just about anything.

Now if the aborted human life is innocent and I don’t fathom any way that it isn’t–unless it is out of the demonic fiction of the Damian literature–how does the occasion of its conception warrant his or her death?

That is a profoundly false logic that undermines their entire arguments against any abortion.

Either Bush and most of his fellow Republican who mouth the same pious platitudes against abortion don’t understand this or they are trying to sneak a fast ball by the pro-life community.

The most regrettable thing about the Akin flap is that now the Catholic McCaskill, who apparently never met an abortion she didn’t like, given her 100% rating from NARAL and Planned Parenthood, is now favored to win the election.

The Flap may insure her victory

I think that have fallen for the secularist dictum that in politics and abortion, the ends do justify the means.

What is lost on them is the fact that this idea belongs, not to Jesus but his polar opposite–Niccolo Machiavelli who was the forerunner of Saul Alinksy.

A forerunner to Alinsky

And we all know whom they served.

The worst case scenario is that Akin’s resolve to stay the course could conceivably cost the GOP a Senate seat they should have easily picked up.

But the damage has been done.

Were Akin to drop out, just who would his replacement be.

He did win the hotly contested primary a few weeks ago.

Plan B’s always have a rough time substituting.

Commentators now say that if he does stay Missouri is lost and the Republicans won’t get that magic 51st vote to repeal ObamaCare.

Could Akin possibly cause the defeat of the Romney ticket?

By completely ostracizing Akin they have almost ensured that McCaskill will keep her seat.

Stranger things have happened.

Republicans have been preaching the Apocalypse for the last few years.

I think that could happen with an Obaman united front in the mainstream press.

If it does it this country may suffer a Doomsday Scenario that would be the foodstuff of historians for years to come.

20 Signs That The World Could Be Headed For An Economic Apocalypse In 2012

A Doomsday Scenario?

Akin would be relegated to either the comic strips or the demons of history.

Akin should never be condemned for standing up for a real principle that did not involve dollars and sense, material prosperity and dreams of world domination.

Maybe that is the American hubris and all nations, all empires eventually succumb to their own fatal weakness.

Could this be the result of our looking the other way while the forces of Obama now and before him have slaughtered over 50 million of our offspring.

The bottom line is, not that there is a war on women.

That’s a vicious misnomer that has had some legs.

But can anyone argue that there is not a war on the unborn?

And that Todd Akin is one of the few consistent voices in politics reminding us?

It is just too darn bad that fetuses cannot vote!



  1. Time to work as though all depends upon us and to
    pray as though all depends upon God. Hope springs
    eternal. Don’t think a McCaskill win is a given!!!


    Comment by MF — August 30, 2012 @ 1:20 pm

  2. Very thoughtful piece Bill. Pray unceasingly that God will intervene.

    Comment by Lois Linton — August 30, 2012 @ 1:52 pm

  3. I was moving from assisted living back to my own home and missed the Akin comments. Good report and may the best man/woman win. Pax

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — August 30, 2012 @ 4:44 pm

  4. Todd was NOT wrong in his comment that a woman’s body might have ways of “shutting down”. Prior to ovulation, but still in that 3 day window of fertilization/conception, a big stressor can cause a woman’s body to “shut down” estrogen which will in turn delay ovulation, which means that pregnancy would not occur. Where does the science come from: Dr. Thomas Hilgers, director of the Paul VI institute in association with Creighton University. He is also the lead in The Creighton Model of Natural Family Planning and now, NaProTechnology. He has worked in woman’s fertiity studies and treatment for 40 years.

    Comment by Jeff — August 30, 2012 @ 9:19 pm

  5. Way to go, Bill, and Jeff. This is what I always understood to be true.

    Comment by shirley e, ducey — August 30, 2012 @ 11:11 pm


    You need to educate yourself. Why do the Republicans want less government, but more in our personal lives and our bedrooms. A women’s right to choose is the only Christian way-Walk in her shoes!!! After all who pays for a child’s life? The responsible parent!!!!


    How do you suggest I “educate myself?” You are obviously pro-abortion because you seem to have adopted much of their rhetoric in just a few short sentences. Conservatives are all for the rule of law when it protects human lives. As far as I know the bedroom has very little to do with abortion. Abortions are performed each and every day in Planned Parenthood killing centers all over America. It is a very public act. We all know what kind of violence is perpetrated on women’s bodies and those of their unfortunate children. Do you have any qualms about the statuary rape cases that have been documented at many of these facilities where under age girls are led to the slaughter mills by their adult boyfriends.

    I suggest you start studying this issue from both sides instead of merely accepting and parroting the talking points of a multi-billion dollar industry. I think abortion is a violent act where that violates a woman”s or girl’s body for the benefit of men. It was invented and voted on by seven men in black robes nearly 40 years ago. Men have the most beneficial interest in keeping abortion legal. Just think of Hugh Hefner one of your leading proponents and benefactors. He has used women his whole life.

    And just a piece of advice, I would refrain from trying to bring Christianity as a source of support in your views. That just wont fly. Jesus was very protective of the least of his brethren and mentioned something about a milestone hung around a man’s neck who would violate his little ones.

    Comment by bbprof — August 31, 2012 @ 1:59 pm

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