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Dirty Barry | August 22, 2012

One of the most controversial movies of the late 1960s was a film called, Dirty Harry.

It starred Clint Eastwood, who was fresh from making a series of Spaghetti Westerns in Europe.

He played Harry Callahan, a San Francisco detective who often ignored the police manual, the courts and even the Constitution in pursuit of his one-man crusade to rid the city of most of its evil-doers.

Harry made his own rules

His character eventually appeared in a number of sequels that made him a minor cult.

Not unlike our current president, whose familiar name used to be Barry, Callahan, assumed a reality larger than life.

Unlike our president, Harry became a symbol of a society, sick and tired of being pushed around by liberal courts that coddled its criminals and allowed cases to paralyze the system that justice was often denied.

In reaction to this, Harry often acted as an avenging angel, with a badge.

In the eponymous Dirty Harry, Eastwood was eating his lunch when an armed robbery erupted.

Using his Magnum-44, the most powerful handgun in the Western world, Harry shot down all of the perpetrators.

The last one lay wounded on the ground with his weapon within his grasp.

Harry stood triumphantly over him and sensed what he was thinking.

Should he grab the gun or not was the question.

Harry succinctly put his Hobson ‘s Choice to him.

Did he shot six bullets or just five?

Then he posed the crucial question to him:

Are you feeling lucky?

LIke the wounded felon, I believe that is the choice facing the American people.

We have experienced four of the worst years in our nation’s history with regard to economic productivity, employment, investment, consumer and business confidence and general optimism about the nation’s future.

President Obama has consistently postured against business interests, except those whose loyalty he has purchased with lavished government hand-outs, or what they called crony capitalism.

This to me is euphemism for plain and ordinary fascism.

Obama’s promises of hope and change were 100% accurate but this is not the change that American’s hoped for in 2008 when he was a virtual unknown.

The new slogan for us should be we are all hoping for presidential change.

Four years later how much do we really know about him.

We know more about Paul Ryan in two weeks than we have learned about him in six years.

Paul Ryan Brings His Mom Into the Medicare Debate

We already know a lot

I finished reading David Maraniss’ epic biography of the president.

It was very favorable to Obama.

It painted him in erudite, almost mystical tones, relying heaving on hundreds of interviews, his personal letters to Genevieve Cook his primary lover in New York City, while matriculating at Columbia University.

Genevieve Cook, Barack Obama

But what about Frank?

The book filled in many loose-ends about the private and hidden Obama.

His membership in the Choom Gang in Hawaii, a group of his high school friends who regularly got stoned on marijuana has not been as visible as George W. Bush’s alcoholic problems.

 Maraniss treats this the way we might have regarded drinking a little beer while in high school.

Have times changed that much?

The book is more important for what it does not say.

Granted it concluded with the end of his formative years and spent as much time on his parents and their parents than on Obama proper.

But it does not elaborate on his grades at either Occidental, where he did a little more drugs or at Columbia.

One of Obama’s friends had told a friend that he had a B+ average.

In 2004 we knew both John Kerry and George Bush’s actually Grade Point Average and their college board exam score.

For the record Bush was some points higher than the Junior Senator from Massachusetts.

Also though he does mention Frank Marshall Davis, as being important to Obama’s early development, for some reason he fails to mention that Davis, was an avowed member of the Communist Party with a FBI dossier to his credit.

Obama’s mentor

How could a detail like this fail to make the final cut since the author tells us Obama’s phone number, street address and favorite diets in New York?

To me it is a historical dishonesty, intentional or otherwise, like this that raises several questions about our sitting president that no one on the left will even address.

To leads me back to issue at hand, Dirty Barry and the luck of the American people.

We don’t really know what a Romney presidency will bring.

We do not know if his policies will be able to stem the tide of enormous government debts, a recession that threatens to come back but we do know what Obama has done and what he has failed to do.

And we do know a lot more about Romney’s abilities than we ever did about Obama’s.

And I can also say that the Dirty Barry fits the president because his means to achieve his ends border on the worst kind of Chicago politics this country has seen on a national level since Jefferson and Adams fought it out.

It is Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals that is the president’s tactical playbook, which makes him the biggest radical this country has ever faced and elected.

Rules for Radicals.png

Obama’s playbook

According to Alinsky to win and maintain power you have demonize your opponents.

Just think back to the long primary campaign and how the Democratic machine of personal destruction came out to go after any and all Republicans who showed any sort of momentum.

This was right out of the Alinsky Playbook, which says one must demonize and isolate one’s political enemies.

I am thinking, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain. Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and anyone wearing a Republican uniform.

To them politics is war by other means and they shoot to kill and then have the temerity to blame it on their opponents.

Since he took office four very long years ago, Obama has set race against race, rural against urban, Catholic against Catholic, straight against homosexual, poor against the wealthy.

We are more divided than ever before and it is this president’s doing.

They have already been savaging Romney with false claims about his taxes, his experience at Bain Capital and the like.

Paul Ryan pushes little old ladies off cliffs.

I think Ryan’s choice was a bold one for several reasons–one is that the Obama machine has already unleashed its angry and destructive attacks on him when his plan for reforming the Obama mistakes, excesses and socialistic laws on Health Care.

But just wait until the Obama forces reve up their hate machine.

They will make Ryan look and sound like the devil incarnate.

Obama will fight dirty.

He learned those lessons on the streets of Chicago from the Alinsky acolytes.

So we now have Dirty Barry—-running our lives and aspiring to make greater intrusions …thus the making him the mirror reflection of Dirty Harry.

I wasn’t the first to think of it

He has shown a spleen of anger,  and near-contempt for anyone who dared to challenge his authority.

I have never seen nor heard such a unanimity of apocalyptic musings from so many leaders.

Their mood is as serious as a heart attack.

So the choice posed to we the American voters is precisely the one that the wounded felon was given by Dirty Harry...are we feeling lucky about our chances of survival under Obama II?

The choice is ours!



  1. Dirty Barry and the Democrats have murdered 50 million pre-borne and borne children…..they deny any misread bills protecting there crimes.

    Comment by Jim — August 22, 2012 @ 4:15 pm

  2. Dear Bill, Obama smoked pot, Mitt Romney didn’t pay his tax, and Ryan is still virtually an unknown.
    Take your pick.

    Comment by L. Newington — August 23, 2012 @ 7:35 am

    • Dear Lynn:

      Thanks for the comment. I hardly think it is a case of moral or personal equivalency. It’s not Obama’s drug habits that worry most of us. It is his deliberate plan to turn America into a Third World country via increasing our debt exponentially, stifling private enterprise and redistributing the wealth of some to the many. All else is insignificant. And be real about the taxes. Romney paid something and if he didn’t he had the deduction to lessen them. We have something called the Minimum Tax. No one, not even Romney can avoid that and if he cheated on his taxes, he would be audited and then sent to prison. So that’s an unfair and very inaccurate statement to make. He paid what he was legally obliged to do. He doesn’t want them to twist his numbers into something that becomes a distracting issue like Obama’s dedicated plan to ruin. Don’t take my word. Take that of DineshD’Souza’s new book, “Obama’s America.” He lays it out chapter and verse and is the Rosetta Stone of theories about why this president has been so “bad” for America. Bb


      Comment by bbprof — August 23, 2012 @ 1:04 pm

      • Dear Bill, I believe a personal creditations makes up the equilibrium.
        If they smoke pot, it affects their judgement, without reading any book, but read and hear the news, there’s a tax issue, and as for the other, we don’t much about him.
        At least in Obama’s administration, law courts are getting much further as far as bringing clergy to account than his predecessor.
        To me that stands for something, as a mother at least, identifiying and standing in solidarity with others.
        Philadelphia is a good example where many precedents have been made.
        As for abortion, no woman goes to that extent without their own personal anquish, and God sees and knows that.

        Comment by L. Newington — August 25, 2012 @ 11:49 am

  3. OBAMA IN 2012!!! For the unemployment lines that is… lol. NO SOUP FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Maverick83702 — August 23, 2012 @ 12:44 pm

  4. If we don’t stand together and vote him out, all of us will pay dearly in the next four years. He is doing a good job of what he as sent to do. Destroy America.

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — August 23, 2012 @ 8:00 pm

  5. Lynn: Obama has totally skewered the justice system. What you perceive as getting the ball rolling in Philly, could be nothing more than his concerted attack on the Church. He picks and chooses which laws to enforce. His friends get a pass and his enemies get destroyed. That’s not justice but a dictatorship. Americans will hopefully catch on but maybe not before it will be too late.

    Of course you are right about a woman’s suffering during an unwanted pregnancy but aborting an innocent child just compounds her misery and burdens her soul with the blood of her own flesh. No woman should do that to herself—it is self-destructive. I have met women who have been suffering ever since they went to their friendly abortionist. I have also met a young woman whose mother aborted her. For a nation to sanction that to me is a crime against humanity.

    Comment by bbprof — August 29, 2012 @ 8:28 pm

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