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Too Bad Dorothy Kilgallen is Dead! | August 9, 2012 in a great place to find the latest in culture war skirmishes and battles.

In a recent statement the Catholic bishops of Wisconsin warned against the end of life care document called Physician (or Provider) Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST).

The bishops are concerned that use of this document could lead to acts of euthanasia.

Well it is about time!

Where were they when Sarah Palin was warning of death panels three years ago?

Speaking of panels, I’ll bet Dorothy Kilgallen would have been on one.

Could have been a death panelist

She was a professional panelist.

But alas she died…under somewhat mysterious circumstances in 1965.

Some said it had something to do with the Kennedy assassination.

Why did the bishops not take Palin seriously?

Different versions of the POLST, intended to be signed by designated health care professionals, are gaining popularity in many states.

The Wisconsin document, which the bishops’ statement describes as a preset form that establishes medical orders to withhold or administer treatments, does not require a patient signature.

So a party other than the intended victim can sign the patient’s life away.

Now that sets up some interesting estate scenarios.

The bishops now realize that the form may conflict with the individual’s wishes, Wisconsin law and hospital or practitioner ethics.

What took them so long?

But how could this be in Obama’s Beautiful Society of caring and hopeful people?

How did they miss that or was this a sudden change in the man so many of them thought was the answer to Republican greed?

They also object to the fact that the form has no conscience protection for facilities or practitioners.

But with angels running the health care system, why would anyone need such a protection?

According to the Medical College of Wisconsin a patients/surrogate signature is strongly recommended or required, depending on the state or region.

The form is designed to allow medical practitioners to decide in advance which medical treatment is offered to patients.

They wouldn’t ration health care treatments that might save the lives of thousands of elderly useless eaters would they?

Has T-4, the Nazis’ first attempt at eliminated their useless eaters finally come to America?

The options range from allowing or foregoing resuscitation, antibiotics, nutrition and liquids.

Nutrition sounds like food…but I could be wrong.

And liquids–do they mean water?

A glass of water with a slice of lemon - Photo 219322

Will this be avaiable under ObamaCare?

The Catholic Church teaches food and water should always be provided, even if delivered by artificial means.

They directed Catholics to the Now and at the Hour of Our Death publication, which provides information on ethical care and treatment issues.

But it says nothing about medical marijuana.

I’ll bet that’s what they will give patients.

Heck old people are such a burden.

It is good that we have a government that knows how to take care of them.

Or maybe they will give them a population control pill.

The Bishops say, despite the possible benefits of these documents, this risk is too grave to be acceptable.

Benefits?  I cannot not think of one.

I wonder what benefits the bishops are thinking of?

In a press release on the issue, the bishops said, POLST forms present options for treatment as if they are morally neutral.

In fact, they are not.  Because we cannot predict the future, it is difficult to determine in advance whether specific medical treatments, from an ethical perspective, are absolutely necessary or optional.

The bishops reiterated their belief that throughout our lives we must always make choices that respect the dignity of every human life from the moment of fertilization to natural death.

Should have read section on health and euthanasia

And given President Obama’s position on the unborn, how did any of these men who have been elevated to the highest religious and moral authority in the Church did they ever believe and trust this man?

Why is all of this a sudden surprise to them?

The bishops state that they are not opposed to advanced care planning.

However, they advocate the use of a durable power of attorney that reflects Catholic teachings.

Concerning this issue, they said, We encourage all persons to use a durable power of attorney for health care. 

For those who are age 18 or older, completing this document allows you to appoint a trusted person to make health care decisions on your behalf if a situation arises in which you cannot make these decisions for yourself. 

I emphasize that one pick someone they can trust.

President Obama would be one of the last people I would pick.

It is important to discuss your wishes and Catholic teaching with the person whom you appoint and to choose someone who will make health care decisions based on these principles.

Personally given their track record I would be a little leery of consulting some of our bishops.

The Wisconsin bishops also reiterated usual Catholic teaching, which Church leaders report is frequently not understood, that “over-zealous treatment” is not ethically or morally necessary.

Referring to passage no. 2278 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which states, Discontinuing medical procedures that are burdensome, dangerous, extraordinary, or disproportionate to the expected outcome can be legitimate; it is the refusal of ‘over-zealous’ treatment. 

Whom would you trust with your life?

Here one does not will to cause death but one’s inability to impede it is merely accepted.

When my mother was in a state of dementia, which lasted over 12 years I promised God that I would not do anything to needlessly extend her life but neither would I do anything to take her out early.

She died the natural way she was intended to do on 3/11. (You can easily guess the year.)

I hope I will be afforded the same concerns and dignity.

The situation in Wisconsin bears extremely careful watching.



  1. Yes, BB, I agree we need to keep a watchful eye on the medical profession and the bishops. I am appalled that Cardinal Dolan invited obama to the bishops meeting of whatever. What a scandal. We need to pray for our church leaders. God is merciful and JUST at judgment. Pax

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — August 9, 2012 @ 7:59 pm

  2. Note: I did not purposely capitalize obama.

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — August 9, 2012 @ 8:02 pm

  3. Dorothy Killgallen was the last individual to talk with Lee Harvey Oswald before he was “offed”. She then disappeared from the political scene on a permanent basis.

    Comment by jbq2 — August 9, 2012 @ 8:54 pm

  4. Let the church then change the view on the Death penalty. I have stated in the past, the Devil lies with anyone. The church has not been out side his range.
    If the church becomes NEUTRAL on POLST, then
    let it be consistant and NEUTRAL on the Death Penalty.
    Why not agree with the President on abortion, or atleast let the children of the failed attempt, just die alone. Isn’t this the Presidents great achievement in the Ill. state senate.
    All this drives me crazy, how have we come this far away from our roots.
    If you want to hear something interesting, listen to Paul Harvey, (found on google), under, “if I were the Devil’.

    May God forgive and if sees fit, save this Nation.

    Comment by T — August 10, 2012 @ 3:46 pm

  5. ah!! those Democrats, any way to make a buck for their Pork….and we thought Kovorkian was bad

    Comment by Jim — August 10, 2012 @ 7:18 pm

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