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Todd Akin and the War on Women?

August 30, 2012

By now everyone in the Western world is familiar with the name Todd Akin.

He’s the Senate-hopeful from Missouri, running against one of the most unpopular Senators in Congress, Claire McCaskill.

Akin was leading in the polls until he made an uncalculated statement about abortion and rape on a TV interview with Charles Jaco, one of the most ardent supporters of unfettered abortion rights in a newsroom.

One must wonder why Akin would even risk agreeing to an interview with someone like Jaco.

Charles Jaco

No friend to the unborn

When asked about a woman’s right to choose an abortion after she had been raped, Akin started swinging on a trapeze without a net.

He made some statements that seemed to conflict with the popular understanding.

In the pro-life movement arguing against abortion for a woman who has been raped is tantamount to trying to discuss the Holocaust from an objective historical perspective.

Should have never touched the subject

It just can’t be done!

It is just not good for one’s career or well-being.

Akin first used the word legitimate.

I misunderstood this to mean that he said some women would lie about having their most private are violated.

Would a woman actually do that?

Of course one need only consult the Old Testament for the story of Joseph and the wife of Potiphar, who was sexually attracted to Joseph.

She lied about being raped

When he refused her advances, she accused him of rape and he was imprisoned.

What he meant to say was forcible, to distinguish it from the legal definition of statuary rape with a minor.

He compounded it with his layman’s understanding of  feminine stress biology–a definite lose/lose situation.

Many doctors deny that a woman’s body will produce stress hormones that will effectively prevent a conception from a forced act of sexual intercourse.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which has had a field day savaging Akin, did publish an article that listed several sources that tended to support Akin.

One was that of Dr. John Wilkie who wrote in 1999 that there is no greater emotional trauma than can be experienced by a woman than an assault rape. It can radically upset her possibility of ovulation, fertilization and implantation. 

chapter12_1.jpg (5704 bytes)

Wanted to save them both

Is it much of a stretch to reason that nature or as Darwin would have said, natural selection, had endowed the female members of the species with such a self-protective mechanism?

This to me is reasonable and definitely plausible…though as the late singer, Sam Cooke sang many years ago…Don’t know much about biology.

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to the Post-Dispatch, the morning after this hit the fan.


I have followed Representative Akin’s career for many years.

I have always thought him to be an intelligent and reasonable man.

That’s why I was surprised by his comments in answer to Charles Jaco’s loaded question on abortion and rape.

But after reading your incisive article about the origins of his statement, I find that his statements were all within the realm of reality.

They may be controversial and debatable but isn’t that what elections are all about?

The surrounding whirlwind has taken on a life of its own.

I am disappointed in the cowardly lions of the Republican Party for throwing him under the bus during this crucial election.

This controversy also loses sight of the real issue at hand.

While Akins’ gynecological acumen might not be in the medical mainstream, his understanding of what has been used as a wedge issue by the left is highly significant.

A woman’s body is sacred.

For a man to physically and morally violate her is an unspeakable crime.

If a pregnancy results, that only compounds her trauma.

But nothing is to be gained in justice or retribution by aborting that unwanted pregnancy.

The rapist needs to be punished not the unborn child.

The unborn child is an innocent life and has done nothing to warrant its termination.

It’s the old adage: we don’t get to pick our parents.

For her to go to an abortionist would result in her body being violated for a second time.

No one says she has to raise the baby.

There are millions of couples, now paying several thousands of dollars to go Russia, Central America and China to have a baby to love.

The best way to combat evil is to do something good.

Her act of selfless heroism can transcend the evil of her violation.

To abort the child will not relieve her of the trauma of her rape but will only add to her pain and misery. And that’s the fact lost in Jaco’s question.

Akin has quickly become a pariah…an albatross around all Republicans necks.

He has become a threat to the Republican establishment because they don’t want to hear anything about abortion.

It is the economy–not social issues that float their boats.

But their position surrenders the moral high ground, not to mention logic itself.

Take George W. Bush for example.

Let me first offer the caveat that I think he is a fine, moral man, who overcame a lot of personal problems in his life.

A portrait shot of a smiling older male looking straight ahead. He has short gray hair, and is wearing a dark navy blazer with a blue styled tie over a white collared shirt. In the background is an American flag hanging from a flagpole.

Failed abortion logic

I admire him for this but when it comes to abortion–that’s another story.

If I am not mistaken, he considers himself ardently pro-life but he would allow for abortions for incest, rape and the life of the mother.

The Democrats have cleverly but obvious to those who know, amended life to health of the mother.

This is of course is a misnomer.

I say that because experience has shown that health can mean just about anything.

Now if the aborted human life is innocent and I don’t fathom any way that it isn’t–unless it is out of the demonic fiction of the Damian literature–how does the occasion of its conception warrant his or her death?

That is a profoundly false logic that undermines their entire arguments against any abortion.

Either Bush and most of his fellow Republican who mouth the same pious platitudes against abortion don’t understand this or they are trying to sneak a fast ball by the pro-life community.

The most regrettable thing about the Akin flap is that now the Catholic McCaskill, who apparently never met an abortion she didn’t like, given her 100% rating from NARAL and Planned Parenthood, is now favored to win the election.

The Flap may insure her victory

I think that have fallen for the secularist dictum that in politics and abortion, the ends do justify the means.

What is lost on them is the fact that this idea belongs, not to Jesus but his polar opposite–Niccolo Machiavelli who was the forerunner of Saul Alinksy.

A forerunner to Alinsky

And we all know whom they served.

The worst case scenario is that Akin’s resolve to stay the course could conceivably cost the GOP a Senate seat they should have easily picked up.

But the damage has been done.

Were Akin to drop out, just who would his replacement be.

He did win the hotly contested primary a few weeks ago.

Plan B’s always have a rough time substituting.

Commentators now say that if he does stay Missouri is lost and the Republicans won’t get that magic 51st vote to repeal ObamaCare.

Could Akin possibly cause the defeat of the Romney ticket?

By completely ostracizing Akin they have almost ensured that McCaskill will keep her seat.

Stranger things have happened.

Republicans have been preaching the Apocalypse for the last few years.

I think that could happen with an Obaman united front in the mainstream press.

If it does it this country may suffer a Doomsday Scenario that would be the foodstuff of historians for years to come.

20 Signs That The World Could Be Headed For An Economic Apocalypse In 2012

A Doomsday Scenario?

Akin would be relegated to either the comic strips or the demons of history.

Akin should never be condemned for standing up for a real principle that did not involve dollars and sense, material prosperity and dreams of world domination.

Maybe that is the American hubris and all nations, all empires eventually succumb to their own fatal weakness.

Could this be the result of our looking the other way while the forces of Obama now and before him have slaughtered over 50 million of our offspring.

The bottom line is, not that there is a war on women.

That’s a vicious misnomer that has had some legs.

But can anyone argue that there is not a war on the unborn?

And that Todd Akin is one of the few consistent voices in politics reminding us?

It is just too darn bad that fetuses cannot vote!

Dirty Barry

August 22, 2012

One of the most controversial movies of the late 1960s was a film called, Dirty Harry.

It starred Clint Eastwood, who was fresh from making a series of Spaghetti Westerns in Europe.

He played Harry Callahan, a San Francisco detective who often ignored the police manual, the courts and even the Constitution in pursuit of his one-man crusade to rid the city of most of its evil-doers.

Harry made his own rules

His character eventually appeared in a number of sequels that made him a minor cult.

Not unlike our current president, whose familiar name used to be Barry, Callahan, assumed a reality larger than life.

Unlike our president, Harry became a symbol of a society, sick and tired of being pushed around by liberal courts that coddled its criminals and allowed cases to paralyze the system that justice was often denied.

In reaction to this, Harry often acted as an avenging angel, with a badge.

In the eponymous Dirty Harry, Eastwood was eating his lunch when an armed robbery erupted.

Using his Magnum-44, the most powerful handgun in the Western world, Harry shot down all of the perpetrators.

The last one lay wounded on the ground with his weapon within his grasp.

Harry stood triumphantly over him and sensed what he was thinking.

Should he grab the gun or not was the question.

Harry succinctly put his Hobson ‘s Choice to him.

Did he shot six bullets or just five?

Then he posed the crucial question to him:

Are you feeling lucky?

LIke the wounded felon, I believe that is the choice facing the American people.

We have experienced four of the worst years in our nation’s history with regard to economic productivity, employment, investment, consumer and business confidence and general optimism about the nation’s future.

President Obama has consistently postured against business interests, except those whose loyalty he has purchased with lavished government hand-outs, or what they called crony capitalism.

This to me is euphemism for plain and ordinary fascism.

Obama’s promises of hope and change were 100% accurate but this is not the change that American’s hoped for in 2008 when he was a virtual unknown.

The new slogan for us should be we are all hoping for presidential change.

Four years later how much do we really know about him.

We know more about Paul Ryan in two weeks than we have learned about him in six years.

Paul Ryan Brings His Mom Into the Medicare Debate

We already know a lot

I finished reading David Maraniss’ epic biography of the president.

It was very favorable to Obama.

It painted him in erudite, almost mystical tones, relying heaving on hundreds of interviews, his personal letters to Genevieve Cook his primary lover in New York City, while matriculating at Columbia University.

Genevieve Cook, Barack Obama

But what about Frank?

The book filled in many loose-ends about the private and hidden Obama.

His membership in the Choom Gang in Hawaii, a group of his high school friends who regularly got stoned on marijuana has not been as visible as George W. Bush’s alcoholic problems.

 Maraniss treats this the way we might have regarded drinking a little beer while in high school.

Have times changed that much?

The book is more important for what it does not say.

Granted it concluded with the end of his formative years and spent as much time on his parents and their parents than on Obama proper.

But it does not elaborate on his grades at either Occidental, where he did a little more drugs or at Columbia.

One of Obama’s friends had told a friend that he had a B+ average.

In 2004 we knew both John Kerry and George Bush’s actually Grade Point Average and their college board exam score.

For the record Bush was some points higher than the Junior Senator from Massachusetts.

Also though he does mention Frank Marshall Davis, as being important to Obama’s early development, for some reason he fails to mention that Davis, was an avowed member of the Communist Party with a FBI dossier to his credit.

Obama’s mentor

How could a detail like this fail to make the final cut since the author tells us Obama’s phone number, street address and favorite diets in New York?

To me it is a historical dishonesty, intentional or otherwise, like this that raises several questions about our sitting president that no one on the left will even address.

To leads me back to issue at hand, Dirty Barry and the luck of the American people.

We don’t really know what a Romney presidency will bring.

We do not know if his policies will be able to stem the tide of enormous government debts, a recession that threatens to come back but we do know what Obama has done and what he has failed to do.

And we do know a lot more about Romney’s abilities than we ever did about Obama’s.

And I can also say that the Dirty Barry fits the president because his means to achieve his ends border on the worst kind of Chicago politics this country has seen on a national level since Jefferson and Adams fought it out.

It is Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals that is the president’s tactical playbook, which makes him the biggest radical this country has ever faced and elected.

Rules for Radicals.png

Obama’s playbook

According to Alinsky to win and maintain power you have demonize your opponents.

Just think back to the long primary campaign and how the Democratic machine of personal destruction came out to go after any and all Republicans who showed any sort of momentum.

This was right out of the Alinsky Playbook, which says one must demonize and isolate one’s political enemies.

I am thinking, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain. Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and anyone wearing a Republican uniform.

To them politics is war by other means and they shoot to kill and then have the temerity to blame it on their opponents.

Since he took office four very long years ago, Obama has set race against race, rural against urban, Catholic against Catholic, straight against homosexual, poor against the wealthy.

We are more divided than ever before and it is this president’s doing.

They have already been savaging Romney with false claims about his taxes, his experience at Bain Capital and the like.

Paul Ryan pushes little old ladies off cliffs.

I think Ryan’s choice was a bold one for several reasons–one is that the Obama machine has already unleashed its angry and destructive attacks on him when his plan for reforming the Obama mistakes, excesses and socialistic laws on Health Care.

But just wait until the Obama forces reve up their hate machine.

They will make Ryan look and sound like the devil incarnate.

Obama will fight dirty.

He learned those lessons on the streets of Chicago from the Alinsky acolytes.

So we now have Dirty Barry—-running our lives and aspiring to make greater intrusions …thus the making him the mirror reflection of Dirty Harry.

I wasn’t the first to think of it

He has shown a spleen of anger,  and near-contempt for anyone who dared to challenge his authority.

I have never seen nor heard such a unanimity of apocalyptic musings from so many leaders.

Their mood is as serious as a heart attack.

So the choice posed to we the American voters is precisely the one that the wounded felon was given by Dirty Harry...are we feeling lucky about our chances of survival under Obama II?

The choice is ours!

Skin Deep

August 15, 2012

How important is our skin to us?

It is the coating that holds our bodies together.

Without it we would be oozing fluids and other human parts all over the place.

Skin of itself is often not very attractive.

Just ask any dermatologist.

Wrinkles, pimples, cysts, even the dreaded melanoma, all mar the pristine beauty of nature as we age and experience life in the flesh.

More than skin deep

I was told as a young man that even the nude women of Playboy Magazine had to have their perfect bodies airbrushed to hide their imperfections.

I remember an old Jerry Lewis movie where the subject of skin came up and with all the lustful yuk-yuks he could muster he said it was the upholstery that gave meaning to one’s skin.

In talking about skin in the philosophical sense, the term flesh or upholstered skin is really what is important.

Liked female upholstery

Pulcritudinous flesh was an evil for several religious groups many centuries ago.

The Gnostics, Cathars, Jansenists and Manchians all believed that the flesh was sinful and allured man to commit all form of sexual acts.

Many old word attitudes, like Puritanism which came to Massachusetts Bay in 1630, and even the Medieval Church regarded the human body as a dangerous source of temptation that had to be covered and almost hidden from public view.

Some of those archaic view still exist today.

John Paul II and his revolutionary Theology of the Body firmly established the true understanding of our bodies, both men and women, as being made in the image and likeness of God.

I have mentioned several times that the values of massage therapy as a form of, not only physical therapy, but also well-being, joy and even bliss resonate with his TOB.

Fosters well-being

Lena, my therapist has told me that in Russia they instruct new parents to massage their newborns regularly because the sense of touch is so important to their early development and can create a stronger emotional bond.

I once asked her how she got into her profession.

She learned her craft early from her mother, now a retired medical doctor, still living in Ukraine.

She did massages to put herself through medical school.

When Lena came to this country one of her first jobs was at a dentist office.

The dentist’s sister was a massage therapist.

She began moonlighting with her and after a while she advised Lena to pursue a professional license because the state had made it a requirement.

Because of her extraordinary skills, I call Lena the Natural, an allusion to the character, Roy Hobbes in Bernard Malamud’s book, the Natural.

In the movie Robert Redford played an aging baseball players who is trying to re-enter a game he left as a young man after a deranged and suicidal woman shot him in her hotel room.

Lena’s namesake

The event was inspired by the real-life shooting of Philadelphia Phillies first base man, Eddie Waikus, who in 1950 was nearly killed by a mentally ill woman in Chicago.

Late in the movie, Hobbs admits that his goal in life was to be such a great ball player that when he walked down any city street in America, people would point to him and say.:

That’s Roy Hobbes…he was the BEST there ever was!

I am convinced that if enough people had regular massages from Lena people would say there goes Lena…she’s the BEST RMT there ever was!

I once told her that for her massages to have lasting value to me, I had to find some root or connection with my religious faith.

I just didn’t want these glorious feelings to be ephemeral or fleeting.

She helped me to recognize the integral link between body and soul that religions sometime distort into what they call the Cartesian dichotomy.

Our souls are the repository of everything we are.

All or emotions, feelings and thoughts are there.

They make up the core of our personality.

Americans often call this center of our being–heart.

The musical Damn Yankees and the wonderful song, You gotta have heart…miles and miles of heart illustrated the importance of heart.

In Japan they call it Wa.

The soul cannot be in harmony unless our bodies are.

And conversely if our souls are troubled or at war with themselves in the case of moral vices and personal troubles, the body will suffer as a result.

When my mind is troubled my flowglow vanishes immediately.

They had to have heart

Since the soul is where we live, it is akin to the Owen Wilson movie, You, Me and Dupree, where a single man with few prospects, finally develops his personal talents as a motivational speaker.

The movie concludes with his telling thousands of people, especially his best friend, Carl to get in touch with his inner being–his Carlness–those things that make them who they are.

What Dupre means is essentially the positive benefits I derive from a regular massage.

There is also a kind of spiritual and metal bonding that goes with regular massage therapy.

It has led me to think hard about the eschatology of human life,  that is the things that really mean something.

I recently finished a book, The Holy Longing: The Search for Christian Spirituality, by Ronald Rolheiser O. M. I.

In it he describes the Incarnation in language that I have never heard before.

The Incarnation is nothing less than the central teaching of the Catholic and many Christian faiths.

The Holy Longing

Simply stated it is the mystery of God taking a human body and dealing with humans in a visible and tangible way.

The word comes from the Latin phrase in carnus, which means in physical flesh.

This is human flesh in its raw, brute, physically tangible and unplatonic humanity.

In other words God assumed the human nature of man to go along with his divine nature and spent 33 years living as one of us but with a much more significant destiny.

It is arguably the most important event in the history of the world.

With his mystical union, coupled with his suffering and death, he raised mankind to a new level of hope and redemption.

According to Rolheiser, God assumed human flesh so that every human could become a church, a sacrament and every child would become Christ-like.

Most people do not have trouble thinking of Jesus’ body as needing nourishment,  having a sexual body that was subject to pain, sickness and death.

The problem arises from the fact that we cannot attribute the same physical reality to the whole Body of Christ that he left behind, namely the Eucharist and his Church.

Most important Christian teaching

Most people think the Incarnation stopped when Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven.

Rolheiser believes that the importance of the Incarnation continues in history.

The God of the Incarnation has real flesh on earth–our flesh–and speaks to us in the bread and butter of our daily lives, through things that have skin–historical circumstances, our families, our neighbors, our churches and that borderline-pyschotic friend who painfully reminds us that we are not God.

But the direction and power is always with God.

As part of his plan God has chosen to work through us and metaphorically through our skin to give reality to his power.

When Lena does one of her massages, she is as Rolheiser believes giving skin to God—both hers and the one she is working on.

Her powerful fingers and arms are doing God’s work to unleash her people’s bodies from their pains, suffering and deterioration.

In doing so she gives fly to their imaginations, spirits and souls so that they can soar to deeper understanding of what life is supposed to mean.

As a result the body is free to find a rebirth in a deeper union with its soul so that the whole person can re-emerge in a harmonious union that will be pleasing to God.

I admit that on the surface this appears as something out of a New Age manual but I firmly believe it is all founded in my Catholic faith, which I think I have taken to a higher plateau.

As she has proven to me time and time again, her hands are working much more than skin deep.

She has taken my being to a much higher level as she can with anyone who will surrender to her touch.

Researchers are learning how massage soothes aching muscles.

Giving skin to God

As Rolheiser says the baton has been passed on to each one of his followers to continue his work of loving one’s neighbor and doing random acts of charity and forgiveness.

It is Christ alive in our lives and in Lena’s hands that works through us to achieve this.

The term skin deep takes on a whole new meaning.

It has become clear to me that skin during a massage has a message much deeper than the surface of the human body.

I primarily owe my understanding of this to the lady with the heavenly touch.

Too Bad Dorothy Kilgallen is Dead!

August 9, 2012
5 Comments in a great place to find the latest in culture war skirmishes and battles.

In a recent statement the Catholic bishops of Wisconsin warned against the end of life care document called Physician (or Provider) Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST).

The bishops are concerned that use of this document could lead to acts of euthanasia.

Well it is about time!

Where were they when Sarah Palin was warning of death panels three years ago?

Speaking of panels, I’ll bet Dorothy Kilgallen would have been on one.

Could have been a death panelist

She was a professional panelist.

But alas she died…under somewhat mysterious circumstances in 1965.

Some said it had something to do with the Kennedy assassination.

Why did the bishops not take Palin seriously?

Different versions of the POLST, intended to be signed by designated health care professionals, are gaining popularity in many states.

The Wisconsin document, which the bishops’ statement describes as a preset form that establishes medical orders to withhold or administer treatments, does not require a patient signature.

So a party other than the intended victim can sign the patient’s life away.

Now that sets up some interesting estate scenarios.

The bishops now realize that the form may conflict with the individual’s wishes, Wisconsin law and hospital or practitioner ethics.

What took them so long?

But how could this be in Obama’s Beautiful Society of caring and hopeful people?

How did they miss that or was this a sudden change in the man so many of them thought was the answer to Republican greed?

They also object to the fact that the form has no conscience protection for facilities or practitioners.

But with angels running the health care system, why would anyone need such a protection?

According to the Medical College of Wisconsin a patients/surrogate signature is strongly recommended or required, depending on the state or region.

The form is designed to allow medical practitioners to decide in advance which medical treatment is offered to patients.

They wouldn’t ration health care treatments that might save the lives of thousands of elderly useless eaters would they?

Has T-4, the Nazis’ first attempt at eliminated their useless eaters finally come to America?

The options range from allowing or foregoing resuscitation, antibiotics, nutrition and liquids.

Nutrition sounds like food…but I could be wrong.

And liquids–do they mean water?

A glass of water with a slice of lemon - Photo 219322

Will this be avaiable under ObamaCare?

The Catholic Church teaches food and water should always be provided, even if delivered by artificial means.

They directed Catholics to the Now and at the Hour of Our Death publication, which provides information on ethical care and treatment issues.

But it says nothing about medical marijuana.

I’ll bet that’s what they will give patients.

Heck old people are such a burden.

It is good that we have a government that knows how to take care of them.

Or maybe they will give them a population control pill.

The Bishops say, despite the possible benefits of these documents, this risk is too grave to be acceptable.

Benefits?  I cannot not think of one.

I wonder what benefits the bishops are thinking of?

In a press release on the issue, the bishops said, POLST forms present options for treatment as if they are morally neutral.

In fact, they are not.  Because we cannot predict the future, it is difficult to determine in advance whether specific medical treatments, from an ethical perspective, are absolutely necessary or optional.

The bishops reiterated their belief that throughout our lives we must always make choices that respect the dignity of every human life from the moment of fertilization to natural death.

Should have read section on health and euthanasia

And given President Obama’s position on the unborn, how did any of these men who have been elevated to the highest religious and moral authority in the Church did they ever believe and trust this man?

Why is all of this a sudden surprise to them?

The bishops state that they are not opposed to advanced care planning.

However, they advocate the use of a durable power of attorney that reflects Catholic teachings.

Concerning this issue, they said, We encourage all persons to use a durable power of attorney for health care. 

For those who are age 18 or older, completing this document allows you to appoint a trusted person to make health care decisions on your behalf if a situation arises in which you cannot make these decisions for yourself. 

I emphasize that one pick someone they can trust.

President Obama would be one of the last people I would pick.

It is important to discuss your wishes and Catholic teaching with the person whom you appoint and to choose someone who will make health care decisions based on these principles.

Personally given their track record I would be a little leery of consulting some of our bishops.

The Wisconsin bishops also reiterated usual Catholic teaching, which Church leaders report is frequently not understood, that “over-zealous treatment” is not ethically or morally necessary.

Referring to passage no. 2278 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which states, Discontinuing medical procedures that are burdensome, dangerous, extraordinary, or disproportionate to the expected outcome can be legitimate; it is the refusal of ‘over-zealous’ treatment. 

Whom would you trust with your life?

Here one does not will to cause death but one’s inability to impede it is merely accepted.

When my mother was in a state of dementia, which lasted over 12 years I promised God that I would not do anything to needlessly extend her life but neither would I do anything to take her out early.

She died the natural way she was intended to do on 3/11. (You can easily guess the year.)

I hope I will be afforded the same concerns and dignity.

The situation in Wisconsin bears extremely careful watching.

The Ghost of America’s Future

August 2, 2012

I think the only thing sadder than a stack of empty shelves is a shopping mall that is virtually a ghost town.

Recently in my never-ending attempt to beat the grim reaper by exercising regularly, I went to the Crestwood Mall, about 10 miles south of my home in St. Louis County.

I knew the mall had been in trouble for many years.

Many of its anchor stores, like Macy’s and Sears had already fled for greener pastures.

A sad sight

A number of black box theaters and arts shops had tried to fill some of the cavernous void.

In fact my first play, The Last Memory of an Ol’ Brownie Fan was staged in one of these theaters.

But I was woefully unprepared for what I witnessed last week.

It was desolate.

The only things missing were graffiti and broken windows.

Not a creature was in sight except for me and a bunch of old people with the same intent of staying alive by exercise.

It pained me, in more ways than one, to walk among the broken dreams of ownership and prosperity.

Any time a small business goes under as I assume many of these did, I feel remorse.

In New York City recently for short holiday, we stopped by Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant, a recognizable tourist attraction just next to the Park.

Yankee Stadium

First the Mick and then his eatery

This time it was shuttered and there were no signs of life anywhere.

And this was after 24 years of operation.

The obituary in the paper said that it was the increased rent, the high price of food and a few bad reviews that forced its owners to go out of business.

We had a similar situation with a souvenir shop very near the NBC offices at 30 Rock that closed after 39 years because of an increased lease.

The Jewish woman who has sold us many tees, and New York stuff over the years was a real gem.

She was your typical New Yorker with her quasi cynical demeanor and blunt way of doing business.

But she was never offensive, even to us Midwesterners and had an endearing charm that we will miss.

Ironically the Jewish woman had several items, favorably depicting our president, who just recently said that people like her, the owner of Mantles and all the missing shopkeepers of the moribund Crestwood Mall owed their dreams of ownership to him by proxy.

And yet our clueless president says that private businesses are doing well.

It is the public sector that needs more investment and job creation.

Oh really?

With four small words he revealed more about himself than all the books I have read him said.

You didn’t build that!

PHOTO: President Barack Obama gestures at a campaign stop in Oakland, Calif. on July 23, 2012.

You didn’t build that!

With these short words he sent the Republican Party and all conservatives on a frenzied mission to expose the president’s deep-seated animus against small businesses.

This statement characterized the political and ideological bent of this man, more than any of his self-serving lies and distortion.

As Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal stated, his thought wasn’t even original.

Like good buddy Joe Biden, he lifted it from the ramblings of Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic challenger to Scott Brown in Massachusetts last August.

The perpetually bewildered Ms. Warren implored Democrats that government was the real source of all business success.

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth...

The president borrowed from her

This made a great impression on her liberal followers, who have been working for its wider adoption for years.

It fits right in with the president’s theme that there is nothing exceptional about America…except maybe its president.

I wonder if he attributes all of his own success to his intelligence and drive or is that also the work of a beneficient government?

Some how his own irrepressible swagger seems to belie his comments.

But then most liberals if not all considered themselves better than the American rabble that have chosen to save from themselves.

I doubt if the Jewish woman who ran her shop for 39 years did do that on her own.

The many restauranteurs that give up the ghost of their dreams didn’t bring anything to their businesses.

No, it was those in government, who taught them, the union men, who built their roads and the police and firemen who protected them that put the food on their tables.

Their blood, sweat and now tears of assuming the risks of private ownership…were in Obama’s socialist world–all for nothing.

The president has made it very clear Jefferson’s nation of shopkeepers, that is American risk-takers, investors and small businesses, have no place but the unemployment line, in his world.

The closed shops and broken-hearted shopkeepers are signs that in Obama’s world the only business that will get done will be the business of government.

As Strassel says this goes way beyond politics.

It attacks America at its very fiber and twists the truth into a European fantasy that has proven a failure every time it is has been tried.

Government has become the enemy of business…the American people and its continual expansion heralds the decline and ultimate destruction of the American way of life.

This is not what millions of Americans–the Greatest Generation–fought and died for.

And now this Democratic enemy within is doing everything in its formidable power to undermine our way of life.

We all know who they are–Nancy Polesi in the House…to Harry Reid in Senate and the entire Executive branch of government.

Reid- 2009 Official Photo.jpg

Undermining America’s future

Again this writes the importance of this election in dark bold letters.

We may never get another chance!

From a nation of shopkeepers and small businesses, we are quickly becoming a nation of boarded-up malls, a ghost of America’s past.

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