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A Color Blind Nation | July 12, 2012

During my annual office visit to see my eye doctor last November, I found out that I am officially color blind.

Now this should not have surprised me because my wife has been telling me that for 46 years.

Now I can believe her.

As a nation color-blindness has served as a suitable metaphor for a people hell-bent on creating as much racial diversity as its seams will hold.

Can you see the number?

I think there is another application for this metaphor that bodes poorly for the entire country, black, white, Indian and oriental.

I am talking about the color green which happens to be at the root of my own eye dysfunction.

Really it is different shades that throw me but clinically I have a blue/green problem that afflicts 8% of the white male population.

But I digress.

Green is now the color of saving the planet by reducing our carbon footprints.

That is a $64,000 idiom!

Big Green is literally everywhere–hotels, spas, government building and so on.

In our schools millions of children are being made to feel guilty for living on this planet and using the modern technology of their generation.

A new generation of Luddites is telling them to get used to living with much less in comforts for the good of the race.

The Luddites were a social movement of 19th-century English textile artisans who protested—often by destroying mechanized looms—against the changes produced by the Industrial Revolution, that replaced them with less-skilled, low-wage labor, and which they felt were leaving them without work and changing their way of life.

Afraid of tecnology

Implicit in these teachings is the fact that they believe the planet would be better off with about five and half billion fewer people.

That includes virtually everybody but themselves who need to survive so they can enjoy pure air and water, presumably in their caves.

My bank darkens one half of its corridor so that it can save a few dollars in electricity and leave its customers groping in the near dark.

But now they cane say they are green!

I now think that most Americans are not green for their attempts to save the planet but playing into the hands of the browns and I don’t mean my beloved St. Louis Browns.

Personally, I do not think there is a more fanatical group of people in this country than the main players in the environmental movement.

They make Hamas, the Klan, and the Black Panthers seem like groups of boy scouts at a busy corner in Manhattan with several old ladies trying to cross the street.

And there is no greater fanatic than our president, Barack Obama.

He has been dancing and even singing to their tune most of his political career.

He is not only the first mulatto to serve as president but the first green man to serve.

Could he have really been born in Mars and not Kenya or Hawaii?

Where is Donald Trump when you really need him?

Stephen Moore writes for the Wall Street Journal and is a panelist on Fox News.

Had a taste of Green America

He recently describe his three days of horror in Washington, D. C. after a series of storms caused millions to suffer in the heat without air-conditioning.

He realized just how dependent Americans are on our creature comforts, especially in extreme weather.

He called electrical power, the central nervous system of our modern economy and our 21st century lifestyles.

He felt like he was living in a pre-Industrial Age by not having electricity or over a week.

He also noted that our way of life is under a fierce assault from these self-appointed  gate-keepers of the planet’s future.

While Mother Nature caused Moore’s nightmare, he is convinced that the color brown, in the form of brown-outs will be the wave of our future if Obama and his henchmen in the Environmental Protection Agency.

Green with envy

Sweltering in the dark to him was a dark glimpse into America’s future if the greens have their way.

The EPA has to rank, not only as one of the most nefarious government organizations but probably as one of the most dangerous oxymorons in the English language.

There is no kind of fuel that they approve.

Our green president has slammed the brakes on coal production.

This cheap and domestically abundant source of power is getting cleaner by the minute.

One of his unofficial czars, the notorious James Hansen at NASA had the effrontery to liken trains, carrying coal to German death trains that transported the Jews to Nazi concentration camps for extermination.

A fair analogy?

What a blatant abuse of historical reference that is.

I think Obama would enjoy seeing all of them go the way of the widget and buggy whip makers.

Natural gas is also on the Obama hit list.

It ranks as our second most efficient source of electrical energy and thanks to the technological miracles of hydraulic fracturing we have hundreds of years of this clean-burning fuel that even reduces green house gases…as if that were a necessary thing.

But another extreme group, the Sierra Club is vowed to shut down natural gas.

Click our logo for the Sierra Club conviopages.

Back to the caves!

It goes without saying that Big Green hates the oil and nuclear industries as well.

That’s why millions of barrels of untapped oil still rests, untouched and unapproachable thanks to the antiquated policies of  the Obama administration, which is politically and morally beholden to this pack of environmental zombies.

And forget about nuclear reactors.

Every time they are included in the argument, we only hear a few words from the greens–Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.

Chernobyl Disaster.jpg

Was in Soviet Ukraine, not here!

The former is the only significant accident in 35 years in the nuclear industry and the later happened in Ukraine in 1986.

Maybe someone should ask them, how are we supposed to live without any electrical energy?

Perhaps they are all former Boy Scouts and can teach us how to rub two sticks together.

But that would be a waste of wood and a possible fire hazard.

The EPA would have to shut us down.

I think people who color themselves greens are really browns, who want our electrical grid to collapse and so what if the collateral damage is thousands and thousands of dead people.

What do they care if millions of Americans die prematurely.

It will serve them right as a matter of social justice that they die because it is because of their size 52 carbon footprints that their earth is in jeopardy.

Green Carbon Leaf Footprint studio shot Stock Photo - 8306629

The enemy of mankind?

As for my own clinical color-blindness, I found that if I had tried to enlist in the Air Force, in 1965 I would have been disqualified but I would have been sent to the Vietnam frontlines because I could see through camouflage.

I think we should all take off all our color-blinders and see through the false color coding and see them for their true color.



  1. Bill,
    Oriental is a carpet. Asian is a race. You are showing our age.

    Comment by Ed — July 12, 2012 @ 3:38 pm

  2. I agree. The whole “green” program is just another scheme to give gov’t a way to increase the “dole” handouts and get more people fenced in with
    “aid” and dependency. What a farce. Pax

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — July 12, 2012 @ 7:20 pm

  3. You are correct about the racial nomenclature in today’s current argot. (I didn’t know it was a carpet to tell the truth.) But have found that such popular neologistic applications tend to be nothing more than fads.Take for instance the term “colored.” Now when you and I were mixing it up at the lake that term was used in some circles but probably more by our parents and Southerners who wished to avoid the racial prejudice of the “N” word. I think we called them “Negroes.” I always felt that to be strange but it is closer to “Asian” than one might think. In the sixties they became “black.” I use “white” a lot for our race, instead of the more proper and accurate–Caucasian. I still use that. Then we came to the ridiculously sublime—African-American. There could not be a more meaningless phrase ever invented. Just what does it mean? It means they have no idea where they came from…Why not Planetarian-American? Are you ready for this? Years ago I was at an alumni Class Agents meeting at Holy Cross and the young HC Rep was talking on and on about “people of color.” I could not let that pass and asked him if that wasn’t very, very close to “colored people?” He didn’t answer. So Ed I figure Oriental will come back. Our current president went to its polar opposite–Occidental—so it does have a wider application than a carpet store.l

    Comment by bbprof — July 13, 2012 @ 1:56 pm

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