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The Obama Prophecy | May 24, 2012

I know my title this sounds like another in the long line of Robert Ludlum titles.

I think Jason Bourne has had more second comings than Rocky.

Bourne TV Series 1988 Image

More lives than Rocky

There has been some talk and even a movie about the Mayan prophecy and the end of the world on December 27th of this year.

If the Mayans were any good as prophets, I think November 6th would be more appropriate because of the significance it holds for our way of life in America.

This election is the most important one since 1860.

And for those of you who do not remember or maybe never learned your history that election eventually led to the thundering guns of Bull Run and a bloody four-year war that claimed, now they tell us nearly 800,000 lives.

It also set the stage for well over a 100 years of internal strife and social unrest.


Most important election since

While I do not expect blood to flow with this coming election–unless President Obama should lose— the division that it will cause is hard to calculate.

I say that because for the first time in our history we have a president that appears to be working at cross-purposes with all the things that are good in America.

He seems determined to assume all power, influence, economic activity for his Leviathan state that he has helped to enlarge during his three plus years in office.

I say this in all sincerity because the only other explanation is that he so incompetent a leader that he has unraveled the threads of affirmative action that got him elected.

Ed Klein’s new book, The Amateur paints President Obama as someone who was woefully unprepared for the hardest job on the face of the earth.

He makes a good case for this.

Finally the left gets a minority in the White House and he exposes his abject ignorance, inability to lead, inspire, heal and do all the good things that candidates say they can.

In reality he has done little more than apologize, divide the races, classes, genders and religions against one another with what can only be a calculated severity that might take generations to heal.

Klein contends that it has been his blatant incompency that has brought the nation to the brink of ruination.

I disagree.

I believe that Obama knows exactly what he is doing—after all is he not the smartest man ever to reign in Washington?

He knows his policies will bring free America to its knees and therefor allow him to extend power even further than all of of his predecessors.

He virtually promised us this would happen during his last campaign.

He said he would change America as we know it.

Barack Obama - Jimmy Fallon: Gearing Up for President Obama

Knows what he is doing

If one listened carefully to his campaign speeches in 2008, it becomes clear that what we have now is the change that he promised.

We are now experiencing economic stagnation and social discord as the new normal.

If we don’t like it we can just take a pill.

I think most critics have badly missed the point of the Obama agenda, which is designed to retard the economy, divide the people and undermine the family and organized religion.

He has been very good at that and hardly inept.

People misunderstand that he is someone who wants America to succeed in the age-old traditions of which it is used to.

He has told us that he wants to change virtually everything we have been because it has been the fountainhead of racism, imperialism, greed and oppression.

His words are right out of Karl Marx.

This has been his prophecy—-the virtual end of America as we knew and wanted it.

If this prophecy does come true, it will because Americans just don’t care about anything but themselves and their government checks.

I include big business in this equation as well.

Like we now see in Greece after being dependent on their government for so long, they will not accept any productive reform, nor are they willing to give up anything for the good of the whole.

The public unions in Wisconsin have already gone Greek on us.

Just look at Greece and Spain where the wards of the state–those unproductive millions–many of whom are civil employees and who live off the wealth of others riot to preserve their unearned prosperity and exorbitant pension checks, to see our future.

The standard philosophy of the average person seems to be as long as I get mine why should I care about anything else.

And I am not talking about the wealthy.

They are the only ones that are really giving anything back to society.

As a Catholic I wonder where the Catholic Church has been throughout all this.

Culture Wars Magazine, which I used to read religiously, has now become an instrument of economic Ludditism, condemning every economic innovation from banking, paper money, credit and even the First Amendment.

May 12 Cover

A Luddite economic philosophy

They seem to think that the principles of Karl Marx on labor and the value of work were wonderful and true with the sole exception of his atheism.

They also had the temerity to attack the Governor of Wisconsin, painting him as some sort of fascist who wants to destroy unionism.

They are now starting to sound like the liberal branch of the USCCB.

This explains why the bishops have been late to the party of freedom.

Thanks to Karl Marx all the principles of human nature with its economic and social freedoms have been desecrated for four years under Obama.

Where were they then?

The Catholic Bishops did not get upset with ObamaCare, which they applaud–less of course its support of abortion and other procedures contrary to Catholic teaching.

He would have loved ObamaCare

It was only when their oxen had been gored that they became outraged, crying about Obama’s gross violation of religious freedom.

In Missouri thousands of Catholic marched and bused on the state capital to protest.

Given the president’s background on abortion and the like how could they have expected  anything else?

But they really became outraged when they learned that the Amish sect in Pennsylvania had received one of Obama’s many exemptions from this most unpopular law.

That kind of hypocrisy makes me ill.

This raises the 30 pieces of silver question, So would ObamaCare be fine with the Church as long as their facilities and hospitals were not forced to comply?

But it is OK for the rest of us to be forced to comply with this tyrannical  president?

But what about us?

If Obama finally calculates that it would be worth his political wile to get those 54% of Catholics on his side again, then I will believe the Church’s leaders are conspiring with the devil.

Furthermore let me tell them that the issue is not abortion, birth control or religious freedom.

It is plain old freedom to choose to do with your own money what you wish.

Slowly but surely big government has been eroding our personal freedoms, inch by inch, right by right.

These are the basic freedoms that liberal has been gradually stripping from the American landscape, while the Church leaders sat in their chanceries and collected the government largesse for the poor while pontificating to the decreasing faithful in the pews how they had to be better stewards of God’s gifts.

Now for the price of exemption is my church is conspiring to give to government absolute control over my health care and my life?

And they will have the unmitigated gall to ask me to remember the Church in my will as ObamaCare leads me to the gas chamber of health care?

As they tried to make us all equal they took away all our freedoms and the Church just played its collective lyre while our freedoms burned.

Maybe Catholics need to have a tea party of their own.



  1. You are absolutely right. One of Satan’s most successful weapons is to ” Divide and conquer’ and that Obama has done . If we don’t stand together this fall, all is lost. God help us.

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — May 25, 2012 @ 1:39 am

  2. Bill:

    Your are right on – it’s not just about freedom of
    religion. It is about all of our God-Given freedoms:
    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (right to
    keep the fruits of our labor).

    The First Amendment cites Freedom of Religion,
    of the Press and of Speech along with the Freedom
    to Assemble and Freedom to Petition the Government
    for a redress of grievances.

    Our Major Media is controlled; if it wasn’t the HHS
    Mandate which Cardinal Dolan and other Bishops
    are fighting would NOT be billed as a Contraceptive
    Mandate because it includes abortifacients and

    Let’s hope, pray and ask Cardinal Dolan to withdraw
    “Faithful Citizenship” which gives Catholics permission to vote for a pro-choice/abort candidate IF the reason
    they do so is not to promote abortion.

    Our Bishop Robert Hermann who was the administrator
    in 2008 before we had an Archbishop encouraged us
    to vote pro-life. Thereafter he even wrote in our
    St. Louis Review that if we made of the mistake of
    voting otherwise we should go to Confession. God
    Bless Him!!! He batted 100% +++ in my opinon.

    Let’s pray that Cardinal Dolan will be as outspoken
    as Bishop Hermann was and as Cardinal Burke was
    before he went to Rome. Cardinal Burke was super+++ in 2004!!!

    Let’s hope and pray for the survival of our Constitutional Republic and that our God-Given
    Freedoms survive. We must STOP the BO Administration that is turning our USA into a
    socialistic state and MUST tell our American Bishops
    to wake up to the fact that socialism disguised as
    “social justice” will indeed destroy Christianity and put
    them out of a job.


    Comment by MF — May 25, 2012 @ 2:09 am

  3. Mary B. and MF echo my sentiments absolutely. Bill, keep it up!

    Comment by shirley e, ducey — June 1, 2012 @ 12:53 pm

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