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A Bad Russian Novel | March 29, 2012

First there was Vlad the Impaler!

Then there was Ivan the Terrible!

Now there is Barack the Tyrant!

The first trait of a tyrant is his ability to lie.

Obama has become the personification of a Pinocchio stick figure that lies and lies until his nose assumes the distance of a vaulter’s pole.

Image Detail

The mendacious president

He lies about what he has accomplished during his three plus years as the nation’s president.

He lies about his Republican opposition to the extent of a defamation of character and serious calumny.

He lies about health care.

Do you really think you will be able to keep your same doctor if ObamaCare stifles the Court and the will of most of the people?

He lies about oil.

Like his predecessor in truth-destruction, Bill Clinton Obama brags about how much he has done as president and how hard he works.

I have found that most people that brag about their accomplishments have actually done very little of value..

His mantra has been Blame Bush.

He reminds me of the old Joe E. Brown movie character adapted from the pen of Ring Lardner’s, Alibi Ike.

He thought himself the world’s greatest baseball players but when he failed to produce, he had an excuse.

He would have blamed Bush too!

Psychologists will say his mendacity just clouds his own ineptitude.

He also reminds me of the high-minded Robert Redford character in the movie, the Candidate that after winning a Senate seat, said to his chief aide, What do we do now?

For over three years, President Obama has appeared, relentlessly clueless.

With the nation’s economy stagnating he has time to fill out, not just a bracket for the NCAA’s men’s teams but also for the women as well.

Obama Ncaa Tournament Bracket

The president picking winners

That is real chutzpah in the face of a looming repeat of a financial crisis unless, he learns how to stop spending money the country does not have.

Even worse  is the fact that this tyrant has deliberately and methodically divided this nation on race, economics, religion and even sociology more than any president since Franklin Roosevelt.

His unnecessary intervention in the neighborhood killing of black Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin has turned the nation’s sympatheterati into dressing like authentic hoodlums.

Now the New Black Panthers, a protected species of the Justice Department has put an NFL bounty of one million dollars on George Zimmerman, the Florida shooter.

This is more ominous than anything the New Orleans defense could muster.

I expect Bill Belechick of New England to start wearing sweaters next football season to distance himself from this situation.

His look has now become that of protest!

The hoodie is the usual attire of a bum.

It also is a veiled reference to being a hoodlum, which makes one think of Chicago politics and the Democratic machine.

Maybe that is the significance of the Obaman intervention, a pure form of synchronicity.

This would be bad enough if it were for his apparent inner need to personify the imperial presidency.

I know this is all starting to sound like a bad Russian novel with unpronounceable names, multi-subplots and a depressing ending.

The Wall Street Journal‘s recent half-page editorial laid the basis for his usurpation of constitutional power and his desire to assume the complete plenary powers of the state.

The Supreme Court will be hearing arguments on the jewel in Obama’s imperial crown–his health care bill, which will provide all Americans with health insurance but little care.

Americans will be equal in our slavery rather than unequal in our freedom.

That is a liberal tenet of faith.

The White House is already organizing its forces of intimidation and coercion on the Court.

A memo from a senior official in the Obama Administration was leaked recently.

It revealed that they are linking forces with liberal advocacy groups to pressure the Court.

The White House is also organizing demonstrations during the proceedings, including a prayerful witness encircling the Supreme Court.

Image Detail

Trying to intimidate the court

The Executive Branch is supposed to speak through its Solicitor General, not hooded mobs in the street.

This just intensifies Obama’s disrespect for our constitutional form of government.

Like the Catholic Church it is one of the many obstacles in his imperial path.

Once that happens, the American Republic will disappear and the president or dictator then could easily establish martial law and extend his reign to a lifetime of hurt for the American people.

The case hinges on the Commerce Clause, which has always been about commercial and economic transactions, not about people who refuse to make them.

But for the first time in history, the Obama government wants to mandate all the American people to buy something millions feel they don’t need or even want.

This distinction is crucial.

If he can do it with health insurance, he can do it with automobiles and every other product under the sun.

Everyone will be driving a GM Volt, which is as good as the Russian Lada was.

Bob Lutz and other officials introduce the Chevy Volt during a media event.

Is this American Lada in our future by mandate?

As the WSJ says, the government is claiming it can create commerce so it has something to regulate.

This is another way of describing plenary police powers–regulations of private behavior to advance order and welfare.

The only two exceptions are for jury duty and military conscription.

The latter was eliminated in the 1970s by President Nixon.

The axiom with this has been…until now…presidents can make rules for actions and objects, while states can make rules for people.

Obama is in serious violation of this long-term principle.

ObamaCare requires a vision of the Commerce Clause that is so broad that it would erase dual sovereignty and extend the new reach of federal police powers into every sphere of what used to be private freedom.

This is the most salient issue here.

Contrary to what the Catholic Church thinks, this is about much more than religious  freedom.

I think it has been the real reason behind his Health Care plan.

According to commentator Rush Limbaugh, this is a siege on the Constitution.

Once it is neutered they can consolidate their powers at record speeds.

In a past essay I briefly alluded to Obama’s second inaugural address from a balcony.

The balcony I had in mind is reminiscent of the one our tour bus drove by in Rome in 2006.

It was the same one that El Duce addressed his fascist supporters over 85 years ago.

Image Detail

Will we see a rerun in January?

Have I been smoking too much algae or is this what our president has in store for us after his re-election?

Is this our future?.

To answer Sinclair Lewis rhetorical question of 80 years ago.

Yes, it can happen here!!!


Here is another of my shameless self-promotions.  My last book, The Scorpion and the Frog: A Natural Conspiracy Theory is now an e-book.  (whatever that means.)

Please check it out.  BB For the real thing write me @



  1. I have been saying this for OVER 3 years.

    The Black community is unwilling to step up, due to this President being there first step to what many see
    in the race battle, as their true freedom,,,,,, from the White man,,,,,proof is the New Black Panthers,,”We will not live by the white mans rule”,,,,,,,,,,,, how prehistoric is that menatlity. It will take the Black community to wake up to what is happening to save us ALL.

    It appears that the sins of the fathers means more than we thought, and the anger runs deep.

    When I see that 41% of the people still agree with this president, it boggles my mind.

    Evil at its core can fool the masses, because it has no bounds and no moral fiber to stop it.

    Many years ago, Bregnif, stated that the US could not be defeated from the outside, it will take time, but we will defeat you,,,,, from the inside.

    Do not think this is a lost belief.

    Keep your lanterns lighted, for you no not when the father comes.

    Comment by TAB — March 29, 2012 @ 2:51 pm

  2. March 27th we traveled to Jeff City and attended
    the Americans For Prosperity Rally at the Capitol
    Hotel. There were about 8 speakers who made it
    clear to us that Obama lied about Obamacare and
    that it was about CONTROL rather than health care.
    They explained the multiple problems with Obamacare and the multiple lies that have been told. The keynote
    speaker was Dr. Milton Wolf who is a second cousin
    to Obama. He was A++++++ . There was a lady doctor
    who also spoke who was quite good as well as some
    of our pro-life politicians from MO. Peter Kinder who
    has filed a lawsuit against Obamacare gave an excellent presentation. A couple of the speakers com-
    pared what Obama is doing to what Hitler did.

    We were told that doctors who serve Medicare and
    Medicaid patients are quitting because of Obamacare.

    The Rally was A++++++ because ALL was disclosed.

    Afterwards we went over to the Capitol to visit our
    State Rep. and express our opposition to the HHS
    Contraception Mandate as well as all of Obamacare.

    The MCC Rally drew huge numbers which shows the
    power of our MO Bishops. However, we find it very
    discouraging that their event focused ONLY on a very
    tiny part of the problem with Obamacare. WHY didn’t
    the MO Bishops use the opportunity to educate those
    who attended about ALL the lies we have been told
    about Obamacare??? In failing to do so many were
    misled and left thinking the HHS Mandate was the only
    problem. They should been told the WHOLE truth!!!


    Comment by MF — March 29, 2012 @ 4:17 pm

  3. Dear Bill, a liar is a liar, is a liar.
    We are surrounded my friend, within church and state.
    After a while if we look long enough, a certain pattern evolves.
    Look whats happening in Philadelphia.
    There’s no a honour among thieves no matter who they collectively are, each believing they all have the same defects.

    Comment by L. Newington — March 30, 2012 @ 2:01 am

  4. BB, Satan at work. His favorite ploy is to DIVIDE AND CONQUER. And that is what Sa er I mean Obama is doing. If only all Christians ,including Catholics would ban together , Obama could be defeated. He plans a second term and oh what he could do. God help us. Pax.

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — March 30, 2012 @ 2:49 am

  5. A HS classmate writes:

    A lot of leaders in Italy make addresses from a balcony.
    Some who are even close to the Catholic church.
    Special interest groups have always marched in Washington and
    particularly around the Supreme court building. I recall being
    with Christina and a group of her fellow students from Immaculate High School, doing
    the thing you find offensive in your blog.
    It is always a good idea to use spell check before you send out material. People
    often incorrectly judge the value of material by the literacy with which it is presente

    Comment by bbprof — March 30, 2012 @ 1:34 pm

  6. Obama is imperious and decitful as evidence by his response to affairs of citizens, state and country.
    I have yet to read an article by world and US leaders any better descriptions of their meetings with him.
    The Catholic Church in the US is the largest stumbling block he has walked into regarding Morals and American Policies.
    Racism has elected Obama and he is dividing the country again along Black and White lines, hoping that the 54% of Catholics vote for him a second time.

    Comment by Jim Vondras — April 1, 2012 @ 1:25 am

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