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Five Mo’ Years | March 8, 2012

Five mo’ years of this?  Really!

I guess President Obama has the same creative sense with the United States Constitution that he does with United States geography.

I believe in 2008 he talked about visiting all 53 American states during his campaign.

With regard to his knowledge of our Constitution, he seems to forget that when he was elected our 44th president, he would sometimes have to consider the wishes of the other parties, especially when they controlled at least one House of government.

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I did it Frank's way!!

When that actually happened in 2010 and his party was thoroughly rejected at the polls, he never backed down from his boast in 2009, I won the election.

There is a lot of Frank in him!

He proceeded to ignore Republican objections by offering edicts, executive orders and pure dictates.

I guess we should be thankful that he did not employ the White House balcony to proclaim his demands.

Since the Democratic loss at the ballot boxes, the president has done nothing more than campaign for his five additional years.

I have to admit this is what he does best.

He is a masterful politician who knows how establish coalitions that pit one segment of America against another.

For most of the last three years, his mantra has been for the wealthy to pay their fair share, which he loosely defined as a lot more than they were paying now.

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How much did John Kerry pay in taxes?

Of course he knows that the top 10% already pays a huge disproportion of the taxes collected while nearly half of Americans pay absolutely nothing.

And some of the latter actually pay negative taxes–that is they get a refund or a credit on taxes they never paid.

This certainly flies in the face of any American notion of fairness.

Obama wants to soak the so-called rich even more, not for the little revenue their new taxes would actually bring but so that he can redistribute their money to…not the poor as the Catholic Church naively believes but to Obama’s cronies, such as Warren Buffett and Geoffrey Imelt of GE.

And don’t forget his union buddies who have sullied the reputation and history of unionism in this country with their orange, and purple clad jack-booted tactics of intimidation and violence.

They can no longer stand as the oppressed minority since many of them, especially the public unions live better than the people who pay their salaries–the American taxpayers.

And while all this is going on, what are the Republicans doing?

They are doing their best to destroy any hope we have of making Obama a one-term president by the silly in-fighting, backbiting and bullet-biting.

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The social issues are a distraction in this election

They have let the president skillfully sidetrack them with the social issues when the only issues that will count in this election are jobs, jobs and more jobs.

In another arena the odious ObamaCare Bill has morphed into a battle for reproductive health.

While my Catholic Church finally got the message of this president’s disdain for the faith and virtually everything its stands for, I fear it will be back to business once the election is over.

Will they close the hospitals and remove themselves from the social arena?

I seriously doubt it–they will probably employ moral constructs, such as the double-effect and insure everyone as demanded by the White House, with the caveat that they don’t intend the evil side of the insurance plan.

And while I am on the matter of birth control…why is it so necessary for women’s health?

What disease or disability does it prevent or fight?

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A pill for the disease of children

Oh yes I forgot.

Birth control is preventive medicine for the disease of children.

Like little parasites they mysteriously invade the dark watery recesses of a woman’s body and start growing their like a fungus.

I wonder what Charles Darwin would say about the moral progress of the human race.

And the Republicans have fallen for Obama’s bait.

The odds favor that the last man standing will be so damaged that he will all but cede the election to the bad guys.

What they failed to understand is that the sex revolution has trumped the abrogation of religious liberty issues, which are really only for atheists and agnostics.

People of religious faith don’t have much of public leg to stand on.

The church is fighting the battle of the 17th and 18th century.

Frequent copulation now is the issue du jour.

And speaking of frequent copulation, the movement now has a poster girl–a pretty sexual activist with the anomalous name of Sandra Fluke who achieved her Warholian allotment of time this past week.

Poor Rush Limbaugh.

He weighed in with his conservative mindset by trying to reduce Ms. Fluke’s illogical reasoning to its most absurd conclusion and took it on the chin, not only from the left but many of his fellow conservatives.

In our day and age Ms. Fluke’s brazen behavior resulted in society condemning her with the unsavory salutatioins that Rush employed in his monologue.

While slut is a gutter word it is not Rush that is wallowing there.

Rush was dead wrong about the prostitute comment, only because there is no indication that she accepted any money for her activities—in fact she she seems like a real dumb bunny to me for spending $3000 a year to share her favors with one man or maybe 20 men.

You think that they could help her out in that department but then that would make Rush right, wouldn’t it?

This woman is not just a law student.

Every since she set foot on Georgetown’s Catholic campus this sexual activist has been plotting and scheming to get the Catholic Church to renounce one of its most controversial teachings.

Basically she has been a fifth columnist with an agenda and she is using the members of the press to advance her cause to the detriment of my Catholic faith.

She has no right to do that and then act like the innocent little girl she obviously is not.

Image Detail

Stepped on a feminine hornet's nest

That was way before political correctness turned American into an amoral society where anything goes and women expose their dirty underwear in public and expect us to applaud her for her honesty and her candor.

The sad scenario is that Ms. Fluke, who thinks herself liberated and a modern woman is little more than one of the millions of sterile bunnies our society has produced for…you guessed it—men!

She must take her daily regimen of birth control so that she is ready for whatever may develop in the bars, the spas or even the back seat of an automobile.

Her love costs HER $3000 a year.

That’s a lot to pay for “free love.”

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A lot for "free love.

She sounds like one of those ads for Cialis for men with ED, which is incidentally a real medical condition that most insurance companies will not pay for.

Where is the fairness in that?

Whatever the case it appears that the Democrats have concocted a new issue that might just bring them back to near absolute power–the so-called war on women.

I cannot believe that this happened by accident.

I think Ms. Fluke is working for the Obama government, or at least being used by…you guessed it–more men in the most sinister of ways.

She reminds me of the other great activists of past history–Rosa Parks, who was not just a hard-working woman but an operative for the NAACP.

Her glorified bus ride was actually the third time she had tried to arouse the authorities and with it launch the Civil Rights movement.

The same is true of Betty Friedan, whose misanthropic book, The Feminine Mystique launched the Women’s Movement.

She was an operative from the Marxist Frankfurt School alumni, Herbert Marcuse.

The damage that she did to American marriage, the family and three generations of children is incalculable.

Like Helen of Troy who launched a 1000 ships, after the coming election will we be saying that Sandra Fluke launched a million votes for Obama and friends?

Will Heaven be forced to stand by and watch America drink the rest of its Hemlock?



  1. Well Bill:
    You sure hit me over the head with a 2 X 4 this time.
    If you are correct that the Bishops will employ the
    moral construct of double-effect to justify buying
    the insurance which will include providing for
    contraception, abortifacient, and sterilization I would
    think that they would and should loose ALL CREDIBILITY!!! (at least with the conservatives and
    I think the liberals have been the hardest on them
    regarding the sex abuse). They will drown themselves – just what has been planned by the
    Planned Parenthood gang. Their goal is to destroy
    Christianity via the Roman Catholic Church.

    Cardinal Dolan now seems to be saying that the
    HHS Mandate will have to be settled by the courts.
    We’ll See – Only God knows and we sure had better
    pray that he inspires the Bishops to do what is right.

    AND let’s pray that the USCCB tells Catholics to
    vote pro-life in Nov. Am I the impossible dreamer??
    hope not.


    Comment by MF — March 9, 2012 @ 4:26 pm

  2. I think if the Bishops tell us to vote proplife, it will be a MIRACLE. pAX

    Comment by Mary B. Lachney — March 9, 2012 @ 5:51 pm

  3. Bill,
    I enjoy nearly all your posts. But this one just doesn’t feel right. I am NOT any Obama fan by any means. But your MO’ slang lead in taints your message. And you proceed to pursue a course of conspiracy and evil meaning ie Rosa Parks.
    It is curious that ED is not covered while Birct control is. Perhaps a message for the bullet biters based on health care should cover disease and rehabilitation would have a broader audience and stick in people’s minds in a positive way.
    If Obama gets reelelcted we ony have ourcselves to blame. This the case with EVERY elected officials. People can be fooled. BUT we should all know better in a reelection.

    Comment by Ed — March 10, 2012 @ 3:09 pm

  4. Dear Ed:
    I think you know me too well. I debated whether to use the Mo’ or not. Since Barack Obama is half white I decided to parody the way he puts on a “black face” every time he talks to black groups. It was racial but in the context of a criticism of the way he plays the race card. Even though he is president I think it demeans him every time he talks like he’s is some sort of ghettos, which never experienced as an adolescent. Your point is well taken but please understand the dynamic that pushed me over the politically correct edge. BB

    Comment by bbprof — March 10, 2012 @ 4:22 pm

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