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A King, Bishops and Sacrificial Pawns | February 10, 2012

Religion and Barack Obama seem like polar opposites.

It is my contention that President Obama’s life, career and religious beliefs are, not only enigmatic but virtually opaque.

What do we really know about him?

Over the last three+ public years, we have found him to be thin-skinned–Governor Brewer of Arizona revealed that.

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He got what he asked for

He is petulant, lacks patience when challenged and is haughty to a fault.

What do we know about his religious faith?

He has been to a real church just a handful of times.

And on those occasions it was a radical black church way out of touch with the American ethos.

His 20-years of faithful attendance at the church of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright with gospel of black liberation is enough proof of that.

At the recent National Prayer Breakfast, the president let a few more cats out of his secret bag of tricks and innuendos.

He said that he prays every night.

I am wondering if when prays, he is looking out the East Wing, while kneeling on a small rug.

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The president tells how he prays

He probably used more Biblical quotes in that one speech than he has during his presidency.

In most of them he twisted the meaning to suit his political ideology.

For example–he stated that we are our brothers’ keepers, an oblique reference to Cain’s snide remark, when questioned after he slew his brother Abel.

If so then let the individual American keep his brother.

Let him give to the charities of his choice.

Well in Obama’s world, this is not a requirement for the individual.

Where was the government when Abel needed him?

It is the collective responsibility of the entire country to keep our brothers.

What he really means is that as the president of the United States, he has the power and the religious duty to confiscate the wealth of our nation and give it to whomever he deems as “our” brother.

I guess that like the right to abortion, this presidential duty lies in the penumbra of the general welfare clause.

He also said to whom much is given, much is expected.

I have always thought this is a fair and reasonable demand that God has put on those He has blessed.

It is incumbent on us as individuals or in voluntary unity with our friends and business associates to seek out the honest poor, the needy, and any one who cannot help themselves.

The St. Vincent DePaul Society is founded on this principle.

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Had the right idea

But again the president is not only interested in confiscating our wealth, he wants to snatch our possible moments of grace for adhering to this gospel imperative.

Religion to him seems like nothing more than another weapon in his arsenal of divide and conquer.

We learned during the early years of his perennial campaign what he thought of people who clung to their religion.

Take the Catholic Church for instance.

While he caters to the Catholic vote, and has the loyal support of several nominal Catholics, such as his current vice-president, Joe Biden and former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, his continued attacks on Catholic beliefs and now the Church itself is audacious.

I guess first he took our hope and now we must endure his audacity.

This is so because in 2008 54% of the Catholic population, including an undetermined number of bishops, priests and nuns voted for him, despite his pr-abortion proclivities.

His 2009 visit to Notre Dame underscored how much and far a wedge he has driven in the Catholic membership.

Now class just do as I say!

Now her has taken on the American hierarchy with his unyielding stance on the lack of a conscience rights clause in his Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

It seems that within the bill’s 2300 pages that no one had the time to read, nor discuss when it was passed in 2010, there were mandates forcing all Catholic and religious institutions in the health care industry to pay for contraceptives, many of which are abortifacients, and sterilization–all of which are in violation of Catholic teachings.

The Church now has until 2013 to comply with the law or else face the consequences, which could be paralyzing fines, lawsuits and the virtual elimination of viable religion from the health care industry.

This is precisely their long-range goal in my opinion.

Freedom of religion has quickly changed under Obama into freedom from religion.

What is the church to do?

For the first time in eons the Catholic leadership seems intent on fighting back and even biting the hand that has been feeding its social programs for decades.

They have finally realized that all of their coziness with the Obama government, their initial qualified support of the Health Care Bill and their acceptances of millions in taxpayer dollars has long and binding strings on it.

But of course many conservatives warned them.

Many years ago I questioned the wife of a prominent local conservative about her crusade for School Choice.

I correctly suggested that it might not be worth it to our schools because this kind of money always has strings.

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The Church after government funding

She resented my comment and questioned my Catholic faith…as if School Choice is Catholic doctrine.

Two of the liberal Catholics in my Men’s Bible Study have reached the tipping point–according to one of them (from what to what?)

This is serious when the liberals in my church finally feel their ox–personal freedom being gored.

I sat there in astonishment as they sounded…well…just like me.

In groups such as this I am usually, though not always, the loud voice crying in the wilderness.

I can’t wait for Catholic liberals–note the deliberate distinction above–to shout separation of state, their tired and worn mantra that is nothing more than verbal symbol they drag out everytime the Catholics and evangelicals try to fight back.

Obama’s rant at the prayer breakfast was nothing more than a deliberate melding to the point of obscuring the separation and distinction of government and religion.

While the enthusiasm is running high–the Archbishop of St. Louis issued a forceful letter on this issue that had to be read from the pulpit during each Mass last weekend, I question how deep is their outrage.

What I fear is that at the last-minute Obama will take back his threats–offer the Catholic Church a peace pipe of hope and an exemption from the teeth of his law.

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A premature celebration?

Of course there will be a time limit on the exemption.

The bishops will celebrate victory in October and hordes of naive Catholics will vote for his re-election en mass and then suffer the reality of his disingenuous lies after November.

What they don’t seem to understand is according to the Wall Street Journal, is that the HHS diktat isn’t something unique to President Obama.  

What is really offensive is the political essence of government-run medicine.

When politicians determine who can and who cannot receive benefits, as well as who pays for the nation’s medical care, government will have absolute power over every American’s life from cradle to grave.

They can use it for their own political expediency and as Obama has already demonstrated the American public will be damned!

The Bishops have gotten themselves into a high stakes game of chess with an untrustworthy King with most of its members serving as sacrificial pawns.

Our Catholic leaders remind me of the Peanuts cartoon, and the saintly Charlie Brown with the facsimile crown of thorns on his sweater.

Obama is Lucy, which is short for…maybe I had better not go there….yet.

Lucy always asks Charlie to kick the football she has teed up.

Image Detail

A metaphor for the Catholic Church?

He always does and she always pulls it away at the last-minute.

He never learns.

Can Catholics leaders and their docile pawns?

If not it’s checkmate!


  1. And that’s the way it is. One thing forgotten was the removal of AB Burke from St. Louis by a group of bishops which included Rigali just before the election in 2008. I have emails from the Chancery to bolster my claims. Time Magazine also alluded to the same.

    Comment by jbq2 — February 10, 2012 @ 4:32 pm

  2. jbq2 – I find your comment most interesting as I have
    often thought about the timing of Arch/Cardinal Burke being moved to Rome. Didn’t he leave St. Louis in August of 2008 which was shortly before the most dangerous and critical election any of us have ever witnessed? I wondered WHY he was required to be in Rome BEFORE the November election instead of afterwards.

    Recall that the good Bishop Hermann was named the administrator and repeatedly wrote in the St. Louis Review that we should vote pro-life. After the election he wrote that if one made a mistake and voted for a pro-abort they should go to Confession.

    California Catholic Daily of 1-30-2012 posted an article titled: Not afraid to speak his mind -outspoken
    priest leaving Modesto parish.

    Fr. Joseph Illo, of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in
    Modesto, will take a leave from the Diocese of Stockton to become one of four chaplains at Thomas Aquinas College. Fr. Illo, like Bishop Hermann urged Catholics who voted for a pro-abortion candidate to go to Confession. However, his Bishop Stephen Blaire told the Modesto Bee Catholics they were under no obligation to discuss how they voted with their priest and are free to consider many issues before deciding
    how to cast their vote. The only circumstances in which confession might (might?) be waranted, Bishop Blaire told the newspaper, is “if someone voted for a pro-abortion or pro-choice candidate – if that’s the reason you voted for them.” Why did Blaire react this way?

    Just read the USCCB “Faithful Citizenship” which was renewed last fall prior to the USCCB meeting.

    Yours truly recently wrote to Timothy Dolan in which she asked Arch. Dolan to withdraw “Faithful Citizenship.”

    Also sent a copy of the letter to her Arch. Robert
    Carlson of St. Louis. We’ll see!!!

    jbq2 – would be great if your shared your emails and
    the Time Magazine Article with Bill.

    Sounds like Obama is trying to cut a deal with the
    Church regarding the Contraceptive Mandate but
    no matter what he offers he is NOT to be trusted.
    The Bishops MUST speak out loud and clear NOW
    and instruct the laity to go to the poles and vote for
    the MOST pro-life candidate in the Primaries.

    IF they fail to do this our only option is to boycott
    the collection basket as we can’t vote them out.

    Seniors: Be aware that under Obamacare health care is to be rationed and Seniors will not get the
    care they have EARNED and deserve BUT illegals
    will be covered AND the Bishops are supportive of
    the illegals. Why aren’t the Bishops telling us that
    Seniors are going to be the victims of the rationing?

    Wonder what kind of care the Bishops will get?????


    Comment by M. F. — February 10, 2012 @ 5:45 pm

  3. A fellow Holy Cross classmate sent this.

    Bill –

    One has to wonder if the clergy and the “social justice” types whose Faustian bargain made Obamacare a reality have the guts to admit they were sandbagged. In my humble opinion, the American hierarchy now has an absolute moral obligation to go on the offensive against The Dear Leader and his existential attack. Maybe, in some measure, the prelates can redeem themselves for their folly in getting along by going along. There are consequences for those who prevaricate, temporize and equivocate. Unfortunately, the faithful find themselves in a situation that could have been avoided if the Church leadership had stayed on message rather than trying to be a part of the leftwits’ Grand Bargain.

    Be well.

    J. Paul Giuliani’65

    Comment by bbprof — February 11, 2012 @ 2:52 pm


    Have you noticed that in the current intense “debate” over insurance and birth control, not a single bishop has suggested – not even a peep – that the government get itself out of the life prevention arena altogether? Do the bishops or the USCCB bureaucrats care that Catholic taxpayers for more than 44 years have been paying taxes to support anti-life government policies? Bishops have not minded that from day one. Have you heard one bishop say recently “Down with Title X population control programs at home (HHS/PHSA) and abroad (USAID)? Isn’t it time, the Catholic laity puts the bishops’ feet to the fire regarding the true crux of the matter – federal anti-natalist policies. Now is as good a time to force the American bishops to do what they should have done four decades ago, and millions of dead unborn children ago, but didn’t. Randy Engel, U.S. Coalition for Life


    Comment by bbprof — February 12, 2012 @ 8:29 pm

  5. Dear Bill, your condemnation of the bishops for not doing this or that, brings to mind a reflection of Abott Marmion OSB, someone I have to admit I had never heard of before until recently.
    Maybe too much is expected of them.
    The meter, part of their ecclesiastical robe, that identifies their role in the church, has no religious significance, other than a 12th century land ownwers hat, and the priest in return for the power to say mass, is serf property of the church.
    And there the interest lays.

    Comment by L. Newington — February 13, 2012 @ 9:00 am

  6. Remember the Devil has no bounds.
    ALL are succeptible to his lies.
    Many of us saw what was getting ready to happen.
    Now it has,,, what will you do.
    Sit and watch or stand and act.
    If you do not get invovled, you deserve what you get.
    It is not a time to be silent

    This is the season of change, which way will you allow it to go.

    Comment by tab — February 14, 2012 @ 2:41 pm

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