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Hitler’s Conscience | January 26, 2012

This post begs the question: Did Adolph Hitler really have a conscience?

Some would say the Hitler was the avatar of evil and ranks as the most pernicious human being of the 20th century and therefore he had no conscience.

I think many people think that he did not know right from wrong and therefore was more a sociopath than just an evil man.

In his Conversations with Hitler Hermann Rauschning, president of the senate of the Free City of Danzig (Gdansk) in 1933 and 1934, reported the dictator saying the following to him:

I liberate man from the constraint of a spirit…(and) from the filthy and degrading torments inflicted on himself by a chimera called conscience and morality, and from the claims of a freedom and personal autonomy that only very few can ever be up to.

According to this statement, Hitler believed, not in freedom of conscience but the next logical step–freedom from conscience. 

Herman Goring, who considered himself something akin to a Vice-Fuhrer told the same author: I have no conscience.

My conscience is called Adolf Hitler.

Herman Goring and his "conscience"

I submit that everyone has a conscience.

Goring’s contradictory comment proves my point.

For many conscience is that voice of reason, tempered by religious faith, self-interest and human passion.

Hitler’s “conscience” was formed by his early belief in God, his painful experiences in World War II, his early successes as a politician, the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, his short-term in prison, his rhetorical powers and  messianic talent for exciting and attracting millions of disciples.

The Gospels of his early religion, written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, were summarily replaced by those written by Darwin, Nietzsche, Wagner and most of —Machiavelli.

Image Detail

Replaced Mark in Hitler's Gospels

According to historian Lawrence Birken, Hitler’s intellectual views that fuel his conscience are rational and well grounded in Western thought.

In particular, Birken stresses, Hitler’s thinking is firmly rooted in the rationalist and scientific outlook of the 18th-century European Enlightenment.

The most attractive feature of Hitler’s ideology was thus its optimism.

It was not merely his mood but his message that carried an infectious excitement.

He was a secular messiah proclaiming a Germanic version of the “good news.”

Image Detail

Germany's secular messiah

The possibility of class reconciliation, the plans for a national revival, the identification of a universal enemy whose elimination would usher in the millennium, all stirred his audiences to their very depths.

Hitler spoke the language of the Enlightenment philosophes, a language that had almost passed out of existence in the rarefied strata of the grand intelligentsia.

Hitler’s economic worldview, writes Birken, was likewise rational, self-consistent, progressive, and entirely in keeping with Western tradition.

Hitler’s racial views were comparable to those of Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Winston Churchill.

Image Detail

Some historians say their views on race were similar

This is a painful truth that the world does not want to admit.

Had he been born in America, he most likely would have been a liberal.

It is the left in this country that has calumniated the right by comparing their thinking to Nazism and Adolph Hitler–conservatives from the far right.

That intellectual legerdemain.

The word Nazi is an acronym that derives from National Socialism Party and if it is a right-wing organization it is the right-wing of a socialist bird.

The only real difference between Hitler and his 1939 partner, Josef Stalin in territorial aggrandizement was the Soviet Comintern, which had international and imperial designs, rather than Hitler’s nationalistic attempt to return Germany to its prior glory.

As a human being Hitler sought only what he perceived as the “good.”

This is right in line with the philosophy of Plato who said that men seek the true, the good and the beautiful.

What was Hitler’s “good?”

It was the resurrection of Germany as a respected world power.

Is this end evil in itself?

Do not all nations seek the good for their citizens?

No it is a good end and little different from those of Great Britain, the United States and Japan on its surface value.

The problem is not the ends but the means.

Bob Beckel, one of the left’s most argumentative agitators is up against four conservative-leaning commentators on “The Five” on Fox weekdays.

Pure Machiavelli

Recently he said that even though the Obama regime and the Democrats had failed to do much good these past three years, our hearts were in the rights  place.

They meant well.

And Beckel was using this good feeling as why they deserved four more years to try to do good.

Now Beckel and his associates would never allow the same good feelings to the Republicans.

Beckel seems clueless or in a state of psychological denial when reminded that his ends have been damaged and perverted by his means.

This is pure Machiavellian.

It was the same with Adolph Hitler.

He viewed the infirmed, the handicapped, the elderly, the insane and all useless eaters as obstacles to German progress.

With his pure ends, it was not a quantum leap to use euthanasia, gas-filled trucks and fatal shots to rid Germany of those unworthy of life.

Liberalism's eventual consequence

Later he went after the entire Jewish population of Europe.

Hitler excused his means because he believed that Germany could return to the racial purity that had made it the most dominant nation in Europe for generations.

When it comes to conservative complaints about their behavior, the American left chides them for being too judgmental, since the whole tenor of the Enlightened sixties was that freedom to be whatever a person wanted to be was the rule.   All others should keep their judgments to themselves.

Well they never granted this same freedom to Ronald Reagan, so it is likely that they would not have extended to Hitler…but they did sanitize the far worse destructive means of FDR’s ally and good friend, Uncle Joe Stalin,  shed more blood than the Jewish death camps.

Just ask any Ukrainian how much blood Stalin shed in the 1930s.

The Holodomor (Ukrainian: literal translation Killing by hunger) was a man-made famine in the Ukrainian SSR between 1932 and 1933.

During the famine, which is also known as the “terror-famine in Ukraine” and “famine-genocide in Ukraine”, millions of Ukrainians died of starvation in a peacetime catastrophe unprecedented in the history of Ukraine.

File:Holomor Art Denysenko 1.jpg

The Russians had their own version of genocide

It is this blatant hypocritical stance that fuels the liberalism of the 21st century.

In effect their conscience was formed from the same intellectual well as Adolph Hitler’s.

Hitler killed six million Jews.

American liberals have fostered the deaths of over 53 million unborn babies.

But then who is keeping score?



  1. Google: Kitty Werthmann who lived in Austria when
    Hitler was ELECTED by about 98% of the votes.
    Read how she compares him to Obama.

    In 1985 Kitty was in Geneva to support President Reagan and she infiltrated a peace march. She met
    up with the Communist who told her they were going
    into Honduras and Nicaragua and then into Mexico.
    From Mexico they would go into the U.S. When she
    asked how they would accomplish this she was told
    that the Churches would do their work for them.
    No doubt our Churches have been infiltrated and
    some good hearted clerics have manipulated via
    the social justice movement.

    Hitler took control of the media – The media in the U.S.
    is controlled by the liberals. The conservatives do
    not get equal time in which to speak the truth. That
    is why people were duped into voting for Obama. We
    need a miracle to overcome this administration but
    hope springs eternal. Let’s work as though all depends
    upon us to reclaim our country and pray as though all
    depends upon God.


    Comment by M. F. — January 26, 2012 @ 3:13 pm

  2. BB, That is no dove hovering over Hitler in the first picture–its a vulture. We have the Natural Law imbeded in our hearts and minds by which to form a conscience. We can also “Kill” our conscience. Or at least try to deaden right and wrong. Pax.

    Comment by Mary B — January 27, 2012 @ 4:37 am

  3. He was reared as a Catholic, {what is it the Jesuits say?}, he was treated badly as a child and he loved his dog Blondie.
    Something went wrong somewhere.

    Comment by L. Newington — January 27, 2012 @ 5:17 am

  4. Personally I think he was radicalized by his efforts in the war, where he served heroically. They awarded him the Iron Cross for bravery as a “runner,” between units. He was gassed—a historical irony and suffered from “hysterical blindness, I think they called it. He failed at his artistic studies—a mediocre talent who could not earn a living—but he found he could mesmerize crowds of people with his passion. It got worse after that. BB

    Comment by bbprof — January 27, 2012 @ 3:02 pm

  5. It began long before Bill, he was a loner, was very close to his mother as most sons, and after she died, virtually left to himself.
    I wonder what if he had become the priest she wanted him to be.
    I worked with very young boy’s and don’t believe children are born bad, contrary to being the “heathens” as a brother superior referred to them as being when looking for parish members to get involved with the institution
    They are extremely vulnerable.

    Comment by L. Newington — January 28, 2012 @ 2:01 am

    • Lynn:

      I also don’t believe anyone is “born bad.” We all have inherited tendencies but they are not automatic. We have to comply because we think it is good and that’s my point of the article. Unless he was clearly demoniac, which I am not at all certain was the case, he thought he was doing good. Along the way he dropped Jesus’ “turn the other cheek” or “love your enemies,” for Machiavelli, whose governing principle was , “the ends justify the means.” People should realize that Machiavelli was an atheist and Saul Alinsky, the “dean of all community organizers,” supped at his dinner table. He ws so adept at this principle, he turned it on its head and instead of teaching princes how to hold their power, he wanted to teach paupers how to take the power. He also was an atheist. How much of this is motivating our good president in this country—I saw the ungraceful exit your Prime Minister made the other day–how much is in Mr. Obama? I think we are seeing the clear evidence o what he thinks is “good” for America. BB

      Comment by bbprof — January 28, 2012 @ 5:05 pm

      • Yes it was a shameful debarcle.
        I’m not into politics at all, but it isn’t the first time the leader of the opposition has made comments that have caused “civil unrest’.
        The unfortunate thing is, he claims he is a devotee of a wonderful and much respected Catholic identity, of whom you wouldn’t be familiar with, Mr Bob Santa Maria, now deceased.
        If alive I’m sure he would have some sound advice to give him. His political counter parts again, heaving a sigh.

        Comment by L. Newington — January 28, 2012 @ 11:47 pm

  6. The Liberals are just a few steps away for competing with Hitler’s purgers.

    Comment by Jim — January 28, 2012 @ 9:04 pm

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