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A Nation of Muffin Tops | October 10, 2011

President Obama, in a recent MSNBC interview, said America is Soft.

Maybe this is just his feeble attempt at spousal support for his unqualified wife, Michelle, the food expert on her national crusade to get us to give up everything that we like to eat, while she continues to feed her own face to her heart’s content.

What do you mean, you are out of ribs?

Or is our feckless president preparing us for a 4th war?

The Japanese said we are soft because we were too materialistic in 1941.

I think they found out how tough Americans can be.

Of course there has been 70 years of liberal coddling, attacking the roots of capitalistic competitiveness in school and on playground as well as its war on boys that starts from the crib and works through adolescence.

Image Detail

Can't let them play because they might get hurt

No wonder so many of our young men opt out for a mindless world of sex and drugs.

Our president ought to know.

Just what is so tough about him?

This is talk from the boy wonder, who has blamed every misstep and failed solution on everything from the Tea Party to the kid next door.

Get rid of the muffin top, look stunning this summer

Is this what the president thinks we really are?

Have you noticed what a condescending attitude he has toward his children?

No I don’t mean his two daughters.

I mean you and me. He appears clueless as nature takes its course.

They seem to be exclusively his wife’s problem.

Though I will admit this paragon of fatherly virtue has assured them that they would never be punished by an unwanted pregnancy on his watch.

What a great example for the youth of America.

My father pretty much let my mother handle my development.

He was not one to lecture or demand things from me like this president.

Boy was I lucky!

I often feel like I am being lectured for what my mother taught me about honesty and responsibility.

Image Detail

You better do it MY way!

And I will be taken to the federal woodshed if I succeed too much and I will be punished with higher taxes and the opprobrium of millions of Americans who will hate me for being successful or having something they don’t.

I think I would rather be pregnant than listen to his drivel.

WSJ columnist, Bret Stephens, who I can never read without holding my nose, actually took off on the president the other day.

He called him the President of Contempt,who has been lecturing the American people since he began his ascent to MT Americanus Olympus five years ago.

He doesn’t like us and it shows.

He hates us for liking guns, going to religious churches that don’t preach politics and racial hatred.

He doesn’t want America to lead the world as it has for 50 years on our nickel.

He thinks we are no more exceptional than Great Britain or maybe Somalia.

Girls against Ethiopian invasion


He chides even his own people and tells them to take off their slippers–is that what they wear—-stop complaining (about him) stop grumbling, stop crying and go out and march for him.

Are Americans really this stupid?

I take my hat off to Maxine Waters for seeing through his self-righteous indignation.

Image Detail

Even Maxine was offended by her president

He threatens Congress for not passing his self-contradictory Jobs Bill, which is guaranteed to cost American jobs with its nearly half a trillion dollars in new punitive taxes.

His so-called jobs are all in the public sector.

And we their employers will be saddled with insurmountable and unsustainable budgets deficits.

And besides we don’t need any more public employees.

This is just his ploy to throw more government largesse at the workers of America, which is a standard Marxist stratagem.

Remember that the Germans’ Nazi Party was originally the Workers Party.

According to Stephens, Barack Obama thinks America is lovable only to the extent that it loves him in return.

Other writers think he talks down to his subjects, loyal and hostile.

Karl Rove calls his approach the Politics of Condescension.

Liberals like Obama are so afraid to give his children the keys to their own car because we will just crash it.

So he has to drive us around from crib to grave because we are unable to drive ourselves.

This is true because all of his policies and those of his policies are designed to coddle, baby us and make us soft.

When will people see through his self-fulfilling prophecy and just summon the courage of Nancy Reagan with regards to drugs and Just say NO!

And if we can’t be trusted with driving our automobiles–excuse me, our great mulatto father’s car, then it is a given that we can’t be trusted to choose our leaders.

Obama allowed that to happen in 2010 and look what happened?

The American people turned their collective backs on the very troops that he needed to keep the rascally Republicans down on their reservation in the dust bowls of the Southwest where illegal immigrants would nullify them in 10 years.

A habitat for those rascally Republicans in 2012

He knows in the deepest and darkest recesses of his political soul that the American people are poised and ready to put him on the long breadlines his policies have continued.

That would be the ultimate form of parental disrespect and the violation of his 4th Commandment–Thou shalt not talk back to Barack.

His parental supervision is already at work.

Starting with the trial balloon launched by Governor Bev Perdue of North Carolina. who suggested that we ought to suspend…elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them…when they spend us into oblivion.

Image Detail

Getting ready to cancel the 2012 election

Former Budget Director Peter Orzag said that we might be a healthier democracy if we were a little less democratic… Like how?

Just let Republicans get in the way of the Obama Marxist express as it takes us down Red Avenue?

Is that what a little less democracy would do?

No, a Republican democracy works and America will not get back to work with this man in the White House.

His tired, worn Rooseveltian policies failed in the thirties and they are failing now.

Obama has to lead the country in the other direction, not let the liberal forces take us over the fiscal cliff.

And he has to stop treating us with that paternalistic snide look of his.

He makes me so angry I just want to pig out on some really good junk food!!!



  1. As a Catholic Vietnam era Navy veteran, I am absolutely shocked at the support for Obama among the Catholic clergy and hierarchy. The American Catholic Church has become socialist in philsophy and orientation with many examples of “redistribution of wealth”. AB Dolan is a wonderful exception. However, it is obvious that other leaders among the clergy have gone to Obama and singled out Dolan as being too extreme and out of the rality loop. Dolan has made statements against abortion and gay marriage. What other Catholic bishop beyond maybe Chaput have stepped up and “has his back”? Not a one! The gay cancer among the hierarchy has stifled any type of criticism. The clergy evidently feel that Obama and his socialism is closer to God than Bush and his capitalism. If it wasn’t for unlimited abortion, there may be some truth in that belief. The clergy evidently feel that Obama is misguided in his righteous belief and they will be able to “convert” him in the context of “social justice”. It was of such that Hitler fooled the Catholic hierarchy with his national socialism. The bishops of Austria even aided him with the overthrow of the Catholic prime minister. It is called the Aunschluss.

    Comment by jbq2 — October 10, 2011 @ 7:56 pm

  2. Too bad your father didn’t lecture you. Maybe you would have learned some manners. I am amazed that of all the beautiful pictures taken of Michelle Obama you have chosen to post the most grotesque and such an ugly caption. I understand and agree with some of your political points but do you really think this is how Jesus would have approached it? Shame on you. Regarding President Obama – is it wrong to question a society that grossly overpays the CEOs in comparison to the “little people”? Is it wrong to question why a “successful” person pays less percentage of taxes than the guy who works for him? Is it wrong to question why a congressman gets a life-time pension regardless of how long in public “service” while a soldier who gives his life doesn’t receive such benefits? Is it wrong to question why there is such greed? To all Republicans and Democrats quit arguing and start working together – it’s your bickering and fight for control that is bringing this country down.

    Comment by Richard Brockman — October 10, 2011 @ 10:18 pm

  3. Once upon a time–two kids in the 6th grade were running for office as president of the class. A boy and a girl. The boy spoke first and told all the things he would do to better the 6th grade. The girl got up and said: “If you elect me I will give you cookies and ice cream”. The girl was elected. Our welfare country is rotten to the core. Our people are wimps. Obama is a steamroller and just keeps going and going with his destructive plans. Are we that ignorant that we can’t see what is happening and that includes the clergy. God help us as we try to save our country and ourselves.

    Comment by Mary B — October 11, 2011 @ 2:07 am

  4. Dear Richard:

    I can say for certain what Jesus would have said but His Father probably would have knocked Obama off his high horse and asked him to stop slaughtering the most vulnerable of his creation—the unborn and stop the mendacity that he has nearly institutionalized.

    Surely you don’t believe the silliness coming from W. Buffet’s mouth. Be real. Even at 15% unless his company declared millions in losses, his capital gains have to have been superior to the wages of a secretary unless he pays her millions. Just do the math.

    The wealthy in this country—unless you are GE and give millions to Obama—pay far more than their fair share and besides who elected Karl Marx as our Budget Director–and they blanche when we say Obama is a socialist–Marxist would be a better term.

    As for the unflattering picture of the first lady–oh please lighten up–she wants to be a player and tell us what to eat and not eat than she should expect satire and even a little ridicule–I didn’t take that picture—only used it because I couldn’t find any of her chowing down on baby back ribs–did read that she has your phone confiscated if you snap her while she does that. We don’t need any more hypocrisy in the White House.

    Comment by bbprof — October 11, 2011 @ 2:39 am

  5. RE: Arch. Timothy Dolan – Read how “Faithful Citizenship ” has been modified by a Committee and
    approved by Dolan. Pathetic indeed!!! The Bernardin
    “seamless garment” legacy lives on – Why was this
    done prior to the Nov. 2011 USCCB Meeting???


    Comment by Mary Jane Fritz — October 11, 2011 @ 4:16 pm

  6. At serious risk; to my well being I must say: The US Council of Bishops and the Catholic Progressives whom apparently control the US Church is responsible for electing a Non-Citizen,Non-Qualified person to be President of the Greatest Nation this civilization has ever knows or experienced.
    Obama and those supporters, for whatever reason, must accept the millions of children that have been aborted, the hundreds of millions that have have been murdered for the sake of Socialism, and all its variations of government slavery in the recent history of our World, and those that are still in place through government forces.
    The President and his followers do not respect or support the United States. Their Actions and Laws have only ignored the US Constitution and condemned the men and women whom fought for Freedom in the World from Socialists and Communists.
    Why have millions of Catholics left the Church?
    Our Bishops and Clergy seem to more involved with “Social Justice” and the Secular World than supporting the Mission of Jesus Christ.
    Catholics are starving for some recognition and teachings of our Catholic Faith. I see no respect for the Mass or our Faith from Church going Catholics, of course they continue to leave the Church in droves.
    God Bless America…….again.

    Comment by Jim — October 11, 2011 @ 4:27 pm

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