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A Baker’s Dozen for Obama | August 8, 2011

After less than three years of President Obama’s regime one thing is clear, the American people are more divided than I can ever remember, except maybe the Vietnam War era.

His divisive attitude has created an atmosphere where bullet points and old bromides of contention have substituted for ideas and viable solutions to catastrophic problems.

His virtual absence from the political fray earlier this month stands in solitary indictment of his presidency.

His political mantra of Blame Bush, general mendacity and evasiveness has prompted me to raise a series of questions that I invite each and every thinking liberal to address with cogent arguments.

I do this because I know the government media will not press him on any of these questions.


We all know whose fault it is.

Failure to do so will just convince people like me that liberals are mere automotons, who merely recite Democratic bumper stickers without any clear understanding what their empty slogans really mean.

Give it a shot because, who knows you might realize that you are dead wrong.

1) Bush’s fault–at what point if any will the sagging economy become Obama’s fault?

2) If indeed it was and still is Bush’s fault, how do you explain that President Obama has not only followed the policies of his predecessor but greatly exceeded his spending by adding five trillion dollars to the nation debt?

3) If you think Bush’s two wars are responsible, how come Obama didn’t just end them as he promised in 2008?

View Image

A cause of our economic woes?

Don’t forget about Obama’s War in Libya that was supposed to end in days and with little national purpose!

4) Obama says the Bush tax cuts in 2003 caused the economy collapse or something like that.  Please explain how this could happen. 

How does allowing people to preside over their own money cause an economic failure?  Do you really think government can make better financial decisions than you can?

5) President Obama wants the wealthy to pay their fair share.  If you accept the fact that the top 5% in the economic strata currently pay 59% of the gross total,  then just how much more should they assume?  60%? 75%? 90%?  100%? Or 110%?

We now have 51% of the American people who do not pay anything in income taxes.  Should they be made to pay something toward the total?  Or would THAT be UNFAIR?

As an after thought, Bill Maher said on HBO that things were better in the fifties when the wealthy paid as much as 75%.

If this was not a solid gold non sequitur, I don’t know what is.

View Image

Had to be kidding!

Bill, it was better in the fifties because there was no Vietnam, no women’s movement, no legalized abortion, no affirmative action quotas etc.

In other words the culture war had not started in essence and it had nothing to do with how much in taxes the wealthy paid.

The economy also was not that great.

And that man is considered a thinker by the left!  What a big joke he is.

6) Why do you think a 3rd stimulus package would work when the first two failed dismally?  Where would you spend another trillion dollars?  (See question # 12)

7) What positive or friendly steps has Obama taken toward businesses since he became president?

View Image

Telling small business leaders what he wants

Please don’t say extending the Bush tax cuts because everyone knows that if re-elected he will raise the tax rates through the roof.  His uncertainty in effect nullified any real economic value for the country.

8) With regard to civility, what steps has the president taken to lecture or criticize the denizens of the left-wing press for their constant vilification of the Tea Party members?

9) Do you think they really are terrorists, bomb-throwers and hostage takers?  The Tea Party, not the media!

10) Do you approve of the president’s near total disregard for the U. S. Constitution with his 34 czars, executive orders and EPA regulations, which have in effect enacted cap-and-trade against the explicit will of the Congress?

11) Do you agree with the president that we should model ourselves on the Social Democracy paradigm of Sweden  with its exceedingly high taxes and lack of economic freedom?

View Image

Oh say can we see?

12) If Obama can’t get his extra trillions from the rich, where will he find the money to pay our bills?

13) Is this the kind of change you hoped for in 2008?

Editor’s Note:  I could have asked why Obama doesn’t want America to be exceptional as if there were something wrong with this country’s success!  Well he got his way as our credit rating has dropped us to the level of Belgium and New Zealand.  If he is re-elected how does Zimbabwe and Somalia sound?

Please don’t be shy.  I really want to know how anyone who still supports him will answer these questions.  Our very future depends on your clear understanding of this questions.  Send them to my comments page.


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