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Our Stepford President? | August 1, 2011

It is always easy to play the blame game.

Our politicians have been adept at this sordid aspect of the game of politics for centuries.

An old high school classmate recently raised the issue that in my last post I might have assigned too much blame to the executive branch.

I responded by saying that it is a safe and historically accurate bet that since the days of FDR the power of government had shifted perceptively to the Oval Office.

The Watergate Affair did for a short while transfer the power back to Capitol Hill.

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A brief encounter with legislative power

However with Obama he might have a point.

I have been reading, writing and thinking about this man for three very long years.

I have covered every aspect of his personal and public life by reading everything available about the man and what do I know conclusively for certain?

Nothing! Zilch! Nada!

His aloofness and skills of verbal legerdemain and fact obfuscation have made him the most enigmatic person of the 42 two men who had preceded him.*

I am not certain who his father is…what country he was born in…if he is an American citizen..what religion he believes in…if any…

I know nothing about his years at Pepperdine, Columbia or Harvard.  I don’t know if he actually wrote his two best-selling books or not.

Sometimes I am not even certain if he has come from this planet.

For all I know about him he was the Martian candidate.

I was more certain that Al Haig was in charge of the White House in 1981 that I am of this president.

I have seen him shot some hoops on TV.

While he is totally inept from a baseball mound, he does have a fine shot…at least when not guarded.

That I know.

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Can shoot

So for me to blame Obama for this mess might be a stretch.

His uncanny ability to lead from the rear makes me wonder if he is in control of anything.

His career in both Springfield and Washington were distinguished mainly for his lack of distinction or accomplishment.

Is it possible that a George Soros type might be pulling his wooden limbs through an invisible set of strings?


The real force?

The focal point of this serious crisis that his non-presence has wrought has been Speaker John Boehner and the non-consequential Senate leader Harry Reid.

Compromise: US Speaker of the House John Boehner (R) and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (L) continued discussions today

Reid and Boehner with Obama

The two main principles that we have heard from the White House and they have been repeated by so many different talking heads that it makes me wonder if the robot in the Oval Office might have had an equipment break-down.

Those two vague principles have been–compromise and balance, which have replaced hope and change.

Now I still don’t really know what he meant by hope.

The last unpleasant three years have taught me what change was on his data board.

By compromise, I think he probably means surrender.

His inability to offer anything that looks and sounds like a true compromise must rest with is programmers whomever they may be.

Just what has the president offered to compromise on?

The Republicans have asked for very few cuts and have virtually agreed to add another two trillion dollars to our immediate debt.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell has correctly stated weeks ago that beating Obama in November is the only way that we will ever get a handle on the long-term debt.**

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All hinges on 2012

And this doesn’t even include the unfunded future obligations to our population in pensions, medicare and retirement benefits.

I think that one could be as much as 70 trillion.

Ever wonder where that is going to come from?

Can anyone say Wisconsin or maybe even Greece?

View Image

America's future?

Now as for balance, the president always reverts back to the rich paying their fair share.

Maybe if we were ever to see one of his college transcripts, we might find that he aced his Deconstruction course on Michel Foucault because he has given a new meaning to the word fair.

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Aced his course?

When the top 5% of our population–the movers, shakers and employers of this economy–already pay 59% of the gross total of income taxes and this president thinks that is not enough and they should pay more…just to be fair makes me wonder if this president even speaks the same language as I do.

Charley Gibson pointed out to Obama that taxing the wealthy more would not bring in any more revenue.

That’s a fact of financial life.

The higher taxes would cause a change in behavior that would virtually nullify any increased revenue.

Obama said that he knew that and it was a matter of fairness.

And what about the 51% of Americans who don’t pay anything in income taxes?

Is it fair that they have no financial stake in this country, other than the fact that millions of them are living off the largesse of the working members.

But again that their entitlement, isn’t it?

And now since we have crossed that magical number, the have-not or the pay-nots can now vote to take all of the money of the haves.

That’s not democracy but tyranny and this president has robotically brought us to this brink.

And even if a 100% of the top 5-10% were confiscated, would it solve our economic woes?

How many jobs would be lost when the rich had to live like ordinary people on a dwindling income?

Servants would lose their jobs.  Department stores would lose billions and the president would spend their money in a few weeks.

All this makes me wonder if Obama is really on our side?

He has tried to knock America off its pinnacle of exceptionalism since his inauguration.

Obama wants to lead us to the back of the pack.

For what—punishment for our racial and economic crimes?

Even Bill O’Reilly, my favorite pinhead, said the other night that he thinks that Obama hates the capitalist system so much that he deliberately wants to crash the economy and bring us to financial ruin.

Is that a hard idea to fathom?

Now believes the worst

Those were strong words from the master of fair and balanced.

 Of course fairness to the Catholic-educated O’Reilly means something entirely different.

But then again it sounds as if I am laying blame.

Maybe Obama’s wires have just gotten crossed.

Could Obama be the Stepford President?

I guess I will have to read Ira Levin’s 1972 book or see the two Hollywood adaptations to really understand this president?

View Image

Cut from the same Radio Shack components?

* Grover Cleveland is counted as the 22nd and 24th president, which makes Barack Obama the 44th president.

** The tentative deal agreed to by Congressional leaders will not satisfy anyone.  It will second McConnell’s point that 2012 will be for all the marbles, matching the Great Debate of late 18th century America.



  1. BB, I keep saying he was placed in position (not voted in) to bring us DOWN to a level with other countries and then have a one world gov’t. Once I heard a story about China and Russia. A snake had a head at each end and one day one end would eat the other–has that happened and who ate who.? Obana will soon become our dictator and no telling where from there. He will accomplish his goal and then when he has completed his mission, he will be discarded and by then it will be too late. May God have mercy on America and may we turn away from our evil ways and return to worshiping the Triune God. Pax

    Comment by Mary B — August 2, 2011 @ 2:51 am

  2. Obama is but a major distraction for the masses. The real culprit is the spirit of anti-Christ promoted by the Synagogue of Satan (those who say they are Jews, but are not Jews). All true devout Jews accepted Jesus Christ as the Messiah and became Christians. Those corrupt leaders of the Jews who orchestrated the execution of the Saviour on a cross have been followed by 2,000 years of men who have followed in the spirit of anti-Christ. They are a fifth column within the Catholic Church which they would hope to totally destroy, but of course they never will. Nevertheless, they have wrecked havoc on the Church and on the world.

    Obama is their complete puppet on a string. The American people have by and large followed the false gods of consumerism and materialism and thus have been given the leader they deserve. Let us pray and do penance for our sins in the hope that America will turn back to God — the sooner the better.


    James Phillips

    Comment by James Phillips — August 2, 2011 @ 4:30 pm

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