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The New Puritans | July 21, 2011

Anyone who seriously studies American history quickly comes to the realization that the conventional wisdom about the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay colony as being sexually repressed and completely dour people is a skewered rendition of our early history.

One wag erroneously described them as the kind of people who feared that somewhere, somehow, people were enjoying themselves.

I think there is a more modern version of the term Puritan that has arisen from the secular idea of many liberals that somewhere, some how, someone in this country has something that someone else doesn’t have.

I term these leftists the New Puritans.  (Not to be confused with any rock group)

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The New Puritans

No one personifies this spirit of jealousy and envy better than our current president.

Mr. Obama’s main theme through his spoiled and destructive three years has been dominated by this twisted notion of class envy.

Obama’s chief defense mechanism has been to just blame Bush.

It has been his chief mean is in parrying away the thrusts of complaints about his lack of transparency and his near total lack of professional competence.

I will not disagree with him but trump his Bush by taking the blame all the way back to Franklin Roosevelt

Like his ideological mentor, Obama has created the most anti-buisness and anti-private sector since the 1930s.

For generations people have falsely attributed FDR’s leadership as responsible for ending the Great Depression, when in essence, many of his policies turned a recession into a 10 year Depression.

At one point FDR want to raise the personal income tax on anything over $25,000 to a 100%.  Why stop there?  How about a 110%?

Of course this excessive taxation, right out of the Marxist Communist Manifesto, had a political purpose.

Harry Hopkins, Roosevelt’s closet communist advisor (See the Verona Dispatches) summarized Democratic philosophy as Tax and tax! Spend and spend! Elect and elect! 

Hoipkins in the middle with his real boss

It worked then and Obama hopes it will work for him again.

The New Puritans don’t really want to be fair and balanced.

They want to get even.  They want payback or better still, take away.

That’s what all his bombast about eating our peas has been about.

Obama doesn’t want us to eat our peas.

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Should we eat our peas?

He wants government to eat our breakfast, lunch and dinner and if we are good, he will let us have a Twinkie as a snack.

Opps, Michelle might not like that!

What entrepreneur would want to launch a new business or hire any worker with this kind of attitude?

We have a high unemployment economy precisely because of the atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and greed that Obama has created.

The president thinks that government can create jobs–work maybe but not jobs.

They can build roads or bridges but will the public want to buy them?

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Who will make Obama an offer for this bridge in Brooklyn

These are mere facilitators that may or may not speed your time to work but they do not create markets.

One of FDR’s great ideas for the Civilian Conservation Corps was to have one man dig a hole and another man fill that hole.

That was work but not a job.

A Black and White Cartoon of a Man Digging a Grave - Royalty Free Clipart Picture

Work but not a job

Most government paper-pushers are just a more refined notion of the same idea.

So any time you hear him say investment or infra-structure run as fast as you can because he’s getting ready to send the IRS after you.

To further this new puritanical vision, Obama has relied the twin principles of equality and fairness.

His notion of equality is loosely dependent on the revolutionary rhetoric of the nation’s Declaration of  Independence that has had great propaganda value for both Republicans and Democrats but philosophically does not hold much water.

It is the feminine side of our national persona.

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The feminine side of our national character

What really makes us tic as a country is our masculine side–the Constitution, which merits as much respect as a valet at a demolition derby.

All men created equal only in the most basic of spiritual dimensions.

They are first born with a soul–which many liberals deny today in our strict materialistic culture.

They are also made in the image and likeness of God, another theological idea that the left categorically dismisses, most likely under their twisted notion of the 1st Amendment.

This twisted sister so permeates our society that I spent 20 minutes this morning listening to the president’s CBS Propaganda Bureau bemoan the fact that few pay to see women play basketball or soccer in this country.

They prefer the men’s games because they play it better.

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Whose fault is it?

It is part of the competitive spirit that fortunately still lives in the public sporting arena.

But that’s not fair?

Life is not fair and the president has become the avenging angel who will write history as he rights all the wrongs of unfairness.

This simply means that he will steal from the rich and give to the poor, who will not know what to do with it, which is a good explanation for why they are poor.

And to do this president seems determined to bring down the economy so that we are all poor except of course for him and his friends like Jeffery Immelt of GE, who advised the business owners to stop whining.

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Americans should stop whining!

The president does not help himself or the country with his I am the only adult in the room swagger that has come to characterize his administration.

He is not our Great White Father or maybe I should say our Great Half-White Father who is allowing us to move on to a government reservation if we just give him our wampum and many ponies.

What peas is he willing to eat…only the spoiled ones of unconditional Republican surrender.

If he holds to his guns,or keeps his guns to the American people’s heads, I fear we may enjoy the fun and frolic of Obamageddon.



  1. The Brooklyn Bridge sits downtown near City Hall in New York. When the buildings fell on 9-11, refugees streamed across the bridge to seek safety. A little known fact was that a van filled with explosives was confiscated by the NYPD parked under the bridge just after the explosions. This said a couple of things. The NYPD was thankfully “on the job”. It also says that the “bad guys” were a lot more organized than just a group of “high fliers” from out of town. I read this in one of the tabloids and then it was never mentioned again. I have visited the site on a number of occasions.

    Comment by Mark Frances — July 21, 2011 @ 11:02 pm

  2. Obama Obama Obama. I am sick of his name and sick of his face as he strolls across the TV screen walking with his long legs or standing in front of a microphone. We are wise to his “blame Bush” routine. We know he will try to get re-elected so he can finish the destruction he has begun of our country as he heads us toward One World Government.. I am just sick sick sick. Let’s hope he cannot pull strings and “do it again”. Blame Bush ? Bah! Humbug!

    Comment by Mary B — July 21, 2011 @ 11:45 pm

  3. I grew up hearing my father say FDR would put everyone ‘on the dole’. He thought taking something for nothing was the worst of all sins. He had only an 8th grade education. How did he know? SED

    Comment by shirley e, ducey — July 22, 2011 @ 2:23 am

  4. Well said Bill. Also well said, Shirly. I keep thinking that if you get an education and go out and work hard, you will be at the head of the pack. That doesn’t seem to be working out. We, as a country, need to get back to Shirley’s Dad’s way of thinking.

    Comment by Jeff Stoll — July 22, 2011 @ 3:20 pm

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