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The Woman Liberals Love to Hate

June 28, 2011

With the publication of her latest book, Demonic : How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, the liberal establishment just got another good reason to pile the hate on Ann Coulter’s tall, thin body.

For the uninformed or those living in Lost Nation, Iowa, Ann is the antithesis of the dumb blonde.

No dumb blonde

She is an incisive writer with an undergraduate degree from Cornell and a law degree from Michigan.

The best of Democratic women would be no match for her in a debate.

But what Ann does is write books and she writes them well with cogent arguments and a rapier wit that can send any liberal into the throes of death from a thousand cuts.

I had the pleasure of interviewing her five times on my old program at WGNU and once for Phyllis Schafly, the woman who inspired her to become the potent force that she is.

More importantly I had the honor of meeting her at a pro-life Vitae dinner a few years ago in St. Louis.

The first thing you notice about her is that she is very tall.

After shaking her blonde locks a few times because of a failure to immediately recognize my name until I mention radio, I told her she was much taller than her doll.

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Much taller than her doll

While most people problem probably think Sarah Palin is the most hated woman in American, the contest is not even close.

Palin is cute, bouncy, a live-wire exponent of conservative virtues but she fights back in feminine niceties and memorable metaphors and images.

She is more of a symbol for the kind of woman the liberals hate.

She is a pro-life mother of five children with a supportive husband, while she found time to run the state of Alaska and secure the vice presidential nomination in 2008.

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Why the left fears and hates her

And to make matters worse, Palin delivered a Downs Syndrome baby late in life when according to the liberal creed, the baby would have been better off being aborted so not as to have reminded liberals of the imperfectability of the human condition.

And down the road her child might have needed special care at the state’s expense.  This money would have been better spent buying votes in future elections.

If my prose seems a bit cutting for me, I just finished reading Ann’s book last night.  Her style wears off on you sometimes.

Palin’s grasp of hard-core intellectual attacks, laced with hyperbole, and sarcasm pales by comparison with that of Coulter.

Should there ever be such a contest it would be reminiscent of the boxing match years ago between Paula Jones and Tanya Harding.

Before the battle

Before two minutes had elapsed Harding had broken Jones’ already prominent nose into a  million pieces.

As for her aforementioned book, I have read virtually every one of her books and I can say that by far this is her best and one that I will keeping coming back to for reference.

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Her best by far

I advise every one and even liberals to read it and read it slowly because she will test your liberal faith to its very core and if you honestly and openly answer her objections about your credo you will understand better what it is you believe.

If you simply go into denial, that will only affirm her accusations.

When I had my own show I loved the challenges that my most astute liberal callers made to me–all three of them–Jim from Ferguson, the Roosevelt Man and Dave the cab driver.

A priest friend once told me that within the first two weeks after ordination, he had heard every sin in the book, except suicide in the confessional.

The same was true for me concerning my own beliefs.

Every thing I ever believed had been challenged and assaulted.  I either learned to counter their arguments or risked the disgrace of being in the wrong.

The caveat is that you have to be serious about finding the absolute truth of things and not just in winning political power by any means necessary, which I believe is the marching orders of most liberals.

If denial is your defense strategy then there should be no surprise why you never win any arguments without resorting to shouting, violence, innuendo and character assassination, which I think is Rule #11 from the Saul Alinsky playbook, Rules for Radicals.

The first thing Coulter suggests is that you check you history–the French Revolution in particular.

Of course as she points out if you attend an elite university like her Cornell or Michigan, you will not be able to take a course on that part of the liberal heritage.

It would be as if one could not find any suitable biography of our founding fathers.

As Ann recounts in bloody detail, during the Reign of Terror that followed the French Revolution 600,000 French citizens were butchered and mutilated while an other 145,000 fled the country in fear of their lives.

Icon on the French Revolution

An orgy of pornographic violence

It also equals the number of military fatalities during the American Civil War, some 70 years later.  And this was in a country of under 26 million people.

As Coulter points out it is hard to establish an accurate chronology of the revolution itself because it revolved around the mob.

This is the precise reason most of America’s founding fathers were frightened by the turmoil in France on the heels of their own rebellion against Great Britain.

They feared the lack of order and the mindless violence that characterized the mobocracy, as they called the Paris throngs.

In his Little Richard’s Almanac, Benjamin Franklin opined that a mob is a monster with many heads and no brain.

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The Paris monster

To understand this, just think back to 2008 when the Obama campaign mobilized its own brand of the sansculotte with their purple-shirted SIEU and the orange clad ACORN mobs to terrorize Tea Party goers and other Obama opponents.

The French Revolution gave liberals a legacy of death while its counterpart in America gave us a Republic of freedom.

The former gave liberals a heritage of the show trial, regicide, and the guillotine.

It gave them a Satanic orgy of pornographic violence and disfigurement that deaden the French soul.

Thousands of priests and nuns were slaughtered and the Catholic Church nationalized.

The French Revolution was the forerunner of the concentration camp, the crematoria, the gulag and the abortion clinic.

It wrote the playbook that gave us Stalin, Hitler, Pot Pol, Mao and Fidel.

The French Revolution helped us establish a the culture of death that Pope John Paul II warned against.

If you don’t believe me or Coulter, I suggest you read up on the liberal heritage or study it in school if you can find anyone who will teach it.

Like so many unfavorable things liberal colleges and professors have assigned that segment in history to the Orwellian memory hole.

But my faith in the future was reenforced last night when my eight-year old granddaughter was able to tell me who the Grant of our local attraction, Grant’s Farm was.

I quickly asked her then if Grant was the 18th president, who the 19th?

She knew it instantaneously and my jaw dropped.  She just finished the 2nd grade.

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Do you know?

The Weiner Sanction

June 20, 2011

Many years ago when the family started going to the Gulf side of Florida, I spent many (too many) an hour basking in the sun, while reading the novels of Robert Ludlum.

After digesting about six to eight of the formulated plots, I can to the conclusion that the hero–usually Jason Bourne, who has become the frequent property of actor, Matt Damon, had kind of nihilistic personal code that took Hemingway’s code hero down a peg or two.

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Had a nihilistic code

While Hemingway’s heroes usually lived by their self-centered code of masculine honor that mirrored that of its creator, Ludlum’s protagonist seemed completely devoid of any plausible inner guide for his behavior.

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Had his code hero

Critics tell us that life is stranger than fiction.

What could be more bizarre than the twisted story of, now former New York Congressman,* Anthony Weiner?

His recent life reads like a very bad Ludlum novel, where the protagonist not only has no code but like the amnesic Jason Bourne, was searching for his true sexual identity.

Here was a man who once had the political world at his doorstep.

Here was a man who has exerted his influence within the Halls of Congress and what did he do—he squandered it–all because of some inner urge to prove himself on the social network.

His friends and enemies alike have been shaking their heads in relative disgust, embarrassment and disappointment.

His act of self-destruction raises the eternal question of Why?

Was this some kind of twisted fantasy that prompted the behavior of an adolescent that has had some resounding adult consequences and sanctions?

The National Enquirer reported that some conservative sites reported that he was frustrated because his wife, Huma Abedin and her boss, Hillary Clinton were carrying on an affair.

Even if there were a scintilla of truth in that accusation, I am certain he could have found some more traditional ways to satisfy his cravings than the Internet.

The Enquirer also offered its own interpretation by publishing a number of weird photos of Weiner from his college days.

Anthony Weiner doesn't look so hot in a bra and pantyhose.

Some weird photos from college

The photos included posed shots of him in something resembling a Speedo swim suit and a rather odd photo of him in a woman’s two piece swim costume.

The Enquirer seemed to think that it was all part of a three-day college skit during the Christmas season, something akin to a scavenger hunt for weird costumes.

The best explanation I heard came from Rush Limbaugh.

Rush discussed Weiner in a social/political context that put him in such a psychological box that this was the way his inner needs came to the surface.

During his entire social and political life Weiner has been smothered by a politically correct environment that emphasized the idea of the powerful woman.

NBC signs Wonder Woman TV Series

Not a cartoon fantasy in today

In American culture, women who aspired to be, not like their moms but their dads, had literally shed their aprons, turned their collective backs on the cradle as a form of feminine satisfaction and gone off to graduate schools in medicine, law, business, and even mathematics as much an iconoclastic statement as for economic necessity.

In their Marxist drive to rebirth traditional American life they have tried to neutralize the language to the extent that person has to replace any use of the word man even when a congressman is really a man.

In a word they fomented a virtual genocide against the cultural importance of man.

History now has been reformed to read Herstory.

Technology even made it possible to eliminate men in reproduction.

The petite actress with the irritating voice, Kristen Chenoweth has recently revealed that she wants a baby without a man’s help because so many of them are unkind to people.

kristin chenoweth baby adoption

Wants a baby without a man

They now have babies, when they want them, even without a man’s personal involvement.

When they do get married, many assume the breadwinning role in the marriage, which is probably doomed from the start.

This is a shot to the man’s ego.

With the decline in organized religion few men grow up with the traditional idea that a man should rule his own body spiritually and physically.

Now young boys are taught in their schools to give in to all their bodily urges.

Weiner has been surrounded by these powerful women in his private life, his professional life and of course his political life.  He has needed them to get nominated and ultimately elected.

These powerful women have help to feminize or as Rush calls, work for the chickification of the American male.

Millions of men have taken on the Metrosexual attractiveness of a Ryan Seacrest, or a Brad Pitt.

Now muscles are back in.

The whole thing is very confusing for men in today’s cultural morass.

Young men are so confused by all this that many become better identified with members of their own sex and turn to other men for their satisfaction.

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Very confusing

Gone is the Neanderthal look that at least had no trouble with sexual identification.

Huma, who is rumored to be pregnant, is busy traveling with Hillary in their attempt to save the world.

This has given Weiner too much free time to express his needs.

I think Weiner is the atavistic opposite of the Helen Reddy song I Am Woman, hear me roar.

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Men heard her loud and clear

Deafened by that primitive yell of the 1970s, Weiner felt compelled to express his manhood in the most available way and that was to beef up at the gym and then start exposing the fact that he was indeed a real man on the social network where he reasoned had women who were not hell-bent on power, careers and being on top.

The exposure of his manhood was a primitive cry, not just for help but for women to see his atavistic roar that he was A REAL MAN and like Howard Beale was sick and tired and was not going to hide the fact of his manhood any more.

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Weiner walked in his footsteps

In his own perverted way, Anthony Weiner speaks for millions of men who do not know how to be honorable any more.  They feel trapped and confined in a culture that has men in all walks of life quaking in their collective boots, afraid of the feminine hordes of castrati.

* On personal note, had I still lived in Forest Hills, Weiner wold have been my congressman!

Please check out my recent posting on Renew/America.

The original American culture war

The Happy Face of Slavery

June 14, 2011

There has been no greater tragedy to befall the American people than the Civil War.

Two months ago we celebrated the sesquicentennial anniversary of the opening shots directed at Fort Sumter in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina.  It would be a bloody fratricide that gave complete lie to the word civil.

It was literally brother against brother.

Dozens of new books are currently on the selves depicting the war in all of its bloody gore.

The common assumption is that over 360,000 Union soldiers gave their lives to eliminate slavery from the American continent.

While I might dispute that as the absolute accuracy of that statement, the important thing to realize after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation on New Years Day of 1863, the rhetoric and the drive of the war took on a decidedly anti-slavery coloration.

View Image

Slavery gave new meaning to the war

With the untimely assassination of President Lincoln, the Radical Reconstruction Republicans extracted their retribution on the survivors of the Confederacy, which had lost approximately 24% of its young men to the war.

The United States was the first nation to violently rid its boundaries of the dreaded institution.  It eventually became clear that many vowed to ensure that this would never happen again.

In playwright, David Mamet’s provocative new book,The Secret Knowledge, he quotes Moses as asking the Jewish people if they wanted to be slaves.

View Image

Mugged by reality

Surprisingly the tragic answer he received was a resounding yes.

But that never can be true in the United States, or can it?

Is was Sinclair Lewis who thought so in his 1935 book, It Can’t Happen Here.

View Image

Can it happen here?

It is my belief that Americans are passively choosing a new form of slavery.

19th century philosopher, J. S. Mill wrote that Socialism is the happy face of slavery.

Recognized slavery's disguise

Just look around and see what is happening before our very eyes.

The Obama regime is the most anti-business administration that we have ever endured…with FDR running a very close second.

He has created an atmosphere of economic uncertainty with implicit threats of higher taxes on all levels, more stringent and oppressive business regulation and an abject failure to allow America to use its vast supply of natural resources to fuel the return of a vibrant economy.

This president has done everything in his power to condition the American people to a continuing life of lower expectations.

A 9-10% unemployment rate is being sold as the new normal.

Just as when you raise the debt ceiling, the new normal will lead to much higher rates of people out of work.

Rush Limbaugh was savaged when he said he hoped Obama failed.  Did Rush get his wish?

I think the numbers prove that much of Obama’s plan for America’s economic decline are working and Rush’s fears have been vindicated.

Obama’s ideas and plans as Frederick Hayek warned in the forties are leading us down the road to serfdom.

Friedrich Hayek portrait.jpg

Warned us not to take that road

And just what is serfdom?

It will be the new form of American slavery where everyone will be dependent on the federal government for our every need from our cradle to our collective graves.

But the real catch is the government will never be able to provide those needs without a healthy, vibrant free market system of capitalism that can produce the wealth necessary.

The only flaw in this equation is that it can and will never work.

The slavery of socialism–just ask any American who has escaped from anyone of the Soviet states and they will tell you what modern slavery is like–hates individual choice.

It is a collective madness that kills any incentive businessmen and citizens have to improve their lives.  That’s how we are wired.

In a socialist state people have to be forced to do what the state thinks is good for them.

And millions of people are saluting everything that Obama says and does.

Mamet, a Jewish leftist, who was mugged by the reality of the declining country around him, referenced the Nazi salute in his book several times.

He says most people eventually looked at it as a innocuous accommodation to Hitler’s radical ideas.

But what they missed was the fact that they were slowly being conditioned to think of Hitler as acceptable and the new normal of German life, whether or not they supported his Nazi ideas.

A form of social conditioning

Accommodations, like this are being made, day after day, with the Obama ideology.

The result is a mind-numbed apathy that would much rather watch the horror stories out of Joplin, Missouri or followed the sordid journey of the naked Congressman.

View Image

Not to be confused with NYC's Naked Cowboy

What people miss is the fact that these public distractions are reminiscent of Rome, just before the fall.

The greatest empire in the world and that in Rome was teetering and tottering.

It had too many costly wars in foreign lands and the people were restive.  So the emperors provided the entertainment of bread can circuses.  We get Charlie Sheen and Mad Anthony Weiner.

And the country goes to hell because of this national apathy and our blindness to our incremental loss of our freedoms.

The Obama regime is doing that with our food, automobiles, our lightbulbs and any aspect of our quotidian existence that they think needs changing.

And with their interference goes our hope for a better tomorrow.

We are being slowly conditioned to accept this new form of slavery by the government media on CBS, NBC and ABC, as well as all the major newspapers and especially the university system, which is vast reservoir of Marxist prolix.

Am I optimistic about our future?  No, but I am neither pessimistic.  Anything can happen.

But one sobering fact is that the average democracy has historically lasted, just over 200 years according to Mamet’s book.

Of course we started as a Republic and did not start our dismantling of the Constitution until the Progressives in 1900.  So maybe there is time and we can always hope that a new change is blowing in the wind.

Hopefully we will wake up and recognize Obama’s policies for what they are.

Go to fullsize image

This is what they look like


Dirty Words

June 7, 2011
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According to our armies of social scientists and educational pedagogues, American children, millions of adults, and scores of racial and ethnic minorities are under a horrendous verbal assault from right-wing religion and media zealots.

As an addendum, the only religious minority that warrants such concern is the Muslim community.

The left is afraid that American students and millions of adults will be irreparably harmed by such name-calling.  To them all these constitutes rampant hate crimes.

Hateful words will so pollute the cultural atmosphere that America will become so dangerous for them that there will be violent assaults and in the case of the Jews, annihilation.

The words in question are what be called ethnic, racial or even gender slurs.  I can honestly say that I have never uttered kind slurs to hurt or embarrass anyone.  But a hate crime?

I do know a number of funny ethnic jokes.

View Image

I love this kind of humor

It is still my belief that jokes made in fun and not in ridicule are good for the soul and the spirit because we all share the same human nature and no group is special nor free from the foibles of our common ancestry.

I had a teacher in high school who was probably my least favorite.

He made unmerciful fun of minorities and anyone who was not Irish.  One example should tell all.

In my freshman class, there was a short, freckled-faced kid, named Frank Cangemi.  This teacher liked to call him “Cangini.”

I was appalled at that but to my knowledge it didn’t devastate Frank.

He later went on to Holy Cross and later became a medical doctor.  I am sure that this silly teacher had not been the first to breach the decorum of his ancestry.

The experts say bullying in schools is real and kids are dying.

Really!  How many?  While some have committed suicide, I will wager that if the situation were honestly evaluated you would find that they are on anti-depression medicine.

I read recently that a possible cause of all the military suicides—much more of a problem than “bullying” and what has the president done about that–is that the VA puts them on that kind of potent medicine.

Bullying is a fact of life.  It eventually toughens you up.  I was bullied a couple of times in my life.  To this day, I am uncomfortable saying the name Mike.  I always use the more gentrified, Michael.

When I think of the name Mike I have an image of this sleazy boy in the New Jersey lake region where I used to spend my summers.  Mike would get upset if you questioned anything he did or said.  And then he would get verrrrry angry!

View Image

Didn't Like Mike either

One time he cuffed me in the face with his baseball glove

The only beaning I ever suffered was from one of his errant pitches.

Another time I raised an objection to something he said and I knew I was in trouble.

I tucked tail and started running down the road.  Mike picked up a rock–he never seemed to miss what he aimed at—and he nailed me right between the shoulder blades.

His words never hurt me but his throwing arm surely did.

This reminds me of the old nursery rhyme I heard as a child.

Sticks and Stones is an English children’s rhyme. It persuades the child victim of name-calling to ignore the taunt, and to refrain from physical retaliation while remaining calm and good-natured.

Still good advice!

The phrase is found at least as early as 1872, where it is presented as advice in Tappy’s Chicks: and Other Links Between Nature and Human Nature, by Mrs. George Cupples

What really is at work today is an attack on free speech and the defense of basic cultural, historical and constitutional ideas.

To call the president a socialist, or a Marxist is not name-calling but putting a proper label on his ideas and policies.

To call an amphibian a duck if it quacks and walks like a duck is not name-calling but proper identification or classification.

On another note, the left has no problem with what the late George Carlin called, the seven  dirty words that populate our public entertainment and daily conversation with the frequency of an attack of mosquitos on a sultry summer’s eve.

View Image

Knew all about the seven dirty words

The left also has nothing to say about the repetitive and blasphemous use of the name of the Lord of History in plays, movies and on television.

Flag burning and harassing conservative speakers on college campuses also fall under their protective shield.

This leads me to the three political dirty words.

Whenever these words are brought up in a conversation or debate that exchange is over.

I am talking about Racism, Homophobia and Anti-Semitism.

Each word is an artificial contrivance that has served to limit free speech and the exchange of ideas, especially on the political front.

Each word when deliberately applied has ended careers in politics, the ministry, sports, entertainment and education.

People in the public ear circumvent these vicious labels as one would avoid a minefield.

The word racism as a distinct term did not appear in the English language until the 1930s.

While the term race hatred had been used by sociologist Frederick Hertz  in the late 1920s, racism was coined as the title of an early 1930s book by sexologist and homosexual activist Magnus Hirschfield.

As a products of social science, words like racism have elevated basic prejudice and bigotry to the status of an institutionalized pattern of behavior.

It is my contention that racism, outside of the institution of slavery, and outlier groups, such as the Klan and a few neo-Nazi groups—there has never existed any institutional racism in this country.

View Image

A fringe group and not an American institution

But prejudice is an irreparable part of human nature that no law, edict or government intervention can eradicate without depriving free people of their liberty to say what they think.

Homophobia is another of these dirty words.

George Weinberg, a psychologist is credited as the first person to have used the term in speech.

The word homophobia first appeared in print in an article written for the May 23, 1969, edition of Alvin Goldstein’s Screw magazine in which the word was used to refer to heterosexual men’s fear that others might think they are gay.

View Image

We owe him for neologism about "gay hatred"

There is no greater narcissist term in the living English language than this self-serving affront to all moral and thinking individuals.

But consider the source of this verbal construct that is designed to intimidate anyone who would criticize homosexual behavior.

Given the long and contentious history of the Jewish people, most people will be surprised that the term Anti-Semitism is a relatively new construct.

The early Zionist pioneer, Judah Leib Pinsker first used it in conjunction with another social scientist construct, Judeophobia in a pamphlet written in 1882.

In it he said that anti-Semitism was an inherited predisposition with all the properties of an incurable disease that has been transmitted for 2000 years.

While no one can argue that there have been centuries of deep-seated prejudice against Jews, since the Nazi Holocaust the term has appropriated the mantel of genocide to protect, not only Jews living around the world but mores specifically the nation of Israel.

For any historian, scholar or even the man in the street to criticize any facet, statement or aspect of the Holocaust and the death of six million under the Nazis is tantamount to act of anti-Semitism and can subject the individual to the severe recriminations of society.

To criticize this independent country is often condemned as anti-Semitism.

The artificial construct has also been used to defend against, not only contradictory ideas but even the raising of objective questions.

Would the same be true if I criticized France or even Switzerland?

This has gone to the extreme that even legitimate historical research is punishable by steep fines and prison terms as in the case of prolific historian David Irving.

View Image

Went to jail for raising a question

Currently 13 foreign countries including Germany and Canada make it a crime to even question how many died in the Holocaust.

Thanks to these dirty words one can go to prison for thinking or writing about something that has never received the same historical scrutiny as the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor or the bombing of Dresden.

View Image

Still arguing over the numbers

No issue, no matter how sanctified it might be, should be free from possible revision because as a part of our human nature we see things through a glass darkly or a mirror that has been clouded by the fog of time and personal interest.

So with regard to sticks and stones and guys like Mike with rocks, I would rather take another rock in the back than suffer under the tyranny of dirty words.

PS: Since I first wrote this, my only grandson called me a racist when his mother asked me which team I was rooting for in the NBA championship.  I merely said the white team, as in the color of their uniforms.  

Liked the guys in white

Had I been for Miami, I would have said the red team.  Same difference I guess.  Where’s the guy with the rock when you need him?

About author

After graduating from Holy Cross, Bill Borst earned an MA in Asian History from St. John's University and a Ph.D in American History from St. Louis University. (1972) A former New Yorker, he taught for many years in the St. Louis area, while also hosting a weekly radio show on WGNU from 1984-2006. He currently is a regular substitute for conservative Phyllis Schlafly on KSIV radio. (1320) He is the author of two books on social history, "Liberalism: Fatal Consequences," and "The Scorpion and the Frog: A Natural Conspiracy." He just retired as the Features editor of the Mindszenty Foundation Monthly Report. In his 11 years from 2003-2013 he wrote nearly 130 essays on Catholic culture and world affairs. Many in St. Louis also know him as the "Baseball Professor," because of a course that he offered at Maryville College from 1973-74. It was arguably the first fully-accredited baseball history course in the Midwest.The author of several short books on the old St. Louis Browns, he started the St. Louis Browns Historical Society in 1984. In 2009 his first two plays were produced on the local stage. "The Last Memory of an Ol' Brownie Fan," ran six performances at the Sound Stage in Crestwood and "A Perfect Choice" ran for two performances at the Rigali Center Theater in Shrewsberry. His third play, "A Moment of Grace," ran six performances at DeSmet High School in January of 2011with First Run Theater in January of 2011. He is currently working on a 4th play, "A Family Way," which is a comedy about a happy dysfunctional family. He can reached at