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The Party is Over! | March 8, 2011

In the movie, Jerry Maguire the eponymous lead character, played ably by Tom Cruise gave the American lexicon a new catch phrase:

Show me the money!

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Wanted to see the money

In our case we would be hard-pressed to show anyone any money that was not borrowed or even printed!

Most often the talk has been about deficits when the real problem is the root cause of these deficits.

When the nation looked to the frugal witty sayings of founding father, Benjamin Franklin for his sage financial advice in his Poor Richard’s Almanac, and the laissez-faire theories of Adam Smith, government prided itself on balancing its annual budgets and keeping its economic house in order.

With the dawning of the progressive period in the early 20th century,and the coming of the New Deal, Lord John Maynard Keynes replaced Smith and Franklin as the country chief economic wizard.

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Replaced Franklin and Smith

And since then the country has been struggling with a mountain of debt that has finally reached its point of systematic collapse.

Keynesian economics proposed priming the economic pump with government spending to get the economic system working in times of depression and economic distress.

The flip side of his theory was that in times of prosperity, surpluses were to be stored away for the proverbial rainy day.

With liberal politicians the word surplus does not exist.

Waving money in front of their noses is tantamount to opening a Vodka bottle in front of a drunk.  They just can’t say no.

They realized early that they could forge a long career in Washington by using other people’s money to favor their constituents back home.

The late Senator Robert Byrd built so many bridges in his native West Virginia that they seemed to be lined up line bowling pins.

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Liked to build bridges

The question looming before the public today, is not deficits  but what to do about the spending that is like a wild-fire that now threatens the many heart of our country’s future.

With the recent controversy in Wisconsin with its oppressive deficit of $3.6 billion, the country has been given a frightful preview of what the nation’s future may look like.

Wisconsin is not only a microcosm of what most of the remaining 49 states ledgers look like, it has become the battleground between those elected officials who were recently elected to do something about the mounting debt.

As a result the left has dug in its heels to frustrate the will of the Wisconsin electors by denying a quorum.

To do this 14 Democratic senators fled the state for the confines of Illinois, which has failed to properly address its own spending excesses.

Thanks to the president of the United States the Democrats mobilized their forces and taken to the street with placards comparing Walker to Adolph Hitler and Hosni Mubarak.

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A fair comparison from teachers?

Teachers were filmed getting excuse slips from doctors on site so that they could still be paid even though they picketing, instead of teaching.

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Stress-related illnesses?

Thugs and union types occupied the state house, reminiscent of the adolescent demonstrations of the 1960s in the nation’s elite universities.

Teachers paraded around like a room full of children.  And we wonder where America’s ills started?

The American people were told that Governor Walker was out to destroy their union by, not only getting the teachers to pay for some of their healthcare and make contributions to their pensions but for trying to limit their collective bargaining to just wages and working conditions.

He also wants to stop the automatic collecting of union dues by the state.

The truth of these matters have been skewered by a White House with a strong vested interest in these public sector unions and the mainstream media that marches in lockstep to presidential promptings.

People fail to realize that The AFL-CIO or the teamsters represent private sector unions who work for companies owned by stockholders.

If these union want better wages and other benefits, those will ultimately be dependent on whether or not their companies are profitable.

So the unions do have a vested interest in making sure that they still have a company to work for.

The reason GM and Chrysler went belly up and needed bail-outs was because they had granted such legacy payments to their union workers over the years that when people stopped buying their cars and vans, they could not cover all these costs.

When the unions balked at cutting any of their benefits, their companies failed and the federal government stepped in, not to save GM but to save union jobs and their attendant contributions to the DNC.

In the after math GM became Government Motors.

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Save the union--let the company die

With the Wisconsin teachers, they don’t work for a private manufacturer or service industry.

They work for the tax payers of Wisconsin.

And many of them have better pensions and benefits than their employers do.

So when they go on strike, they are striking against the citizens of that state.

I have always believed that no public sector employee should ever have the right to strike the public.

When the Boston police struck in 1919, Republican Governor Calvin Coolidge stood tall and stopped them from paralysing his city.

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Coolidge thwarted their strike against the common good

When the teachers of Illinois periodically struck over the last 30 years, I always thought that they were holding the children of that state as hostage for their own self-centered gains.

And many had the effrontery to say they were doing it for the children, even when they were falsifying their sick slips.  This was certainly a lesson in Machiavellian morality.

It is ironic that some use this same reasoning in abortion–killing the unborn child would be better than living with a mother who didn’t want the child.

I also think it is unprofessional for doctors, nurses, and teachers to be union members, especially if they reserve the right to strike.

No free society can survive if its most important professionals can render the public helpless.

Stymied by their cowardly flight of the state’s Democratic senators, Governor Scott Walker had his hand forced and he has begun the process of balancing his budget by laying off teachers.

The union leaders and the politicians did not care because their power is more important than a few teachers.

And theirs really is not the traditional kind of collective bargaining between two adversaries or people on different sides of the negotiating table.

It is more corrupt bargaining.

The forced dues deductions for often found their way into the campaign coffers of Democratic candidates who pledged to give into virtually every union demand, including thousands for Viagra.

I am unsure how that will enhance their performance in the classroom.

That puts serious politicians intent on representing ALL of his constituents from directly addressing the state’s spending crisis.

Many yell for compromise.

On what?  Obama has shown us how serious he is about the even greater national spending problem by offering a paltry few billion in cuts when more than a trillion is needed to bring us back to sanity.

How about a tax increase in exchange for serious cuts?

Many Catholic bishops and priests think increased taxation should be part of the compromise.

In 1987 Ronald Reagan made one of the biggest mistakes in his presidency.  He agreed to raise taxes in exchange for large spending cuts from Democratic Speaker of the House Tip ‘Neill.

Well the country’s tax rates went up and somehow those spending cuts never materialized in any shape or form, leading to a recession and Reagan’s enormous budget deficit.

Trust a Democrat?

If the Republicans do this, I want to sell them a bridge over the Ohio River in West Virginia.

Let’s face it, unless serious spending cuts are made, the party is over not just for Republicans and Democrats but for all of us.



  1. The Democratic Party and the Nations Unions have always demonstrated and revealed there selfish greed for power and money regardless whom it may hurt or what or whom it may destroy, even themselves and all their supporters.
    Wisconsin demonstrates and identifies the real enemies of the United States and its Citizens.
    Bill Borst has exposed a critical national danger in this column.

    Comment by Jim — March 8, 2011 @ 8:00 pm

  2. Bill Borst once again has it wrong — as usual. When did teachers and other public employees become the root of all the economic evil in our country? It was the banks and the brokers who led us into the debt situation that we’re in, yet those people are all still raking in their huge bonuses. Most teachers that I know are not exactly living high on the hog. And Gov. Walker didn’t hesitate in giving breaks to his rich friends when he took over. And the deficit amount he claims is not true from what I’ve heard. All the Republicans seem to care about now is penalizing and bringing down the middle class while the rich get richer. Trickle down didn’t work under Reagan and it’s certainly not working now. The gap grows larger and larger between those at the top and the rest of us. How anyone who doesn’t make over $500,000 a year supports the GOP is beyond me! They sure don’t care about us. But the “budget slashing” GOP in the House just did give approval again to the “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska. Let’s cut healthcare for women and children, though. That’s okay.

    Comment by Kris — March 9, 2011 @ 1:11 am

  3. Kris:

    You caught me again —wrong on all fronts. I don’t think I said the teachers are the root of all economic ill but those in Wisconsin certainly are behaving spoiled brats throwing near-violent temper tantrum after temper tantrum. Scott Walker has no more rich friends than our dear president does and his friends are not the cause of the state’s 3.6 billion dollar deficit. No look to he public service unions for that mess, left the state by Democrats who offered state largesse in exchange for millions in union dues, siphoned into their coffers. I guess that’s what a NYC politician called “honest graft.” BB

    Comment by bbprof — March 11, 2011 @ 4:47 am

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