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The Bad War | January 27, 2011

When the police entered the Philadelphia building they were immediately overcome with the over-whelming stench that challenged their olfactory nerves as well as their digestive tracts.

The operating room of Dr. Kermit Gosnell was littered with filthy instruments, jars of body organs, blood-stained scissors, and foul-smelling residues of animal waste.

What was this place–a puppy mill?  A slaughterhouse?

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Kermit's slaughterhouse

Depending on your perspective it was both of these.

Dr. Gosnell’s abortion clinic is part of the sordid legacy of Roe v. Wade.

The fetal feet he kept in his mason jars reminded me of a big-haired gal I met at the Avis counter many years ago in Boston.

I as wearing my fetal feet pin on my lapel and she asked me if I were a foot doctor.

Unfortunately I was too tired to give her an explanation, leaving to think that I might even have a foot fetish.

That possibility led me to wonder why Gosnell felt compelled to save all those feet the arresting officers found in his abortuary.

I think I read he wanted them for research.

I am tempted to think that maybe his gruesome profession made him collect souvenirs, not unlike the Indians who scalped their victims after dispatching them from this world.

Living feet–hundreds of 1000s of marching feet including over 200,000 sets of them in Washington, D. C. last Monday, marched all over the country to give clear witness to the evil of what people like Dr. Gosnell have done to America’s soul.

A view from the crowd - March for Life 2011

Feet gave clear witness

These modern-day abolitionists have been forced to bear the slings and arrows of derision and apathy that their forbears did during the ante-bellum years.

But eventually those voices were heard and the country righted its original sin in the Constitution.

Gosnell now faces charges of 3rd-degree murder for one of his  clients who died under his knife and seven counts of 1st degree murder for the seven babies who survived his violent assault on their place of residence.

These charges were possible under the 2002 Born-Alive Act Infants Protection Act that makes it a crime to murder a baby who has survived abortion.

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One count of 3rd degree and seven of 1st degree murder

I ask you what kind of country needs to have an act like this?

One of the vicious sideshows of the abortion industry is some babies come out of their gauntlet alive.

However for most of them their remaining moments of life are spent in waste cans, alone and unattended in some broom closet.

Gianna Jessen, whom I met years ago, survived her mother’s abortion and the closet chamber, only through the good graces of a valiant nurse, who could not stand idly by and see a baby die.

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Saved by her guardian angel

Since Roe 1000s of babies like Gianna were not so lucky to have had a guardian angel.

Our fearless president, who spent last Monday celebrating the Roe v. Wade decision, voted against a similar bill in the Illinois State Senate.

He voted against it, not once, not twice but three times, arguing that it was a first step toward limiting abortion rights.

Yet we are supposed to believe that people like him want to make abortion safe, legal and rare.

We only need look to Philadelphia to see what an empty and dangerous mantra the Democrats would have us recite.

While Obama will probably retire the crown as the most opaque American president, his views on abortion are very clear.

His Roe Anniversary statement tells us exactly what he believes about this Marxist sacrament.

He declared that he remains committed to policies designed to prevent unwanted pregnancies–does he mean abstinence?

As a constitutional scholar and I surmise as a man, the president is committing to protecting this right of women to rid themselves of any baby who complicates their lives.

He encouraged all Americans to recommit themselves to ensuring that our daughters have the same rights, the same freedoms and the same opportunities to fulfill their dreams.

Recommit? What does he really mean?

Does he mean that under Bush we lost our way and our daughters were second class citizens?

Oh, I got it–the old blame it on Bush gambit!

What rights do our sons enjoy that women don’t?

Does he mean the right to be promiscuous and plunder every girl they can get their hands on?

Or in the case of girls, the right to be plundered?

What does that do to our moral fiber?

What does Michelle Obama think about this?  Or is she just interested in colon fiber?

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How's her fiber?

Certainly boys don’t have a right to an abortion.

And this is all coming from a father who has two budding young daughters!

He says that he doesn’t want them punished by a pregnancy.

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Does the country need their daddy's sage advice?

Does he really entertain the prospect of applauding his girls’ right to abort his grandchildren?

Is this the kind of sage advice America’s youth needs to hear from its leader?

Does it not concern him that a full 1/3 of all the babies slaughtered in abortuaries not very dissimilar from the criminal facility in Philadelphia are of his race..or at least the race he identifies more with?

Rick Santorum, the former pro-life Senator from Pennsylvania, created a mini-firestorm when he questioned Obama 2008 comments about when life began.

When asked that question, Obama dodged it by saying that it was above my pay grade.

Santorum was taken aback by his evasion and said Well if it isn’t human life, I find it remarkable that for a black man to sayNow we are going to decide who are people and who are not people.

It was the Dred Scott decision in 1857 that said, black people were not human but merely chattel or personal property.

How dare he inject race into the abortion debate, the media wantonly raved!

Hare dare he inject race!

Perhaps abortion as a means of racial limitation is the elephant in the room that polite people can not discuss openly.

Has anyone read Margaret Sanger’s eugenic views on the mongrel races?

Or maybe her Negro Project from 1939?

I wonder if the president and Dr. Gosnell are aware of this fact of history?

View Image

Lobbied against mongrel races

I suggest people research her true beliefs, which helped lay the foundation for a national 007 license to kill that our president celebrates like it were the 4th of July and was what America was all about.

I think that our commander-in-chief has been recommitting the country to its war on the womb and the traditional family.

January 22nd, like its brother in infamy, December 7th are watershed days that illustrate dichotomy in American culture.

The one is celebrated as a memorial while our president celebrates the other like a solemn holy day.

The one brought Americans together against a common enemy.

The other has divided us as did our Civil War.

The one led to the good war that considered all of its combatants heroes and basked in the confidence that they had helped eliminate evil from the world.

The other perpetuates an evil that has permeated America’s culture.

The one led to our regeneration while the other is sowing the seeds of our own self-annihilation.

It was January 22nd that launched us on our Bad War.



  1. The Bad War–I like your picture inserts. YAY.
    I wrote a letter to our local newspaper that they printed on Jan 22. I am devastated over the killing and its like Obama–like a bulldozer that just keeps running and running and nothing can stop it. Marches and prayers have gone on for 38 years . Do you think we need to attack contraception plus fasting. Certain sins need fasting. God have mercy on America. Pax

    Comment by Mary B — January 29, 2011 @ 12:58 am

  2. My comment was wiped out. Know that I commented.

    Comment by Mary B — January 29, 2011 @ 12:59 am

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