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The Red Sea of Liberalism | January 5, 2011

The story of Yahweh instructing Moses to lead the children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt into the promise land of Canaan is one of the most dramatic events in the Old Testament.

A metaphor for the times

What a fitting lesson it holds for us today.

The American people are looking forward to the new Republicans, that is the Tea Party members whose patriotic inspiration can lead them out of the economic economic slavery of Obama.

Otherwise, surely the country will drown in a sea of red ink like its Egyptian precursors..

Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi recently prided her 111th Congress on its fiscal responsibility.

That’s the same as Casanova patting himself on the shoulder for his marital fidelity.

Statements like that from her have always made me wonder about her intelligence, or her sanity.

Her Congress was one of the worst in history, primaryily for its ruinous spending.

It was the Pelosi Congress that has brought the country to the abyss of bankruptcy.

In fact bankruptcy is become as popular as bowling and tennis used to be.

Several of our united states are teetering on the brink of fiscal failure.  These states are mostly blue states, such as California, Massachusetts, Michigan and Nevada.

New Jersey would be there too had it not been for the heroic swimming against a liberal red sea of its Governor Chris Christie.

Swimming against the red tide

I do not know who dictated the nomenclature for the so-called red and blue states but he got it very wrong.

There is far more accuracy, and symbolism in designating such states with the Marxist spending habits of an uptown drunk as red.

Even the Catholic Church has recently suffered another bankruptcy.

With Milwaukee the number is now up to eight, though the reason given had little to do with financial mismanagement but more with the moral turpitude of sexual abuse.

And with the case of the public bankruptcies what is the most apparent cause for this eventual day of reckoning?

Is it tax cuts for the wealthy?

That’s nothing but a mendacious joke on the American people.

The former speaker tells the House that they have to concentrate on job creation.

Now she tells us.

What did she and her president do for the two years since Obama was elected?

Nothing more than chase jobs out of this country.

How does she plan to do that?  Most likely more of the same–government jobs and infrastructure projects, all on the federal nickel.

What effect will these twin pillars of self-destruction have on the economy?

Every dollar taken out of the private sector to pay for these jobs, means there will be fewer dollars in the private sector to hire private employees who would ostensibly produce goods and services that would not cost Uncle Sam a nickel.

In fact these are real jobs that will more than likely last several more years that the government busy work kind of jobs

Concomitant with his spending, President Obama has done the most he could to ensure the future of government unions.

You could probably put the United Autoworkers in this equation as a public union, since General Motors would have been out of business had not the government stepped in to save the jobs–all on the taxpayer’s bill.

This would not have happened had not the union saddled GM with excessive wages and high legacy costs.

Now government jobs add little to the productivity and job-creation sector because so many of them are regulatory positions that actually limit productivity.

How serious is it?

Some commentators are saying that with our 14 trillion-dollar debt–which is roughly equal to the entire earnings of all of American economic activity–at least that which is reported–we are already close to falling into the Nietzsche-like abyss.

However one of my sources tells me that to compare debt with cash flow is comparable to comparing a cheese burger with a steak.

They both may be meat but there is a vast difference in their importance.

The United States economy has over 150 trillion dollars in assets–both public and private.

If the country had to it could sell its ANWR oil reserves, open several other areas to oil production, even privatize many of the public parks.

Of course the psycho-greens would never allow this.

Add to this the fact that Obama is not only our first black president but also our first green president and you have a formulae for the socialization of America.

The radical Green philosophy is a Marxist subset that is counter-productive to capitalism and all its benefits.

The Greens are ideological Luddites, who are not happy until there are fewer people in the world, less technology and a leveling of wealth to a mere subsistence.

They would relish seeing all Americas live in caves or the wilderness like Grizzly Adams.

Just look what the greens and the public unions have done to Europe.

Greece went bankrupt because it has become a nation of librarians, and civil servants–all on the public dole.

American states that are facing bankruptcy have two option.  They can renegotiate all their public union contracts or they can declare bankruptcy and start over from scratch.

Will their unions like that?

No and if Greece and the rest of Europe is any guide they will take to the streets or at least, they will all call in with the blue flu as according to some reports was the case in New York City in the aftermath of its recent blizzard.

It was a perfect storm - and a horribly flawed response. The winter's first snowfall arrived the day after Christmas, an unexpectedly fierce blizzard that dumped 20 inches of snow on a woefully unprepared city. <br><br> For the next three days, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. <br><br>Follow our galleries on Twitter <a href="" target="_blank">@NYDNPhotos</a>.

Led to the blu flu

If Obama has his way the liberals will address this issue by paying off the debt by simply printing the money.

That would lead to high inflation, more unemployment and a worthless currency.

Personally I believe the president wants us to fail because people will always prefer security over freedom.

What will this America look like if Obama gets his way?

The Associated Press recently ran a short news item about the Cuban Paradise.

View Image

Cuban Paradise

It is becoming more expensive to live and stay clean in Cuba .

The Cuban people live on an average salary of about $20 a month–most American teenagers get that per day.

Soap, toothpaste and detergents are going to be cut from their monthly ration book.

These one-time necessities now join cigarettes, salt, peas and potatoes on the list of non-essentials for the Cuban people.

The Cuban government says the cuts are necessary to continue to offer all their people free or heavily subsidized education, health care, housing, transportation programs.

Is this what’s on the Obama agenda?  Remember Michael Moore telling is how good Cuban medical care was?

Well it costs about as much as your human freedom.

Is that the kind of change that the American people really want?

Just stick around!

The ride is going to be very bumpy



  1. The Democratic Socialist cannot defeat the American people physically. Using Franklin Deleno Rooselvelt 30s Depression processes, they are keeping Americans from making a living and stealing their retirement and earnings thru taxes and penalties.
    They have allowed their favorite Corporations to accept billions of taxpayers dollars under “pie int eh sky” proposals to help Americans.
    Obama and his the Democrats have disarmed our military and spent the Country into endless dept, 42 Trillion dollars.
    Our Enemies do not have to attack us, they own us.

    Comment by Jim — January 6, 2011 @ 11:45 pm

  2. BB, How true your evaluation. Obama was selected to complete the demise of our country and he is doing a great job at that. My job now is to prepare for the days to come both spirituality and physically. Pray and vote.

    Comment by Mary B — January 7, 2011 @ 12:37 am

  3. I wish it weren’t so true. SED

    Comment by Shirley E. Ducey — January 7, 2011 @ 6:46 am

  4. I’m not sure how I started getting Mr. Borst’s e-mails, but I certainly don’t agree with him. It continues to amaze me how conveniently conservatives forget who got us into the mess we’re in in the first place and it wasn’t Barack Obama! He walked into the White House facing the worst economic situation since the Great Depression and two wars. He didn’t start any of this. When George W took over the White House the economy was going well. I don’t agree with everything Obama has done, but the hate that is constantly spewed at him and the way he is criticized for every teeny, tiny thing he does, down to wearing flip flops on vacation (W wore crocs with socks-which is worse?) is just obscene.
    George W Bush racked up more debt for this country than all of his predecessors put together. And what does the GOP do? Continue tax cuts for the wealthy. Yeah, we’ve seen the benefits of those over the last several years, haven’t we? Get real!

    Comment by Kris — January 7, 2011 @ 9:59 pm

  5. Dear Kris:

    Reality and truth is my middle name. I suggest you start doing a little homework and stop speaking in sound bits. Personally, I am tired of the left-wing mantra of blame Bush. Bush did nothing any good liberal would not have done, so it is specious reasoning to say otherwise. If you want culprits for our mess, check the legislation of the Democratic Party, especially Barney and Chris (Dodd) to see how their push of the Community Re-investment Agency literally destroyed our housing market, mortgage companies and any insurance company foolish enough to bundle these toxic assets with good and solid loans. It was not the Republicans who forced these industries to lend to the poor who had no means to ever pay them back if he economy ever turned, which in inevitably did. many of the greedy, rich and poor alike tried o make a killing on another Democratic-inspired bubble, which got soap bubbles all over everyone of us. That;s reality, not some sound bit from CNN, which are clueless when it comes to reality and economics. Bill Borst

    And you forget that thes e last four years Pelosi and Co have been spending more than anyone in history and this does not even inclkude the take-over of 1/6 of our economy. Too much reality? Bb

    Comment by Bill Borst — January 11, 2011 @ 4:31 am

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