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SEXUAL SMOKE: Part II | July 21, 2010

To more fully understand this controversial issue, I suggest everyone read a short book, Pope Benedict XVI and the Sexual Abuse Crisis, (Our Sunday Visitor) written by Gregory Erlandson and Matthew Bunson.

It is one of the few sources that readily admits that the public should look to homosexuality as the focal point of this horrendous scandal instead of listening to the verbal legerdemain that the public has been subjected to in the media and from the Chancery.

Finally people in my Church are starting to get the message.

The book is rich in statistical information that underscores their first point that Catholic priests are no worse offenders than representatives of other clerical denominations.

I know this is no consolation for their thousands of victims, but it does raise the question as to why it is ONLY the Catholic Church that is being singled out for this criminal behavior?

The authors also make the clear distinction as to exactly what kind of perversion these offending priests have been bedeviled with.

Their statistics demonstrate that the vast majority of offenders can be categorized as either hebephiles, those who display a sexual preference for pubescent boys, between the ages of 10-14 and ephebophiles for teenage boys from 15-19 years of age.

Very few cases have involved little girls and any case involving teenage girls would at least be a natural attraction.

There seems to be a lot of that going on, especially in the public schools.  More sex education anyone?

Few people have ever looked into the connection between homosexuality and young boys.

NAMBLA, an acronym for the National Man/Boy Love Association, has been around for many years and seems to be of no concern to most Americans.

How come with all of the public sensitivity to the predatory violation of our children by priests, there is no public and government outcry against these people?

One of the first priests, exposed in Boston, a now defrocked priest, was Paul Shanley who was a founding member of NAMBLA in the early 1970s.

The defrocked Paul Shanley

The age of consent is another important aspect of his scandal.

It has been a moveable standard that has varied over the course of civilized history.

In the 19th century many teenage girls were married before their 15th birthday.

I remember reading a quote from a Castro section (homosexual section of San Francisco) newspaper in the early 1990’s that pleaded if no sex by eight, it’s too late!

Like the Shakers of the 19th century who did not believe in natural reproduction, even between spouses, such organizations will eventually die out as did the Shakers.

The same is also true of homosexuals.  They must recruit or their numbers will decrease.

Once homosexual marriage is finally legalized in all 50 states, and it will be because the full faith and credit provision of the Constitution will apply, we will see a flood of legislation, wanting to lower the age of consent to 16, 14 or I think in Spain it is 12 tears of age.

If and when THAT happens, it would largely make the Church’s sex scandal” a moot point.

Another consideration is the homosexual influence on the priesthood.

According to some men I have met–men who would have made good priests– they were literally chased out of the seminary years ago because of advances made upon them by other seminarians.

This has made recruitment for the priesthood more difficult.

A few Catholic seminaries, according to Michael Rose’s 1997 book, Good Bye, Young Men, were virtual brothels of iniquity.

Under Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican has wisely addressed this issue, especially in the seminaries,  in its attempt to restore dignity to the Church.

Another factor that seems to go beyond the lurid details is the idea of the Church’s cover-up.

Ever since Watergate the idea of a cover-up seems more odious than the actual crimes covered-up.

Too many Church leaders, especially Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, who left Massachusetts in disgrace, shifted some of the most sexually predatory priests to other parishes.

He ignored the criminal aspects of sexual abuse and constantly moved them around the boards like tokens in a monopoly game.

Left Boston in Disgrace

To put this in perspective, not to defend him, I think Cardinal Law was a victim of the modernist thinking he freely chose.

Some would call it the Spirit of Vatican II.  I prefer to use Pope Paul’s Smoke of Satan image.

According to the prevailing liberalism of his time, such behaviors were society’s fault and the individual should be free from any guilt.

These deviant Catholic priests, given the secular/religious spirit of the times were merely sick, and not responsible for their sexual activities.  The same liberal rule still applies to vicious murders, so why not sexual predators?

As a result they needed psychological counseling, not prison.

Modernism is the culprit here, not homosexuality per se.

The Cardinal was reduced to a church bureaucrat who like so many other prelates with power, thought more of covering his own dignity than reporting these predatory priests.

Another part of this issue that raises concerns is the media’s relentless assault on Pope Benedict XVI.

It is unprecedented and can only mean that the media is attempting to force him out as pope.

Pope rebukes Austrian cardinal who accused peer

No  surrender to media sanctimony!

That would be a big coup on their part.

They could eliminate one of the strongest voices in the world against the complete secularization of the Catholic Church and the silencing of all of its opposition to abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia and what other perversions they hope to foist on an unsuspecting public.



  1. Excellent and the truth. Best I have ever read about the situation. Back in the days (I am 85) we never heard of such things and if one did crop up, the priest was moved, not sent to a rehabilitation camp. It was a rare thing. Now that it is prevelant, or at least the media would have us think it is the rage, and it may be, I blame the team that analysed the pending seminarians–allowing the fruit flies in and rejecting the good solid Catholic men. The smoke of Satan entered the church. It will be a tough fight but God will overcome.

    Comment by Mary B — July 21, 2010 @ 11:58 pm

  2. One might say; the smoke of Satan has also covered the United States. The persecution of the Church on all issues by some so called Catholics, and all other enemies of the Church.
    What finer targets for Satan’s hand maids is, but to attack the only defense against evil but the Catholic Church.
    Homosexuals have hidden behind NAMBLA and titles like; ephebophiles or any other dscription of this perversion. They have and are now advancing their perversion in public and priviate schools starting from the lowest grades.
    Homosexuals are the tip of the “Spear” that is responsible for the advancing persecution of the Catholic church.
    More than 320,000 public school students are sexually molested every year in public schools. A running expose of these teachers can be found on the Drudge Report’s.
    54% of voting Catholics object to some teaching or all teaching of the Catholic Church. Until our Bishops remove these teachers, religious and lay people whom bare false witness to the Catholic Church Teachings, the persecution of the Church will continue to gather steam to destroy followers of Christ.

    Comment by Jim Vondras — July 23, 2010 @ 5:32 pm

  3. What I can’t get my head around is all the mea culpa’s coming from any prelate with a microphone in their hand, yet Rome continues to seek Diplomatic Immunity, pressuring past and present Secretaries of State to plead their case.
    Then there is the raw wounds of victims seeing the vitual Head of State of the city who decries all the abuse, having the red carpet treatment and all courtesies and fanfare.
    This is such a contradiction and gives further scandal to those without their head in the sand.
    I don’t believe Benedict is being given good counsel.

    Comment by Lynne Newington — July 26, 2010 @ 7:34 am

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