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Sexual Smoke: Part I | July 18, 2010

In the immediate wake of Vatican II, Pope Paul VI warned the Catholic Church that the Smoke of Satan had infiltrated the church.

I find that his use of smoke is a perfect metaphor for what has befallen my church.

Smoke blinds and irritates the eyes so that one becomes susceptible to all sorts of dangers.

However this smoke has a carnal nature.

Because of its addictive properties it far more dangerous to an organization than an arsonist who owns a gas station.

I am talking about the sex abuse scandal that continues to rock the Church.

I wonder how many Catholics and clergy realize just how threatening this scandal has been to, not only the reputation but more importantly the future of the Church.

He smelled the sexual smoke

Pope Paul smelled the smoke!

Personally, I never did see the gravity of the selling indulgences nearly five centuries ago.

Yet the Catholics of that era did and watched in horror as the Church fractured into one big remnant and thousands of smaller ones since then.

Historians tell us that it was the Church’s teachings on Purgatory that caused the Protestant Reformation.

The move to piece the Church back together continues well into our own times.

This modern scandal runs even deeper.

It is a double-edged sword that has cut across the bow of the Church by imperiling the priesthood and alienating many of  its members.

And the liberal left is loving every minute of it!  They see it as a prime opportunity to rid themselves of the chief thorn in their sides.

Finally, under Obama’s relentlessness, they can finish the sacred work of the French Revolution.

While the percentage of victimizing priests is relatively small, compared to the raw numbers of clergy serving in the past 100 years, the stain of their guilt has unfairly tainted the entire priesthood, as a ruptured oil line might pollute pure waterways.

It has also demoralized the faithful in the pews, nearly bankrupted several dioceses and giving viable ammunition to the Church’s enemies.

One thing naive Catholics fail to understand is that as part of the indelible sign of grace, bestowed at their Baptisms, they have received a big birthmark that identifies them as Catholics.

This invisible birth mark is in the shape of a bull’s-eye and has signaled them, especially if they actually practice their religion as a Jesus target.

Christ never promised his followers earthly peace and love.  That’s another liberal myth.

He promised a Cross and this scandal has been a heavy cross to bear.

It’s a part of man’s new religion, where god is created in their image and likeness, not the other way around.

Several years ago when I was relatively new to WGNU radio, I used to have this strange black caller.  His handle was the Prisoner of Love.

The POL was more aware

Without fail he always urged me to talk about them priests and all those little boys.

His kind of needling irritated me to the extent that the best defense I could muster was that’s why they went to the altar girls.

He was a lot closer to the truth that I dared to admit in those days, proving the maxim that even a broken clock can be right twice a day.

I guess another story should have tipped me off.

A former pastor, the late Monsignor Robert Krawinkel and I once had a brief encounter.  I think it was 1987.

He had just come to our parish and I had a document that as pro-life chairman I needed to show him.

He stopped me from about 20-30 feet as I approached him near the Church vestibule.

He said that he always got nervous when someone approached him with a file folder.  He asked me what it was.

For some inexplicable reason, I said it was a paternity suit.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he said that would be an improvement!

His quick and nearly profound wit was far more prescient than my understanding could go in those days before the tidal wave hit in Boston.

To further complicate the issue, I think both the Church and secular society have publicly been living a lie since the Boston Globe first broke the story in the early 1990’s.

They have been hiding behind the shibboleth of pedophilia, which is a word that most people have had to learn since then.

Pedophilia means an unnatural attraction toward prepubescent children of either sex.

This scandal has been nothing like that.  The predominant victims have been teenage boys.

The secularists are all in favor of all levels of homosexuality and the Church does not want to admit they opened their clerical doors to people whose behavior they have consistently condemned for two millenia.

This is their unwritten collusive lie.

A writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch all but admitted that to me after I called him about a six-part series he wrote promoting this myth.

More on this later.



  1. Thank you BB, we needed this article.
    Its all about anti Catholism,money and homosexuality by a perverted hate inspired secular liberal left,
    and Catholics whom desire to change the Church’s teaching and Gospels to meet their liberal life styles. They are ashamed of their Catholic Faith, and want to change it anyway they can.
    Pedophilia is the big lie broadcast supported by the liberial media, while accepting homosexual life style in their persecution of the Catholic Church and Faithful Catholics.

    Comment by Jim Vondras — July 19, 2010 @ 5:40 pm

  2. Bill, as a convert I embraced the Catholic faith with full measure and when I say full measure I mean full measure.
    It is the grace of my adult baptism that has given me the wisdom to know my spiritual home has had more than a “passing ruptured oil line polluting the waterways”.
    The homosexual issue is not the prevalent subject of my comment although my understanding 34years ago it was a sin, as is contraception; ie. any consenting spilling of the seed without the intention of pro-creation.
    All part of Church teaching.
    The issue that is the object of my contention, is the expectation of having to accept all manner of wrong doing which we would never accept in our living rooms, let alone “In Our Father’s House”.
    If we have given the world any valid cause to condemn us that inclues the liberal media (whom I have never heard of), we should never just turn the other cheek; not as fathers mothers, or Catholics.
    The corrupt hat we are expected to wear is a blight on our Church the faith and the values our parents have instilled in us.

    Comment by Lynne Newington — July 20, 2010 @ 1:53 am

  3. Lynne:

    Well said. Tolerance is a secular virtue, not a Christian virtue, Christ used the word “vomit” in relation to those who were “lukewarm” about moral evils. I think fear of losing friends, staus etc is at the root of this evil. BB

    Comment by bbprof — July 20, 2010 @ 2:24 pm

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